TJ-(TV)'s Cave


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TJ's map of Middle-earth: version 7 in English

Middle-earth map Version 7, English

TJ's board gaming with friends and family, archetype game by Thierry Jungles for LotR: part of one campaign:

TJ's tabletop game at home
TJ's board gaming with friends and family, part of one campaign

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Map Page by TJ-(TV):
    Carte de la Terre du Milieu personal page for all TJ's work in French and several other languages - English map text translations by David.
    Game by TJ based on his map, done on table-top with friends and family.

  TJ with maps                       
     TJ-(TV), also known as Thierry Jungels, is from Moselle, France.   
     He joined the Valar Guild as a Tolkien-only Member TJ-(TV) March 18, 2004.
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