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April 16, 2023 Sunday Meeting

5:00 P.M. Eastern Time
Valar Guild/meeting_place

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Transcript work by Varda.
[times are Central Time from Varda's Discord. Add one hour for Eastern, which is Valar time and LotRO /servertime.]

Attending (and typed): (6)

rien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Eowyn aka Cenedra, Sandalf, Varda (presiding)
Meeting begins
Membership news:

    Should now need only the domain although also works as a redirect.
    Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Diablo 4, Hearthstone, Diablo Immortal
    Topic: What do we think Tolkien shows to be the most important thing(s) to learn for the people of Middle-earth?
    Mention: Tolkien may have been influenced by an interest in American Indians, specifically the story of Hiawatha.
    Tangent: Early Glaurung
    (non) Flashgaming Reviews (plus) by Ar-Pharazon. Includes Blizzard games.



Eonwë Valar — 04/11/2023 9:00 PM
They must've changed something with Noblegarden since I last bothered with it. I'm clicking on eggs I know other people have clicked on first and I'm still getting something 95% of the time.

April 12, 2023

Ar-Pharazon-V — 04/12/2023 11:26 AM
Hmm, I read something about there being an expire time where someone can open an egg and it'll still be around for other people for a while.
...But that doesn't explain why I sometimes see people loot eggs I can't see...

Eonwë Valar — 04/12/2023 7:26 PM
Maybe there are different layers/phases/whatever they're calling them now. As long as we can loot the eggs we can see, and we don't have to wait forever to do it, I can't complain too much. (edited)
April 14, 2023

Yes. The Pterosaurs apparently possessed no evidence of feathers....they evolved later, with the the rise of true birds. At least that is what the fossil record tells us to date.
Pengolodh — 04/14/2023 2:06 PM
always so strange to think about dinosaurs with feathers.. they spent so long displaying them without. Jurassic park didnt help lol

Woods are hard to find on the Great Plains, unless they are planted by humans. On the drive from Lincoln to Denver, I always note that almost all of the trees one sees along the road are planted by farmers/ranchers for windbreaks, or are the cottonwood trees along the stream beds. A big joke in Nebraska is the the Nebraska National Forest consists of trees that were planted by men in the CCC back in the 1930s. One does not see a single tree for miles and miles in the Sandhill country, or the rest of Nebraska, for that matter...unless in a town.
Pengolodh — 04/14/2023 2:09 PM
thats insane, planted. ! never knew that. that is some achievement.

Pengolodh — 04/14/2023 2:40 PM
Game Report: Reached Esteldin finally and level 31. Started to get offered fellowship book quests, will see how far i can push it before i cant! Dont have my Bogmaster this time around to be the tank  Looking forward to the 16th Anniversary next week. Keen on another new Mount. If the Mount Skins are as good as 2022's Im all in.

April 15, 2023

Eonwë Valar — 04/15/2023 9:21 PM
Don't you just love it when you're surrounded by (insert any creature in any mmo) when you don't care, but then someone decides they want a bunch of (insert same creature) dead, and now there's none to be found.

Eonwë Valar — 04/15/2023 10:17 PM
I don't know if I should consider it a bug or a feature when a mining node is buried so deep underground you can barely see the top of it. On one hand, it's not how all the other nodes are, on the other hand, it is realistic, so... :}

April 16, 2023

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 1:40 AM
So I just did this quest in LotRO, and the guy I was fighting "uses sorcery to escape". Given LotRo is a "low magic" setting as far as what typically passes for magic in fantasy, I imagine that it went something like this:

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 2:03 AM
You know, with all these book decorations they're giving us, I really wish they'd give us a bookshelf decoration that held them all.

@Eonwë Valar
I don't know if I should consider it a bug or a feature when a mining node is buried so deep underground you can barely see the top of it. On one hand, it's not how all the other nodes are, on the other hand, it is realistic, so... :}
Pengolodh — Yesterday at 2:55 AM
It reminds me (strangely) of a time I was told off by someone  in game for killing a deer once. They told me it was wrong for me to kill a deer in game. At the time i thought i had broken some rule lol Then it dawned on me.. they had likely killed 1000s more than me in the day to reach cap. it would seem now, they had become a Varda once they had their fill of death lol

@Eonwë Valar
So I just did this quest in LotRO, and the guy I was fighting "uses sorcery to escape". Given LotRo is a "low magic" setting as far as what typically passes for magic in fantasy, I imagine that it went something like this:
Pengolodh — Yesterday at 2:58 AM
used magic to escape.. ?? what Quest was this lol. Lotro dances a fine line with magic, well.. outside of hunters ability to teleport
[2:58 AM]

Varda — Yesterday at 3:43 PM
There is a bookcase to hold the books when all are collected. One is in the top floor of the kin house so you'll know what it looks like.
[3:45 PM]
This Varda has killed deer in LotRO. They may be referring to the level one critters that an elf is unable to target (conveniently).

