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October 29, 2017 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (6)
    AIM: Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe (for Tolkien), Varda (presiding)
    Discord: Varda
    LotRO: Elwing, Fangorn, Gorlim, and Varda.

Meeting begins
    Time change for Europe, so that the meeting is "earlier" by an hour.
    Arien is currently on vacation.
    General gaming report
    Topic 1: Why would Gandalf wear the Ring of Fire, when he knew that the Nine Rings made Men into controlled wraiths? (from Fangorn-Valar).
    Topic 2: What happened to the seven rings of the Dwarves? (from Elwing-V).
    Flashgaming Reviews by Ar-Pharazon

(times for Ar-Pharazon in the Netherlands)

Eonwe Valar (20:10:41):    Heads up: Don't know if I'll make it to the meeting, but gaming news is up on the Games Site.
Varda Valar (21:14:46):    Thanks Eonwe :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (21:15:36):    well, we're on winter time now, so meeting hour earlier for me?
Varda Valar (21:16:14):    Right now it's an hour away for Eastern time/ Valar time
Ar-Pharazon-V (21:16:30):    Then yes, an hour earlier.
Varda Valar (21:16:38):    There we go.

Varda Valar (22:01:57):    Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
Varda Valar (22:02:00):    Membership:
Varda Valar (22:02:10):    Who all is awake here in AIM? Aiya please. :)
Varda Valar (22:02:11):    Aiya
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:02:44):    Aiya
Varda Valar (22:04:03):    LotRO folks are Elwing, Fangorn, Gorlim, and Varda.
Varda Valar (22:04:07):    Discord: Varda
Varda Valar (22:04:23):    AIM: Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Varda Valar (22:04:47):    Has Arien returned from vacation yet?
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:05:01):    Last online 9 days ago.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:05:02):    Guess not?
Varda Valar (22:05:08):    Thanks :)
Varda Valar (22:05:15):    Appreciate the checking.
Varda Valar (22:07:44):    Email from Eonwe says the Gaming news is up for us. :)
Varda Valar (22:08:33):    I think he's working right now.

Varda Valar (22:08:37):    Web:
Varda Valar (22:08:54):    Anniversary page:
Varda Valar (22:09:29):    Miriel asked us to take down the YouTube video she made for the anniversary until she can make a new one to replace it. She did not feel it was as good as she'd like.
Varda Valar (22:09:40):    So we can look forward to her new one. :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:09:48):    aw, and yay!
Varda Valar (22:10:12):    I enjoyed her other one, so if it's better than that, it should be a doozy.

Varda Valar (22:10:53):    Interesting web link from the LotRO Dev discussion, concerning some of the moral ambiguity that came up with the incoming 4th Age:
Varda Valar (22:11:03):
Varda Valar (22:11:43):    Not just on the human side, so that's a different way of looking at it.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:18:54):    Interesting read.
Varda Valar (22:19:57):    :)

Varda Valar (22:20:59):    Gaming:
Varda Valar (22:21:09):    We have the Games Report made for us by Eonwe:

Varda Valar (22:21:30):
Varda Valar (22:21:33):    New features are available on, including Groups and Appear Offline functionality. See the details in this announcement.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:21:44):    And avatars!
Varda Valar (22:21:53):    EonweValar: Looks like the Social stuff for bnet is available now, because I'm not using the beta app and it's showing now
Varda Valar (22:22:04):    EonweValar: Looks like the test Valar Guild group I made in the beta is still there too.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:22:06):    Got myself a Hearthstone Malfurion portrait as bnet avatar, being a green-haired druid and all.
Varda Valar (22:22:14):    EonweValar: So if anyone wants to be in the bnet group, let me know. Sounds like cross-region is a no-go though, sadly.
Varda Valar (22:22:20):    EonweValar: And Blizzard gave me a free Hearthstone classic card pack, not that I'll be using it, but hey.
Varda Valar (22:23:09):    That's a copy/paste from Eonwe.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:23:21):    *nods* just thought I'd add the.. well.. addition.
Varda Valar (22:23:34):    Peachy :)

Varda Valar (22:23:40):    World of WarCraft:
Varda Valar (22:23:49):    Hallow's End wraps up this week, so better finish up getting what goodies you're trying to get.
Varda Valar (22:23:58):    This week's bonus event is Arena Skirmishes.
Varda Valar (22:24:07):    Interested in riddles? Like to collect mounts? Don't mind spoilers? Then you might want to check out the blog Riddle Me This: Decrypting the Lucid Nightmare.
Varda Valar (22:24:16):    See this week's hotfixes.

