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May 14, 2023 Sunday Meeting

5:00 P.M. Eastern Time
Valar Guild/meeting_place

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Transcript work by Varda.
[times are Central Time from Varda's Discord. Add one hour for Eastern, which is Valar time and LotRO /servertime.]

Attending (and typed): (6)

rien (presiding first part of the meeting), Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Pallando, Sandalf, Varda (presiding rest of the meeting)
Meeting begins
Membership news:

    Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, Diablo Immortal, Warcraft 3 Reforged, Hearthstone, more LotRO, EVE Online
    Topic: Tolkien spoke of the eucatastrophe. What  is it?
    (non) Flashgaming Reviews (plus) by Ar-Pharazon. Includes Blizzard games.



Eonwë Valar — 05/11/2023 6:37 PM
Well, got the Turtle from the Trading Post. Too bad it doesn't count as a flying/dragonriding mount, lol. I don't think I'd bother with a different mount often if it did that.
[6:38 PM]
Just because flying around on a turtle would be funnier and more fun than any other mount except maybe my Light-powered mecha-suit.

May 14, 2023

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 3:56 AM
    Gamera in flight

[3:57 AM]
Though this is hilarious:
    Geyvison alex games
    Godzilla Fly / Godzilla Voando (HD)

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 3:57 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 3:57 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:00 PM
[4:01 PM]
I'm going to pass the gavel to Eonwe for a few minutes if that will work?

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:02 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:02 PM

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:04 PM
do you want me to hold the gavel for a bit if eonwe is busy?

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:04 PM
Feel free to open!

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:05 PM
Elen sila omentielvo!  A star shines upon the hour of our  meeting!

Membership news:

[4:05 PM]
You are here even if lurking \o/
[4:06 PM]
Fladrif is currently playing Hearthstone
[4:08 PM]
Phari is lurking in the background

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:08 PM

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:08 PM

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:08 PM
Sorry, distracted by RL.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:08 PM
Maybe I'm talking!

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:09 PM
ah well eonwe . rl unfortunately has that habit

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:09 PM
Heya : )
[4:10 PM]
Eowyn and I were gaming in LotRO : )
That sneaky rl!
Happy Mother's Day : )

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:10 PM
sneaky passing gavel

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:10 PM
A lot of us are a bit involved with that at the moment
[4:10 PM]
How did this gavel form in my hand? A bit warm, too.



Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:10 PM
angel don t know

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:11 PM
No new news at the moment.
heh, riiiiight



[4:11 PM]
Eonwe, are you able to take that yet?

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:11 PM
Yeah, I think I can do that.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:11 PM
gavel flies over the table to Eonwe

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:12 PM

Lord of the Rings Online:
Update 35.1.3 came out this week. ---
    The Lord of the Rings Online
    Update 35.1.3 Release Notes
    Here are the release notes for Update 35.1.3, released on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023.

[4:12 PM]

World of Warcraft:
This week's bonus event: Arena Skirmishes.

The PvP Brawl: Classic Ashran is running through Tuesday, May 16th.
[4:12 PM]
Dragonflight Season 2 has started. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Dragonflight Season 2—Now Live! - WoW
    Dragonflight Season 2 will roll out through the second week of May. All the details for the new raid, mythic+ rotation and PvP action can be found right here.

[4:12 PM]
The newest raid, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is fully open in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic, and Wing 1 available in Raid
Finder. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Dragonflight Season 2—Now Live! - WoW
    Dragonflight Season 2 will roll out through the second week of May. All the details for the new raid, mythic+ rotation and PvP action can be found right here.

[4:13 PM]
Check out a couple of blogs here for things coming in the next update:

In Development: Fractures in Time ---
    World of Warcraft
    In Development: Fractures in Time - WoW
    While adventurers breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, the next content update is making its way onto the PTR, including a whole new specialization for dracthyr Evokers, a new mega-dungeon, and much more.

[4:13 PM]
Bolster Your Allies with the Augmentation Evoker Specialization ---
    World of Warcraft
    Bolster Your Allies with the Augmentation Evoker Specialization - WoW
    Imbue your allies with the power of the Black dragonflight and twist fate in their favor with Bronze magic as the new Augmentation Specialization, coming in the Fractures in Time Update.

