Valar Guild Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 17, 2024

5:00pm Eastern Time

Discord: Valar Guild/meeting_place


Meeting Starts

[4:04 PM]Varda: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!


4:02 PM]Eönwë Valar: Kirby's hello

[4:01 PM]Varda: Membership:

[4:02 PM]Varda: Eonwe! Your Kirby is green!

[4:03 PM]Varda: annnd I'm in Harbor /facepalm. Moving to meeting_place with a copy/paste, at least part of it.

[4:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heya all.

[4:05 PM]Varda: The crazy time changes may be messing with our European folk.

[4:05 PM]Varda: For Eastern time, which is Valar time, it's time!

[4:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: Or they realized they weren't wearing green and are now in hiding.

[4:05 PM]Varda: There's Arien : )

[4:06 PM]Varda: We have green names on the side. We are all covered.

[4:06 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya AllQ

[4:06 PM]Sandalf13: All!

[4:06 PM]Varda: Aiya Sandalf : )

[4:06 PM]Eönwë Valar: 4-leafed clover

[4:06 PM]Varda: There we go! Everyone grab one of those lucky 4-leaved clovers or a piece of grass!

[4:06 PM]Arien Valar: Aiya

[4:06 PM]Varda: Aiya Sunshine : )

[4:07 PM]Varda: ☼

[4:07 PM]Arien Valar:

[4:07 PM]Varda: Any sign of Phar?

[4:07 PM]Varda: Any other membership news? 4:08 PM]Eönwë Valar: I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover YouTube.

[4:08 PM]Varda: On to


[4:08 PM]Varda: Web:

[4:09 PM]Varda: No new content to report for this week.


[4:09 PM]Varda: Gaming:

[4:09 PM]Varda: Eonwe, this gavel has a green sheen, so it must be volunteering. toss

[4:12 PM]Eönwë Valar:

[4:12 PM]Varda: Sandalf says he's having Discord problems.

[4:13 PM]Varda: 4:12 PM]Sandalf13: I keep hearing people connecting, but I see nothig.

[4:13 PM]Eönwë Valar: He's in the right channel?

[4:13 PM]Sandalf13: How is that? Wrong tower

[4:14 PM]Varda: There it is! Oh, funny one!

[4:14 PM]Arien Valar:

[4:14 PM]Varda: Two towers, there.

[4:15 PM]Eönwë Valar: I would've thought the army of orcs would've given that one away, but I guess love makes you blind... and deaf... and lose your sense of smell... and direction... and universal coordinates.

[4:15 PM]Sandalf13: Perhaps he lost his cell phone.

[4:15 PM]Varda: I figure Google Drive maps

[4:16 PM]Eönwë Valar: Yeah. Google Drive maps led him astray. Google drive hates true love, heh.

[4:16 PM]Eönwë Valar: Anyway, I posted Green Hammer Kirby for a reason, so on we go :}

World of Warcraft:

[4:16 PM]Eönwë Valar: World of Warcraft:

[4:17 PM]Eönwë Valar: This week's bonus event: Warlords of Draenor Timewalking.

This week's PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk.

4:17 PM]Eönwë Valar: Hearthstone is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an event in WoW through March 22nd.

[4:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: More Hero Talent Trees have been posted for preview.

[4:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Update 10.2.6 comes March 19th.

[4:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Dragonflight Season 4 will bring some changes to Dungeons.

[4:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out Blues News.

[4:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out This Week in WoW.

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out this week's hotfixes.


[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: Hearthstone:

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: Patch 29.0 is out, celebrating Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary and it's next expansion coming March 19th.

Diablo 4:

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: Diablo 4:

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: A new patch came out March 14th.

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: The next Campfire Chat is March 20th.

Diablo Immortal:

[4:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Diablo Immortal:

4:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out this week's bug fixes.

Overwatch 2:

[4:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Overwatch 2:

[4:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: New event going through March 25th: Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bebop.

[4:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: New Hero Mastery: Gauntlet is available.

[4:21 PM]Eönwë Valar: And last but never least:

Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:21 PM]Eönwë Valar: Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:21 PM]Eönwë Valar: Now out: Update 39: Arenas of Conflict.

