Valar Guild Meeting Minutes

Sunday, May 26, 2024

5:00pm Eastern Time

Discord: Valar Guild/meeting_place


May 26, 2024

[3:50 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya All! I cannot stay for the first part of the meeting today...I have a party to go to from 1600 onwards. I hope to be back in time to check on Ar's personal gaming report. Happy Memorial Day, for all those who celebrate it!

[4:03 PM]Arien Valar: Aiya . it looks as if we were thin spread today I suggest there fore that we postpone the start of the meeting half an hour

[4:05 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!

[4:06 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I suppose we might as well wait, but I suspect the gavel is in your hands tonight, Arien

[4:31 PM]Arien Valar: yeah that for sure but maybe someone else turns up

[4:32 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heya.

[4:32 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!

[4:32 PM]Eönwë Valar: I guess we decided to wait for me, heh.

[4:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: I almost made it on time then power and internet went out because of storms last night, heh.

[4:33 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: At least you made it

[4:35 PM]Eönwë Valar: Well, since mine is the biggest gavel. I guess that means I'm chairing.

[4:35 PM]Eönwë Valar: Gotta make this quick though.

[4:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I suspect that's a courthouse.

[4:36 PM]Eönwë Valar: Probably. Someplace in Columbus, Ohio.

[4:36 PM]Eönwë Valar: Yep, it's a sculpture sitting in front of a "judicial center", so one or more courts in there.

[4:37 PM]Eönwë Valar: @Bounder Meeting is underway if you're not already looking at the meeting channel :}

[4:37 PM]Eönwë Valar: OK, let's get this show on the road.

[4:37 PM]Arien Valar: aiya

Meeting Starts

[4:38 PM]Eönwë Valar: Elen Sila Lumenn Omentielvo!


[4:38 PM]Eönwë Valar: Membership:

[4:38 PM]Eönwë Valar: If you're here, say Aiya. If you're not, say Nada.

[4:38 PM]Arien Valar: Ayda

[4:39 PM]Arien Valar: :)

[4:39 PM]Eönwë Valar: Schroedinger's Arien? :}

[4:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya

[4:39 PM]Eönwë Valar: You exist in all states of "here"-ness until observed :}

[4:39 PM]Arien Valar: well i ve got Cata in the background so hehe

[4:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Niya Warcraft Wiki: "... a sylvar protector of Heartwood Grove located in Ardenweald and a major character in the Ardenweald storyline. She is good friends with Korenth, Wagonmaster Derawyn, Te'zan, and eventually Ara'lon. Initially facing severe tragedy, she eventually finds the strength to help save Ardenweald from the Drust invasion."

[4:40 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The other possible combo!

[4:40 PM]Eönwë Valar: hehe

[4:40 PM]Eönwë Valar: OK, so Arien, Pharazon, Eonwë are here.

[4:41 PM]Eönwë Valar: Sandalf was in earlier but is at a party.

[4:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: How dare he have a life!

[4:41 PM]Eönwë Valar: Varda, Fangorn, Elwing, Sauron are at Comicpalooza.

[4:42 PM]Arien Valar: something like comicon i take it

[4:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: Same idea, yeah.

[4:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: Hosted by the Texas Lottery and the US Marines: The Few. The Proud. The Marines. /Endcommercial

[4:43 PM]Arien Valar: cool

[4:44 PM]Eönwë Valar: And others too, heh. I don't have handy the Simpsons clip of Mark Hammil's and Alf's heads spinning in the convention commercial, but pretend I posted it here.

[4:44 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I still think it's confusing to have the navy and the marines as separate entities. Marine means relating to the sea!

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: No time to get into that history right now :}

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Any other member news?

[4:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Ok, on to Web:


[4:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: Nothing currently up. ominous music plays


[4:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: Gaming:

Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: LotRO:

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: Update 40.0.1 is out.

World of Warcraft:

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: World of Warcraft:

[4:49 PM]Eönwë Valar: This week's bonus events: Arena Skirmishes.

This week's PvP Brawl: Gravity Lapse.

[4:49 PM]Eönwë Valar: Some adjustments were made for Mists of Pandaria Remix.