[4:14 PM]
(Yes, they're actually adding a spec to a class after the fact. Only happened one other time when they gave Druid a fourth spec to separate out DPS and Tanking to Feral and Guardian respectively)
[4:14 PM]
Check out Blues News. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Blues News: May 12, 2023 - WoW
    Stay up to date with World of Warcraft when you join us each week as we round up some of the latest top blue posts and discussions.

[4:14 PM]
Check out this week's hotfixes. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Hotfixes: May 12, 2023 - WoW
    Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and WoW Classic.

[4:15 PM]

Overwatch 2:
A new event is going through May 22: Starwatch: Galactic Rescue. ---
    Become a Hero of the Galaxy in Starwatch – Now Live
    Choose your side between the Infinite Empire or the Watchers in this exciting PVP event

[4:15 PM]
Also check out this blog on creating the new event. ---
    Exploring a New Universe in Starwatch: Galactic Rescue
    Learn how Starwatch brings a unique theme through the environmental art of the “Infinite Galactrius”

[4:15 PM]

Diablo 4:
A new blog is out talking about post-launch expectations you can have. ---
    What You Can Expect from Diablo IV’s Post-Launch Experiences
    Seasons will release quarterly for Diablo IV and introduce new Season Journeys, quality-of-life updates, Battle Pass Rewards, and a plethora of other additions to keep Hell’s flames burning bright.

[4:15 PM]

Diablo Immortal:
Check out the latest bug fixes. ---
    Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes for All Platforms
    We will continually update this blog with all bug fixes and patches the team implements for Diablo Immortal on all platforms.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:15 PM

Diablo 4: Server Slam ongoing, last chance for some unique rewards for when the main game releases!

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:15 PM

Warcraft 3: Reforged:
Patch 1.36 is out. ---
    Warcraft III: Reforged Version 1.36 Patch Now Live
    This new patch for Warcraft III: Reforged features an Observer Mode User Interface, Automated Tournaments, and balance updates.

[4:16 PM]

Patch 26.2 is out. ---
    26.2 Patch Notes
    Patch 26.2 launches Battlegrounds Season 4, featuring a new hero, keyword adjustments, and tons of new minions!

[4:16 PM]
That's it from me.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:18 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:18 PM
Aiya Sandalf : )

A bit more on LotRO.
We need to close down our kin branch on Shadowfax soon.
[4:19 PM]
Make sure your mail is picked up before transferring
That's one thing that does not move with you.
I'd rather not close down until Arien and Ioreth give the go-ahead
Ioreth has not been around for a while. May be too ill.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:19 PM
Aiya Sandalf!

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:19 PM
Arien, are you in good shape for the move?

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:20 PM
i ll have to check for mail first
but i can do that

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:20 PM
BTW, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there!

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:20 PM
Ok, thanks for letting me know!
Thank you : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:20 PM
Happy mother's day!

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:21 PM
And Happy Mother's Day, to guild mothers and the mothers and wives of guildies letting us come here!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:21 PM
I hope that your kids, grandkids, or some other special person   is preparing something good for you all today.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:21 PM
Just shoot me a message anytime you have the mail handled, Arien. : )  I'll see it eventually!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:22 PM
Every day is mother's day in our family nods so we don't do anything special on the day itself

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:22 PM
I can smell the grill right now. Barbecue!
heh, that works too.
Eowyn came into LotRO and we've been playing the Anniversary instance. : )
[4:23 PM]
Sauron is helping Fangorn with the barbecue. Both are wonderful cooks!
and they're letting me goof off here. : )

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:23 PM
Denver usually gets 15 inches of rain per YEAR total. Since last Wednesday, we have gotten 3.5 inches from one storm that just sat, and sat, and sat. The Platte is finally getting some water in it. My friends in NE tell me that there is actual water in parts of the Platte once again. What a change from the drought...but we need a lot more.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:23 PM
Careful what you wish for. ; )
[4:23 PM]
Landroval kin branch:

Crickhollow kin branch:

Shadowfax kin branch:

Treebeard kin branch:

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:24 PM
Plus they had an additional 3 to 4 FEET of snow up in the watershed of the Front Range in Colorado and Wyoming.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:24 PM
That should help too, right?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:24 PM
When it rains, it pours?

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:24 PM
Just like Morton's salt.
Yes indeedy do.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:25 PM
: )

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:26 PM

[4:26 PM]
Now you've got it!

