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By Thorondor-(Valar)
November 2, 2001
In the beginning of times, when the Immortal Lands were not only a legend which few believed but truly a part of Arda, and when the Trees of Light, Telperion and Laurelin, were at their full glory and blossom, were the Eagles made by two powerful Valar: Manwë Súlimo and Yavanna Kémentari. The Eagles were considered among the most ancient and the wisest of races. In the years that followed, they were given a task, which was to be servants and eyes of the Vala Manwë.
The mightiest breed of this race lived in the First Age of the Sun. They were called the Eagles of the Encircling Mountains, and they dwelled in the high peaks of Crissaegrim. The mightiest of all Eagles was their King, Thorondor, whose wingspan was thirty fathoms and the speed of the Eagle out-stripped the fastest wind.

Thorondor saved Noldorin Elf-lord, Maedhros from Thangorodrim with the help of Fingon. He recovered the body of Fingolfin during Dagor Bragollach and wounded the fallen Vala, Melkor, in the face. In the Quest of the Silmaril, Thorondor and the Eagles carried Beren and Lúthien from the gates of Angband, to the borders of Doriath. The Eagles also protected the Hidden Kingdom, Gondolin, from the spies of Morgoth; the fairest of all Elven cities of Middle-earth remained securely hidden for centuries.

In the War of Wrath, Thorondor and his kin earned their greatest glory. With Eärendil, they defeated the most terrible evil of Morgoth’s creatures: the winged dragons in the Great Battle.

The Eagles were immortal or they lived a very long time; Thorondor’s deeds spanned nearly 600 years.

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    Thanks to Salmar and Elendil of the Valar Guild.

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