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Gaming News January 2005 - June 2006

06-04-06: The Trivia has Ended and Winners have been announced!
First Place : Varda with 16 and 1/14 correct
Second Place : Orom with 13 and 29/42 correct
Third Place : Finrod 11 and 19/21 correct

WoW winners-
First Place : Varda with 16 and 1/14 correct
Second Place : Orom with 13 and 29/42 correct
Third Place : Arwen with 3 correct

Non-WoW Winners-
First Place : Finrod 11 and 19/21 correct
Second Place : Menelvagor with 11 and 1/14 correct

Partial credit was given for partially correct answers, which is why there are fractions. Winners in the WoW Lothar branch may collect their prizes at their earliest convenience. Winners outside the WoW Lothar branch may begin bragging at their earliest convenience :}

05-21-06: Greetings one and all! I (Eonw) am announcing a Trivia contest available to all Members of the Valar Guild with a character in the official Guild branch on Lothar! The winners of this trivia will be able to choose which of the characters he or she has in the Valar Guild Lothar branch will receive the prize. Prizes will be awarded from the Guild Bank and will be as appropriate for the character as possible.

Rewards to choose from may include:
An Item
Materials for your profession
Profession patterns

In addition, I will offer my services as either a Blacksmith or an Alchemist to the first place winner to make any 1 item I am capable of making. Any member of the Valar Guild may send in answers to the Tolkien trivia; however, only those with a character in the Guild branch will be able to collect a prize as described above. I will keep track of those who do and record winners of that group for bragging rights :} Members of any honor may participate in this test of Tolkien knowledge for the chance to win prizes. All answers must of course be off the top of your head, as this is a test of knowledge. The due date for all submissions is Two Weeks from today, so June 4th, 2006. All submissions must be received by e-mail to me. Check the Members page for my e-mail.

05-10-06: NEWS FROM E3!! Blizzard has announced the New Alliance Race, the Draenei! Go toWoW Commmunity Site to check it out!

05-07-06: Children's Week in WoW starts this Tuesday. Don't forget to get involved! I hear Non-combat pets are the reward this year, including a turtle!

10-14-05: The New Games Page info is up! Check it to make sure it's correct. Also, We have a new Links page for Tolkien games. Check it out!

07-12-05: Azeroth and Surrounding Realms page has been updated and its format adjusted. Member information has now been checked and updated for the last time until the Games Page Mass Update. That is, unless you decide to send something in or we get a new member :}

06-02-05: Updated e-mails for the Council links above.

05-23-05: Updated links and gaming info where needed. Adjusted background images so the page looks good up to an 1152x864 setting.
WoW Guild Event: Shrine of the Fallen Champion. Check the Forum for details!

01-04-05: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The first news of the new year. Several of us play WoW, and Games Page has been updated. Check your info to ensure it is correct.
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