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:27 PM
That's it all right.
[4:27 PM]
Any other gaming news?
[4:28 PM]
The Anniversary is still going here in LotRO, not much longer. Enjoy!
We've had Starcraft 2 games going during the week. Fangorn, Eowyn, RealFloppa
[4:29 PM]
and surely some others of you.

Pallando and Sauron have been in Eve

Pallando-Valar — 05/14/2023 4:29 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:30 PM
Aiya Pallando : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:30 PM
Aiya Pallando

Pallando-Valar — 05/14/2023 4:30 PM
Actually, I have something. They expanded the window for when you can be subbed to get on the eve monument
you have until the end of may

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:30 PM
Aiya Pallando.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:31 PM
That's great news, Pallando! Thanks : )
[4:32 PM]
Must have been a teeny bit of room left on one corner.
Any other gaming news?
[4:33 PM]
On to...


[4:34 PM]
Tolkien spoke of the eucatastrophe. What  is it?
eu + catastrophe

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:34 PM

rofl from Arien

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:34 PM
The final catastrophe that marks the ultimate end. Sort of like Ragnarok.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:35 PM
There could be an argument about Brexit. Depends on your point of view. : )
[4:36 PM]
Any other suggestions?

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:36 PM
A favorable "catastrophe"

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:37 PM
Well, if Sandalf is right, it'd be the coming of Morgoth into Aman through the Door of Night, at the last battle.

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:38 PM
The opposite of what we think of when we think of catastrophe - horrible event, end of the world-type scenarios. Sauron getting the Ring. Eucatastrophe is the opposite: despite all odds, the Ring being destroyed.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:38 PM
However, Tolkien intended that following the eucatastrophe, there is a happy Turin putting it to Morgoth at the final battle.
[4:38 PM]
Take that, you -----, and that, and that....
[4:39 PM]
I could go on, but that is enough thats for now.
[4:40 PM]
Good word, that.

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:40 PM
Tolkien defines eucatastrophe in one of his letters, but I have my book buried somewhere as usual.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM
Eu means good.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM
So it kind of defines itself.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM
Huh, I wonder if they named it the European Union for that purpose...

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM
Can't be a bad thing if it abbreviates to "eu" can it?

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:41 PM
Actually, that was for Europa, I believe. : )

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:42 PM
She who was carried off on the back of a bull, or something like that?
[4:42 PM]
What do I know? I am just a dumb geologist.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:42 PM
A lot
[4:42 PM]
That bull was Zeus.
[4:43 PM]
When a country was conquered, the main goddess tended to become a wife or ahem other of the conquering country's head god.
[4:44 PM]
But back to Eu

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:44 PM

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:44 PM
Eu for a good catastrophe
heh - on to chemistry?
And Arien's characters are moving from Shadowfax to Crickhollow, it appears.
[4:45 PM]
Just to make Eonwe work even more on the Games Site. ; )
Mine will probably go there as well

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:45 PM
The great migration.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:45 PM

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:45 PM
I was looking for the Stargate scene where Daniel Jackson and Dr. Weir are talking about Lord Yu and he says, "Don't. Every joke, already done." Couldn't find it, but that seems appropos right now.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:45 PM
We shall strengthen Crickhollow!
[4:46 PM]
hehe - that's  a good joke!

So is there more than one eucatastrophe in the books that we can think of?

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:46 PM
In Geology,  the Great Migrations refers to the arrival of the modern mammals in South America, once the Central American landbridge was completed. They wiped out all the indigenous marsupials in South America, pretty much. Not such a good eucatastrophe for the Marsupials, I guess.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:47 PM
o wow, RealFloppa is on LotRO. : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:47 PM
How about the War of Wrath?

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:47 PM
Then it wouldn't be a "eu"-catastrophe :}

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:47 PM
I mean, it was kinda bad for some people (and a lot of terrain) but overall it was a good outcome.

Varda — 05/14/2023 4:48 PM
The idea is a main character or group of characters winds up with a wonderful outcome from this huge event.
[4:49 PM]
It is not a deus ex machina, however.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:50 PM
War of Wrath was literally a deus ex machina, so no then

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:50 PM
The Armies of the Valar coming out of the West to fight Morgoth would be a eucatastrophe. a "good" "sudden turn"  resulting from Earendil's sailing to Valinor to speak on behalf of the Peoples of Middle-Earth and request their aid.