[4:50 PM]Eönwë Valar: Also made it so you only have to do the achievements on one char that get you your jewelry and then you can buy them on the rest.

[4:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Farms, nerfs, compensations, scenario bugs... makes me glad I'm still in my twenties. By the time I hit endgame they'll have it all fixed

[4:51 PM]Eönwë Valar: Still not happy I have to get lucky and get into a normal raid if I can find one on my schedule, but whatever.

[4:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Get more threads and stuff and you can solo the place

[4:51 PM]Eönwë Valar: Excuse me, not a normal raid. All normal raids.

[4:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heh, don't think I'll get that many threads before the end of the event.

[4:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: Cataclysm Classic PvP Season 9 goes live Tuesday.

[4:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: New story out: "The Calling": "Since leaving the realms of Death, Anduin Wrynn has only sought to keep his hands busy. Plagued by night terrors and grisly flashbacks, the young king finally finds the isolation he seeks in Stormsong Valley, milling flour for a local village. But while Anduin may be able to hide his identity, he cannot escape who he is or the stuff he is made f..."

[4:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out This Week in WoW.

[4:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out this week's hotfixes.

Diablo IV:

[4:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Diablo 4: A new patch is coming Tuesday.


[4:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Hearthstone: Patch 29.4.2 is out.

[4:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: With some of the weekly quests nerfed a bit more, thank goodness

Warcraft Rumble:

[4:54 PM]Eönwë Valar: Warcraft Rumble: A PvP Update is coming in Season 6.

Heroes of the Storm:

[4:55 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heroes of the Storm: A new patch came out this week.

[4:55 PM]Eönwë Valar: I don't have a nice little writeup of who was in LotRO for you this week like Varda would, sorry.

[4:56 PM]Eönwë Valar: Any other gaming news?

[4:58 PM]Arien Valar: Have you mention Cataclysm classic is out since Monday?

[4:58 PM]Eönwë Valar: Mentioned last Sunday it was coming out Monday I'm sure.

[4:58 PM]Arien Valar: Aye

[5:00 PM]Eönwë Valar: OK, if there's nothing else, on to...


[5:00 PM]Eönwë Valar: Tolkien:

[5:01 PM]Eönwë Valar: I hoped to have something of a Tolkien Moment ready, but I didn't get a chance to do my due diligence on it this week, and I wouldn't have enough time for it at this point anyway. I hope to have it ready for next week.

[5:02 PM]Eönwë Valar: If anyone has a Tolkien topic they'd like to discuss, now's a good time to present it, otherwise...

[5:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Always the option of a game

[5:03 PM]Eönwë Valar: I'm going to point to our RP: , and invite people to discuss what we know of Angmar, the Ettenmoors, and all that land north of Rivendell.

[5:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Or that!

[5:04 PM]Arien Valar:

All that is gold does not gliiter , not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither . Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the Ashes a fire shall be wakened from the shadows a light shall spring Renewed shall be blade that was broken and the crownless again shall be king

[5:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: This here's troll country!

[5:04 PM]Eönwë Valar: :}

[5:05 PM]Arien Valar: There you have a little Tolkien moment

[5:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: Thanks :}

[5:06 PM]Eönwë Valar: I have exactly 9 minutes for discussion now, so I'll be banging the gavel at 5:15 :}

[5:06 PM]Arien Valar: Can you remember in what context that turned up and the referencec that are made?

[5:06 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Trolls and orcs and witch kings, oh my.

[5:06 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Or the moment

[5:07 PM]Arien Valar: Twice in fact this poem was mentioned.

[5:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Once in Rivendell, I think, at the reveal of Aragorn's status?

[5:08 PM]Arien Valar: First in the letter from Gandalf to Frodo and one at the council of elrond

[5:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, the letter. I figured it'd be somewhere in Bree.

[5:08 PM]Arien Valar: Bilbo said it who wrote it

[5:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Was it Bilbo?

[5:09 PM]Arien Valar: I think so

[5:10 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: It seems older than that, though.

[5:10 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I suppose all prophecies have to start somewhere.

[5:11 PM]Arien Valar: didn't he write it when Aragorn first told him about himself?

[5:14 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Sounds familiar.