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 3:46 PM
"Don't kill that deer, that's sad!" "It'll be back in a few minutes, don't worry."

Varda — Yesterday at 3:49 PM
hehe - like was it Odin's goats? Eat your fill but break no bone and the goats come alive again the next day. Someone who didn't follow directions ate of the marrow and the goat was injured when it came back. The owner was wroth.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 3:50 PM
Heh, hadn't heard of that.

Varda — Yesterday at 3:52 PM
Found it. Pardon, it was Thor.
[3:52 PM]
[3:53 PM]
Thor was kinder than some others would have been.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 3:55 PM
Depends, what is the kindness of eternal servitude?

Varda — Yesterday at 3:56 PM
Beats being killed?
[3:57 PM]
They may live longer and have better lives than as peasants?

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 3:57 PM
I suppose the former can be rescinded, but the term "fate worse than death" is an option.

Varda — Yesterday at 3:59 PM
Guess there's zero hope of Valhalla if Thor kills you for such a transgression?
[4:00 PM]
Anyway, meeting time. : )
"Fate worse than death" may be true, heh.
[4:01 PM]
@Bounder Meeting time for Valarites! Come say hi!

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:01 PM

Varda — Yesterday at 4:01 PM
@Guild-friend Valar Guild meeting time! C'mon in!
[4:01 PM]


Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
[4:01 PM]


[4:01 PM]
Arien needs no pokage!
[4:02 PM]
Aiya Ar-Pharazon and Arien  : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:02 PM

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:02 PM

cenedra — Yesterday at 4:02 PM
Heya  <--Eowyn

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:03 PM
Aiya both Eo's!

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:04 PM
Dad joke time: "I don't remember us having someone named '<--Eowyn'. How would you even pronounce that?"
More seriously: Heya Eowyn :}

Varda — Yesterday at 4:05 PM
Aiya Eowyn and Eonwe! : )

cenedra — Yesterday at 4:06 PM
Well, maybe some people wouldn't remember me if I just came in as Cenedra

Varda — Yesterday at 4:06 PM
Who are you? ; )
[4:07 PM]
Hi to Real Floppa and Faramir too. : )

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:07 PM
Well sure, but you said "Heya" to someone named "anglebracket-dash-dash-Eowyn" :}

cenedra — Yesterday at 4:07 PM

Varda — Yesterday at 4:07 PM
Hah, he found a way to say it!
[4:08 PM]
We have faith in finding a way. : )

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:08 PM
There's always hope, lol.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:08 PM
Any other membership news?
Howdy is probably the most important!

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:09 PM
Fladrif last online... 1 hour ago!

Varda — Yesterday at 4:09 PM
Aiya to the Ent. : )
[4:09 PM]


Web News:

[4:10 PM]
We continue to work on upgrading (and repairing) the website, while occasionally crossing the streams. Inevitable with three people at some point.

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:11 PM
Aiya Eowyn

Varda — Yesterday at 4:11 PM
We are trying to rig it so that only needs to be used.
That should fix bookmarks and links all around.
[4:12 PM]
Using the also works, but should bounce you to

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:13 PM
It does, as it's my new bookmark

Varda — Yesterday at 4:13 PM
Feel free to have both. : )
[4:14 PM]



[4:14 PM]
Lord of the Rings Online:
[4:15 PM]
Much new stuff to run. Getting into groups can really up the rewards to something crazy good to wear. : )





[4:16 PM]
I've been working on trying to get the Eorl's Memorial as Pengolodh requested, between other things, but was just in there.
Have to work up rep and a ton of barter, but progress is being made! We will have it in our future.
[4:17 PM]
Starcraft 2:
It might not be lovingly updated by Blizzard, but we have folks who really like to play it if only for family get-togethers. The usual suspects and others of us. : )
[4:18 PM]
Eonwe, here's the shiniest gavel on the shelf so you can give the rest of the gaming news, with interjections from the very worthy folk here. : )

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:19 PM

World of Warcraft:
This week's bonus event: World Quests.