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:50 PM
what about the fall of sauron and the destruction of Mordor? Frodo and Sam were about to die or preparing to die when the ring was thrown in the firy chasm, well sort of thrown anyway .. they did  not know that they were about to be rescued by Gandalf and the Eagles

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:52 PM
What about the occasionally mentioned idea that Gollum had TWO purposes in mind when he bit the Ring off Frodo's was to get the Ring back for himself, but also to save Frodo from his (Gollum's) fate.

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:53 PM
Earendil coming  to Valinor could not have happened if Dior and Nimloth did not have Elwing, if Tuor had not come to Gondolin and married Idril, if Beren hadn't stumbled into Luthien dancing in the forest...

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:54 PM
And Ulmo had decided that it was his destiny to be the advocate for Elves and Men in the councils of Manwe...In Tolkien
Tolkien's world, other than Eru Iluvatar, is any character truly ALL good of ALL evil?
[4:55 PM]
or All evil?

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:55 PM
I'm not sure if there was enough Smeagol left in Gollum at that point to care. I do believe that in a Letter Tolkien discussed that had not Sam (well-meaningly) chastised Gollum when he did, Gollum might've been healed enough to be a force for good, and that would be a result. He would try to get the Ring from Frodo to save him.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:55 PM

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 4:57 PM
Tolkien says in a Letter "I do not believe in Absolute Evil, because that is nothing." Which makes sense. If Eru is "the all" his "equal-opposite" would be nothing.

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 4:58 PM
you mean if she hadn't destrioyed the two  lamps there wouldnt have beenn the sun and the moon?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:59 PM
If Eru does equate "all" with "all good", I suppose that works.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 4:59 PM
An often overlooked conversation occurs between Ulmo and Tuor which I believe touches on the idea of eucatastrophe. Ulmo tells Tuor "In the armour of Fate there is ever a rift, and in the walls of Doom a breach, until the full-making, which ye call the End. So it shall be while I endure, a secret voice that gainsayeth, and a light where darkness was decreed." So even in the blackest pits of despair, Ulmo is arguing that there is room for hope (a eucatastrophe).

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 4:59 PM
You could say that good strives for all, while evil strives for nothing.
[5:00 PM]
towards nothing, I should say.
Which is exactly what Morgoth was working towards.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:00 PM
I think that eucatastrophe was much more in line with Tolkien's religious perspective on the fate of the world...both Arda and ours.

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 5:01 PM
oh evil has its aims and purposes just completely opposite of what good is and it allways depends who sees what as what and so the perspective changes

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:03 PM
Once again. It fits with the theme of Hope.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:03 PM
Heh, I wondered if I'd be misunderstood. I'm not saying that evil has no ambitions, just that its ambitions tend to go towards nothing.
Destruction vs creation.

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 5:03 PM
Morgoth wanted to rule all, to have nothing in existence that didn't have its source in him. Since that was impossible, yes, he would want nothing. Basically "If I can't have it no one can." Evil is very much "my will not Thy will" while good is "You do your thing, I'll do mine, and we'll get together where we agree." First thing Eru did after educating the Ainur was say "Now take what I taught you and get creative." Morgoth said, "Nope, my song is the only one that matters."

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:04 PM
Aye, evil can be very ambitious.
Nihilism was one of Morgoth's aims.
Aye, Eonwe.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:05 PM
Excellent point, both from Varda and Eonwe.

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:05 PM
And yes, Sandalf, religious views tend to have hope as a major component.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:05 PM
What else have we got in this world of despair?

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 5:05 PM

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:06 PM
Part of the despair, I think.

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 5:06 PM
remember what some people  said during the peak of covid when it started  that some good came of it
like communities working together
people getting creative
[5:07 PM]
learning new skills mainly in the area of tele communication and so on

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:08 PM
Nothing new there, it's like how technology makes its greatest strides during (the threat of) war.
[5:08 PM]
We step up during a crisis

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:09 PM
Funny that you mention that, Ar.  I included a bit about that in my Chapter 3, how the exigencies of war resulted in SONAR technology that allowed geologists to map the floor of the ocean(s).

