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June 18, 2017 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (5)
    AIM: Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Elladan, Eonwe, Varda (presiding)
    Discord: Arien, Varda

Meeting begins
    Ar-Pharazon goes on vacation tomorrow. Have fun!
    Tolkien Site
    Games Site
    General gaming report by Eonwe and others.
    Topic: Dragons, continued from last week..
    Tolkien chat continues. Because dragons.
    Flashgaming Reviews by Ar-Pharazon
    Personal gaming by Ar-Pharazon

(times for Varda in Central time)

EonweValar Heya all :}
3:41 PMVarda Valar: Aiya. Ten minutes to time. :)
3:41 PMArPharazon-V: Aiya!
3:41 PMVarda Valar: Aiya Golden One. :)
3:46 PMArien V: Aiya everyone :)
3:46 PMVarda Valar: Aiya Sunshine :)
3:46 PMArPharazon-V: Aiya!
3:46 PMArien V: how are you tonight?
3:47 PMVarda Valar: Cloudy out, but only 3:47 here. Been a good Father's Day! Brownies, pork ribs, gaming. :)
3:47 PMArien V: :D#
3:48 PMArPharazon-V: Sounds nice!
3:48 PMArien V: what are you playing then?
3:50 PMVarda Valar: We were playing StarCraft/BroodWar. Stopped for the meeting.
3:50 PMArien V: :)
3:50 PMVarda Valar: Pulling up LotRO to poke people
3:51 PMArien V: was nobody there a minute ago
3:51 PMVarda Valar: Also to collect names of those on this past week for the report
3:51 PMArien V: ah right
3:51 PMVarda Valar: Gil-galad is on right now.
3:51 PMVarda Valar: He sets Discord to not show what game he's in.
3:52 PMArien V: ah right
3:52 PMVarda Valar: He's on qute a bit, in LotRO. :)
3:56 PMVarda Valar: He had to go (real life).
3:56 PMVarda Valar: I'm pulling out of game, distracting, want to play. ;)
3:56 PMArien V: :/
3:57 PMArien V: hehe
3:57 PMVarda Valar: I am in Discord as well as AIM. Still wondering if it would work for a meeting, having trouble getting to try it out.
3:57 PMArPharazon-V: Just collecting some ribs for Nomi in Dalaran, and then I'll log out of WoW. Gonna be an early night :)
3:58 PMVarda Valar: Aye, we need to make it a quickish meeting. Father's Day here, as well.
3:58 PMVarda Valar: Suggestions for Tolkien topics? Feel free to whisper for later.
3:58 PMArien V: sounds okay to me ::)
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3:59 PMElladan: Aiya!
4:00 PMArPharazon-V: Aiya!
4:00 PMArien V: Aiya Elladan :)
4:00 PMVarda Valar: Aiya Elladan :)
4:00 PMElladan: warm reception!
4:01 PMVarda Valar: Looks as if it's that time!

4:03 PMVarda Valar: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
4:03 PMVarda Valar: Membership:
4:03 PMVarda Valar: Today is Father's Day in the US. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and our fathers. :)
4:03 PMElladan: Thanks!
4:03 PMElladan:: Same to all of them!
4:03 PMEonweValar: Happy Father's Day :}
4:04 PMArPharazon-V: Happy father's day!
4:05 PMVarda Valar: Grats to Elladan for getting to try out the dulcimer. Very nifty sound.
4:05 PMArien V: Happy fathers day to all :)
4:05 PMVarda Valar: Anyone have some membership news you'd like to mention?

4:05 PMVarda Valar: Web:
4:06 PMVarda Valar: I was working on the Timeline, Great Years, but haven't gotten it online yet.
4:06 PMVarda Valar: Also, Eonwe found some messed up links on the Tolkien Site that will need dealt with.
4:07 PMVarda Valar: My old favorite HTML editor program doesn't work with the new stuff, so it all has to be done in Notepad, on the frames mainly, some on the main pages.
4:07 PMVarda Valar: It'lll get done. :)
4:07 PMArPharazon-V: Oh, right, membership: going on vacation tomorrow! But back on friday, so won't miss a meeting :)
4:07 PMVarda Valar: Eonwe is still working on the Games Site, of course, tweaking it to make it better, plus
4:08 PMElladan: IntelliJ IDEA is a great editor, and free
4:08 PMVarda Valar: he's now putting Gaming news up all during the week, not just Sundays.
4:08 PMVarda Valar: Ahh, thanks. will have to take a look!
4:08 PMVarda Valar: Since you wrote it in the transcript, it will be easier to look up. :)
4:08 PMElladan: :)

