Tears Like Rain

Chapter 21: Bonus feature

Betrayal: Extended Scene

by Cassia and Siobhan

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    (If you were just reading "Tears Like Rain", this is your last chance to skip this potential spoiler and go directly to the next story, "Captive of Darkness", rated R for violence and implied rape.)
    ( "Captive of Darkness" was written before "Tears Like Rain". "Betrayal" was written before "Tears Like Rain", although the stories were later put in chronological order by event.)

    If this were a DVD, this would be the special features section.  With that in mind, we have a tiny little bonus for you, an extended/deleted scene from "Betrayal". 

"Betrayal" Extended scene:

    “What shall we do with the traitor’s guards, my Liege?” Raniean questioned, bringing up the awkward subject.  The outcast elves had been rounded up and were being held inside the courtyard by a contingent of Thranduil’s warriors.
    The King glanced over at the elves.  Not a one of them looked up or met the piercing gaze.  The fear of whatever lay ahead radiated from them.  They had been exiled with an insane leader who ruled them with a cruel hand and now they were at the mercy of a King that they had only heard horrific tales about; their future was no more certain now than it had been before.
    Thranduil thought on the situation for a moment. No one spoke, no one moved.  A small voice floated across the courtyard carried on the evening breeze, “Isn’t that Garilien, your son?”
    The King turned towards the soft conversation and watched as an older elf approached the group of outcasts.
    “Legolas!” Raniean whispered softly as his gaze lighted on his old mentor.
    Cirlith stood near the gate, watching as Doriflen’s soldiers were brought out, their hands bound together, their eyes downcast.  They shuffled nervously, their fate weighing on their minds.  It had been centuries since he had seen his son.  The young elf had run off for a chance at what he thought was a better life under the dictatorial rule of Doriflen. It had nearly broken Cirlith’s heart.  He had found it hard for the first few hundred years to remain in Mirkwood and there were nights that he had very nearly willed his spirit away but for the love of his students; with the care of his friends he had found a way to move past the betrayal and emptiness the loss of his son had caused.  He was afraid to believe his eyes now as he stared at the full-grown elf that still carried some of the youthful features of his boy.  He had given up hope of ever seeing his child alive.
    “Garilien?”  Cirlith questioned once more.  The elf in question didn’t move or acknowledge the name. “Garilien, my boy, is that you?”  The warrior glanced up quickly and gazed into the older eyes of the elf.
    “I know what to do with them, Father.” Legolas whispered to Thranduil, “May I?”
    The King nodded and smiled as he crossed his arms and watched his son.  Legolas glanced at Raniean exchanging a silent agreement.  Trelan knew what had taken place so many years ago and curiously followed as the prince tugged on Aragorn’s sleeve and drew him with them as well.
    The four of them approached the prisoners.  Gently Legolas moved the older elf aside and glared at the one he had been talking to.  Aragorn stepped next to the prince, curious.  He alone did not know the history behind this moment, but it hardly mattered.
    “Are you Garilien?”  Legolas addressed the elf.  He barely remembered the boy, and the adult was much changed.
    “You best speak up when you are asked a question,” Aragorn threatened when the outcast did not reply.
    The elf glanced at Legolas. “I am the one he says I am.  He is my father.”  The imprisoned warrior looked over at the elder elf and swallowed hard, trying to keep his emotions at bay.  Fear radiated from the bound elf.  It had been years since he had last seen Legolas and the memories of what he had been forced to do surfaced unbidden.  What if the prince had never forgiven him?  What kind of example would they make of him for the others?  He would deserve whatever they did to him, but he still dreaded it almost as much as he dreaded his father’s response to his presence.  It seemed that everyone he had cared for or been loyal to he had hurt and betrayed, his life was a mess – it was what had kept him away.
    Legolas nodded slightly and followed his gaze.  He smiled softly at the elf that stood just behind them; tears stained the elder’s face as he watched his son, his son whom he had not seen for hundreds upon hundreds of years.
    “You are free from your exile.” The prince turned back towards the prisoners.  “How many of you have family that may still live under Mirkwood’s trees?”
