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'Curufin the crafty ... who was of perilous mood'.

Here's the painted and coloured sketch of Fëanor's son.
He was good at making things (particularly trouble), but as with all metalsmiths in Tolkien's work, he didn't end well.

Framed painting.
Aug. 18, 2016

Curufin the Crafty
Curufin the Crafty
August 18, 2016

Sketch of Curufin‬, favourite son of #‎Fëanor‬ (who made the Silmarils and started lots of trouble), father of Celebrimbor (who made the Elven rings and ended in lots of trouble).
Called 'the Crafty' - possibly because he was good with his hands, possibly because he was a devious git.
Also tried to shoot Luthien, twice.
Fëanor had many gifts, apparently parenting wasn't one of them.

From JRR Tolkien's ‪#Silmarillion‬

20x30 cms, pencils and acrylics.

Curufin, work in progress
Work in progress.