The PvP Brawl: Warsong Scramble is going until Tuesday, April 18th.

Turbulent Timeways: Warlords of Draenor Timewalking is going.
There a new zone preview on Zaralek Cavern coming with the Embers of Neltharion update. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Zone Preview: Uncover the Mysteries of Zaralek Cavern - WoW
    Gather your courage as you pursue your enemies into the dangers of this mysterious underground cavern.

[4:19 PM]
Also take a look at Blues News and This Week in WoW. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Blues News: April 14, 2023 - WoW
    Stay up to date when you join us each week as we round up some of the latest top blue posts and discussions from the official World of Warcraft forums.

    World of Warcraft
    This Week in WoW: April 10, 2023 - WoW
    Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte.
    Here’s what you can look forward to this week as we keep slipping down the Turbulent Timeways toward the release of Embers of Neltharion on May 2.

[4:19 PM]
Check out this week's hotfixes. ---
    World of Warcraft
    Hotfixes: April 14, 2023 - WoW
    Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and WoW Classic.

[4:19 PM]
Diablo 4:
Check out the changes to Diablo 4 that were made based on feedback and data from the open beta. ---
    Diablo IV Open Beta Retrospective: Transforming Feedback into Change
    The Diablo IV Early Access and Open Beta weekends gave players the opportunity to see Sanctuary anew.
    As we look forward to launch, we’ve used player feedback and gameplay data to inform a series of updates to various systems. Come see what’s changed!

[4:20 PM]
Festival of Legends is live. ---
    Festival of Legends is NOW LIVE!
    Hearthstone’s latest expansion takes the stage, reach new high notes with every class and master the musical mayhem!

[4:20 PM]
Patch 26.0.2 is out. ---
    26.0.2 Patch Notes
    Patch 26.0.2 brings balance updates to Standard, Battlegrounds, and Arena!

Diablo Immortal:
Check out the latest bug fixes. ---
    Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes for All Platforms
    We will continually update this blog with all bug fixes and patches the team implements for Diablo Immortal on all platforms.

[4:20 PM]
That's it from me.
[4:22 PM]
    Thor's Hammer vs Captain America's shield #thor #CaptainAmerica #sh...

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:23 PM
Gavel vs hammerpad?

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:23 PM
Should be, shouldn't it? :}

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:24 PM
hammerpad loses ~

Varda — Yesterday at 4:25 PM
Hammerpad starts out already flattened.
[4:26 PM]
The hammer doesn't harm the hammerpad there, but the forest is in trouble!

Any other gaming news?
Membership news? Requests?
[4:27 PM]
On to
[4:27 PM]



[4:28 PM]
What do we think Tolkien shows to be the most important thing(s) to learn for the people of Middle-earth?

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:29 PM
To not rely on higher powers?
But be able to defend their own freedom.
[4:31 PM]
At least, that seems to be the lesson of the War of the Ring.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:31 PM
To "grow up"? : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:32 PM
Heh, in a sense.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:32 PM
To not despair in the face of impossible odds, but have hope is another. Pulling oneself up by one's own efforts is needed for that too.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:33 PM
Hope, yes, that's good

Varda — Yesterday at 4:33 PM
But they do have hope thanks to those higher powers operating behind the scenes.
Grow up. Have hope. Don't give up.

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:34 PM
that also little peaple can achiee something  even be heroes  if they keep up hope  faith and accept the help of others
insert a semi colon between hope and faith

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:35 PM
I don't know if I'd say it's "don't rely on higher powers" so much as "Do the part is in your power, and trust what's out of your power in the hands of higher powers." Frodo's quest was to cast the Ring into the Fire, but there was "only a fool's hope" that he would be able to do it. In the end, he wasn't, but Gollum was there to make sure it was destroyed.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:37 PM
They knew no Ring-bearer could destroy the One Ring. That was a reason to have the Fellowship.
Do the part in your power is well said. : )

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:37 PM
Well, ok, but maybe "rely" is still a bad idea. Indeed, do what you can, and hope for the best

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:37 PM
Due to the nature of the Ring, expecting to complete that quest was something beyond even the Wise. Freeing the Shire from a tyrant was not beyond the measure of the Hobbits.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:38 PM
Have a Fellowship of Companions in a Conspiracy to help out.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:38 PM
But even if It was just Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin against Saruman and his men, it was right for them to stand against Saruman, the same way it was right for Lobelia to do so, even if she didn't do it for quite the same noble reason.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:39 PM
Now I'm wondering if Conspiracy is used as a collective name for anything like an animal species.
[4:41 PM]
It always struck me as strange as a name for a group, more applying to what said group is doing.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:41 PM
Lobelia wanted freedom and the good of her child. Not bad motivation.