[4:21 PM]Eönwë Valar: Going through April 1st: Spring Festival.

[4:22 PM]Eönwë Valar: And back to normal Green Kirby as the hammer flies back to Varda.

[4:22 PM]Varda: That's a big one!

[4:22 PM]Varda: Thank you for the Lord of the Rings Online report.

[4:23 PM]Varda: I am unable to enter Treebeard server at the moment, keep crashing, tried two accounts.

[4:23 PM]Varda: Arien needs an officer to bring her into kin there. I'll keep at it in the background.

[4:23 PM]Varda: She made a High Elf Mariner named Ariborn. : )

[4:24 PM]Varda: Anyway, here's the players who made it into our kin branches this past week:

[4:24 PM]Varda:

[4:24 PM]Varda: I'm crediting Arien even if I can't get in there at the moment. : )

[4:25 PM]Varda: Any other gaming news?

[4:26 PM]Varda: (crashed again)

[4:26 PM]Varda: It was all working fine earlier.

[4:26 PM]Varda: Anyway, on to


[4:26 PM]Varda: Tolkien!

[4:27 PM]Varda: I have some stuff for you, but if anyone else has a question or comment on Tolkien, go ahead now! : )

[4:28 PM]Varda: Topic: What happened to Saruman and Sauron after their mortal bodies were ended, in the books?

[4:29 PM]Varda: I have the quotes, but if you'd like to give the quick cliff notes first, go ahead! : )

[4:29 PM]Sandalf13: Before we get to Tolkien, in reply to Eonwe's comment about Google Maps, it seems to work for Legolas...

[4:29 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oh, i've got an answer for that one :}

4:29 PM]Sandalf13: Where they're going. 1

[4:30 PM]Eönwë Valar: Dust in the Wind YouTube --- Well not so much dust, but that's the idea.

[4:30 PM]Varda: hehehe you guys : )

[4:32 PM]Eönwë Valar: So that answers Aragorn's question of What does Legolas' Elf eyes see.

[4:32 PM]Varda: Sure 'nuff : )

[4:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: .... Legolas! What do your elf eyes see? YouTube

[4:33 PM]Sandalf13: I suppose so, but BTW, is the image above of John Brown, ther famous Abolitionist, during his fighting days in Kansas?

[4:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: It's the cover of an album by the band Kansas. About as much as I know about it, unfortunately.

[4:34 PM]Sandalf13: Ok...if his Elf Eyes see LEmbas, what about this one?

[4:35 PM]Varda: hehe

[4:35 PM]Varda: Anyway, to something a tad more serious

[4:36 PM]Varda: After Sauron's One Ring was destroyed, what happened to him?

[4:36 PM]Eönwë Valar: cough

[4:36 PM]Sandalf13: Is that a clearing of the throat cough, or a let's get back to something else cough?

[4:36 PM]Varda: You mean, he was dust in the wind?

[4:36 PM]Eönwë Valar: Varda's on the nose :}

[4:37 PM]Varda: Already answered the question, heh.

[4:37 PM]Eönwë Valar: His tower even came crumbling down, so there was actual dust.

[4:37 PM]Varda: A lot of it, with all that huge fortress crumbling in a dry place.

[4:38 PM]Eönwë Valar: Now he gets to wander around aimlessly, forever unable to affect the world in any meaningful way, because he can never pull himself away from ruminating on the failure of his schemes.

[4:38 PM]Eönwë Valar: There's a more serious answer for you :}

[4:38 PM]Varda: Sauron thinks so.

[4:39 PM]Sandalf13: What about he returned to Valinor, as the Maiar generally do, and got promptly remanded to beyond the bounds of Arda, to join his mentor Morgoth?

[4:39 PM]Varda: Not what I'm finding in the books, however. Seems a good guess though.

[4:40 PM]Varda: This is going to take at least two different quotes. : )

[4:40 PM]Eönwë Valar: My RotK is buried under a bunch of other Tolkien books right now, or I'd dig out the quote.