    Many were the hands that slipped carefully up.  A few did not.
    “I’d like those that don’t have family if you would allow me, my Lord.” Raniean stepped up near Legolas on his left.  “My company was harder hit than some of the others, nearly decimated by Doriflen. We could use the extra warriors.”
    Legolas nodded, “Can you handle them?  Can you put them down if you have to?”  He spoke quietly but loud enough so the prisoners could hear.
    “Yes, my Lord, it will not be a problem.”  He looked over the outcasts. “Whom of you have no family left in Mirkwood?”
    Seven elves shuffled to the front of the group.  “Unbind them.”  Raniean ordered the guards.  “You belong to me now.  I am your family.  My men are your family.  If you choose not to join me, I will take you to the edge of Mirkwood and throw you out myself.  If you want to, you can make a good life here. I know you have heard stories of your people that are untrue.  Trelan and I are here to teach what is true.  Will you have us?”
    One by one the orphaned warriors consented and Trelan and Raniean walked them slowly back to the barracks where the warriors trained and spent a lot of their off time together.  “You’ll like it here.” They heard Trelan talking as he walked alongside the others, “It’s nothing like what you’ve heard.”
    “As for the rest of you,” Legolas addressed the remaining captive elves.  “We will find your families for you and you will be returned home to them.  You will have responsibilities and you will be held accountable.  You have been lied to and have been living a lie.  It's time you learned the truth.  Your families know and they will help you to find it again.”  He stepped forward and took the proffered knife from the closest guard, quickly severing Garilien’s bonds.
    Garilien could not move.  He stared open-mouthed at the one he had helped to injure so long ago.
    “My Prince...” He stammered quietly still unsure of his future. “I...I’m sorry.  Forgive me.” The apology was barely audible.
    Raniean had stopped at the corner of the palace sending Trelan on with the new recruits.  He watched as Garilien bowed his head dejectedly and stood rooted in place before Legolas.
    “It wasn’t you,”  Legolas answered softly.  “You were deceived, like I was once.  I never held it against you, what my uncle forced you to do, and I never once hated for you it.”  Gently the prince touched the warrior’s shoulder.  Garilien flinched slightly, his gaze rising to meet that of his prince.
    “Go home.  Learn what it is you have lost that you may find it once again.  You are free of him now.”  Legolas smiled softly into the large blue eyes that searched his for any duplicity, any ulterior motive.
    There was none.
    The elf nodded slightly to his new lord and walked hesitantly over to his father. 
    The older elf grabbed his son and pulled the errant child into his arms. “How I missed you, Gari.” He whispered in the elf’s ear, “It’s so good to have you home, son.”
    Garilien tightened involuntarily in the warm embrace.  He had forgotten what it felt like to be loved, to be wanted.  Slowly he wrapped his arms around his father’s waist and held him tightly.  The years fell away between them and he could not fight back the tears.
    Cirlith pulled back and gently wiped his fingers across the tear-stained cheeks.
    “Lets go home.”  He whispered brokenly, his own emotions too near the surface.  Draping his arm around the younger elf, Cirlith pulled him tightly to his side as they walked out of the courtyard. 
    Garilien glanced over his shoulder and smiled slightly at Legolas, his tears unhidden as he mouthed a silent thank you.
    “Nice going.” Aragorn leaned towards the prince as he watched the small family turn out of sight.
    “Find their families.”  Legolas turned back to the guards and instructed them. “Bring the elves up from the dungeons below as well and see that they are all returned to someone or give them over to Raniean for training.”  He turned and walked away from the group of prisoners and glanced up at his own father.  Thranduil had watched the whole proceeding with a smile on his face.
    Unnoticed, Raniean quickly dried his eyes on the sleeve of his tunic.  He smiled as he watched his old mentor slowly walk Garilien back to their home.  It surprised him how light his heart felt as he turned to follow Trelan to the barracks.
    “Well done, my son.  I hope they can all return to a full life.”  He stepped down next to the two friends as they approached him and turned them towards the palace.  “Meanwhile, you and I have a lot to talk about, Legolas.  I expect a very good tale out of you over what exactly caused the errant Prince of Mirkwood to miss the Yén festival this time.”

The End

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