Hurin's Ancestry

by Varda -(Valar)
September 1998

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    Hurin Thalion was Lord of Dor-Lomin and vassal of Fingon, cursed by Melkor for his defiance.
    Hurin's father was Galdor, Lord of Dor-lomin (in the Silmarillion) who was the son of Hador, to whom Fingolfin gave the lordship of Dor-Lomin and who became the mightiest chieftain of the Edain. Hador Goldenhead’s descendents are mostly blonde and blue-eyed, great in stature.
    Hurin’s mother was Hareth, the daughter of Halmir of Brethil who was the Lord of the Haladin (the people of Haleth, a hardy woodland folk).
    Hurin’s brother was Huor, the father of Tuor whose son was Earendil. Earendil's twin sons were Elrond, Lord of Rivendell and Elros, first King of Numenor.
    Hurin’s wife was Morwen, daughter of Baragund (nephew of Barahir, father of Beren) of the house of Beor, those men of dark or brown hair and gray eyes most like the elves, great in mind and skill of hand.
    Hurin’s son was Turin, the Bane of Glaurung.
    Hurin’s daughter was Nienor, also known as Niniel who under Glaurung’s spell married Turin. The two descendents of Hurin therefore have a lineage from all three Houses of Men: Hador, Beor, and Haldad/Haleth. 

Reference: Silmarillion