[4:41 PM]Arien Valar: I d think Mandos collected the smoke of his fea in an oil lamp and sealded it in his halls somewhere

[4:42 PM]Varda: hahaha

[4:43 PM]Eönwë Valar: And then that lamp ended up in the Cave of Wonders and by the time it's found Sauron is now played by Robin Williams.

[4:44 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya! Reading up.

[4:44 PM]Varda: heh

[4:44 PM]Varda: Aiya Phar! You made it out of the hole, yay!

[4:44 PM]Sandalf13: I had to go check out my texts to find this quote from Gandalf, but I suspect that if Sauron were in fact to land up in the company of Morgoth, "Small comfort will those two have in their companionship: they will gnaw one another with words...." (Gandalf referring to Saruman and Grima locked in the Tower of Orthanc, not Rapunzel's Tower)

[4:44 PM]Treebeard: Hello

[4:44 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya!

[4:44 PM]Varda: Not wrong. : )

4:45 PM]Varda: And it did seem as if Grima had a touch of that Voice ability, maybe gifted by Saruman.

[4:45 PM]Varda: Anyway...

"The Field of Cormallen", RotK

"The realm of Sauron is ended!" said Gandalf. "The Ring-bearer has fulfilled his Quest."

And as the Captains gazed south to the Land of Mordor, it seemed to them that, black against the pall of cloud, there rose a huge shape of shadow, impenetrable, lightning-crowned, filling all the sky.

Enormous it reared above the world, and stretched out towards them a vast threatening hand, terrible but impotent: for even as it leaned over them, a great wind took it, and it was all blown away, and passed; and then a hush fell."

[4:46 PM]Varda: End quote. Next quote.

"The Last Debate", RotK

"If it is destroyed, then he will fall; and his fall will be so low that none can foresee his arising ever again.

For he will lose the best part of the strength that was native to him in his beginning, and all that was made or begun with that power will crumble, and he will be maimed for ever, becoming a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the shadows, but cannot again grow or take shape. And so a great evil of this world will be removed."

[4:47 PM]Varda: End quote

[4:47 PM]Varda: So, never stuff part of yourself in a horcrux.

[4:48 PM]Sandalf13: the word "gnaw" comes up twice above...I suspect that Morgoth and Sauron are both now only spirits of malice, although it is prophesied that Mortgoth will eventually return to fight the final battle, where Turin will deal him his real death blow...

[4:48 PM]Varda: And where are Sauron and Saruman at that time? Not in shape to join him, apparently.

[4:49 PM]Eönwë Valar: Morgoth had greater native power, and "relics of wisdom" so he was able to turn his mind to other things to allow himself to recover some of his former strength to challenge the Valar again.

[4:49 PM]Varda: Also, his "horcrux" was the planet, which was not destroyed.

[4:49 PM]Sandalf13: Do you think Sauron will rejoin Morgoth in the Dagor Dragollath?

[4:50 PM]Sandalf13: Dagorath

[4:50 PM]Varda: "a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the shadows" might be able to do some whispering, but not much else.

[4:50 PM]Eönwë Valar: I've seen nothing in Tolkien's work to suggest it, so I have to say no. Unless Morgoth thinks he has a use for Sauron (which I'm feeling iffy about) I imagine if Morgoth came across him, he'd leave him by the side of the road.

[4:50 PM]Varda: Aye.

[4:51 PM]Varda: There's really no sign of his whispering, either, far as I know.

[4:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Alright, caught up

[4:51 PM]Eönwë Valar: Sauron would be too self-absorbed in his failure to bother anyone else.

[4:51 PM]Varda: Welcome to this part of the chat. : )

[4:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Funny about the horcrux bit... just yesteday I was leafing through the Unfinished Tales, the short story about the druedain and his putting part of his power into a wooden statue.

[4:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And when the statue stamped out a fire, his legs were hurt.

[4:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: A comparison was made to Sauron putting his own power into the Ring

[4:52 PM]Varda: Aye, that's right! Good reminder, thanks.

[4:52 PM]Sandalf13: But Morgoth would have to have some allies with him for the Dagor you know does not simply challenge the Valar by oneself, especially after being away for so long...

[4:52 PM]Varda: Just not Sauron or Saruman, looks like.