[5:15 PM]Arien Valar: "I made that up my self" he whispered to Frodo, "For the Dunedan, a long time agowhen he first told me aboutg himself"

[5:16 PM]Arien Valar: chapter: The Council of Elrond

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Quite the poet.

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: He wrote good songs as well

[5:17 PM]Arien Valar: uhu

[5:17 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The road goes ever on and on ♪

[5:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heh, well I thought I had until 5:15, then I got dragged away.

Quite the poet.

[5:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Don't he know it. ducks

[5:20 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: hehe

[5:21 PM]Arien Valar: "They sometimes sing my songs to please me. They are not really good enough for Rivendell*

[5:22 PM]Eönwë Valar: Angelic voice singing "Biiiilbooooo, Biiiiiiiilllllbooooooo...... Billllbooooo Bagginnnnnnnns."

[5:22 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Bilbo, Bilbo, he's our man!

[5:22 PM]Eönwë Valar: "Bravest Litt-le Hobbit. Of. Them. All!"

[5:24 PM]Eönwë Valar: And with that, I bring this meeting of the Midnight Society... Er, I end the business part of the meeting and take us into....

[5:24 PM]Eönwë Valar: Bangs Gavel


[5:24 PM]Eönwë Valar: Aftermeeting:

[5:24 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hobbit Poets Society.

[5:26 PM]Arien Valar: :)

[5:27 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oh, for that picture of a gavel, info from Wikipedia: "The work is located at the Ohio Judicial Center, home to the Supreme Court of Ohio, situated in Downtown Columbus's Civic Center. The work was considered the largest gavel in the world upon its completion."
"Gavel is a 2008 sculpture by Andrew F. Scott, depicting a gavel, a mallet used by judges to maintain order in a courtroom and to punctuate rulings. The work is located at the Ohio Judicial Center, home to the Supreme Court of Ohio, situated in Downtown Columbus's Civic Center. The work was considered the largest gavel in the world upon its compl..."

[5:27 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: That begs to have a bigger one made.

[5:27 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: But it'd be better if it could still be used as a gavel

[5:27 PM]Arien Valar: oh that is a gavel nice :L)

[5:28 PM]Eönwë Valar: Given the phrasing of "was considered" I gather there's a bigger one already :}

[5:31 PM]Eönwë Valar: This website claims this is the world's largest gavel: "Visit reports, news, maps, directions and info on World's Largest Gavel in Marshall, Illinois."

[5:31 PM]Eönwë Valar: *currently, heh

[5:32 PM]Eönwë Valar: Ooh, a caveat: "Because it's made of wood"

[5:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: So the sculpture doesn't count because it's not made of the material a gavel would normally be made of.

[5:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: So there you go Phar, that one there can be used as a gavel, if you can get Paul Bunyan appointed as a judge :}

[5:33 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: :) 5:34 PM]Eönwë Valar: In case anyone isn't familiar with Paul Bunyan: Paul Bunyan "is a giant lumberjack and folk hero in American and Canadian folklore. His tall tales revolve around his superhuman labors, and he is customarily accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox, his pet and working animal. The character originated in the oral tradition of North American loggers, and was later popularized by freelance writer William ..."

[5:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: That looks about right for it, yes.

[5:39 PM]Eönwë Valar: Also: YouTube - Anne Tilley - American Legends Volume 2 Paul Bunyan

[5:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Even the snow was blue

[5:43 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Then thousand lakes? I thought that was Finland...

[5:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Thousand Lakes Wilderness. I forget where that part of the tale referenced, but here's some quick links. Thousand Lakes Wilderness "The Thousand Lakes Wilderness is located within the southern portion of the Cascade Range in northeastern California. The 16,335-acre (66 km2) wilderness was established in 1964 with the passage of the Wilderness Act and is administered by Lassen National Forest. The area lies within Shasta County, midway between the town of Burney and Lassen V..."" Thousand Lake Mountain: "Thousand Lake Mountain is a mountain in northwest Wayne County, Utah, United States, just northwest of Capitol Reef National Park and north of Boulder Mountain.""

[5:58 PM]Eönwë Valar: Anyway, now my attention must officially be elsewhere. Take care all.

[5:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!

[5:59 PM]Arien Valar: Namarie and ding 85 on my main Paladin :D#

[5:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Grats!