Varda Valar (22:24:20):    Diablo 3:
Varda Valar (22:24:27):    Patch 2.6.1 is out.
Varda Valar (22:24:38):    A "double goblin buff" is coming November 6th through November 9th: you'll get two goblins instead of one in most places. See the announcement for details.

Varda Valar (22:24:45):    Heroes of the Storm:
Varda Valar (22:24:53):    Check out the hotfix notes that came out this week.

Varda Valar (22:24:59):    Lord of the Rings Online:
Varda Valar (22:25:10):    Check out some thoughts on Saruman's end in the blog Isengard and Treebeard: Musing on Trees and Towers.
Varda Valar (22:25:16):    From me:
Varda Valar (22:25:30):    Harvestmath Festival continues til Nov 2
Varda Valar (22:26:01):    More news for LotRO is found on the LotRO Beacon, a link is put up to it as it comes out, on our general News page.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:26:14):    Double goblin, eh? I've usually got just enough damage to kill one before they disappear. Gonna be sad :P
Varda Valar (22:26:18):
Varda Valar (22:28:42):    LotRO gamers seen this past week:
Varda Valar (22:28:56):   
Varda Valar (22:29:16):    Any Valarites that you've seen in-game this week?
Varda Valar (22:29:28):    Elwing's computer is still misbehaving. Hoping to repair it.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:29:33):    Fladrif still around!
Varda Valar (22:29:44):    yay! Hearthstone, I assume. :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:29:48):    Yep :)

Varda Valar (22:30:01):    At the Texas RenFaire yesterday, some of us met up:
Varda Valar (22:30:32):    Elwing, Fangorn, Varda, Sauron, and two friends from the Pathfinder and other tabletop gaming group that we're with.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:31:21):    (ooh, just got best legendary item for feral)
Varda Valar (22:31:26):    Bilbo had class, two others had work, Meridoc had a bad knee injury.
Varda Valar (22:31:33):    What item is that?
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:31:37):    Chatoyant Signet, a ring.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:31:48):    100% more energy and 5% more energy regen.
Varda Valar (22:32:21):    Nice :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:32:28):    no, 100 more energy, but that's usually 100% ;) Not in my case though, going from 130 to 230 thanks to talents

Varda Valar (22:32:42):    We can switch to Tolkien now, I believe.
Varda Valar (22:32:54):    We were given two topics from the LotRO group:

