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Felagund's Name

by Anarion-(TV)-ex
March 19, 2000

    Nóm is a name of Finrod Felagund, meaning "wisdom", a name applied to him by Bëor the Old, and his followers.

Reference: Silmarillion

Felagund's Name: Book versions and Translations for Gamers

by Irmo-(Valar)
Jan. 13, 2002

    Finrod Felagund the Faithful.
    Finrod/ Felagund/ Felakgundu/ Findarato/ Ingoldo/ Nom/ Voronda/ Vorima/ Sador/ Sadron   
    Translations for the Faithful in Quenya would be Voronda and Varima. In Sindarin, the Faithful would be Sador and Sadron.

Felagund's Name

by Tilion-(Valar)-ex
July 14, 2000    

    Finrod in Quenya is Findarato Ingoldo.