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Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration on WoW

Eonwë-(Valar)October 4, 2012

On October 4th, 2012, we celebrated the anniversary of the Valar Guild, commemorating 15 years of courteous and friendly Tolkien fans gaming together. This year, we visited the capitals of the Alliance, plus one spot in Pandaria chosen at the gathering.

Attending(on): Bilbo (Billboh, Gnome Mage), Eonwë (Auros, Human Paladin), Glorfindel (Raladek, Worgen Hunter), Varda (Varda, Night Elf Priestess).

The four of us on the steps into Stormwind Cathedral. Also pictured: Two guild heralds. Hey, someone's got to do the heralding when Eonwë's busy :}

A close-up of the four of us in Stormwind.

The four of us gathered around Magni Bronzebeard in Old Ironforge, turned into diamond at the beginning of the Cataclysm while communing with the earth.

The four of us gathered outside Gnomeregan, reclaimed by the Gnomes (at least partially) before the Cataclysm. And yet, it still isn't officially a capital city.

A closeup of the four of us at Gnomeregan.

Gathered in front of the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

At the cathedral in Gilneas' capital. Unfortunately, another city that isn't officially a capital.

Our gathering in Pandaria, at the bridge in Paw'Don Village, chosen for the great view. (Left to Right)Front: Varda and Eonwe. Back: Glorfindel and Bilbo.

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