[4:53 PM]Sandalf13: So is there a lesson in all this for us?

[4:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Well, Sandalf, maybe he did come back with allies, and promptly smitten by Turin... it never says how long the last battle is, does it?

[4:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: *didn't

[4:53 PM]Varda: Please note the wind:

[4:53 PM]Varda: as it leaned over them, a great wind took it, and it was all blown away, and passed; and then a hush fell.

@Varda Welcome to this part of the chat. : ) [4:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: The Cool Side YouTube

[4:55 PM]Varda: Next part is Saruman, what happened to him...

[4:55 PM]Varda: This is the end of Saruman after Wormtongue cut his throat, telling first of the fea, then the hroa.

"The Scouring of the Shire", RotK

To the dismay of those that stood by, about the body of Saruman a grey mist gathered, and rising slowly to a great height like smoke from a fire, as a pale shrouded figure it loomed over the Hill.

[4:56 PM]Sandalf13: He looked to the West, but a wind sprang up out of the west, and his lingering shadow was dispersed, oddly enough, in the direction of the east, if the wind came from the west.

For a moment it wavered, looking to the West; but out of the West came a cold wind, and it bent away, and with a sigh dissolved into nothing.

Frodo looked down at the body with pity and horror, for as he looked it seemed that long years of death were suddenly revealed in it, and it shrank, and the shrivelled face became rags of skin upon a hideous skull.

Lifting up the skirt of the dirty cloak that sprawled beside it, he covered it over, and turned away.

[4:56 PM]Varda: End quote.

[4:57 PM]Sandalf13: What a way to go.

[4:57 PM]Varda: Dissolved into nothing, not even going east, it appears.

[4:58 PM]Sandalf13: Wicked Witch of the West death scene

[4:58 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Well, he was in a mortal body, so possibly there was not enough left.

[4:58 PM]Varda: Now who lives in the West that they might appeal to, or that a wind might come from?

[4:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Anduin Finale Cinematic Anduin free Arthas soul 9.2 Shadowlands not even a soul left for judgement...

[5:00 PM]Varda: and by the way, the Great Eagles came in mass at the Nazguls just as the Ring was about to go into the lava.

[5:00 PM]Varda: Manwe was watching.

[5:02 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, in my leafing through UT I also read some of the Istari... and it says Saruman

"perished at last by the hand of an oppressed slave; and his spirit went whithersoever it was doomed to go, and to Middle-earth, whether naked or embodied, came never back."

[5:02 PM]Eönwë Valar: Saruman's spirit would still exist. It was eternal. He would be reduced to a state not unlike Sauron, however.

[5:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "oppressed slave" was interesting wording, but it would apply

[5:04 PM]Eönwë Valar: Shakes Head Help! I'm Being Repressed! (Short Version) YouTube

[5:04 PM]Sandalf13: Is it possible that Radagast sent the Eagles, at the request of Manwe and/or Yavanna?

[5:05 PM]Varda: Grima Wormtongue was indeed a repressed slave.

[5:05 PM]Varda: The Great Eagles are of Manwe, who is the Breath of Arda. And right after they came, so did the great wind.

[5:06 PM]Sandalf13: Just trying to earn a little credit for poor Radagast, that's all...

[5:06 PM]Varda: Like Yavanna did the Ents, Manwe did the Great Eagles.

[5:06 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "Animals are my domain!" eagles stare "Are you sure?"

[5:06 PM]Varda: Radagast is a nifty Istar. Maybe we'll have to do a chat just on him.

[5:07 PM]Varda: Manwe was above Sauron. Radagast as an Istar was not.

[5:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I like to think that when Radagast eventually died, he also turned into a dust spirit, but spread over Mirkwood, blessing all the animals.

[5:08 PM]Varda: I would love to have read more about Radagast, but he did not come a great deal into the sight of the hobbits from whose viewpoint this tends to be.

[5:08 PM]Varda: Radagast was a Maia and could return to Valinor, especially once Sauron was gone. Their main job was over.

[5:09 PM]Varda: He need not die at all.

[5:09 PM]Sandalf13: I thinnk that Radagast would survive until the end of Arda, along with the rest of the Maia and the Valar...beyond that, mayhap he will have a voice in the final singing...

