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June 11, 2023 Sunday Meeting

5:00 P.M. Eastern Time
Valar Guild/meeting_place

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Transcript work by Varda.
[times are Central Time from Varda's Discord. Add one hour for Eastern, which is Valar time and LotRO /servertime.]

Attending (and typed): ()

rien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Pallando, Sandalf, Varda (presiding)
Meeting begins
Membership news:

    New art!
    Topic: friendship theme
    Topic: Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:51 PM
I wonder whether a minor ring can be destroyed in a normal elven fire or elven forge or does it have to be a master smith or runekeeper or wizard of some kind or how can minor rings be destroyed?
or can it even be purified and used for good?
    (non) Flashgaming Reviews (plus) by Ar-Pharazon. Includes Blizzard games.



Varda — 06/11/2023 4:00 PM
Aiya : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:00 PM

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:00 PM
Yay Phar!
[4:01 PM]
@Bounder @Guild-friend Valar Guild meeting time! Lurk or say hi! Join in the chat for Tolkien and gaming. Advertise your favorite game.
[4:02 PM]

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
[4:02 PM]


[4:02 PM]
Phar and I have made ourselves known. Feel free to come out of lurkdom to say hi. ; )

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:03 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:03 PM
Aiya Eonwe!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:03 PM

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:03 PM
Sauron will be housesitting for us while Fangorn and I do a bit of traveling. We plan to visit Meriadoc along the way and join up with Eowy, Faramir, and Real Floppa : )
[4:04 PM]
Aiya Eonwe and Arien : )

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:04 PM
Say hello to Eowyn and Fangorn and Real Floppa from me

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:04 PM
Aiya Arien!
[4:05 PM]
And Aiya to the others mentioned

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:05 PM
Actually you can do that here in Discord, but sure. : )

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:05 PM
Be careful of any brand new accessories you find laying around the house when you get back. If you go to wear a hat and hear spooky voices saying anything about ruling them all, take it off immediately :}

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:05 PM
But surely this ring will be fine? So shiny...

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:06 PM
Oh sure, what harm could there be in a ring, the least of trinkets.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:06 PM

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:07 PM
Well, I'm a Valie, so it really isn't stronger than I am. Be fun to push a backfire through it!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:07 PM
it is mine   my preciousssss

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:07 PM
Trinkets! squawk Pretty trinkets!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:07 PM
Oh, pardon me. tosses the Ring to Arien

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM
catches and flashes at it with a ray while tossing it in the air

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM
Hmm, did that Ring just melt in the fire of the Sun?

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM
Aiya all!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM
Your little sun couldn't even melt ordinary gold!
[4:08 PM]
...Or can it...

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:08 PM
She's not a campfire!
[4:09 PM]
Aiya Sandalf : )

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:09 PM
aiya sandalf

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:09 PM
Sandalf, we just melted the Ring by accident.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:10 PM
Aiya Sandalf!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:10 PM
How are we going to help the Free Peoples grow now?

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:10 PM
You mean THE RING?

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:10 PM
That puddle that is currently turned to vapor.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:10 PM
If your standard method is "getting half of them killed"...

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:11 PM
Well, no, they are supposed to learn to take care of themselves.
[4:11 PM]
We even sent trainers to help out!
[4:11 PM]
They seem to be like everyone else though. "Oh shiny!"

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:12 PM
puts away king-befitting golden armor I don't know about that.

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:13 PM
I'm the original shiny maker, uh oh. looks up at the sparkling night sky
[4:14 PM]


[4:14 PM]
Our Tolkien Site has new art!
[4:14 PM]
DeepGroover-(T) built and painted a new model and sent a photo for us. : )
[4:15 PM]
"Gandalf the Grey Fighter"
[4:15 PM]
Gandalf the Grey Fighter
Photo of model put together and
painted by DeepGroover.
[4:15 PM]

[4:16 PM]
He says he's working on Frodo next. : )

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:16 PM
wow that is beautiful 

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:16 PM

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:17 PM
sorry for the bunnt was an accident blush
[4:17 PM]

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:17 PM
Really? Thought it was a happy comment. : )

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:18 PM
thats all right  then ^^

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:18 PM
So if he wanted to make it Gandalf the White, would he just need to change the color? Or the staff too, I guess.