Varda Valar (22:32:59):    Fangorn suggests:
Varda Valar (22:33:12):    Why would Gandalf wear the Ring of Fire, when he knew that the Nine Rings made Men into controlled wraiths?
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:37:19):    Made by an elf, given by an elf. Knows the other 2 carriers are nice people.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:40:35):    Also seems more aware of his own weaknesses. For a start, he didn't take it to gain power, except for the power to help people.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:40:54):    The 9 fell for it more easily.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:41:13):    Also, Maiar might be more resistant, in spirit if not body.
Eonwe Valar (22:43:56):    Here for a bit and heya all.
Varda Valar (22:44:06):    Heya :)
Varda Valar (22:44:15):    Did you get to see topic 1? :)
Eonwe Valar (22:44:20):    1.) "Untouched by Sauron" would play a large role there I would think.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:44:20):    Aiya Eonwe!
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:44:56):    Bit hyper now, been waiting for that ring a long time, got nearly every other feral legendary before it ;)
Varda Valar (22:45:12):    Grats, Phar. That's great. :)
Eonwe Valar (22:45:28):    2.)The nature of his body and spirit were not the same as that of a human/hobbit. Since the rings produce a corrupted form of Elvish fading, he would be in less danger of that happening.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:45:28):    Thank you :)
Eonwe Valar (22:45:36):    And congrats on the ring Phar :}
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:45:41):    Thanks!
Eonwe Valar (22:47:05):    That the Istari were in the form of old men for more than 2 thousand years, and retained a vitality most old men would be jealous of, hehe, shows their physical nature is not the same as a mortal.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:49:10):    I'm not that old and I'm still jealous. Couldn't handle a balrog myself.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:49:34):    Or fight with staff and sword :)
Eonwe Valar (22:49:52):    I could but I don't want to show off :} lol :}
Eonwe Valar (22:50:38):    Seriously though, yeah, that had to take some serious endurance chasing that balrog up and down Moria.
Eonwe Valar (22:51:58):    Which brings up another thougth there. I may need to go back and reread it, but,... how scary must he have been if *he* was following the Balrog? As in, the Balrog was trying to get away from him? Lol :}
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:52:55):    Might be blinding him :)
Eonwe Valar (22:53:49):    :}
Varda Valar (22:53:52):    The Balrog was probably not used to anyone that could fight him at all
Eonwe Valar (22:54:56):    Kinda like the big guy (forget his name, but played by Andre the Giant) in the Princess Bride? "I figured out why I'm having trouble fighting you: I'm not used to fighting only one person." hehe
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:55:08):    haha, yes
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:55:27):    I saw that movie for the first time not long ago.. already forgot his name though?
Eonwe Valar (22:56:06):
Varda Valar (22:56:29):    Thanks for the clip
Eonwe Valar (22:56:34):    Youtuve claims it's "Fezzik" so that sounds about right to me.
Eonwe Valar (22:56:41):    *Youtube
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:56:56):    Yeah, that sounds about right.
Eonwe Valar (22:56:58):    Sounds seems kinda low though.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:57:05):    He liked to rhyme, I recall :)
Eonwe Valar (22:57:23):    Aye :}
Eonwe Valar (22:58:24):    The fight vs Inigo is still the best, hehe.
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:58:32):    Of course!
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:59:06):    I'd seen that scene on youtube at some point and it was what got me interested in the movie in the first place. Which is why I kept an eye out for it in the tv guide.
Eonwe Valar (22:59:09):    But yeah, my thoughts on Gandalf and Narya :}
Eonwe Valar (22:59:22):    Aye, it's a fun movie :}
Eonwe Valar (22:59:36):    I added it to my blueray collection when I got a good price on it.
Eonwe Valar (22:59:41):    *bluray
Ar-Pharazon-V (22:59:43):    that works :)
Varda Valar (23:00:01):    Enjoyed the clip. And there are lots next to it. O dear. Must check out later.
Varda Valar (23:00:15):    and here's the Beacon url I missed giving for LotRO:
Varda Valar (23:00:17):