[5:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Well, sure, but he didn't go along with Gandalf, so he might have taken a later ship?

[5:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Or sure, he might have been there until the end, but I vaguely recall the Istari aging very slowly.

[5:09 PM]Sandalf13: Maybe he still survives in our Middle-earth?

[5:10 PM]Varda: Radagast is a Maia, not an elf. As an Istar, he was sent with the other Istari to help guide the Free People to handle Sauron.

[5:10 PM]Varda: He is an Ainu, a Maia.

[5:10 PM]Eönwë Valar: I can see it now: Gandalf stops by to visit Radagast, says "Job's done." Radagast is like, "Oh, that was easy."

[5:10 PM]Sandalf13: Perhaps we lack the eyes to "see" Radagast today, jusst as early Men heard the voice of Ulmo in the waters of Middle-earth, but could not discern what he was saying...

[5:10 PM]Varda: He's a major guy, whose power was lessened for the particular job, with even some loss of memory, like the others.

[5:11 PM]Varda: Aye, Radagast would still be alive now. He may have stayed in Arda or went back to Valinor and returned to Arda.

[5:11 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, UT implies that they "aged somewhat in looks" at least... let me see if I can find more.

[5:11 PM]Eönwë Valar: Even Elves age very slowly, according to the aging of Middle-Earth.

[5:11 PM]Varda: Other Maiar came to Arda, such as Melian.

[5:12 PM]Varda: Aye, elves aged slightly. Cirdan was very old to be to the point of a beard. : )

[5:12 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "aged only by the cares and labours of many long years" also of the Istari

[5:12 PM]Varda: Elrond likely showed a bit of aging.

[5:12 PM]Sandalf13: Wow. Imagine what it must be like for an Elf to have to learn how to shave, or at least trim a beard...

[5:12 PM]Varda: Aye, Phar.

[5:13 PM]Varda: And Frodo thought Gandalf looked a bit older, more careworn.

[5:13 PM]Eönwë Valar: Here's the gossip everyone is just dying to know: "Did any other Maiar fall for Elves, or was Thingol just that hot?" lol.

[5:13 PM]Sandalf13: I think that Thingol would put Thranduil a la Lee Pace to shame...

[5:13 PM]Varda: Thingol was supposed to be at least a ten. : )

[5:13 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "they were never young and aged only slowly"...

[5:14 PM]Varda: The Istari, aye.

[5:14 PM]Sandalf13: Thingol was an 11 on a scale of one to ten.

[5:14 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Still looking to see if I can find something more definitive about an inevitable death,Varda

[5:14 PM]Varda: Really, it seemed as if Thranduil was based somewhat on Thingol for the LotR writing. : )

[5:14 PM]Eönwë Valar: "So manly! Such huge biceps!"

[5:14 PM]Varda: So tall!

[5:15 PM]Sandalf13: I think you will have trouble finding it, Ar...Tolkien was very vague about all of this, and didn't want to hedge his bets.

[5:15 PM]Sandalf13: "Those ears! That pointed chin!"

[5:15 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I'm taking all of this from the Istari text in UT, if it's not in here I'll give up the search

[5:15 PM]Varda: Lee Pace was a looker in that role, no argument, not in a super bodybuilder way though.

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, I kinda imagine Thingol as Malfurion

[5:16 PM]Eönwë Valar: Only with silver instead of green hair I assume. (edited)

[5:16 PM]Varda: Not sure what you're figuring, Phar.

[5:16 PM]Varda: Except on St. Patrick's Day? ; )

[5:16 PM]Varda: green hammers bounce out

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Beefy long-haired elf with smooth voice!

[5:16 PM]Sandalf13: Is anyone eating corned beef and cabbage today? 5:16 PM]Varda: they don't see the green hammerpad on the green table

[5:17 PM]Varda: tripppppp! Bonkity


[5:17 PM]Varda: After-meeting!

[5:17 PM]Varda: Free chat.

[5:17 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Alright, nothing further except those few mentions of them aging slowly. But indeed they might just age with Arda itself.