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:18 PM
He could!
[4:19 PM]
Fun with paint. : )

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:19 PM
I thought it was a happy comment too. When I hovered over the bunny, it said "happy."

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:19 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:19 PM
Happy Arien!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:19 PM

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:19 PM
Sunny bunny!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:20 PM
Anyway, I was impressed with the model and am bunny happy that we get to host it. : )
[4:20 PM]
[4:20 PM]
Next up...
[4:20 PM]


[4:21 PM]
Here's hoping all of you had the chance to game this past week!
[4:21 PM]
I snuck in a few times!

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:21 PM
Oh, and don't forget next week is Father's Day so I expect you all to do something awesome for Dad.

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:21 PM
tosses the shiny gavel to Eonwe
[4:21 PM]
What Eonwe said! Thank you. : )

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:22 PM
Lord of the Rings Online:
Update 36.0.1 came out this week. --- (edited)
The Lord of the Rings Online
Update 36.0.1 Release Notes
Here are the release notes for Update 36.0.1 released on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.

[4:22 PM]
The Midsummer Festival is going through July 4th. ---
The Lord of the Rings Online
Midsummer Festival Guide
Learn about our Midsummer Festival and get started earning your rewards!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:23 PM
So much to do! needs to talk to the Valar of Time

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:23 PM
World of Warcraft:
This week's bonus event: Pet Battles.

The PvP Brawl: Gravity Lapse is going through Tuesday, June 13th.
[4:24 PM]
Raider Finder Wing 3 of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is now available. ---
World of Warcraft
Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid Finder Wing 3 Now Live! - WoW
Breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory hidden within Zaralek Cavern. It is here that he created the dracthyr and ultimately succumbed to the whispers of the Old Gods and their corruption. Learn more about the upcoming new raid arriving with the start of Dragonfight Season 2.

[4:24 PM]
Check out Blues News. ---
World of Warcraft
Blues News: June 9, 2023 - WoW
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[4:24 PM]
Check out This Week in WoW. ---
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And of course check out this week's hotfixes. ---
World of Warcraft
Hotfixes: June 9, 2023 - WoW
Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and WoW Classic.

[4:24 PM]
Diablo 4:
Diablo 4 is live this week. With it comes some stuff to check out:
[4:24 PM]
The Latest Patch Notes---
Diablo IV Patch Notes
We will continually update this article with all patches the development team implements for Diablo IV.

[4:24 PM]
A blog: Peeling Back the Varnish: The Graphics of Diablo IV ---
Peeling Back the Varnish: The Graphics of Diablo IV
Diablo IV ushers in an age of unspeakable darkness on June 5. Join members of the development team to see how technology and innovation set the foundation for Lilith’s return to Sanctuary.

[4:25 PM]
Two short stories: "Witness" and "The Toll of Darkness and Light". Get links to the PDF of both in the announcement ---
Diablo IV Short Stories: “Witness” and “The Toll of Darkness and Li...
Join Tejal, a scribe of the sacred Hedaji, as she recounts tales from Sanctuary in two new short stories set during the events of Diablo IV.

[4:25 PM]
A New blog is out: Inside Meet the sound team behind Hearthstone’s harmonic design. ---
Inside Meet the sound team behind Hearthstone’s harmoni...
We caught up with the team to talk about their latest releases, how they jam during the design process, and the sick concoctions they’ve created in their endeavors to capture the perfect spell sounds.

[4:25 PM]
Diablo Immortal:
Check out the latest bug fixes. ---
Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes for All Platforms
We will continually update this blog with all bug fixes and patches the team implements for Diablo Immortal on all platforms.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:25 PM
Not sure about the US, but in the EU we've actually got 2 weekly quests in WoW. Not just pets, but also mythic dungeons.

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:25 PM
I didn't see anything suggesting we had two on the website, but I also didn't check the in-game calendar.
[4:26 PM]
Can't imagine them not doing the same for US and EU though, so I might've just missed it.

