by Varda-(Valar)
June 23, 2005

Dwarves > Dwarf-women

    Dís was the only named dwarf-woman in Tolkien's works.
    Gimli said that there are few dwarf-women, only about one-third of their population.
    They seldom travel and then for great need. On a journey, they dress as the dwarf-men do. Since they are also similar to dwarf-men in voice and appearance, usually other peoples cannot tell them apart. For this reason, Men have the opinion that there are no dwarf-women and that the Dwarves grow out of stone.
    Because of the fewness of dwarf-women, the Dwarf population increases slowly, and is in peril when dwellings are scant.
    Dwarves take only one spouse in their lives and, as in all things, are jealous of their rights.
    Less than one-third of dwarf-men take a wife. Many dwarf-men do not wish to marry, as they are too busy with their crafts. Also, not all dwarf-women take husbands, as they may not have an interest in marriage, or some desire dwarf-men they cannot have and will settle for no other.

Reference: Return of the King, "Appendix A Part III"