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:09 PM
"Hmm, this technology might be useful during the war." "Well, now that the war is over, what else can we use it for?"

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:11 PM
Harry Hess, the brilliant igneous petrologist at Princeton, served as the Commanding Officer of a Navy ship during the war, and he kept his Sonar on all the time, so he could observe the hills and valleys recorded on the seafloor. It was this vision that later led him to formulate the Theory of Plate Tectonics.

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:12 PM
It's the hour but you don't have to stop the chat. : )

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:12 PM
Along with many others, of course, but Hess' "Essay in Geopoetry" is accorded a special place of honor in the overall development of the theory.

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:12 PM
gavels shoot fireworks

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:13 PM
I do remember oceanic floor symmetry/spreading being a huge argument for tectonics.

Varda — 05/14/2023 5:13 PM
hammerpad acts as a launch pad for fireworks - thump thump thump



[5:14 PM]
I need to go. : )  All good! Will read on the return!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:14 PM
Namarie Varda!

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 5:14 PM
Namarie Varda!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:15 PM
On a side note, I always love how the valley demonstrates the different time scales.
    East African Rift
    The East African Rift (EAR) or East African Rift System (EARS) is an active continental rift zone in East Africa. The EAR began developing around the onset of the Miocene, 22–25 million years ago.
    It was formerly considered to be part of a larger Great Rift Valley that extended north to Asia Minor.
    A narrow zone, the rift is a developing diverge...

[5:15 PM]
So much of human prehistory can be traced back there that it seems like it's been there a long time, but overall it's just a tiny stage in the entire tectonic history

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:16 PM
Fairly recent, geologically speaking. There will eventually be a new ocean between the two parts of the African is splitting apart before our eyes.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:17 PM
Yes. But it's been splitting apart for so long that millions of years of human evolution can be found there, and that's remarkable if you want to get a grasp on the timescales of earth's history.

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 5:19 PM
I'm assuming "eventually" to be like Blizzard's Soon(TM), i.e, don't expect it to happen in our lifetime, heh.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:19 PM
You betcha, Digger....

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:19 PM

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:19 PM
I am speaking geologically. Hey...what is a couple of million years or so? Nothing, compared to 4.54 BILLION years of Earth history.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:20 PM

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 5:20 PM
And if it does happen in our lifetime, then we have an old-fashioned catastrophe, heh.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:20 PM
Wasn't there a rift opening up in Russia as well?
Baikal or something?

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:20 PM
No guarantees. There are lots of examples of FAILED rifts in earth history. Yes - Lake Baikal.
[5:22 PM]
A great example of a large failed rift occured between eastern and western North America back in the Late Precambrian. A Huge rift valley began to form at the eastern end of Nebraska, extending north to Minnesota, and south torwards Oklahoma. It failed, and a new ocean did not form there, fortunately for the U.S. about one billion years later.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:23 PM
Amazing. Like the earth's mantle pushing up there, facing resistance and going "Yeah, forget this, I'm trying elsewhere."

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:23 PM
That is a good way to think about it. It has to do with crustal thickness and rheology.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:24 PM
Path of least resistance, on a massive scale.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:25 PM
Interestingly enough, the remnants of the failed rift form a weak area in the North American crust today, that allowed the emplacement of the Rare Earth Element carbonatites that are found in Wyoming, Colorado, and of all places, Nebraska.
[5:29 PM] to run out for some dinner before things close. I will be back later. Be forewarned!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 5:29 PM

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 5:29 PM
Thanks! You also. Later! Namarie for now!

Eonwë Valar — 05/14/2023 5:31 PM
Take care.

Arien  Valar — 05/14/2023 5:47 PM
Namarie 1
Namarie !

Varda — 05/14/2023 6:07 PM
Very yummy dinner. LotRO time!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 6:48 PM
I am back too, for whatever it is worth.

Varda — 05/14/2023 6:55 PM
A lot! : )
Welcome back. Aiyata!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 6:55 PM
I hope that Ar is still here with us...

Varda — 05/14/2023 6:55 PM
Find something good for dinner?
Aye, but he seems inactive

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 6:56 PM
My usual Sunday visit to Costco. May I share a few happenings this weekend with you, to set the stage for my dinner report tonight?

