Priceless Treasure


by Cassia and Siobhan

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When the blizzard finally passed, Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Legolas and Aragorn returned to Rivendell, leaving Dolmé and her family in charge of Mannyn’s now ownerless house. Elrond sent a message to Mirkwood via carrier-hawk to let Thranduil and the prince’s worried friends know that Legolas was all right and would be spending the remainder of the winter with them until the pass through the mountains became less perilous. The winter was much longer than usual, but when the snows finally melted, Legolas said his farewells and journeyed home.

That same spring, Gandalf came to Rivendell and Aragorn went away with him for a time, and it was the beginning of many long adventures that those two had together.


Eighty years later, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Eldarion and a highly un-amused captain Jonath did eventually return to Minas Tirith. Aragorn wore the recovered Elendilmir on his brow and there was great celebration and rejoicing among the people of Gondor at the return of the long-lost, ancient treasure.

"Ada!" a small, dark-haired bundle of joy and beauty ran across the courtyard and threw herself into her father’s arms. Aragorn swept his daughter off her feet and twirled her in the air, making her shriek in delight. Arwen was right behind, embracing first her husband, then her son.

Legolas and Gimli, both almost completely healed, smiled at one another over the reunion.

Aragorn held his daughter close, watching Eldarion protest good-naturedly as his mother fussed over him a little. Legolas caught his friend’s eyes. It was truly as they had spoken of before. These were the true treasures. Their family, their friends... forever.

"Aragorn, what happened to Eldarion?" Arwen straightened up, her fingers still gently resting on the faint scar that was visible through the open neck of his tunic.

Aragorn froze, his smile a trifle too innocent. "That’s... a very long story." He looked to his friends for help.

Legolas just grinned wickedly at the human as he saw the look that Arwen was giving him. "You are in so much trouble," he mouthed silently at Aragorn.

The King of Gondor and Arnor rolled his eyes. What else was new?

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