[6:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hit 25 on my remix :)

[6:00 PM]Arien Valar: Nice

[6:00 PM]Arien Valar: i ve got a monk as well but i havenrt played him much yet

[6:00 PM]Arien Valar: but anyways Namarie for now!

[6:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!

[6:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Personal gaming report:

[6:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: For (non)flashgaming there's an interesting platform puzzler this week, Play A Pirate and his Crates "One of the few puzzle games where you need to think inside the box."

[6:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Inspired/based on the series of small dungeon platformers like Sleepy Knight and One Trick Mage which I've linked multiple times in the past, but by a different creator this time, and quite a different theme.

[6:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: You play a pirate who has to use crates to get to the treasure in each level.

[6:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: You can push crates, drop down into them to move along with them, swim in them, use them to put down fires, slide across gaps, jump from them mid-air...

[6:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: basically anything you can think of to do with empty crates!

[7:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Blizzard gaming:

[7:36 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hearthstone: Level 98 on the reward track! 2 more for the portrait.

[7:36 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Or hero skin, in this case.

[7:38 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: There's a new quest event going on for the just released mini-set, and it's called Aisle of Mischievous Toys, that has you make various kinds of decks focused on different mechanics, but all named for toy-themes... for example, my current step is about Divine Shield minions and is called Semi-Original Packaging.

[7:38 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Get some packs along the way, and a Thunder Ape shaman skin when you reach 4000 xp!

[7:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I did discover that the weekly quests have been nerfed a bit: quests to win 10 brawls have changed to play 5 brawls, and 10 ranked wins becomes 10 ranked plays. Saves some time and is easier, which is good, because some of these were taking way too long for me

[7:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: In fact, last week's brawl which I'd forgotten to mention was a cooperation against Mechazod... even if both players knew what to do and had perfect draws, you could still get unlucky with the boss's abilities. In all, if you won 1 in 5 fights, it was a good ratio. Try completing a weekly quest for 10 wins on that one...

[7:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: So turning wins into plays does become helpful in such cases!

[7:42 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: This week's brawl is a bit easier, at least, it's against another player, so should be 50% rate approximately

[7:42 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Choose a class, get some random cards.. and every turn you get a choice between 2 powerful cards. The one you don't choose goes to your opponent.

[7:43 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: An interesting strategy is to give the expensive cards to your opponent, and hope their hand overflows. Indeed, all the matches I've played quickly turned into large hands, since you'd get 3 cards per turn instead of just 1.

[7:43 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: But still some luck required!

[7:46 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Warcraft Rumble: No new collection level, but getting close to it.

[7:46 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Got no new levels in the beast dungeon week, but in the new alliance one I got Tirion through level 18.

[7:48 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Deadmines is not very annoying, luckily It helped that I got to pick a skill that gave lifesteal to my melee minis, which I have a lot of... and combined with Tirion's healing ability, it led to some serious survivability.

[7:49 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: In the heroic sigil campaign, I completed the Westfall zone, and started on the first boss in Duskwood, Ghoulia. I'm now at 85 sigils, and after I finish Duskwood I'll be at 90, enough for the upcoming siege and raid features.

[7:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Guild's seeing a bit more activity, as we're now with 3 active players, with 1 already over 100 sigils and 1 about the same amount as I have. Soon we'll be able to take on the new features

[7:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The activity was also well timed, as we got our 10000 point guild goal, giving the Faerie Dragon mini, first of the Cenarius family. In future seasons this sixth family will be more fleshed out, though I wonder how they'll incorporate it into the sigil campaign.

[7:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Faerie Dragon came in on uncommon, and I got the right talent for it as well. For other quality upgrades, the talents for the Pyromancer and the Huntress came along as well, which means only the Goblin Sapper is missing its talent. Of the ones I can get a talent for, that is. I hope further uncommon upgrades follow soon!

[7:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Had some win streaks in the pvp section as well, getting to gold rank for the first time. I'm looking forward to the announced level cap removal though, since it might mean some easier fights if my levels are high enough

[7:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: WoW:

[7:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: More raiding! We went straight into heroic difficulty for Aberrus, and actually managed to bring down all bosses in one night. That's one third of the new title achievement done, as well as a mark currency to buy a piece of tier of your choice.

