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Lungorthin  general article by Eru-(Valar)
Lungorthin, Names for Role-playing  by Irmo-(Valar)


Balrog, Master of the Guard

by Eru-(Valar)
Oct. 26, 2000

Lungorthin ("White Demon/Fire"?) - he alone amongst their terrible number was encased in pale flames.  Drawn to Melkor's splendour before history he was entrusted with the infamous role of Master of the Guard beneath Thangorodrim.  Rarely above ground, he spent almost all of his time in Melkor's hellish throne room at his master's side.  His fate is unknown, though it is likely he perished during the destruction of Angband.

Reference: Lays of Beleriand

Lungorthin: Names for Role-playing

by Irmo-(Valar)
Jan. 19, 2003

Luin or Lun is also used by Tolkien in earlier work as meaning "pale blue" or just pale, shadowy etc.

Gorth, no doubt here, is the Sindarin word for horror.
I derive by conjecture: Lungorthin - a name from ancient times - would mean pale horror, or horrific shadow.

Creating alternates in Quenya results from combining:

    horror:  rucin
    pale:  marya, malwa, helwa
    shadow(y):  luinë, lumbë, urko

Thus I suggest as combinations for creating alternatives to Lungorthin:
Maryarucin, Malwarucin, Helwarucin, Luinerucin, Lumberucin, Urkorucin.

Or use the specific Sindarin derivation from rucin for balrags rauko, preferrably in conbination with shadow:
Urkorauko, for instance, is very nice, as is Raukoluin.