Varda — 05/14/2023 7:00 PM

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 7:04 PM
Since moving to Denver, I joined several Veterans groups that were not available to me in I think I told you last month. One of my Vets groups was invited down to Colorado Springs to attend the Baccalaureate Service for graduating Seniors as the U.S. Air Force Academy. My group met at a local Mexican Restaurant before checking into the USAFA Base. Good thing I had my Vets Admin card with me! The service was wonderful, and we were honored by the presence of the USAFA Superintendent (a three-star General), his wife, daughter. Turns out there was a dinner afterwards as well. food. It was delicious, too! This morning I attended another Vets Club meeting, with a Brunch. I knew this time not to eat beforehand, but the food was SO good, that I treated myself to some things that I almost never eat, like a Danish, chocolate-covered peanut butter balls, bagels, salads, and so on. I was tonight's dinner is very light. Got to keep my girlish figure! He he.
[7:05 PM]
The General took a few minutes to personally talk with me and other members of my group. Neat guy! He had some wonderful things to say.

Varda — 05/14/2023 7:07 PM
What an amazing experience!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 7:09 PM
I am working on the rewrite of Chapter 6 as we speak. I hope to get it to you soon. I have also begun revamping Chapter 4 (Geopolitics) with a fancier name: "Sauron as Otto von Bismarck: The Geopolitics of the Third Age of Middle-earth." Ought to get someone's attention, nicht wahr (is that not so)?

Varda — 05/14/2023 7:18 PM
Aye : )
May be shortened in navigation

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 7:58 PM
Let us see "was macht..." what will be. I will submit to you my best effort, I promise, and I trust implicitly your editorial skills.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 8:49 PM
Don't know if Ar will be back or not. I am done with my work on Chapter 6 for tonight...need to get ready for a busy work week ahead. Still raining! The sun was out for a while today, but clouded over late in the afternoon. The sod in my backyard has not yet been laid, and other than the veggie beds and the rock around the outer edge of the yard, it is all mud. We are finally supposed to get temperatures consistently above 50 Grad F this week, so I had hoped to plant on Tuesday, but if the yard is still full of mud, that may not be doable. My poor plants need to get in the ground! Their roots extend all through the drainage holes at the bottom of their pots. What to do!
[8:50 PM]

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 8:50 PM
I'm back!
Was watching a movie

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 8:50 PM
Oy Weh! You caught me! How was the movie?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 8:51 PM
Fun! A G.I. Joe movie. I was never too familiar with the franchise and cartoons, but thought I'd give the movie a try.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 8:51 PM
Why not? It was pretty successful as a flick, as I recall. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 8:51 PM
Indeed! This is the one from... 2009, apparently, and it seems there have been a sequel or two as well. We'll see if those make it to the tv as well.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 8:52 PM
Let me go down and get my dessert, so I can eat up while reading your report. I am beginning to wrap things up on my laptop for the evening...perusing your report will be a magnificent end to my long weekend!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 8:52 PM
[8:53 PM]


Right, let's start the personal gaming report!
[8:57 PM]
For (non)flashgaming, I've got another one from the physicsgames website this time.
    Physics Games - Geometry Jump
    Test your reflex skills by jumping over any nasty obstacles that pop up in your path.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:00 PM
A platformer with, as far as I've gotten, only one ability: jumping. But I think later levels will get a lot more mechanics and stuff to work through.
[9:01 PM]
So far, at least, 3 levels seem to be available, though the furthest I've gotten is 27% on the first level
Jump timing is harsh, but maybe some of you will be better at it
[9:02 PM]

Blizzard gaming:
[9:03 PM]
Diablo 4:
Participated in the server slam! The final server stresstest before the release early next month.
Still about a day left of it, if you want to get the rewards for it; I had some rewards gotten last time, but this time there was still one mount trophy to get from killing the open world boss at level 20.

Varda — 05/14/2023 9:05 PM
I did shorten it to Geopolitics 3rd Age
See the navigation bar on top.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 9:05 PM
Can we still change it to the new, catchier title?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:06 PM
I chose a barbarian this time, at difficulty 2 for more xp gain, and actually managed to get to level 18 on the first night (friday) this time around, where last time it took me pretty much all weekend just to get to level 20. And on saturday I completed my grind to 20 and joined a few WoW friends to bring down the worldboss, so trophy achieved

Varda — 05/14/2023 9:06 PM
The title is whatever you choose. But that's too long for a navbar. : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:06 PM
Also explored the campaign quests a bit more, and completed 2 out of 3 fortresses to check out what they're about, and practice renown collection.

