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August 14, 2005
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Pengolodh, or Pengolod, (Q. Quendingoldo) was the pre-eminent Noldorin loremaster in the First and Second Ages of the Sun in Middle Earth. Born in Nevrast of a Noldorin lord and Sindarin lady, he was considered one of Gondolin's tallest elves, and lord of "The Twin Folk of the Pillar and the Tower of Snow". Known as the "Sage of the Noldor", he was a member of the Lambengolmor (a society of linguists and historians of which Rúmil and Fëanor were members.) Many of the works in the Silmarillion (i.e. "The Annals of Beleriand" and "The Annals of Aman", the latter based upon the work of Rúmil) are 'credited' to him in the "History of Middle Earth". Ironically, his name is not mentioned in the Silmarillion.

Pengolodh escaped the Fall of Gondolin and followed Tuor and Idril to the Mouths of Sirion. It was at this time that he composed many of the tales of the First Age, gathering information from the refugees of Gondolin, Nargothrond, Doriath and other former realms of the Eldar. Proficient in both tengwar and cirth, and both Quenya and Sindarin, he was considered the greatest loremaster of his time and later became one of a very few elves to be allowed to visit Khazad-dûm where he may have been taught the language of the Dwarves.

A resident of Gil-galad's realm during the Second Age, much of his work was copied by the Dúnedain and ultimately preserved in Gondor. Thus, he was the link between the tales of the Elder Days and the Days of Man. Pengolodh departed Middle-Earth following the War of the Last Alliance for Tol Eresseä. He lives in a village called Tavrobel (or Tathrobel).

Note: The excellent paper on the "Fall of Gondolin" by Eonwe-Valar mentions a "Penlod" of Gondolin who fits many of the same features. This is indeed the same character, although his fate is quite different. The above is generally recognized as the preferred life story.

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