Middle-earth Vacation Spots

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Admit it! You've always wanted to go to the fabulous places you've heard of in Middle-earth. Here's your chance!
Check out the scenic places you can visit on your next vacation!
These sites are offered by the local Chambers of Commerce set up by the Reunited Kingdom of High King Elessar Telcontar.
Rumors say they send in a dress and accessory tax to keep our Half-Elven Queen mellow.

"The Mark of Eorl" by Elatan  The Plains of Rohan (watch where you step)

The Morannon aka Scenic Mordor by Tuvo-(V)  Scenic Mordor
(bring strong boots, all of your own water and food. Only one-way tickets available.)

"Dol Amroth" by Rob Aaldijk from Rolozo Tolkien site  Belfalas (Gondor offers a last chance for elves to escape Middle-earth!)

Click the picture to go on your tour, now!

Planned future tours, because the working class of Middle-earth need your coppers:

*Rivendell, the not-quite deserted.
*Tower of Orthanc , see rushing trees and a reallllly big moat.
*Minas Tirith (No horses within the White City. That means you, Eomer!)
*Henneth Annun (Raincoat suggested.)
*The River Anduin (Caution, life-preservers not yet invented.)
*Ithilien (No, you may not stay behind to ogle the friendliest Elves in Middle-earth.)
*The Forest of Mirkwood. <ducks arrow>. Now known as Eryn Lasgalen, The Wood of Greenleaves. (Tribute for King Thranduil appreciated, silver and diamonds preferred.)
*Lothlorien, once the home of the Lothlorien Elves.
*Fangorn Forest (Don't use axes on living wood, and be very cautious with fire. If the trees rumble, stop whatever you're doing! If the branches grab you, speak very nicely to the tree. Avoid highly shadowed areas.)
*Bree's Prancing Pony  (Please ignore the rumors of attempted stabbing of sleeping guests! They were only bolsters.)

    This page created by nearsighted Gondorian scribes by candlelight on pulped rag cloth using carbon black ink on quill pens left by the nearest pigeons, who also provided snacks.
    Donations for a scholarly revolt accepted at the door of the Library of Minas Tirith.

Inscribed by Varda-(Valar).
Art from
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond: Rohan by Elatan-(Valar). "Mordor" by Tuvo-(V).

    Rolozo Tolkien site:
"Dol Amroth" by Rob Aaldijk