[5:17 PM]Sandalf13:

[5:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Ok, I was looking for this. Replace "Calvin Klein" with "Elu Thingol" for maximum effect. Back to the Future: The skateboard chase YouTube

[5:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Only a few seconds in, don't need to watch long unless you enjoy the movie, hehehe.

[5:18 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: He's so dreamy ;D

[5:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: Looks tasty, Sandalf.

[5:19 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Reminds me, I'm about 5 hours late with dinner.

[5:20 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Sunday health thing ran a bit late, also why I wasn't on time for meeting. Ah well, it'll be an hour later again in a week or 2.

[5:21 PM]Varda: The Valar of Time are getting out of hand. : )

[5:21 PM]Sandalf13:

[5:22 PM]Sandalf13: Time Lords?

[5:22 PM]Eönwë Valar: Some would say DST is a work of Morgoth, but ok :}

[5:22 PM]Varda: I might agree with them. ; )

[5:22 PM]Varda: On our site: The Valar of Time

[5:23 PM]Varda: I need to restart my computer to see if it will allow entrance to gaming, YouTubes, and such.

[5:23 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Danuin, Fanuin and Ranuin. I'm reminded of the ravens of Odin.

[5:24 PM]Varda: Very likely a source of the inspiration, aye. : )

[5:25 PM]Eönwë Valar: Bah, I feel like I should have a quote, or a song reference for that, but it's sitting right out of reach.

[5:25 PM]Sandalf13: But all meaningliess in terms of Deep Time.

[5:26 PM]Varda: If you think of a ref later, we will read it here!

[5:26 PM]Varda: Restarting. 5:26 PM]Sandalf13: If Earth's history were reduced to a 24 hour clock, human beings would show up in the record at 2359:30

[5:26 PM]Arien Valar: well .. i just say .. Let 's do the time warp again ...

[5:27 PM]Varda: Aye, we're very latecomers. : )

[5:27 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: We're the slightly too early fireworks.

[5:29 PM]Sandalf13: Time Warp Rocky Horror parody song for those feeling old YouTube

@Sandalf13 If Earth's history were reduced to a 24 hour clock, human beings would show up in the record at 2359:30

[5:32 PM]Eönwë Valar: I'd be there at 2349:30 because I like to be at least a few minutes early.

[5:33 PM]Arien Valar: This is hilarious

[5:34 PM]Arien Valar: and really good

[5:44 PM]Sandalf13: One last note...that portrait in Eonwe's post about Kansas singing "Dust in the Wind"... the actual John Brown does look a lot like the picture that Eonwe gave us...


[5:45 PM]Sandalf13: Must run, literally...will report in later for Ar's report. Namarie, and Happy St. Patty's Day, y'all!

[5:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oh, that remidns me I intended to link this: The Best of Kansas on Wikipedia.

[5:45 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie! Happy hamburger day! ..Or is that not the right patty?

[5:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Tells you about the cover art for that album.

[5:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Not a patty melt, not a peppermint patty, not a patty on the back.

[5:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: :}

[5:46 PM]Sandalf13: Ha! It WAS John Brown, then! Namarie

[5:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: If there is someone out there confused, it's St. Patrick's Day :}

[5:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: Take care Sandalf. @Varda And it did seem as if Grima had a touch of that Voice ability, maybe gifted by Saruman.

[5:50 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oops, also meant to make a comment on this. Saruman made himself a Ring. Think he gave Grima one? How old is Grima I wonder? Going by Brad Dourif's portrayal in TT, he's looking pale and well on his way to becoming a Nazgul, heh.

[5:51 PM]Arien Valar: younger than Bilbo though i guess

[5:52 PM]Arien Valar: iMaybe a bit younger than Theoden

[5:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: Probably most of the Human and Hobbit cast is younger than Bilbo. Gimli might even be younger, heh.

[5:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aragorn definitely is!

[5:53 PM]Varda: Interesting. Saruman was trying to make rings of his own.

[5:53 PM]Arien Valar: well .. i shall be looking towards my home haven yawns

[5:53 PM]Eönwë Valar: Sleep well Arien.

[5:54 PM]Varda: He may have been going for his own ringwraith servants in time. Grima would have been an excellent candidate.

