Battle Under the Trees

by The Bohemian Weasel

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Battle Under the Trees
"Battle Under the Trees"
May 2016
Battle Under the Trees (Elves & Orcs).
9x11 in acrylics, and gold and silver leaf, and a smattering of orc blood on primed canvas-board.
All the white arrows are his, and all the Orcs in the foreground are already done for, but sadly it seems so is the fallen swordsman that the archer was trying to save.

Archer detail
Archer detail
'Battle under the Trees' detail:
So it's easier to see that this Elf is actually looking down at his fallen comrade.
(Also you can see now that his bowstring is still vibrating from a recently loosed arrow, while an arrow of the enemy is narrowly whizzing past his face and stirring his hair.)

Orc detail
Orc detail
May 19, 2016
Another peek of the illustration I did for Perna Studios' card 'Enchanted Realms' (to be released soon).
This is a preview of (a small part of) the finished thing (which has both Elves and Orcs, but for now you just see Orcs):

orc and swordsman in progress
Orc and swordsman detail in progress
May 14, 2016
Work in progress for a painting I finished a few months ago but can't show yet.
It's being printed as a trading card for a fantasy set by Perna Studios' 'Spellcasters II: Enchanted Realms', all the artists were given mythical creatures to depict - I got Elves. ^_^ (yay!)
But some Orcs sneaked into the scene as well and it all got a bit fighty.
So here's a little work-in-progress preview of the fighty Elves and Orcs: