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Twentieth Anniversary Celebration on WoW

Eonwë-(Valar)October 4, 2017

This year, no one but Eonwë was able to make it, but I still chose some sights to take pictures anyway. I put on one of my Paladin-est sets (a blue recolor of the Lightbringer set, the Cruel Gladiator's Scaled Armor), and chose a place from each continent or world to take a picture.

First, I went to Argus, as that was the newest content added. I chose to get a picture in front of the Crown of the Triumvirate on the Vindicaar.

I then went to Stormwind and got a couple of pictures there. Stormwind Cathedral is one of our traditional group photo spots, so I went there.

(Left) Here I am raising the Ashbringer to the sky as I stand on the steps of Stormwind Cathedral.

(Right) In this one, you can see a shot of Argus in the sky. By my pose, it looks like I'm pointing my sword right at it, ready to free it from the Legion!

I couldn't miss Auros' chance to take a picture with the Naaru O'ros, so for the Kalimdor picture, I went to the Exodar, capital city of the Draenei.

Next I went to Pandaria, and got a shot standing in front of the Mogu'shan Palace. /salute!

For Outland, I decided to go to the Black Temple and get some pictures there. Here I am posing on one of my trusty Paladin steeds to get a higher vantage point of these very tall structures.

That way, for Draenor, I could get some shots of the Temple of Karabor for a before-and-after comparison. Again, I'm posing on one of my Paladin steeds to keep the comparison as close as possible. As can be guessed, the Temple of Karabor is what later became the Black Temple, but here we can see it in its original glory.

For Northrend, I decided to get a shot at the very top of Icecrown Citadel,... as it is in the open game-world.

Here I am kneeling for the camera.

For the Broken Shore, I took two pictures.

The first one is a shot overlooking the city of Suramar, evening sky in the background.

The final shot is of the Tomb of Sargeras, where the Guardian Aegwynn contained the avatar of the Dark Titan long ago. In this shot, you also get a look at Arator the Redeemer, my bodyguard in Legion content.

So there we go, Eonwë's traipsing through time and space to bring you these pictures is at an end for this year. Feel free to join me next year, for our 21st Anniversary! :}

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