4:09 PMVarda Valar: Gaming News:
4:09 PMVarda Valar: World of WarCraft:
4:10 PMVarda Valar: The Weekly Bonus Event is Mists of Pandaria Timewalking.     
4:10 PMVarda Valar: Legion PvP Season 4 has begun. .     
4:10 PMVarda Valar: Patch 7.2.5 is out.      
4:10 PMVarda Valar: New hotfixes are out.     
4:10 PMVarda Valar: On Thursday: Some more hotfixes are out.    
4:11 PMArPharazon-V: Note: Tomb of Sargeras, the new raid in this patch, won't come out until a few days from now.
4:11 PMVarda Valar: and on Sunday: Some more hotfixes are out.     

4:11 PMVarda Valar: Diablo 3:
4:11 PMVarda Valar: Take a look at the Necromancer Sets and Legendary Items.   
4:12 PMVarda Valar: A new blog is out for an upcoming feature: Challenge Rifts.     
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4:12 PMVarda Valar: Heroes of the Storm:
4:12 PMVarda Valar: A new blog is out: Core Concepts: Team Leveling (Part 1).  
4:13 PMVarda Valar: The new patch is out, and with it, Malthael has joined the Nexus.
4:13 PMEonweValar: (The Malthael's Bargin event is also going)
4:13 PMVarda Valar: Eonwe! Thank you. :)
4:14 PMVarda Valar: Elladan says he'll be back in a bit. :)

4:14 PMVarda Valar: Hearthstone:
4:14 PMVarda Valar: Check out the latest updates.

4:15 PMVarda Valar: LotrO:
4:15 PMVarda Valar: Bullroarer test server should be up next week, looks like, for those that want to help work on it or get a preview. :)
4:16 PMVarda Valar: Crit items for the two upper tiers of crafting have been added to the Games Site for LotRO.
4:17 PMVarda Valar: The Featured Instance this week and the rest of the day is in Fornost, Wraith of Earth. Need to have done Wraith of Water as the pre-requisite.
4:17 PMVarda Valar: The final scavenger hunt, Year 10, following Bilbo, is going.
4:17 PMVarda Valar: The Launcher has a workaround for the Year 10 bug: "If you are not able to enter the tavern for "Year 10 Travels: Tavern Crawl: Gondor", walk into the tavern to the left of the door."           
4:18 PMEonweValar: for a link to the crit items list on the Games Site.
4:18 PMVarda Valar: Kinmates seen in LotRO using their actual kin characters this past week are:
4:18 PMVarda Valar:
4:19 PMVarda Valar: StarCraft/BroodWar:
4:19 PMVarda Valar: StarCraft 2:
4:19 PMVarda Valar: Any others you'd like to mention?
4:19 PMEonweValar: Bofur and Arien in WoW Lothar.
4:20 PMVarda Valar:
and Eonwe?  :)
4:20 PMEonweValar: And that Eonwë guy.
4:20 PMVarda Valar: o good
4:20 PMEonweValar: :}
4:20 PMArien V: yes and that ^^
4:21 PMArien V: i did manage to get the class order campaign done and also the Xavius kill for the Suramar questline :)
4:21 PMArien V: and got finally a legendary too
4:21 PMArPharazon-V: grats!
4:21 PMArien V: carry on :)
4:22 PMVarda Valar: Thank you.
4:22 PMVarda Valar: Any other business, suggestions?
4:22 PMVarda Valar: In LotRO, we could use some of us getting together to complete some of the Year instances.
4:23 PMEonweValar: Just my usual: "If you have any problems accessing a page of the Site you know should exist, let me know."
4:23 PMVarda Valar: They can be completed at lower levels, quite often.
4:23 PMVarda Valar: Aye, same on the Community and Tolkien Sites for me. Email, Discord, AIM, in-game all work for me.
4:24 PMVarda Valar: Any Tolkien subjects, please whisper. About to start.
4:24 PMArPharazon-V: Oh, one more gaming thing
4:24 PMVarda Valar: Phar, please go ahead.
4:25 PMArPharazon-V: Diablo 3 season ends next friday, so get going if you've still got some objectives to complete :)
4:25 PMVarda Valar: Thanks, good to have that mentioned.
4:25 PMEonweValar: I think I missed my window on that. No way I'm going to get it done now.
4:25 PMVarda Valar: Does it carry over at all?
4:26 PMEonweValar: Nope, just gotta get over it and go to the next Season, hehe.
4:26 PMVarda Valar: The Year quests in LotRO need done pretty soon too. Time's ticking down.
4:26 PMVarda Valar: Ok. :)
4:26 PMArPharazon-V: It wasn't a pet reward this time, "just" a banner... I'd feel more horrible if I missed out pets ;)
4:26 PMEonweValar: Aye Phar, hehe.
4:26 PMVarda Valar: Year quests will be available again next year, with additional scavenger questing.
4:27 PMVarda Valar: Tolkien!
4:27 PMEonweValar: Oh, that's good. DOn't have to feel bad if I miss those either.
4:27 PMVarda Valar: Don't forget the RP story on the forum. :)
4:27 PMVarda Valar: Poor banners, feelling so unwanted. :)
4:27 PMArien V: how long are they running Varda?
4:28 PMArPharazon-V: (I did get the banner though, so I'm good ;))
4:28 PMVarda Valar: July 13, Arien
4:28 PMEonweValar: Sorry, haven't had time to get my RP post out of draft form.
4:29 PMVarda Valar: I actually have a listing on the News on April 22, with links for guides, including end dates.
4:29 PMVarda Valar: The Years are mentioned again as they come out, with a guide link.
4:29 PMVarda Valar: but aye, should probably re-mention the end date, thanks.
4:30 PMVarda Valar: If you complete one of the scavenger cards, the tree scrolls will give the next set.