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:43 PM
sounds about right Varda ^^^

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:43 PM
That's not why she got into the altercation though. Her son was tentatively in charge.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:44 PM
He was in the Lockhole
But ok, my timing is a bit off there, I guess.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:45 PM
The Chief? He mightv'e been shut up in Bag End, but they wouldn't have risked putting him in the Lockholes when they're using his name to legitimize their control.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:45 PM
Anyway, here's an article where JRRT may have been influenced by stories of American Indians. I had to dig a  bit to find it, but here you go:
[4:46 PM]
    the Guardian
    Tolkien’s death of Smaug: American inspiration revealed
    John Garth: As well as its familiar roots in Icelandic mythology, this Middle-earth story also has some surprising transatlantic sources

[4:46 PM]
Yet somehow Lotho wasn't very visible for quite a while.
[4:46 PM]
(Pardon the tangent, wanted to mention before we broke for the end of the meeting.)
[4:47 PM]
Lotho didn't have as much control as he expected.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:48 PM

    "'Where be you agoing?' says she.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 4:48 PM
Aiya all! I just got back from the dedication of the General Maurice Rose Monument on the State Capital grounds in Denver, CO. One of my Vets organizations was invited by Governor Polis to attend the dedication. We attended a reception at the Colorado History Museum, the  walked up Broadway to the Memorial dedication, marching behind a bagpipe corps, and WWII vintage Jeeps and other vehicles. Six Flyovers. I got to talk to the Governor in person. Quite a day.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:48 PM

    'To Bag End,' says they.
    'What for?' says she.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:49 PM

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:49 PM

    'To put up some sheds for Sharkey,' says they.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:49 PM
Aiya Sandalf. : ) Sounds super!!

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:49 PM

    'Who said you could?' says she.
    'Sharkey,' says they. 'So get out o' the road, old hagling!'
    'I'll give you Sharkey, you dirty thieving ruffians!' says she, and ups with her umberella and goes for the leader, near twice her size. So they took her. Dragged her off to the Lockholes, at her age too. They've took others we miss more, but there's no denying she showed more spirit than most.'"
Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 4:51 PM
Sorry for the interruption...i just had to share.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:51 PM
And for the record, "umberella" is how it's spelled in my book, not umbrella, so you can blame that extra "e" on the speaker :}

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:52 PM
Umberella sounds like Cinderella after the fire's gone out.

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 4:54 PM

Varda — Yesterday at 4:56 PM
Not finding it on a search engine, but interesting that it's spelled that way. Not finding it in etymology for umbrella.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 4:57 PM
I think that Varda hit the nail on the head: Grow up. Have hope. Don't give up.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:57 PM
Well, umber/ash/shadow could still work if you consider that umbrellas were originally made for the shade they provided.

Varda — Yesterday at 4:58 PM
I don't seem to have run across this JRRT book. Anyone else have it?
    The Story of Kullervo

[4:59 PM]
I've read about Kullervo, but not this book.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 4:59 PM
Sounds familiar. I might've seen it but don't think I own it.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 4:59 PM
Had not heard of it until your article.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 5:00 PM
I read it in its entirety. If you think the Children of Hurin is depressing, then try this one on for size.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:00 PM
Yeah, that sounds about right for something from Norse mythology

Varda — Yesterday at 5:01 PM
That is depressing, quite agree.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:01 PM
"the dark magician Untamo" makes me think... what was Glaurung's name as a sorcerer in the earlier drafts again?

Varda — Yesterday at 5:02 PM
The Kalevala is where you read about Kullervo.
Glaurung at one time was a form Sauron used.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:03 PM
Egh, let me look for it in a Lost tales book. All I remember was that it was a sorcerer who first placed the spell on Nienor.

