Cave of Ulmo-(Valar)


Photos of the Hirilondë, which took eight-hundred hours for Ulmo to refit.

Inside for work
At the dock Outboard well cover
Cockpit view unrigged
Port aft at dock
at full sail

Ulmo took the Hirilondë sailing the weekend of these photos, which went online July 31, 2006 (Monday).

    Ulmo-(Valar), fka Earendil-(V). David Finnegan
    Vala Honor Member, Council
    Rhode Island, USA
    Ulmo has been in the Valar Guild longer than anyone except Eru and Manwe, and has been far more active than they. We thank him for his enormous support for so long, in gaming, in starting live meetings, in gaming, for his wisdom, and did I mention in gaming?