4:30 PMVarda Valar: Back to Tolkien:
4:30 PMVarda Valar: Last time, we mentioned dragons.
4:31 PMVarda Valar: We didn't go into them in as much depth as some folks would have liked, so here's your chance!
4:31 PMArPharazon-V: Ah, this sounds like my fault ;)
4:31 PMVarda Valar: When we talk about dragons, which would we consider to be under that category?
4:31 PMVarda Valar:  hah, everyone loves dragons. Like kids and dinosaurs. :)
4:32 PMArPharazon-V: Walking ones, flying ones, mechanical ones, firework ones? :)
4:32 PMArPharazon-V: "Wraiths with wings!" No, but close...
4:32 PMVarda Valar: Heh
4:33 PMVarda Valar: Wouldn't they be considered solid creatures with their own souls, rather than borrowed?
4:33 PMArPharazon-V: I know Morgoth can only corrupt, but I have no idea what they are corrupted from. I assume those would have souls.
4:33 PMVarda Valar: The originals, dropped, were mechanical. But the later were actual beings, bred up by Sauron for Morgoth mainly.
4:34 PMArPharazon-V: Were there just.. giant lizards around? Dinosaurs indeed? :) There would be some nice real life parallel in that, considering many draconic legends came from dino bones.
4:34 PMVarda Valar: The souls of the corrupted might become so corrupted that they can hardly be called souls anymore, too tattered to survive, perhaps. Orcs might be in that category?
4:35 PMArPharazon-V: Perhaps.
4:35 PMVarda Valar: (This is not real life, but a fantasy story, so please don't get confused, folks.)
4:35 PMArPharazon-V: A bit scary when you consider souls are not as invulnerable as you'd like them to be ;)
4:35 PMVarda Valar: Aye. Souls, not spirits.
4:36 PMVarda Valar: Guess one might consider them like the avatars we play on games? :)
4:36 PMVarda Valar: but back to the dragons.
4:36 PMArPharazon-V: I'd like to think they'd have the souls they would have if they were not corrupted, even the later generations. A bit tormented and corrupted, perhaps, but redeemed after death, perhaps. Can hardly blame them.
4:36 PMVarda Valar: Glaurung had a distinct personality, what we might consider his soul for the books.
4:37 PMArien V: they like playing with fire and sit on heaps of spiky stones and shinies in holes in the rock *nod*
4:37 PMEonweValar: I'm not sure what you mean by "too tattered to survive," but Tolkien does maintain the immortality of the Fëa for all sentient beings if everything I've read.
4:37 PMVarda Valar: Actually, one can blame them, although it might not be entirely just to do so.
4:37 PMEonweValar: *in everything I've read.
4:37 PMVarda Valar: Take a look at what he says about orcs.
4:37 PMArPharazon-V: Yes, Varda, I guess I said it wrong ;)
4:38 PMVarda Valar: Ok, let's leave it that we don't know about the final disposition of evil fear at this point.
4:38 PMVarda Valar: We do have dragon characters with distinct personalities. Some we didn't get to see long enough to get to know them, such as Ancalagon.
4:38 PMArPharazon-V: Glaurung.. first of dragons, created with cunning, intelligence, ruthlessness. But ultimately subject to Morgoth.
4:39 PMArien V: Was his "job" or one of them to torture and delay Turin?
4:39 PMArPharazon-V: Yes, a bit sad about that. I wonder if the plan would have been, if Tolkien ever got around to putting more detail in that final war, to give Ancalagon more development like his kin.
4:39 PMVarda Valar: Arien, aye, probably a set mission.
4:39 PMArPharazon-V: Make him more infamous.
4:40 PMVarda Valar: A lot of the Sil was just like quick notes. Seeing the stories receive more development by Christopher is wonderful. like Children of Hurin, Beren and Luthien. Maybe we'll get the Fall of Gondolin. :)