[5:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie, Arien

[5:54 PM]Varda: Rest well. : )

[5:54 PM]Arien Valar: Namarie

[5:55 PM]Varda: Arien successfully entered the Treebeard kin branch with her new Mariner. : )

[5:55 PM]Eönwë Valar: Yay :}

[5:56 PM]Eönwë Valar: Not an Ancient Mariner, assuming, especially not one who Rhymes.

[5:56 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Join the kin branch, they said. See the world, they said. He'd rather be sailing.

[5:57 PM]Varda: hehe

[5:57 PM]Varda: Sailing, sailing, through the starry skies.

[5:57 PM]Eönwë Valar: Let's be honest here. If you don't see the next song coming now, you're too young.

[5:58 PM]Varda: The sun may be considered reasonably ancient?

[5:58 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I can think of several, Eonwe. 5:58 PM]Eönwë Valar: Come Sail Away YouTube

[5:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: This was not one of them, but I think I've heard it before.

[5:59 PM]Eönwë Valar: It's official. Phar is too young. Lol.

[5:59 PM]Eönwë Valar: (I kid, of course.)

[6:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I'll take it

[6:00 PM]Eönwë Valar: How about this one? Sail On YouTube

[6:01 PM]Varda: Sailing, sailing over the bounding main

[6:01 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Nope, not that one either. Care to try again?

[6:02 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Gosh, there must be so many songs about sailing...

[6:03 PM]Eönwë Valar: Here. It has "Sail" in it though. Celtic Woman - Orinoco Flow YouTube

[6:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: That's one of them But the Enya version.

[6:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Enya - Orinoco Flow YouTube

[6:03 PM]Eönwë Valar: I could've linked that one, but I like Celtic Woman, so there you go, heh.

[6:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: here's a few more Rod Stewart - Sailing YouTube, AWOLNATION - Sail YouTube

[6:08 PM]Eönwë Valar: And here's on the same motif: Hoist the Colours - Pirates of the Caribbean & Hans Zimmer YouTube

[6:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I'll raise you a Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 (Expanded Score) - Hoist The Colours YouTube

[6:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Was actually listening to that yesterday 6:31 PM]Eönwë Valar: Unrelated: Legends Never Die (lyrics) YouTube

Non-Flashgaming Plus

[9:47 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Personal gaming report:

[9:48 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: For (non)flashgaming, I'll give you a point and click puzzle/escape game. Pretty short and simple, 6 levels wherein you need to puzzle your way to the portal while collecting a keystone along the way.

[9:49 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: HTML5 version of Faraway: Puzzle Escape takes place in a sort of desert temple, though, and you can find out a bit of in-game lore by collecting all the notes, 3 in each level.

[9:49 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The first 2 are hidden, the third one needs to be unlocked using the pattern on the keystone.

[9:49 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya Ar!

[9:49 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Good luck collecting em all!

[9:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya

[9:50 PM]Sandalf13: I am catchig up!

[9:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Blizzard gaming:

[9:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hearthstone: Level 163 on the reward track. New expansion's here in a few days though, so that'll probably be the end of it.

[9:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Completed the 10th anniversary questline with some time to spare, getting me the special coin card

[9:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Also completed the lone anniversary quest for 10 games, getting a new 10th anniversary card back as well.

[9:55 PM]Sandalf13: Happy 10th Anniversary!

[9:56 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Brawl is quite unique and pretty fun, where 14 minions from the past are placed on the board, with graphics and skills, but no names; you get cards with their names on it in your hand and need to match the names to the minions without messing up. If you fail, you get a new set of random minions and their names.

[9:56 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: It's not always easy, but I prefer it over trying to beat other people, and it gives a bit of nostalgia.

[9:57 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: If you're having trouble, try identifying them by minion type; murlocs, naga and others tend to have appropriate names.

[9:58 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Also part of the anniversary is a crossover with WoW, and while I'll talk about the bulk of that in the WoW section, I will say that logging into Hearthstone should give you a mount and achievement in WoW.

[9:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Rumble: Collection level 29 now. Also got some army upgrades, as I cleared dungeon level 14 on the beast leader Hogger. The new dungeon week is Alliance, and I also beat dungeon level 15 with Tirion.

