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Finarfin's Name

by Tilion-(Valar)
July 14, 2000

Finarfin's name in Quenya is Arafinwe  Same case as Fingolfin, Ara- meaning "noble"


by Varda-(Valar)
May 6, 2002

    Finarfin was a son of Finwe the King of the Noldor and Indis the Vanyar, she who was kin to High King Inwe of the Vanyar. Finarfin's full brother was Fingolfin. His half-brother was Feanor, whose mother was Miriel Serinde. Feanor had no great love for Indis or his two half-brothers. Finarfin was the fairest and wisest of heart of the three sons of Finwe.
    Finarfin married Earwen, who was the daughter of Olwe. Olwe was Lord of the Teleri and Elwe Thingol's brother. Thus the sons of Finarfin were allowed into the house of King Thingol as close kin.
    Finarfin spoke softly and tried to calm those roused to wrath by Feanor, to think before they did something they would later regret. He went with Feanor's march to remain with Fingolfin, but was not happy about going. Fingolfin went because he could not leave his people to the rashness of Feanor.
    After the Kin-slaying of King Olwe's Teleri by the Noldor at Alqalonde, Finarfin turned back to Valinor, followed by many, received the pardon of the Valar, and ruled what was left of the Noldor. His sons did not go with him.
    The sons of Finarfin were Finrod Felagund, Orodreth, Angrod, and Aegnor. His daughter was Galadriel, the golden-haired, most beautiful of the House of Finwe. Finarfin alone of the sons of Finwe had golden hair coming from Indis's Vanyar blood, and his descendents had this hair color also. 

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