Varda Valar (23:00:25):    ok, and we have a second topic, from Elwing-V
Eonwe Valar (23:00:42):    I saw the book at Half-price the other day. Should've grabbed it I guess, hehe.
Varda Valar (23:00:46):    What happened to the seven rings of the Dwarves?
Eonwe Valar (23:02:01):    Some consumed by dragons, the rest recovered by Sauron.can't remember if that's 3 and 4, or 4 and 3.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:02:06):    Oh, they changed the video linking now. Gives me an option to open youtube in browser.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:02:30):    Yeah, sounds right. Thrain had the last one, I recall.
Eonwe Valar (23:02:38):    The only one we know for sure the fate of is the one given to the royal line of Durin in Moria.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:02:37):    Until Sauron got it from him.
Eonwe Valar (23:03:33):    I don't believe it's ever officially stated one ring went to each of the dwarven houses, or at least I don't recall such, though the assumption is understandable.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:04:16):    7 houses, 7 rings. Kinda makes sense.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:04:33):    Might be why there were 7 made in the first place. Commissioned, perhaps?
Eonwe Valar (23:05:30):    Aye, but considering that 3 of the rings to Men went to Numenoreans, its possible that some Dwarf kings got some and some didn't. I guess it depends on how many were still going strong enough at that point.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:05:58):    Neighbours saying "Hey, those rings, our leader could use one of those!" Other houses visiting: "Hey, that's not fair, give us some too!'
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:06:09):    Yeah, that's true.
Eonwe Valar (23:06:23):    The way the SIlmarillion reads, it's "Sauron recovers as many of the Rings of Power as he can. Of these, he gives nine to men and seven to dwarves." Paraphrased, of course.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:06:31):    Oh, right.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:06:57):    If they did go to the different houses, though, it means at least 3 or 4 of them ran into dragons.
Eonwe Valar (23:07:05):    Aye.
Eonwe Valar (23:07:52):    Don't get me wrong, it makes sense that Sauron would try to get all seven Dwarf houses, I just don't recall anything that explicitly states it off the top of my head.
Eonwe Valar (23:08:14):    So I welcome a refresher if someone knows the spot it says so :}
Varda Valar (23:08:15):    In the poem, it's not just any dwarves either.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:08:17):    Hmm. Why bother corrupting one house extra if you can get all of em at once? :)
Varda Valar (23:08:26):    "Seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone"
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:08:39):    Ah yes. 7 dwarf-lords.
Varda Valar (23:09:44):    LotRO group: Brilanthir: so the dwarves probably just hoarded their rings, no one could find them :D
Varda Valar (23:10:00):    Brilanthir: buried with all the other treasure
Eonwe Valar (23:10:02):    Aye, I considered that. If we take that explicitly to refer to the heads of each of the seven houses, then it works, but there are those of the royal line with their own kingdoms that aren't of the main lineage. Dain for example, as opposed to Thorin.
Varda Valar (23:10:06):    (That's Elwing)
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:10:34):    It does say *the* dwarf-lords, not *some of the*.
Varda Valar (23:10:38):    We know Thrain had one, but we don't know that the side groups had one. Might be why the main lines stayed main lines
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:11:07):    Maybe the side-lines had different regal titles?
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:11:17):    (grasping at straws here)
Varda Valar (23:12:31):    There are cadet lines of royalty, but that doesn't make them the main line direct from the 7 fathers of the dwarves. 7 fathers, 7 rings, 7 main lines.
Eonwe Valar (23:12:46):    Tolkien at least translated Dain's title to "lord"
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:12:51):    Hrm.
Varda Valar (23:13:24):    So "lord" not "king"
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:14:00):    Should've been thanes, really. Thane Thror, Thane Thrain, Thane Thorin :)
Varda Valar (23:14:09):    The rings were rigged by Sauron with an attempt to take over the dwarves,but the dwarves could not be taken over.
Varda Valar (23:14:18):    Aye, sounds right. Thanes.
Eonwe Valar (23:15:29):    Appendix A in RotK says Nogrod and Belegost were ruined at the end of the First Age, and an influx of Dwarves came to Moria fro mthem.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:16:12):    Doesn't specify the royal lines were squashed, but I can imagine there being some house-mingling.