[7:56 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Since I had 4 out of 5 tier pieces on heroic ilevel already, it was an easy choice to finish up with the gloves

[7:57 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Weekly quest is arena skirmishes, which is actually going quite well, I've got a decent winrate this time around. Got to honor level 128 as well.

[7:58 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: But for the rest of the time, alternating alts!

[7:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Calkin, my horde main, continued in Nazmir, making a pact with the loa of death, Bwonsamdi, and then moving on to find Hir'eek, the bat loa. Alas, Hir'eek was corrupted by the blood god G'huun, and had to be put down in his lair with the help of a powerful poison.

[7:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hopefully the next 2 loa will go better

[8:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Calkin hit 30 along the way, getting his flightform. I'd forgotten troll druid flightforms were bats! It looks quite good

[8:02 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And in the pandaria remix I continued on the worgen druid. She hasn't reached 30 yet, going from 19 to 25 this week, so no flightform yet for her. I suspect it'll be a raven or crow of some kind, but not sure.

[8:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: She's chased down Anduin, though unfortunately he refused to come home, so it was time to help out the pandaren instead

[8:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: At that point she did get to level 20, at which point there was a flying mount reward, the August Phoenix!

[8:05 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: After that, she did some side questlines, saving some orchard farmers from a mogu attack, helping 2 young lovers from rival families to gain ancestral blessings so they're free to marry, and following a training course at the Tian Monastery.

[8:06 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Next step is to aid the citizens of Dawn Blossom by confronting a Jade Witch.

[8:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: She's also gotten the third step in the Infinite Power achievement series, getting 150 threads for the cloak. They drop more often now, so the next steps should follow relatively quickly

[8:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's my report for the week!

[8:23 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya Ar! I am back from the party! It was tasty.

[8:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya! Tasty is always good for a party to be

[8:36 PM]Sandalf13: Indeed. Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken...three different salads, greek olives, What a feast. I pigged out ona fresh grilled chicken sandwich with salad. The fruit for dessert was good too.

[8:36 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Great!

[8:37 PM]Sandalf13: I read through the meeting above...looks like it was a small attendance this evening...a lot of folks in the U.S. are in the midst of Memorial Day Weekend.

[8:37 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Indeed, and a comic convention apparently [Note: also for tabletop gaming, LARPing, and novel author discussion panels.]

[8:37 PM]Sandalf13: That is what Eonwe said. I have never been to one...have you?

[8:38 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Comics, no. Went to a local-ish brony convention once. Bit too crowded for me.

[8:38 PM]Sandalf13: I can imagine.

[8:38 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The merchandise is good though

[8:38 PM]Sandalf13: Do you read graphic novels or comics>

[8:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Online, mostly. I read several webcomics.

[8:39 PM]Sandalf13: Ah. I have followed some of those. I still like the feel of a real grapic novel (book) or comic...I suppose I will never outgrow that habit.

[8:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I always collect the Warcraft comics and stuff as well.

[8:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, I understand that. But I like the regular updates on webcomics. And I don't really like the format of having paper issues that are like a dozen pages each, it just never seems worth the purchase. If I buy comics (like the few Warcraft put out in the past) I prefer them to be complete stories.

[8:42 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: There's also some Dutch/Belgian/French comics that are quite popular here, which I've read in my youth, like the smurfs, or Lucky Luke, or Suske & Wiske.

[8:42 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Asterix, also a good one

[8:44 PM]Sandalf13: "0:00 / 4:18 I make this cauliflower all week and my husband asks for more! Cauliflower steak with mushrooms! This is the website for a good-looking cauliflower dish that I will try tomorrow. I am having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate my friend's son entry into the U.S. Marine Reserves. He is a freshman at University of Colorado, and will do his boot camp this summer and then remain in the Reserves. As soon as he finishes college, he will go to Officer Candidate School and become a marine officer. I wanted to wish him sell as he starts his journey. In any case, the menu is poached salmon in white wine, with salad, potatoes, dessert, und so weiter. This is the website for the cauliflower dish:""

[8:44 PM]Sandalf13: YouTube - Frische Rezepte

[8:45 PM]Sandalf13: My message looks funny. I do not have a husband. I have a deceased wife. I just copied the first line of the webpage and pasted it in without thinking.