Overwatch 2:
A new Director's Take is out: Balance Updates for Season Five. ---
Director’s Take: Balance Updates for Season Five
Game Director Aaron Keller is back with a preview to the balance changes coming to Overwatch 2 in Season Five

[4:27 PM]
Hmm, there it is, the second is Dragonflight Dungeons.
[4:27 PM]
So for WoW, get in your Pet Battles and your Dragonflight Mythic Dungeons.
[4:27 PM]
Good catch Phar.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:27 PM

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:28 PM
Midsummer Fire Festival coming soon to WoW too while we're talking about it. Gives alot of credit for the Trading Post, so if you need to get that registered, there's your chance to knock alot of work out.,
[4:29 PM]
And apparently getting two treasure goblins killed during the current event works for credit as well, so if you gave up on that already, go out there and get two of them just for that.
[4:29 PM]
I've managed to grab all the stuff from the goblins now (at least that'll last beyond the event: charms don't matter) so I don't have to chase them down anymore :}

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:30 PM
Still lacking one leg myself, but that's AHable. Now got bags on 6 chars though.

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:30 PM
Exp boost event also coming for WoW. so if you need to work on alts, be expecting that to start soon according to the in-game calendar.
[4:31 PM]
I got the bag on 3-4 chars. All I cared about was my main, so I'm good there too :} (edited)
[4:32 PM]
That's it for gaming news from me. Back to you Varda.

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:32 PM
Thank you, Eonwe : )
[4:33 PM]
A bit more on Lord of the Rings Online:
[4:33 PM]
The Legendary World of Treebeard now has a level cap of 85.
[4:33 PM]
Landroval kin branch:

Crickhollow kin branch:

Treebeard kin branch:
[4:34 PM]
There seems to be a bit of lag between here and Discord tonight.
[4:34 PM]
Arien, go ahead.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:34 PM
it is not too bad though    I hardly notice it

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:35 PM
Oh good. : )

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:35 PM
yeah just wanted to say that the early history of the Rohirrim quest line in Rhovanion is quite good fun

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:36 PM
Ahh, thanks for mentioning!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:36 PM
and interesting  as well as it speaks also of  some hidden hobbits over there and the adventures of  Eorls ancestors
[4:37 PM]
now we are back in Erebor learning of the dwarves involvement
[4:38 PM]
on the way  to Gundabad in fact at least i expect it to lead there
[4:38 PM]
back to you Varda

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:38 PM
Thank you, Arien
[4:38 PM]
Pallando has Eve news for us. : )

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 4:39 PM
CCP has posted their patch notes for Tuesday a little early:
EVE Online
Viridian: Expansion Notes | EVE Online
The expansion notes for the upcoming Viridian expansion are now available.

[4:42 PM]
The high level points are:
Corporations are getting the ability to paint their structures
Corps can offer a sort of in-game pseudo-mission to members
T2 Dreads and their lancer modules have stats
Tax reform for industry
Cap production getting a big cost cutting
PI taking half volume it used to
Marauder bastion mode going to 60s, and they lose ewar bonus
Rokh, Mael, Lare Railgun buffs
New newbie focused "homefront operations" which will require small fleets to run
[4:43 PM]
If anyone wants to try out Eve, homefront operations look like a great way to do it, and I'd be happy to join with you in doing so.

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:43 PM

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 4:44 PM
Shadow war update: The Amarr have joined the Caldari in finishing construction of their shipcaster. The Minmatar have completed over 90% of the research required, and the Gallente are just about at 85%. I currently expect both to finish their shipcaster by July.
[4:44 PM]
...and now I go back to watching the PC Gaming Show.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:46 PM
[4:46 PM]

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:46 PM
Thank you, Pallando : )
[4:47 PM]
Does anyone have any other membership or gaming news that we haven't gotten to yet? Go ahead and comment!
[4:48 PM]
On to


[4:48 PM]
One of the major themes in Tolkien's work is Friendship.
[4:49 PM]
This is true in even his early notes, and certainly in the concept of the Fellowship.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:49 PM
Shi Aila! shi aila! a question ! a question!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:49 PM
[4:50 PM]
(If anyone can fire, it's Arien.)