[10:00 PM]Sandalf13: Sounds impressive

[10:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, we're getting closer to the final dungeon levels

[10:01 PM]Sandalf13: And if you succeed in the final dungeon levels? What then?

[10:01 PM]Sandalf13: Do you break out?

[10:02 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Then we get golden army upgrades for the entire set! After that I think you're supposed to be able to repeat it for gold.

[10:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Also made some progress in the sigil campaign using my alliance force under Tirion, defeating Volchan and Omnotron in the Blackrock Mountain zone, and putting me at 72 sigils.

[10:03 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Three more fights to complete the normal version of the campaign

[10:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: As for quality upgrades, I bought the second talent for the Dark Iron Miner, upgraded the beast leader Charlga to uncommon, and got a good talent for her as well.

[10:05 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Nothing in the grid currently to save for, so if nothing shows up tomorrow when I get more gold from the arcane surge, I'll probably need to reset it a few times. Good thing I have over 50 Big Red Buttons to do so, though

[10:06 PM]Sandalf13: Go Big Red!

[10:07 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: WoW:

[10:07 PM]Sandalf13: Go_Big_Red.jfif 12.21 KB

[10:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hah!

[10:08 PM]Sandalf13: Big Red is the unofficial name for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhuskers.

[10:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Raiding is continuing, and with some loot success I got the heroic version of my tank weapon, and our other main tank finally got his legendary drop from the final boss, so that's some good upgrades for us Season 4's coming out in a few weeks, as well, so we'll be doing the old raids all over again but for better gear

[10:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aha!

[10:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The next patch comes next week, I think, with a time-limited event we still know nothing about, so we'll be busy enough until then anyway. 10:10 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Speaking of time-limited events, some new stuff happened this week for the Hearthstone 10 year anniversary, with a lot of Hearthstone-themed stuff to get in WoW.

[10:11 PM]Sandalf13: Go Big Red! - 6th Grade Band YouTube

[10:11 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Other than the mount I mentioned earlier, there's also a questline surrounding hearthstone tables in 3 major cities, where you can play it against other WoW players in a very simplified version. You can also buy "wild cards" from shady dealers nearby to throw near hearthstone tables to influence other people's games, which also counts for the quest.

[10:13 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And every hour a portal event happens at all 3 locations - though I think that got hotfixed to even 30 minutes, even - where Whizbang, a character from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, summons enemies to fight and loot, which drop a whole bunch of unique stuff to collect.

[10:15 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: There's 20 or so hearthstone cards to collect, though you already get 8 from a starter deck that you get during the questline, which is good for an achievement... but there's also another mount, the Compass Rose; a pet mouse called Sarge; a hearthstone table toy; a Hearthstone hearthstone toy (it makes sense in context); a unique 36-slot bag, and 3 Hearthstone-themed appearances: A tabard, a belt and a hat.

[10:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I was lucky enough to get them all in a few days, even before the spawn-cooldown was halved.

[10:17 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Weekly is timewalking dungeons, Warlords of Draenor style, but alas, nothing new from that.

[10:17 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Between the weeklies, the event and the pvp brawl's honor, I did complete the trading post track for March, and bought a few items from there.

[10:18 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The reward pet was Teele, yet another mouse but with Ardenweald-like glows and large ears.

[10:19 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And I bought the Delicate Jade Parasol toy, the Classic Aquatic tabard, and an interesting looking sword, Mephistroth's Razor.

[10:20 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Still got plenty of currency left, but I think I'll hang on to it for a bit, since not much of it interests me at the moment. I mean, I do collect appearances, but at the limited rate we get the stuff, I'd like to hang on to it for some appearances that really appeal to me.

[10:21 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's my report for this week! Next week we'll see what the time-limited patch event is about, and maybe I'll even get some more Diablo 4 or WoW alting done

[10:23 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!

[10:36 PM]Sandalf13: NAmarie!

March 18, 2024

[3:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: Answers

[3:06 PM]Eönwë Valar: Three book creator approaches

Thus ends this week's meeting. Come back and see us next week!