[8:45 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: hehe

[8:45 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Cauliflower's good! I've helped prepare both cauliflower and broccoli this week.

[8:45 PM]Sandalf13: Good for you! Was it a special recipe?

[8:46 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Nah, standard vegetable/meat/potato dishes.

[8:46 PM]Sandalf13: If you made it, I am sure it was delicious.

[8:46 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I liked it, definitely!

[8:47 PM]Sandalf13: I am hopeful that my granddaughters from Lincoln will come out this summer for a few days with my daugher and Son-in-law. I want to do some hiking with them, and take them inner tubing down Clear Creek Canyon in Golden, CO. A fun activity in the summer. I will look for some pictures for uyou.

[8:48 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Sure!

[8:50 PM]Sandalf13: Even little kids can do it in the summer, once the snowmelt surge has ended and the creek quiets down a little bit...

[8:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I've done stuff like that as a kid, but usually in amusement parks

[8:51 PM]Sandalf13: Nothing like doing it in the great outdoors, on a beautiful stream like Clear Creek. By the way, Clear Creek provides the "Rocky Mtn Spring Water" for the Coors Brewery in Golden. Perhaps you have heard of Coors beer...

[8:51 PM]Sandalf13: Of course, I hope that they add some chlorine to the water, after all these people have been floating in it...he he.

[8:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I don't think so. And I don't think we have quite the elevation necessary for these things

[8:53 PM]Sandalf13: Look at the image on the front of the can...that is supposed to be Clear Creek....

[8:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, neat

[8:54 PM]Sandalf13: I suspect that living in the Netherlands, you probably look down on American beer, as do the Germans, the English, the French (of course), and just about everyone else in Europe...even the Italians.

[8:54 PM]Sandalf13: Even the Czechs!

[8:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Eh, I don't particularly care about beer one way or another. But my dad's spent most of his career at Heineken, so that's what I'm most familiar with.

[8:55 PM]Sandalf13: Heineken is really good stuff...I used to buy it regularly when I was in grad school.

[8:56 PM]Sandalf13: My joke for the week: Heaven is a place where the mechanics are German, the police are English, the French are the cooks, and the Italians are the lovers. Hell is a place where the English are the cooks, the Germans are the police, the Italians are the mechanics, and the French are the lovers.

[8:57 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I thought French was the language of love?

[8:57 PM]Sandalf13: Just a joke from my Navy days...I do not mean to generalize.

[8:57 PM]Sandalf13: Just read Baudelaire!

[8:58 PM]Sandalf13: Or Proust!

[8:58 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: One of my biggest crushes was in elementary school, a classmate who's half French. It may have given me a bias

[8:59 PM]Sandalf13: Ha. Perhaps so. I take it the crush did not survive beyond elementary school...

[8:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Not in that state, but we did remain good friends throughout high school, and I think I'll always have some warm feelings about her.

[9:00 PM]Sandalf13: That is a good way for things to go!

[9:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Indeed.

[9:00 PM]Sandalf13: Talking with you tonight has given me a need for a Heineken...maybe I will go look for a beer tomorrow, if anhy stores are open.

[9:01 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: hehe, enjoy

[9:01 PM]Sandalf13: Maybe someday I can raise a pint with you in Holland. Who knows!

[9:01 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I'll take a 0% then

[9:02 PM]Sandalf13: That is ok too....I am not much of a drinker at all, but a beer or a good glass of wine every now and then is good for me...

[9:02 PM]Sandalf13: I see from the online panel that everyone seems to be involved in a game tonight...except me.

[9:03 PM]Sandalf13: And I am probably holding you up from some gaming as well...

[9:03 PM]Sandalf13: I apologize, if I am.

[9:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Nah, not really, doing some browsergaming before I go to sleep.

[9:04 PM]Sandalf13: I hope that you enjoy a good night and a pleasant week ahead. Take care of yourself, and live each day to the fullest! Sei gesdund und Namarie!

[9:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie

[9:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And I'm sure people will welcome you in LotRO if you want

Thus ends this week's meeting. Come back and see us next week!