Eonwe Valar (23:16:25):    Doesn't mean there weren't still holdouts there, but I wonder if there were enough to call themselves a kingdom any more.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:16:53):    Especially since those 2 lines in particular were close to Ring-town :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:18:14):    But yes, it does put the whole thing into doubt. There'd be no need to corrupt the remnants of a lost house unless they still had significant influence.
Eonwe Valar (23:18:22):    Rebuilding those two kingdoms would've surely been a temptation to their kings.
Varda Valar (23:18:47):    The rings each pushed the dwarves to want gold. Then the ring could take gold by it and make a horde of gold
Eonwe Valar (23:19:01):    And from some of the wording, it *feels* like the assumption should be made that each dwarf house got a ring.
Varda Valar (23:19:14):    The hoards would attract dragons
Varda Valar (23:19:30):    We know most of the rings were melted by dragon-fire. This might be how that happened.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:20:04):    Maybe the other way around, as well. The 7 houses might have been influenced by their rings to move up north and carve out some new kingdoms there, perhaps even plunder some dragon hoards.
Eonwe Valar (23:20:06):    From the Sil: "It is said that the foundation of each of the Seven Hoards of the Dwarf-kings of old was a golden ring;..."
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:20:31):    Until said dragon comes home and thinks... what's going on here?
Eonwe Valar (23:22:13):    Taking that at face value, it would seem to indicate yes, each house got a ring, but it says "It is said," and not "It is".
Eonwe Valar (23:23:11):    But Nogrod and Belegost probably would've got their wealth in the First Age, thuse their hoards presumably built before the Rings were even conceived of.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:23:26):    I thought the foundation being one of the rings was a metaphor, as in, it drove the dwarven houses to obtain gold. Possibly guide them towards where it can be found. I don't see them physically multiplying the stuff.
Eonwe Valar (23:23:29):    *thuse = thus
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:23:29):    But hey, magick.
Eonwe Valar (23:24:16):    Indeed, Phar.
Eonwe Valar (23:24:52):    I agree, more like Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime :}
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:24:58):    Yes :)
Varda Valar (23:27:05):    The "it is said" stuff is because JRRT writes as if these are historical documents, rather than in absolutes, to give it that ancient feel.
Eonwe Valar (23:27:18):    Aye.
Varda Valar (23:27:28):    Brilanthir: so the dwarves probably just hoarded their rings, no one could find them
Varda Valar (23:27:44):    Brilanthir: buried with all the other treasure
Eonwe Valar (23:27:53):    No, some were destroyed, some Sauron recovered. Any Sauron recovered were lost with him.
Varda Valar (23:28:06):    Brilanthir: maybe a ring caused finding the arkenstone...that caused a lot of problems
Eonwe Valar (23:28:07):    We know Durin was offered one, but that's it.
Eonwe Valar (23:28:23):    Er, Dain.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:28:47):    "...Isn't that the ring you stole from my uncle?"
(miscopy between the three programs): Varda Valar (23:29:12):    EonweValar: We know Durin was offered one, but that's it.
Eonwe Valar (23:29:54):    Tell Eonwë it wasn't Durin, it was Dain :} He got it wrong! Wrong I tell you! :}
Varda Valar (23:32:00):    Ok, so most of the dwarven rings were destroyed by dragonfire. A few were taken by Sauron, such as Thrain's in the dungeon.
Varda Valar (23:32:33):    Elwing is about to have to hit the road, going home from our house.
Eonwe Valar (23:32:58):    OK, SIl says of the Seven, Sauron had recovered three.
Eonwe Valar (23:33:16):    So four were lost to hungry dragons.
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:33:23):    Hungry hungry dragons.
Eonwe Valar (23:38:13):    My time is now up, so in parting, I leave this to enjoy :} And something to note...
Eonwe Valar (23:38:33):
Eonwe Valar (23:39:35):    Notice the Minstel says "two Ages past, when Bilbo set out..." So I guess he's telling this tale in the Fifth Age, and somehow everyone survived and stayed in Middle-Earth that long :}
Varda Valar (23:39:35):    Thanks, Eonwe :)
Varda Valar (23:39:48):    *grabs hammer as it tries to run by*
Varda Valar (23:39:52):    *thonk*
Varda Valar (23:40:06):    *hammer squeaks and pogo-sticks back to the shelf*
Eonwe Valar (23:40:06):    Take care all, good night, sleep well, and have fun :}