4:40 PMArPharazon-V: That'd be nice.
4:40 PMEonweValar: That would depend on if Glaurung was expected to meet Turin in Nargothrond.
4:41 PMArPharazon-V: If he ever goes to the war of wrath (I think it was called?) we might see more notes about Ancalagon ;)
4:41 PMVarda Valar: That would be fabulous. :)
4:41 PMVarda Valar: The fire from the great dragons could melt magic rings, except for the One Ring. That's how hot the breath was.
4:42 PMArPharazon-V: I recall not even Ancalagon would have been able to melt that one.
4:42 PMVarda Valar: Aye, Phar
4:42 PMArPharazon-V: Perhaps Sauron made it with that in mind, having some knowledge of how dragons were made.
4:43 PMVarda Valar: Sounds right.
4:43 PMEonweValar: I think it's more about the native power that was poured into it.
4:43 PMVarda Valar: Scatha is a dragon that we don't hear a lot about, but he was quite powerful.
4:44 PMArPharazon-V: Third age?
4:44 PMEonweValar: Other than Sauron's power, it was just regular gold.
4:44 PMVarda Valar: True, since the One Ring was made by Sauron himself.
4:44 PMVarda Valar: I wonder. If the rings were just regular gold, seems as if they would have been easier to make. Maybe a special alloy with magical programming? :)
4:45 PMArPharazon-V: Could be. They needed to contain a lot of power.
4:45 PMArPharazon-V: In so small a thing...
4:45 PMEonweValar: Rings are really easy to make. Rings of Power, on the other hand :}
4:45 PMVarda Valar: Scatha was an escapee from Angband.
4:45 PMVarda Valar: Scatha moved to the Grey Mountains and considered them his territory.
4:46 PMEonweValar: Scatha was killed by a Rohirric king, as I recall.
4:46 PMArPharazon-V: If the dragons were by nature subjugated to Sauron, it would explain why none could harm the One Ring. But Smaug operated independently.
4:46 PMVarda Valar: So when the dwarves started mining there, he was wroth.
4:46 PMArPharazon-V: Maybe Sauron was happy to let the dragons do their thing if it helped his plans somewhat.
4:46 PMVarda Valar: All the dragons seem to have been originally crafted by Sauron.
4:46 PMVarda Valar: Aye, Sauron exploited others' desires. Let them do what they want if it helps further his plans.
4:47 PMArPharazon-V: Sign of a competent overlord :)
4:47 PMVarda Valar: Scatha killed a lot of dwarves and collected a hefty hoard that way, before Durin's folk came in.
4:48 PMArPharazon-V: Was this in the appendices? Will have to look him up again.
4:49 PMVarda Valar: Actually, that's a good idea. We could use a ;properly referenced article for him. The one we have is old, from before we did that.
4:49 PMVarda Valar: It wouldn't be all that long an article, most likely. :)
4:50 PMArPharazon-V: Looking at the article now, something catches my eye...
4:50 PMArPharazon-V: "remembering the death of Glaurung at the hands of the Dwarves of Belegost"
4:50 PMVarda Valar: I'm noticiing it looks to have at least one error.
4:50 PMVarda Valar: Aye, that one
4:51 PMVarda Valar: Eru-(Valar) wrote from memory, instead of referencing.
4:51 PMVarda Valar: We need all those articles rewrittein with proper referencing.
4:51 PMVarda Valar: At the time, I didn't realize it was so.
4:51 PMVarda Valar: This is a good reminder to go back and re-do all those.
4:52 PMVarda Valar: Heh, sometimes too much trust slips in.
4:52 PMArPharazon-V: That's fine, as long as it's caught at some point :)
4:52 PMVarda Valar: We need an article on Chrysophylax. He only has a picture.
4:52 PMEonweValar: Still looking for reference of Scatha in the Appendices, but there is mention of a "great cold-drake" with no name given, that slew Dain I and his second son Fror.