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:50 PM
A solar flare?

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:50 PM
Could be!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:51 PM
I wonder whether a minor ring can be desstroyed in a normal elven fire or elven forge or does it have to be a master smith or runekeeper or wizard of some kind or how can minor rings be destroyed?
or can it even be purified and used for good?

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:52 PM
By its nature, thanks to the Sauron "back door" and his teaching, none of the Rings were considered safe to use. Not "good". A way of tempting someone with power.

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:53 PM
I believe that the only way to "purify" any of the lesser rings would be to smelt them down to their native state and remold them into something new, without the weight of "magic" upon their creation.
[4:53 PM]
I think I would prefer a dwarven forge, however, as they can definitely get temperatures up to the point of smelting iron ore and working the finished product.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:55 PM
For the Great Rings, I think it was specifically dragons that could melt them, for the minor ones a dwarven forge could be enough. Elven forges might be up there among the Noldor, like used to be in Eregion. Probably in Rivendell too?
[4:55 PM]
I mean, Eregion was where they were forged.

Eonwë Valar — 06/11/2023 4:56 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, I must be off early tonight. Got some storms coming through that I have to beat. Take care all, good night, sleep well, and have fun.

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 4:56 PM
Fe: 1530 Grad C,    Au: 1064 Grad C     Melting points.
[4:56 PM]
Namarie Eonwe!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 4:56 PM
take care  Eonwe and be safe!

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:56 PM
Ok, got it looked up in the Fellowship
[4:57 PM]
"The Shadow of the Past'

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 4:57 PM

Varda — 06/11/2023 4:58 PM
Gandalf has been telling Frodo about the Ring. Frodo can't manage to toss it into the fireplace.
[4:58 PM]
"Your small fire, of course, would not melt even ordinary gold."
[4:59 PM]
So none of the rings would be destroyed in an ordinary campfire or cookfire.
[5:00 PM]
"It has been said that dragon-fire could melt and consume the Rings of Power, but there is not now any dragon left on earth in which the fire is hot enough;
[5:00 PM]
"nor was there ever any dragon, not even Ancalagon the Black, who could have harmed the One Ring, the Ruling Ring..."
[5:01 PM]
so agreement with Phar there.
[5:01 PM]

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:01 PM
Of course, as a scientist, I am concerned about the lack of testable data regarding the temperature of dragon fire.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:02 PM
Maybe we should go to Steam and ask Scatha-(Valar)? : )

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:04 PM
i did a quick check on Research GAte and found no articles related to the temperature of dragon fire...and they include articles from China as well.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:04 PM
He is online but seems away atm

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:07 PM
Since there are comments before the dragon-fire about the forges of the Shire, and the anvils and furnaces of the Dwarves, that seems a suggestion of a temperature.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:07 PM
given that the  One ring only could be melted int the fires of Sammath Naur    in the lava  can minor rings then be destroyed in lava anywhere else i wonder?  say maybe in Moria where they sat there are volcanic folds deep down?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:07 PM
Well, supposedly dragon fire is hotter than a forge, then?

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:08 PM
As the dragon-fire would need to be hotter to work.
[5:08 PM]
The One Ring also needed to be in the fire of its original creation, so some magic like salmon returning may be at work as well?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:09 PM
Good question, Arien. I don't know whether Orodruin was hotter than other volcanoes and lava places, so perhaps it is the only place they know that contains lava in the first place.
[5:09 PM]
Ah, or that, sure, Varda.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:10 PM
Gandalf says only the one place will work. Otherwise he might have sent Frodo to a place not covered up with ringwraiths and orcs and Sauron!

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:10 PM
Basaltic melts (such as those that would probably have been found in Orodruin) have metling points ranging between  1100 and 1600 Grad C.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:10 PM
So maybe with help from Sauron, it would be a higher temp than even that?

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:11 PM
I would assume that Ororuin basalt melts would tend to the lower range on the that gradient, due to the near-surface presence of the basalt stock.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:11 PM
Otherwise, why send Frodo to a place within Sauron's easy reach?

