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    The Hobbit
    The Lord of the Rings
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The Hobbit

A rune scratched on the green door.
A rune scratched on the green door.

An Unexpected Party - of dwarves
An Unexpected Party
Thorin's Company at Bilbo's house

"Dawn take you all!"
"Dawn take you all!"
Gandalf turns three trolls to stone.


Moon runes
Moon Runes
Elrond, Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo, and Balin

Galadriel takes leave of GAndalf in Rivendell
Dawn ends the White Council, Galadriel takes leave of Gandalf



The Lord of the Rings

"Gandalf enters the Shire" by The Bohemian Weasel
Gandalf enters the Shire

"Frodo greets Gandalf" by The Bohemian Weasel
Frodo greets Gandalf


"View of the Party Field" by The Bohemian Weasel
View of the Party Field in the Shire.

"Gandalf and Frodo pass the Party field" by The Bohemian Weasel
The Party Field

"Gandalf and Frodo in the Shire" by The Bohemian Weasel
Driving with Frodo through the Shire.

very old friend
‘How about very old friends?’

Farewell, dear Bilbo
"Farewell, dear Bilbo"

"Gandalf at Gondor" by The Bohemian Weasel
Gandalf goes to Minas Tirith in Gondor
to research Bilbo's ominous Ring.

A wanderer in the Wilds
The wanderer in the wilderness.

The wanderer

Gandalf the wanderer


The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.
"The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many."
‘My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill…’


Words of Comfort
FotR, Chapter 2 "Shadow of the Past"

January 24, 2017

'I wish it need not have happened in my time,' said Frodo.
'So do I,' said Gandalf, 'and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide.
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.'

From The Fellowship of the Ring (chapter 'Shadow of the Past') by JRR Tolkien.
The famous words of comfort and wisdom spoken by Gandalf to Frodo (book version).

Pencil and acrylics on painted paper, 21x30 cms #LotR

Rough sketch next to the finished sketch.
In progress.

Which way?
"Morder, Gandalf. Is it right or left?"


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Gandalf: help an old man
"Come and help an old man..."
Stopping a blaming argument between dwarf and elf in front of Moria.

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"Password" by The Bohemian Weasel
Moria gate password problem

"Fellowship travels inside Moria" by The Bohemian Weasel
Finding the way through winding Moria.

Light in the dark
A Light in the Dark


Gandalf smoking
You cannot pass - Gandalf to the Balrog
‘You cannot pass..!’
Gandalf confronts the Balrog.

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"Gandalf and Balrog" by The Bohemian Weasel

‘I am the servant of the Secret Fire..’

Why Gandalf wanted to avoid Moria.

Wielder of the Flame of Anor - Gandalf

‘…wielder of the Flame of Anor!’

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You still speak in riddles
"In one thing you have not changed, dear friend. You still speak in riddles."

Gandalf - as poison is drawn from a wound
‘I will draw you out, Sarauman’
‘As poison is drawn from a wound.’


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Gandalf the White rides to Minas Tirith
Gandalf the White rides Shadowfax to Minas Tirith.


Pippin to Gandalf - "He's burning Faramir alive!"
"Gandalf! Denethor has lost his mind!" - Pippin
‘He’s burning Faramir alive!’