4:54 PMArPharazon-V: Could be it, but there were probably more of them around :)
4:54 PMVarda Valar: We do have glimpses that there are other dragons.
4:54 PMVarda Valar: Also both fire and cold drakes, apparently lesser dragon types?
4:54 PMVarda Valar: Although that doesn't sound so lesser.
4:55 PMEonweValar: Aye, that same passage says they "became strong again and multiplied.
4:55 PMEonweValar: "
4:55 PMVarda Valar: I wonder at what point it goes from being called a drake to being  dragon?
4:55 PMEonweValar: Different type, don't know if I'd say "lesser"
4:55 PMArPharazon-V: Well, we can dream up more types of dragon along those lines, like lightning drakes, shadow drakes...
4:55 PMVarda Valar: Just no reference to them? Except,
4:55 PMArPharazon-V: cold-drake might just be a frosty one who just came down from the north :)
4:55 PMVarda Valar: when Ancalagon and his dragons come out, mention of lightning as well.
4:56 PMVarda Valar: Maybe so.
4:56 PMArPharazon-V: acid drakes are popular!
4:56 PMVarda Valar: No mention of their attacking the elves on the Helcaraxe, at least that mercy.
4:56 PMArPharazon-V: I don't think they were around yet at that point.
4:56 PMArPharazon-V: They seemed to be a later creation in the war.
4:57 PMVarda Valar:  "But he (Morgoth) loosed upon his foes the last desperate assault that he had prepared, and out of the pits of Angband there issued the winged dragons, that had not before been seen; and so sudden and ruinous was the onset of that dreadful fleet that the host of the Valar was driven back, for the coming of the dragons was with great thunder, and lightning, and a tempest of fire."
4:57 PMArPharazon-V: Glauring was the father of dragons, and only appeared in the later battles.
4:57 PMArPharazon-V: No ice mentioned :)
4:58 PMVarda Valar: Ancalagon was the father of winged dragons, so Glaurung could have been one in of his ancestors
4:58 PMArPharazon-V: Do you think there was any color coding going on?
4:59 PMArPharazon-V: I know Ancalagon was black, and Smaug I recall being bronze.
4:59 PMVarda Valar: Possible, just from what they were bred from
4:59 PMArPharazon-V: Or an indication of their power.
4:59 PMVarda Valar: Smaug the Golden
5:00 PMArPharazon-V: Gold. That works... but it could also have been his armor.
5:00 PMArPharazon-V: I think he picked up a protective coating while rolling through his heaps of treasure?
5:00 PMEonweValar: Maybe that was their position on the Order of the Dragonari? :} Ok, bad joke :}
5:00 PMVarda Valar: Heh, I remembered him as red.
5:00 PMVarda Valar: ^^
5:01 PMVarda Valar: He did have a protective armor of jewels on his belly, protecting the softer area.
5:01 PMEonweValar: And aye.
5:01 PMArPharazon-V: More than one color, then, probably!
5:02 PMEonweValar: All except that one spot, although I imagine it would be quite uncomfortable to get something stuck there.
5:02 PMVarda Valar: Ok, gang. It's been an hour. At least two of you need to leave, so we can call it here formally.
5:02 PMVarda Valar: Damage from a black arrow?
5:03 PMVarda Valar: *grabs a hammer flying by, catching it below the wings*
5:03 PMVarda Valar: *points it at the hammerpad, and a blast of fire sings out*
5:03 PMVarda Valar: *whoooooshhh*
5:04 PMArPharazon-V: Dragon hammer.
5:04 PMVarda Valar: *the hammerpad is now tempered, harder and stronger than ever. Did it just preen?*
5:04 PMArPharazon-V: That works.
5:04 PMArien V: wasnt there a red dragon too?
5:04 PMVarda Valar: *released,the hammer flies back to its place, bouncing a little as if please with itself*