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:12 PM
There are no reported volcanoes anywhere else in Middle-earth at the time of the LoTR.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:12 PM
"...find the Cracks of Doom in the depths of Orodruin, the Fire-mountain, and cast the Ring in there, if you really wish to destroy it..." - Gandalf.

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:12 PM
So Orodruing would have to be the destination, of necessity.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:12 PM
The Fire-mountain. If there were other volcanoes around, that wouldn't have been singled out, would it?

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:13 PM
So, depths reached through special cracks that were the same way Sauron reached the higher temperatures?

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:13 PM
i agree.

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:13 PM
Good question, Phar.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:13 PM
I agree with Sandalf, it might be the only volcano that's not 3 years away or something

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:13 PM
Okie dokie. : )
[5:14 PM]
We are now past the hour and I must away ere break of day. : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
Maybe if they had more knowledge of geology they'd have stayed in Moria and just dug a little deeper

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
Have a safe, healthy, and wonderful trip! Send us some pictures!

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
to find the strange enchanted gold?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
Namarie, Varda!

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
the gavel has a hot-foot and bounces at speed to the hammerpad
[5:14 PM]

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
To find the molten rock

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:14 PM
the hammerpad was doubling as a swimming pool
[5:15 PM]
[5:15 PM]
(side hustle for the hammerpad)

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:15 PM
Actually, if the world was flat during the Second Age, I wonder how Orodruin was formed in the first place. That was, after all, when the Ring was forged.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:15 PM
gavel makes a header

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:15 PM
We have very large hammerpads here.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:15 PM
Why would there be a lava beneath a flat world?
[5:15 PM]
Or hot plumes or tectonics?

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:15 PM
There was an ocean, Vai, below the ship of the world.
[5:16 PM]
So there was more than the ship of the world there to affect things.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:16 PM
oh i thought it was a disk ridiing on the back of a turtle  l oops that is a diffent franchise

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:16 PM

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:17 PM
Fastitocalon didn't handle the whole world. : )
[5:17 PM]
And it's turtles all the way down!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:17 PM
Great A'tuin did, though!

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:17 PM
Well, that's true. : )
[5:17 PM]

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:18 PM
The most amazing geological event in the Discworld, that I can recall, was the crash of the Fifth Elephant. Gave birth to the fat mines of Uberwald
[5:19 PM]
I don't remember much about volcanoes, or whether the disc was thick enough to put enough pressure on the rock to form magma.
[5:19 PM]
I suppose Arda might be, though.
[5:19 PM]
Warmth through pressure, I should say.

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:20 PM
well safe travels Varda  dont let us crazy people keep you

Varda — 06/11/2023 5:22 PM
but such fun! and shiny!
[5:22 PM]
Namarie belatedly to Eonwe
[5:23 PM]
Namarie to all of you!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:23 PM

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:25 PM
@Ar-Pharazon-V Gameplay reveal (remembering it's pre-alpha, they only have one incomplete faction)
Frost Giant Studios
Stormgate Gameplay Reveal (Pre-Alpha) - PC Gaming Show 2023

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:26 PM
Thanks, checking it out

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:27 PM
my wishlist grows.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:28 PM
Definitely a lot of Starcraft in it.

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:28 PM
11 new games added today:
Revival: Recolonization (post-apoc 4x)
Last Train Home (this is cool from a historical perspective if no other, CoH-sdtyle RTS about Czechoslovakian legion)
Frostpunk 2
Chimera (open world survival. I'll probably drop this but the art was enough to make me look at it)
Warhammer AoS: Realms of Ruin (RTS)
Road to Vostok (post apoc survival FPS)
Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master (It's Dungeon Keeper)
Mars Horizon 2 (it's a sequel. hard to describe, go look at MH1)
Clockwork Revolution (inExile's Bioshock Infinite)
Avowed (Obsidian's Skyrim)
Towerborne (co-op adventure thing)
3 last week:
Rune Coliseum (management fighting game?)
Beastieball (Pokemon volleyball)

(BG3, Stray Gods, Dune Awakening, and Stormgate were already on it)
[5:29 PM]

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:29 PM
[5:29 PM]
Ooh, creeps.