Varda Valar (23:40:13):    After-meeting!
Ar-Pharazon-V (23:40:13):    namarie!
Varda Valar (23:40:20):    And namarie from Elwing
Monday, October 30, 2017
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:28:36):    Gaming report!
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:28:45):    For this week's flashgaming, we've got something special.
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:29:41):    Many of the kongregate games I link for flashgaming are related to the badges of the day, with one "kongpanion" to be earned from them each week.
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:30:04):    Most of the time, the games are all unrelated to each other and usually only one or two thematically linked to the kongpanion.
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:30:58):    This week, however, we get a moon called Luna, and the entire week consisted of moon-themed games, very nice :) Most of them short, puzzly and highly atmospheric.
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:31:13):    So have 3 lunar flashgames!
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:33:40): is the first, a quick game where you can snapshot parts of the screen, such as the two characters, and paste them elsewhere in the picture for teleportation or copying, leading to different endings. Discover all of them!
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:36:43): is the second game, a point-and-click game taking place at night, where you have to complete logical puzzles with dark silhouettes to feed the bunny.
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:39:46):    And for the third, a series of find-the-differences levels, telling the story of the romance between a hunter and the moon-spirit he meets. Beautiful art and music!
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:39:59):    Enjoy your moon-games :)

Ar-Pharazon-V (00:46:28):    Blizzard gaming:
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:47:58):    Heroes of the Storm: Level 227 now. Nice Hallow's End-themed brawl on the Towers of Doom map, where the Horseman flies by, drops pumpkins, and your team needs to break them and use them to damage the enemy core. First core to 0 health loses!
Varda Valar (00:55:05):    Namarie, must go
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:55:10):    Namarie!
Ar-Pharazon-V (00:59:44):    Hearthstone: All classes *nearly* to the next level now, will no doubt get a few if not all to 51 in the next week. Lower ones caught up as well.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:01:20):    Another Hallow's End-based brawl, this time based on the WoW bossfight. Choose a costume, out of 3 choices. Get a themed deck and hero power for that costume. Goal is to bring horseman's health down while taking care of exploding pumpkins along the way, and then nuke down his head with high health that spawns on the board.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:01:34):    Lot of fun, didn't mind getting a daily quest for winning it 5 times :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:03:57):    WoW:
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:05:42):    One more pet from the old Cata-raids, a firey scorpion from Fandral Staghelm in the Firelands.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:06:23):    Also a special pet gotten from an island west of Azsuna, Squirky the murloc! Looks rather funny, like a muppet or one of those murloc costumes.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:08:28):    More achievement hunting in earlier Legion raids, getting all of them from Emerald Nightmare and one more Aluriel kill in Nighthold. Need one more kill, this time in the Astromancer place, and then I'll have the meta achievement with Grove Defiler moose mount!
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:09:12):    Completed second falcosaur questline in Stormheim, got new mount. Started third questline with the Highmountain hatchling :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:09:58):    Unfortunately no new Hallow's End hats from the Bradensbrook daily, but still a few days to go.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:10:12):    Talon's Vengeance rep continuing, now 9 marks away from honored. Soon!
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:12:05):    The weekly was Arena Skirmishes, always a pain, but got them done relatively quickly, but not with consistent groups this time. Good to know I don't need winning streaks to get there in the end :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:12:57):    Bunch more world quests and emissaries, one of which paid off and got me my best feral legendary item, during the meeting tonight! ;)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:15:08):    Completed a bunch more Broken Shore stuff too. Did the questline for each legendary crafted leatherworking item once, requiring a bunch of dungeons and even a raid. But at the end I crafted legendary leather boots which I sent to my demon hunter, since the druid doesn't need them, and legendary mail gloves which I shipped to my hunter. Will be quite a while before they can wear them, probably, but the appearance unlock will be assured :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:16:50):    Also did the raid story quests for Tomb of Sargeras, placing the pillars of creation and killing Kil'jaeden once again on LFR. Now the story content (until I try future class challenges) is done on the Broken Shore, and it's just a matter of getting enough supplies and shards to complete the building achievements and buy all the toys and stuff. So I'll still be there doing world quests, but story-wise I'm ready to move on.
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:19:44):    But before I head to Argus, there are a couple more things that came with the 7.2.5 patch that I need to get started! To that end I completed the normal mode of the Deadmines pet dungeon, unlocking the weekly challenge mode which I'll have to do 6 times to get all the pets. And I did some research into the Chromie scenario which I plan to start working on during the next few days :)
Ar-Pharazon-V (01:19:49):    And that's my report for the week!
Ar-Pharazon-V (03:44:51):    sending transcript somewhere tomorrow, namarie!