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 5:04 PM
Not remembering that part Phar.
Sauron used to be Tevildo Prince of Cats.
A previous form of Glaurung's name was Glormund.

Varda — Yesterday at 5:05 PM
Just for fun:
[5:05 PM]
    Glaurung (reptile)
    Glaurung is an extinct genus of weigeltisaurid reptile from the Upper Permian of Germany.
    The only known species is Glaurung schneideri.
    Originally considered a specimen of Coelurosauravus, a later study named it as a new genus after noting that it had several unique characteristics relative to other weigeltisaurids. These characteristics includ...

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 5:05 PM
I'm sorry Varda, we don't allow fun here.

Varda — Yesterday at 5:05 PM
Tough. : )

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 5:05 PM
gasps is taken aback The audacity!

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 5:06 PM
Tough luck Eonwe  Trust the Germans to come up with something like that

Varda — Yesterday at 5:06 PM
"The gall of some folk!" - LotRO hobbit.
Ack! The gavels are rattling the shelf wanting out.
[5:07 PM]
the gavels break loose then go into a line dance shaped like a great wyrm
the hammerpad laughs and rolls up to form a head for the wyrm

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:08 PM found name in book, this article should give the refresher
Tolkien Gateway
Kurúki was an evil magician in a preliminary sketch of the Tale of Turambar, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales....

Varda — Yesterday at 5:08 PM
a gavel falls in line behind it and does the drumming
drums in the deep
[5:08 PM]



Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:08 PM
And you're right, it wasn't Glaurung who was the sorcerer, as both characters were already present, but he did end up taking over the sorcerer's role.

Varda — Yesterday at 5:08 PM
Thank you, Phar. : )
[5:09 PM]
Poor JRRT. No early draft goes un-ignored.

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:10 PM
Well, it's all about the journey, not the destination, right?

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 5:10 PM
Right Namarie all  sorry for the silence and late reactions tonight but i had a very long day today and two lates before that at work    so i am a bit knackered by now

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 5:10 PM
Hope you "catch up" on your rest...

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:10 PM
Namarie Arien!

Varda — Yesterday at 5:10 PM
It's After-meeting! Try to get some rest while you can!
Namarie Sunshine : )

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 5:10 PM

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 5:11 PM
i ll do my best luck ily i am off tomorrow

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 5:11 PM
Oh: RP. Don't miss the post.

Arien  Valar — Yesterday at 5:11 PM
Namarie  i ll read it tomorrow

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 5:12 PM
OK :} Sleep well :}

Varda — Yesterday at 5:17 PM
Nice reaction to Frali's request.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 5:47 PM
Namarie until later...need to go pick up something for dinner Sei gesund!

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 5:48 PM
Namarie! I'll be back later for report.

cenedra — Yesterday at 6:04 PM

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 6:21 PM
Ok, got the last bit of trading post progress I'm going to get from Noblegarden. Gotta make up the last 150 some other way.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 7:24 PM

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 7:31 PM

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 7:31 PM
how are you, Eonwe? how is life treating you? Good, I hope!

Eonwë Valar — Yesterday at 7:32 PM
It's going, heh. No point in complaining if it weren't.

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 7:33 PM
So true. One can almost always complain about something, but in the big picture, I would hope that life treats us all well.


Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 8:16 PM
Personal gaming report!

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 8:16 PM
Wir sind bereit!

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 8:17 PM
For (non)flashgaming, a game not on the kongregate website for once... instead one of the other flashgame sites I sometimes check has gotten a new little timewaster
[8:18 PM] is a building and balancing game which I assume was originally made for a phone, but works on the pc too, and probably more accurate with the mouse than finger
    Physics Games - Stack Builder Skyscraper
    Stack Builder is a fun and simple building game, you have to build skyscrapers with a touch of your finger and your dexterity.
[8:20 PM]
The idea is to drop as many stories on top of each other as possible without the whole thing tipping over. A crane goes in circles and you have to tap/click at the right time to drop the piece it's holding as close to the center as possible.
[8:21 PM]
The more stable the building, the higher you can get, and the more points you score. You also get bonus points for good and perfect drops.
[8:22 PM]
Other stages can be unlocked by reaching a certain point threshold, but after having unlocked them, I think the only difference is in background, between twilight, night and day.
[8:23 PM]
So yes, not much to unlock, but you can still waste a bit of time seeing how far you can go

