by The Bohemian Weasel

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Lothlorien - tree city
The Tree City of the Elves of Lothlórien
A tree platform was called a flet in the common tongue, but a talan by the elves.
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Entering Caras Galadhon
The Fellowship enters Caras Galadhon

Lorien flets
Realm of Galadriel, Lady of Light

Caras Galadhon
Caras Galadhon, Realm of the Lord Celeborn
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"Grey Havens" by The Bohemian Weasel
The Fellowship is escorted by Haldir to see the Lord and Lady.

"Celeborn and Galadriel" by The Bohemian Weasel
Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel

Leaving Lórien
Farewell to Lórien

Farewell to Lórien 2

Lórien Swan Boat
Lórien swan boat