5:04 PMVarda Valar: After-meeting!
5:05 PMArPharazon-V: I think Glaurung was red.
5:05 PMArien V: no green tho definitely and no blue :)
5:05 PMArPharazon-V: No twilight dragon? :)
5:05 PMArPharazon-V: Chromatic... well, Smaug's jewel armor might have been close.
5:05 PMVarda Valar: I really don't know their colors. That would be something for you guys to look up. :)
5:05 PMVarda Valar: Point. :)
5:06 PMArPharazon-V: Just naming WoW dragon types, seeing if they apply ;)
5:06 PMVarda Valar: Aye, I understood. Gave you a point for that. But not calling him Chromie!
5:06 PMArPharazon-V: (Chromie was bronze)
5:06 PMVarda Valar: heh, ok.
5:06 PMArPharazon-V: Is! Is bronze. He/she's still around, and in fact got a new storyline in 7.2.5.
5:06 PMVarda Valar: Would be two Chromies, very confusing.
5:07 PMArien V: oh we get to meet two at least :)
5:07 PMArPharazon-V: In fact, Chromie's full name is Chronormu, so named after time, not color :)
5:09 PMVarda Valar: Not named after the extreme cuteness. :)
5:09 PMArPharazon-V: And according to the magazine according to wowpedia, Chromie's indeed female, just with a male full name. I've gotta get those magazines... ;)
5:09 PMVarda Valar: Little girl gnome
5:09 PMArPharazon-V: Well, no law against a male dragon taking the form of a female gnome.
5:15 PMVarda Valar: /afk
5:23 PMVarda Valar: *passes around scratch brownies*
5:23 PMVarda Valar: /afk again
5:23 PMEonweValar: Yum :}
5:23 PMVarda Valar: ^^
5:29 PMArPharazon-V: Personal gaming report!
5:29 PMArPharazon-V: Hmm, if this one's going to be short, next week's will no doubt be tiny ;)

