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Scatha  by Eru-(Valar)


by Eru-(Valar)
Dec. 3, 2002

    Like Smaug the Golden, Scatha the Worm was one of the greatest Dragons to escape the downfall of Morgoth's realm at the end of the First Age.  He took residence in the Grey Mountains and considered himself lord of the range when the Dwarves began to mine the area in T.A. 1999.  In response, Scatha slew a number of Dwarves and amassed a treasure hoard prior to the arrival of Durin's folk in the region. However, remembering the death of Glaurung at the hands of the Dwarves of Belegost, he feared that they would try and claim his range, so in T.A. 2000 he attacked the Dwarven mine at Silverplunge where he slew the inhabitants and secured a great hoard of treasure.  While the Dwarves planned their counter-attack, Lord Fram of the Eotheod slew Scatha and claimed the treasure for his own.  The legacy of Scatha caused the conflict between the Naugrim and the Northmen, and the subsequent death of Lord Fram in the fighting.