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 8:25 PM
Blizzard gaming:
[8:26 PM]
New expansion opened up! With a new reward track too. With lower levels needing a lot less xp, I made it to level 30 on the track as well.
[8:27 PM]
Which gave a bunch of packs, several uncraftable golden versions of the expansion's cards, a random legendary (Tony, King of Piracy) and a new cardback, the Halveria cardback.
Yay goodies
[8:29 PM]
There's also a new event quest coming up, starting in a few days.
[8:30 PM]
Brawl is Festival of Legends recipes, where you choose a class and get a new deck recipe built around the expansion. I started out with mage to complete a spell quest, and found out it's a pretty interesting deck, with spells that get more powerful on repeat. But I'm sure the other classes are worth a go as well
[8:31 PM]

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 8:32 PM
Another heroic Razsageth kill, as well as our third heroic Diurna kill, completing the quest to unlock the shortcut. We'll spend the few weeks we have left until patch, clearing the last 2 bosses a few more times. Other than that they should be pretty quiet, raidwise.
[8:33 PM]
Another timewalk weekly, again no useful upgrade from reward  Also world quests, but I don't even have those unlocked yet as I focus on other things.
[8:34 PM]
Got about half the trading post tender unlocked for the month, with a few Noblegarden activities and total raidbosses slain. Should get there on time with quests, 1 or 2 more pvp brawls for honor and maybe some other stuff.
[8:35 PM]
Speaking of Noblegarden, there was a new toy this time, letting your dragonriding mount carry a basket of eggs while flying. Large cooldown most of the year, but during Noblegarden you can keep it up pretty much permanently.
Costs 200 chocolate eggs, though, so takes a bit of grinding
[8:37 PM]
I've also gone back to the old Draenor garrison, where I've started collecting Draenic seeds from the herb garden every day. As I'll be creating my farmer/survival hunter tauren in a few weeks, I looked into some pitchforks or other farm tool appearances for staff or polearm, and turns out there's a bunch of interesting ones available for 1000 seeds a piece!
[8:38 PM]
So I'll be working on those. There's also a few for Valdrakken renown, and I bought the white quality ones already, so he'll have a few choices to start with

Ar-Pharazon-V — Yesterday at 8:40 PM
I also got the Faction Pack on discount from the blizzard shop, as I was there anyway to buy more gametime. I already had the mounts etc, though, so for me it was the 2 faction firework toys for 5 euros total.
[8:43 PM]
And finally, questing! Spent some more time with the mage in Maldraxxus. Still doing the alternating with catching up with MMOchamp articles, but she completed the arc of the runeblade leading up to the Seat of the Primus, helped Baroness Vashj get her revenge on the House of Rituals, and attacked the House of Constructs. She's done most of that questline as well, with only a few quests left surrounding the Constructs' final experiment, a Kyrian construct. That will be unleashed next week!
And that's my report for this week
[8:45 PM]
Oh, and I'll probably not need Arien's services for a while when it comes to guild-inviting my horde characters, I think I'll have them join my raidgroup's guild instead, since they can't join the shared custom channel (being horde), and the lack of chat would probably drive them/me insane otherwise  But have not fully decided yet.
Right, and that's it for me. Namarie

Sandalf13 — Yesterday at 8:56 PM
Thank you! I tried the physics game you gave us earlier, I got up to 994 on my third go....Will have to try again. Something I can handle, no pun intended.
[8:57 PM]

April 17, 2023

Varda — Today at 12:22 AM
Thanks, Phar
Cool Sandalf

I've been working on trying to get the Eorl's Memorial as Pengolodh requested, between other things, but was just in there.
Pengolodh — Today at 6:28 AM
Aw! i didnt know you doing that still  Thats awesome. you honor me with your efforts:)

This Varda has killed deer in LotRO. They may be referring to the level one critters that an elf is unable to target (conveniently).
Pengolodh — Today at 6:29 AM
you know what.. you may be right!

There is a bookcase to hold the books when all are collected. One is in the top floor of the kin house so you'll know what it looks like.
Eonwë Valar — Today at 6:33 AM
But I have to collect them all to get it?

Varda — Today at 1:27 PM
Eonwe, sorry but yes.
[1:28 PM]
I'd love to get the bookshelf and fill it up, with some remark like it's missing a certain number of books.