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Festivals after the War of the Rings

Festivals after the War of the Ring

by Varda-(Valar)
April 12, 2009
    New year
    April 6
    September 22: Frodo's Birthday
    September 22 and 23: Cormarë also called Ringday
    November 2

New Year:
        The Reunited Kingdom, except for the Shire, commemorated the new year, previously March 25, for the fall of Sauron and the deeds of the Ringbearers.
        The Shire, after the War of the Ring, did not commemorate March 25.

April 6:
        The Shire, after the War of the Ring: The hobbits of the Westfarthing, especially in the country around Hobbiton Hill, celebrated April 6 with a holiday including dancing in the Party Field, when weather permitted. Some said it was old Sam Gardner's birthday, some that it was the day the Golden Tree first flowered in 1420, and some said it was the Elves' New Year.

September 22 and 23:
        Bilbo and Frodo's birthday is a special observed day in Middle-earth.
        RotK App. D "The Calendars": In the Reunited Kingdom by the New Reckoning that was a return to the King's Reckoning, Yavannië 30, the day corresponding to the former September 22 was made a festival in honor of Frodo's birthday.
    The leap year was provided for by doubling this feast, called Cormarë or Ringday. Only the Shire continued with Shire Reckoning, a form of the King's Reckoning adapted to their own customs, retained even when the Stewards changed the calendar.

November 2:
        After the War of the Ring, in the Buckland the Horn of the Mark was blown at sundown every November 2, followed by bonfires and feastings, in honor of the first blowing of that horn in the Shire in 3019 for the Battle of Bywater.

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