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 9:07 PM
Ah. So for Navbar purposes, keep it short, but in the actual online "text" it can read the way I would like it to?

Varda — 05/14/2023 9:07 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:07 PM
I think I have a pretty good idea how I'm going to handle main release, but for that I'll main a class I've intentionally not tried yet, which will be the druid! Should be good fun, as you should be able to specialize in bearform, as in WoW (and LotRO)!

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 9:07 PM
Fantastisch! You see, you do know some German!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:10 PM
I also actually pre-ordered the game this week, which also got me a new mount for WoW, which I'll mention during that part of the report
[9:11 PM]
64 on the reward track! Also made it to level 30 on the death knight. Halfway to max!
[9:12 PM]
For those interested, in a day or two a new event questline will open up, as well.
Brawl is Three Wishes, choose a class, get a random deck, and 3 wishes: 1 wish in your starting hand, and when you use a wish, the next wish is shuffled into your deck.
[9:13 PM]
Had a few quests for hunter class, so did my brawl fights with that, which seemed to work pretty well, as the wishes can do wonders in buffing your minions.
[9:14 PM]
Advice: I've seen opponents use wishes as soon as they've gotten em, no doubt to spawn the next one each time, but personally I found it better to use when I knew I could gain maximum advantage, or when I needed to overcome an opponent's board advantage. Won the majority of my fights, so it seems to work
But of course, luck is needed too
[9:15 PM]
[9:16 PM]
Raiding's started up again! We cleared the first 6 bosses on normal already, 3 to go. Both wings gotten, and the three fights at the center remain. Got myself a piece of loot, a non-tier chestpiece, and with a pair of pants I'd kept from the old raid I switched out of the 4-piece setbonus. Might as well get that over with, and focus on ilevel upgrades instead

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:17 PM
Have not gotten to tank any bosses properly yet, but I did get a specialty job at one of the last fights we did, going in tankspec to soak bombs flying around. I even saved the day by taking over the boss-tanking when the 2 main tanks died, as well
[9:18 PM]
So I'm pulling my (sizable, in form) beary weight!
[9:19 PM]
Weekly quest is arena skirmishes! I'm not winning the majority of my skirmishes this time around, but getting my wins in anyway. Maybe I need better gear in this patch
[9:21 PM]
New mount! As mentioned, a promotion mount gotten from pre-ordering Diablo 4, giving the Amalgam of Rage in WoW. A 3-headed dog-like demon, with, in the special animation as well as when flying, spawning wings of flame. In fact, in a certain pose it kinda reminds me of the Balrog
[9:23 PM]
Got my first 1000 draenor seeds in the garrison since starting to collect them again, and got my first farm implement transmog for when I create my tauren farmer/hunter. After looking at staff and polearm animations for the tauren, I decided to give him a shovel to begin with
But I'll continue to gather seeds to buy the other ones as well, including scythe and pitchfork.
[9:24 PM]
Finally, actual alt questing!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 05/14/2023 9:26 PM
With the undead frostmage I got to level 8, completing the Deathknell starting experience and doing the quests at the Calston Estate. Interesting name of the place, considering my alts start with Cal-... I imagined myself creating a dwarf named Cal Stone State
[9:26 PM]
Next up he'll be heading to Brill, where he should get the last one and a half level to 10.
[9:28 PM]
In the meantime, the fire mage is also continuing, completing the Waning Grove questline she started the week before, ending with the Winter Queen's visit. After that multiple questlines opened up, and she started with visiting a town wasting away on the edge of the zone, delving deeper into the mystery of the masks and stopping the village elders from corrupting the area.
[9:29 PM]
And next week she'll start collecting gorm gris for the next questline
[9:30 PM]
And that's my report for the week!
[9:31 PM]

Sandalf13 — 05/14/2023 9:50 PM
Namarie, Ar! Sorry! I was caught up in a conversation with Varda!

Varda — 05/14/2023 9:51 PM
Namarie Phar : )

Eonwë Valar — 05/15/2023 12:09 AM
Just because I referenced it earlier, best I could find:
    Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 - New Order, Part 1 - Daniel briefs Doctor...