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:30 PM
I really hope they keep the chicken in somewhere as an easter egg

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:31 PM
Is that thing wearing a hat?
[5:32 PM]
I'm curious about the resources. They look more like single-place goldmines than starcraft's mineral rows. But they could also be limitless.
[5:34 PM]
"Therium is also a bit of a unique resource, it spreads and enriches when unmined and has different forms"
[5:34 PM]
[5:35 PM]
Gods, this just wants to make me play the games already on my list
[5:35 PM]
So far I've been reminded of Starcraft, Impossible Creatures, Warcraft, C&C...

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:41 PM
Namarie from me as well

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:41 PM

Arien  Valar — 06/11/2023 5:41 PM
sleep well when you get to it

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:42 PM
Namarie, Arien!
[5:42 PM]
Report, Ar?
[5:42 PM]

I'm curious about the resources. They look more like single-place goldmines than starcraft's mineral rows. But they could also be limitless.
Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:42 PM
Yeah, they went with WC goldmines instead of SC minerals

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:42 PM
Later. Wrapping up a few things I want done within the next 20 minutes, then gotta decide whether I watch a movie or play some Diablo 4

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 5:43 PM
Later, then...and Namarie all for now!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:43 PM

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:43 PM
but the secondary resource is really interesting. It's like WC trees (ie, you harvest it and it's gone) except it grows back, and it has a growth curve, so the longer you leave it the faster it grows so... when do you pick to harvest it? do you prune it all the way back and get a big bump but have no sustain after?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:44 PM
Speaking of games on my list, that sounds a bit more like Populous: The Beginning

Pallando-Valar — 06/11/2023 5:44 PM
going up and stealing from the enemy is even more hurtful than usual... I think it's gonna be really interesting.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 5:44 PM
hehe, yes, take their trees

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 8:48 PM
Hello Ar! Are  you still here?

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 9:00 PM
I am now!
[9:00 PM]
Time for personal gaming report
[9:01 PM]
For (non)flashgaming, a badge I'd not gotten before this week, at
Incremental Epic Hero 2
A mixture of incremental/idle and roleplaying game set in fantasy world filled with monsters and things to explore, where battling is constant, almost everythi...

[9:03 PM]
One of the more recently badged larger idle games on kongregate, an rpg where you start with a one-person guild, a single hero completing quests and fighting slimes. As you go along the tutorial quests, you'll unlock more and more features, including new heroes/classes, pets to capture and tame, and upgrades for pretty much everything, as you move into newer areas with tougher enemies.
[9:04 PM]
I haven't figured out all the stuff yet, but there's a lot to do, upgrade, research, craft, equip...
[9:06 PM]
The badge itself, though, is categorized as an "easy" badge, being the first of a series of pet-related badges for the game, but it actually takes quite a bit to even unlock the pet feature. So it's a bit misleading. Still, I started like 4 days earlier than needed so it went fine
[9:07 PM]
Blizzard gaming:

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 9:08 PM
I'm "listening"!!

