Haleth of the Haladin, by Haleth-(V)
Haleth of the Rohirrim


First Age

by Haleth-(V)
May 16, 2005

    Haleth, daughter of Haldad and twin brother to Haldar, was one of the few female characters in the Silmarillion who played any kind of a role. When her father was slain in a battle against the orcs, Haldar rushed out to save Haldad’s body from the orcs and was also slain. When the Haladin resigned themselves to death, Haleth took the leadership and held her people together for a week. When the orcs broke through the stockade, Caranthir and his host of Elves drove the orcs into the rivers.
    Caranthir offered her the friendship and protection of the Eldar, as well as her own lands, if she moved to the north. However, Haleth and her people were proud, and unwilling to be ruled, so she led her people to Estolad.
    Eventually, she desired to move westward again and led her people between the Mountains of Terror and the Girdle of Melian. However, she lost many of her people along the road, and others abandoned her, bitter that they could not return. But many still loved her, and these she led to the Forest of Brethil.
    Felagund later interceded with King Thingol on the Haladin’s behalf when the latter tried to claim the Forest as their part of his realm, as long as she guarded the Crossings of Teiglin against all enemies of the Eldar, and to allow no orcs to enter the Forest.
    She remained the Haladin’s chief her entire lifetime, and when she died, Haldan son of Haldar succeeded her. She dwelt in Brethil to the end of her days. Her people raised a green mound over her within the forest. They named it Tûr Haretha, the Ladybarrow, known as Haudh-en-Arwen in Sindarin.

In Unfinished Tales, Haleth was said to be a “renowned Amazon with a picked bodyguard of women.”

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