5:30 PMArPharazon-V: Let's find some flashgames!
5:31 PMArPharazon-V: Alright, got 3 games, one of which I'd normally have linked next week but I thought I'd get in the badge already because I won't be here next week and I've got someone else logging in for me :)
5:32 PMArPharazon-V: For the first one, I could link the one at the site I usually find mine at, but since it links itself back to the original site, I'll just give that one.
5:34 PMArPharazon-V: is a really weird golf game, wherein the goal is really to get the ball as far as you can ;)
5:34 PMEonweValar: OK time for me to be off. Take care all, good night, sleep well, and have fun :}
5:35 PMArPharazon-V: is the second game, a small upgrade racing game, with various awards for achievements to get, but they're not that difficult.
5:35 PMArPharazon-V: Namarie, Eonwe!
5:40 PMArPharazon-V: is the third game, a point and click story with a few puzzles, and a rather sad story. But the puzzling isn't too difficult, so have fun anyway?

5:45 PMArPharazon-V: Blizzard gaming!
5:46 PMArPharazon-V: Heroes of the Storm: Still level 198, but that's okay, still getting loot chests, including a few interesting skins, like flying monkey Brightwing. Really creepy!
5:47 PMArPharazon-V: This week's brawl is Blackheart's, a defensive/offensive match where each team gets one round on each side. One team tries to fire 5 cannons to blow up the ghost pirate ship before it takes down the core, the other team tries to stop them and stall as long as needd.
5:47 PMArPharazon-V: *needed
5:48 PMArPharazon-V: Quite fun, decently short, and only 2 needed for the reward.
5:49 PMArPharazon-V: Hearthstone: Now 3 classes at 49, and made a good catch-up effort with the ones furthest behind. They're all now 1 to 3 games away from leveling.
5:50 PMArien V: Namarie Eonwe :)
5:50 PMArPharazon-V: This week's tavern brawl was the one where you pick a class, get part of a deck for that class, and then choose 1 out of 3 random ones to get their class cards too. Makes a bit of a hybrid effort, can be quite fun.
5:52 PMArPharazon-V: Diablo 3: Finished chapter 4, with some effort, though less than I expected. I asked around randomly for a boost in general chat one night, and ended up getting nearly 300 paragon levels, a ton of gold, some very good legendary gems and the last pieces I needed for a set, by the end of it. The rest of the chapter was easy enough to get in the following night :)
5:53 PMArPharazon-V: I won't be home from vacation before the season ends, so I'm glad I managed it this week. We've got a month's gap until the next season though, with the Necromancer supposedly released somewhere in that time.
5:53 PMArPharazon-V: WoW:
5:55 PMArPharazon-V: Calendar mentions threw me off, our last Nighthold week was actually this week :) My raidgroup's starting Tomb of Sargeras on thursday, but 'm sure they'll leave something for me to kill later in the week ;)
5:56 PMArien V: I am sure :)
5:56 PMArien V: is Kil jaeden the end boss?
5:57 PMArien V: or sargeras?
5:57 PMArPharazon-V: Sargeras' avatar, killed and buried by Aegwynn centuries past, is the second-last boss, reanimated by Kil'jaeden.
5:57 PMArPharazon-V: Kil'jaeden's the last boss, supposedly taking place in the nether or on a command ship. Pictures seem nice.
5:58 PMArien V: :)
5:58 PMArien V: true Legion style
5:58 PMArPharazon-V: Yep.
5:58 PMArPharazon-V: Let's see what else!
5:58 PMArien V: kind of funny to think of the Legion as space travellers .. but makes sense :)
5:59 PMArPharazon-V: No new recipes, but did get a few new world quests, and 2 or so new pet master fights, as well as a couple more marks of honor the last few days.
5:59 PMArPharazon-V: Well, the Eredar are related to the draenei...
5:59 PMArPharazon-V: Makes sense that they'd also go cruising around in their dimensional ships :)
6:01 PMArPharazon-V
Unfortunately I've spent too much time getting objectives done in other games (oh, and including a still on-going quest in Heroes of the Storm to play 15 matches with Diablo heroes with a friend, which I'll need to hurry along after I get back) to do more Suramar questing. And with Midsummer Fire Festival coming up, that's probably not going to be different in the new few weeks.
6:02 PMArPharazon-V: I am finding that more regular activities are drying up a bit, so I'm hoping to really sink my teeth into normal questing when all that business is over.
6:04 PMArPharazon-V: I'll also add that I got my first Concordance trait today! The final artifact trait, in this case for my feral weapon. You can still put artifact power into it for minor gains to that trait, but you'll never max it out (people did the math) so it's better to just focus on other artifacts instead after that's done. Next up will by my Guardian artifact.
6:05 PMArPharazon-V: This week's weekly quest was, as mentioned earlier in the news, Pandaria timewalking. Got a few new appearances through it, and perhaps most importantly, the crate of puppies was changed to a toy since the last time, so I bought that one too ;)
6:05 PMArien V: :)
6:06 PMArPharazon-V: And finally, my old appearance hunting... heroic Arcatraz has not been kind to me. I only got 2 more items, one of them today, with the epic dagger I'm missing being the last one, so I have to continue to do it on heroic.. but that does mean I won't have to go back to normal afterwards.
6:07 PMArPharazon-V: So it's just visiting the place once a day until I get that one dagger, and then I can move on.
6:08 PMArPharazon-V: And that's my report for the week :) Going to have a lot to catch up on when I get home on friday, but I have a neat little list of activities written up (or down?) for that evening.
6:09 PMArPharazon-V: Ohh yes, and I did mention Midsummer Fire Festival earlier. This year comes with a new pet and a new toy; also, with this week's patch the holiday appearance items finally got included in the appearance list, so I have a few to buy of those as well. Total holiday currency I'll need is 1150, your mileage may vary.
6:10 PMArPharazon-V: That's a lot of bonfires to visit on several characters :)
6:10 PMArPharazon-V: And that's really it, I think!
6:11 PMArPharazon-V: Still some room for after chat, while I'm still catching up on a browsergame... I won't send the transcript tonight, but I might have time for it tomorrow morning. Otherwise, expect it on friday :)
6:12 PMArPharazon-V: Skipping Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone for today, since I'll already be missing a bunch of daily quests anyway and I'm going to bed soon.
6:12 PMArien V: thank you Phari :)
6:13 PMArien V: rest well
6:18 PMArPharazon-V: Thanks :)
6:19 PMArPharazon-V: Namarie all!
6:20 PMArien V: Namarie :)