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State of Valar Gaming 2018

October 04th, 2018

To all members of the Valar Guild, Hail and Salutations on the 21st Anniversary of the Valar Guild! Congratulations on keeping this fine community of Tolkien fans going!

Prior to September 2018, per the Games Site roster, there were 156 members playing 25 games.

Of those 156 members:


On September 10th, 2018, the Games Site Mass-Update letter was sent out, requesting all members to send in their most up-to-date gaming information by September 30th. 102 e-mails were sent out to members with an e-mail address listed on the Membership page. Of those, 2 were undeliverable (the fewest yet!) and 17 responded by the deadline, not counting myself. To those who responded, thank you.

A further 14 members' gaming information was gleaned from Guild Branch activity in World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online. As with previous years, any activity within 90 days was counted as recent activity. The branches examined were on the US servers of Uldaman and Lothar for World of Warcraft, and the server Landroval for Lord of the Rings Online.

Once all sources accessible to Eonwe were verified for recent activity, the Games Site roster was updated to reflect current gaming information.

As of October 1st, 2018, the Valar Guild Games Site now reflects a total of 161 members playing 26 games.

Of those 161 members:

World of Warcraft remains our second most played game with 9 members.

Lord of the Rings Online remains our most played game with 18 members. That is a drop of 11 from 29 players after last year's Games-Site Mass-Update.


This concludes the State of Valar Gaming for 2018. As always, please check over your gaming information and make sure it is correct. If you did not respond to the GSMU, you can still send in your gaming information. Remember to keep me updated on games you play that you'd like to be able to find other Guild Members playing.

Happy 21st Anniversary!


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