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Thorin_Hobbit illumination

Hobbit Illumination - Thorin Oakenshield

Hobbit ‘Illuminations’:
with European medieval illuminations and bookplates as an inspiration,
this was an experiment to create illustrations that
 might look like they came from the books of Middle-earth itself.

16 x 24 cms, very mixed media on heavyweight, coldpress watercolour paper,
finished with oil paints.

detail close-up
Close-up detail for the picture on the left.
Thorin - work in progress 1
work in progress -
The beginning of Thorin
Thorin - work in progress 2
work in progress -
inking his majesty
Thorin - work in progress 4
work in progress -

Thorin - wrok in progress 3
work in progress -
detail of the face
Thorin - work in progress 5
work in progress -
Scan of the final ink stage, ready for painting :)

Thror's Map
Thorin with Thror's map
speaks of the dragon.

Moon runes
Moon Runes
Elrond, Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo, and Balin