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 9:09 PM
Diablo 4: Went in there, with a druid! Big guy, hairy (green hair), and halfway to bear already in his appearance  Named him Calaron, after my WoW druid.
[9:09 PM]
Druid's fun so far, with bear and wolf shapeshifting, though I'm focusing on the bear. I did unlock an ability for the wolf shape to restore health, though, so with a lack of passive regeneration in the game compared to Diablo 3, it's very useful to have between fights.
[9:11 PM]
Any case, he's gotten to level 13 so far, completing the prologue and several sidequests. He's made it to the town of Margrave, where there's another bunch of side quests, and then he'll continue to chase Lilith into the mines.
[9:12 PM]
I'm quite enjoying it so far, though I'm not sure how far I want to stray for side quests/areas/Renown, as I'll want to save a few more Renown tiers to unlock after the story mode is done, since they won't have any effect until I unlock difficulty tier 3 anyway.
[9:12 PM]
Gotta give myself something to do later
[9:14 PM]
Hearthstone: Level 88 on the reward track! About 2 more weeks to 100, I'm thinking.
[9:15 PM]
Along the way I've also reached 1200 total on all reward tracks so far, unlocking a new choice of tier 2 class skins, and I picked the Deathmantle rogue set.
[9:16 PM]
As well as reaching level 31 with the death knight class.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 9:17 PM
Started and completed the quest event I mentioned last week, as they were a bit more generic than previous ones and I could usually deal with them with some decks I'd already made. Last quest, however, required a legendary minion I didn't have yet, so had to craft him.
[9:17 PM]
Which also reminded me that my packs continue to pile up, up to 280 now o.O
[9:17 PM]
Should really spend some time on that!
[9:17 PM]
Opening them, that is.
[9:20 PM]
Brawl is an old Diablo themed one, The Dark Wanderer. Comes in 2 phases, and starts with 3 special secrets on the opponent. After you take him down, he turns into Diablo at 150 health. I found a cheap-ish hunter deck online for it, filled with damage spells, which work well with the enemy secrets and any imp minions he throws out.
[9:20 PM]
But even if you don't bring him down, don't worry, next match will pick up where you left off, so you'll get it eventually
[9:21 PM]
[9:22 PM]
Raiding continues, as we got 2 new bosses down on heroic difficulty! 4 down now. I also got my fourth tier piece from the Vault, and the 4-piece bonuses are quite good for both feral and guardian spec. And I got my first few heroic upgrades as well.
[9:23 PM]
(oh, back up: If you complete the Diablo brawl in Hearthstone once, you get a special Lilith card back!)
[9:24 PM]
Anyway, as mentioned earlier, 2 weekly quests this week in WoW... pets always fun to do from the safety of the garrison, but for the 4 mythic dungeons I enjoyed testing out my setbonuses

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 9:24 PM
Almost done with June's trading post journey as well, just a few raidbosses or honor to get.
[9:25 PM]
Treasure goblin event is still going for a few days, and while I'm still missing one of Wirt's legs, mostly I've been using alts to try and get the 36-slot bags on them. Got them for the mage and the hunter this week
[9:26 PM]
Finally, alt questing!
[9:28 PM]
With the firemage in Ardenweald, I made my way to Hibernal Hollow after fighting back some Drust, took care of a side questline in Shimmerbough to deal with masked fae, and upsetting more Drust in Tirna Noch by stealing back all the anima they'd taken. Only a few questlines in the zone to go, and those will be quite intense, focusing on saving Ysera's wildseed and defending against a siege by angry Drust.
[9:29 PM]
Project Horde also continuing! Got the tauren hunter Caliboes to level 10, transmogging him to look the character I based him on, and sending him to Eversong Woods to tame his second pet, a turtle.

Ar-Pharazon-V — 06/11/2023 9:32 PM
For reference, this is who I based him on, and is his current look. You can also see both pets on that page as well

World of Warcraft
Caliboes - Character - WoW
Caliboes (Argent Dawn) ❮Innovation❯ - 10 Tauren Survival Hunter, 3 ilvl

[9:32 PM]
Pretty much as close as I'm going to get him in the WoW limitations.
[9:32 PM]
And with that done, I created my next horde alt!
[9:32 PM]
Calgitha, orc affliction warlock, all witchy style
[9:33 PM]
She's been working her way through the Valley of Trials, making it to level 6 on the way, as well as getting her first demon pet, an imp called Jubbis. The name's random, and while you can replace your imp pet to get one with a different name, Jubbis is growing on me
[9:34 PM]
In the style of Carbotanimations... he's Jubbis't friend
[9:35 PM]
cough that horrible pun out of the way...
[9:35 PM]
Next week, let's see how close we can get her to 10!
[9:37 PM]
And that's my report for the week
[9:37 PM]

Sandalf13 — 06/11/2023 9:43 PM
[9:43 PM]
I had to step away for a moment! Thanks for the report, Ar!

Eonwë Valar — 06/15/2023 8:21 PM
Anyone else notice there's apparently a chess game now available through Discord? Just to give people ideas. I believe it was Fladrif who used to play online chess? :}