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July 23, 2017 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Arien, Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (7)
    AIM: Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Elladan (After-meeting), Varda (presiding)
    Discord: Arien, Miriel, Varda
    LotRO: Hurin, Irmo, Maha/Miriel, Varda

Meeting begins
    Tolkien Site: painting by the Bohemian Weasel-(T)
    General gaming report
    Topic:  Differences between Elves and Man.
    Flashgaming Reviews by Ar-Pharazon
    Personal gaming by Ar-Pharazon

(Times Central)
Varda Valar: Aiya. A good 39 minutes yet. :)
4:06 PMVarda Valar: Aiya. Anyone present please say Aiya
4:06 PMVarda Valar: Aiya
4:10 PMArien V: aiya
4:11 PMArPharazon-V: Aiya, having trouble with the pc this weekend, so might not be here for long.
4:11 PMVarda Valar: Two of us, yay! three!
4:11 PMVarda Valar: ouch
4:11 PMVarda Valar: Let's do a quick meeting then. :)

4:11 PMVarda Valar: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
4:11 PMVarda Valar: Membership:
4:12 PMVarda Valar: The last eye operation was Monday, went very well. Take about 3 months to recover completely from that one, but very good already.
4:12 PMArPharazon-V: Graphics card might be busted, so I'm doing a lot of rebooting. You'll have to watch over the transcript I'm afraid.
4:12 PMVarda Valar: Any other membership news?
4:12 PMArPharazon-V: That, I suppose :)
4:12 PMVarda Valar: In Discord, I'm there with Arien and Miriel
4:13 PMVarda Valar: Any other membership news?
4:14 PMArPharazon-V: Talking to Fladrif in bnet right now, he's been helping me.
4:14 PMArPharazon-V: But I think I'lll still need to take the card to the shop tomorrow.
4:14 PMVarda Valar: Aiya Fladrif!

4:14 PMVarda Valar

World of WarCraft:
4:15 PMVarda Valar: This week's bonus event is Arena Skirmishes.
4:15 PMVarda Valar: More hotfixes this week.

Diablo 3:
4:15 PMVarda Valar: Season 11 has begun.

StarCraft 2:
4:16 PMVarda Valar: The seventh anniversary of Starcraft 2 is going. Play Co-op or Multiplayer and get a portrait.
4:16 PMVarda Valar: Patch 3.16.0 is out.

4:16 PMVarda Valar: Icecrown Tours - Part 1.

4:17 PMVarda Valar: A new digital comic is out "Masquerade".
4:17 PMVarda Valar: A new group stage is coming: the Sydney group stage.

Lord of the Rings Online:
4:18 PMVarda Valar: A blog has been posted on the upcoming allegiance system.
4:18 PMVarda Valar: Weatherstock concerts began 10:30 a.m. Saturday on Weathertop.
4:19 PMVarda Valar: Beacon Issue #19.
4:20 PMVarda Valar: Here's a You Tube of the character creation for the new High Elves:

4:21 PMVarda Valar: LotRO gamers seen this past week in the kin:

4:22 PMVarda Valar: StarCraft 2:

4:22 PMVarda Valar: StarCraft/Broodwar:

4:22 PMVarda Valar: World of Warcraft:
4:22 PMArien V: Epmwe
Varda Valar
4:23 PMArien V
4:23 PMVarda Valar
4:23 PMVarda Valar: Any others you'd like to mention?

4:23 PMArPharazon-V: Fladrif in Hearthstone? :)

4:23 PMVarda Valar: Thanks :)

4:23 PMVarda Valar: Tolkien:
4:23 PMVarda Valar: Suggestions for a Tolkien topic, anyone? :)
4:25 PMVarda Valar: Physical differences between elves and humans? Perhaps a side bit on the different types of humans.
4:25 PMArPharazon-V: (the ears)
4:25 PMVarda Valar: So, are elves and humans exactly alike? Where did the differences begin.
4:28 PMArPharazon-V: Fladrif says hello
4:28 PMVarda Valar: ./wave
4:28 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: The song of Creation?
4:28 PMArien V: Elves are said to be looking very youthful
4:28 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: 1st and 2nd theme?
4:29 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: and 3rd

4:30 PMVarda Valar: Oh, left out Web news. It goes with our topic: Art by the Bohemian Weasel-(T):
4:30 PMArPharazon-V: What did the themes represent again?
4:30 PMVarda Valar: "Fëanor, light of creation and fire of destruction" and animated version,

Tolkien (continued):
4:33 PMVarda Valar: heh, trying to post stuff 3 places at once. Pardon the delays.
4:33 PMVarda Valar: Longevity
4:34 PMVarda Valar: The entire history of elves that the Valar could see, plus everything else there.
4:35 PMVarda Valar: The elves were bound to Arda, but Men were not.
4:36 PMVarda Valar: A good spot for contrast was in the LotR "Three Hunters".
4:37 PMVarda Valar: Maha-Today at 4:36 PM: final resting places
4:37 PMVarda Valar: [To Kinship] Strength, not sleeping in the same fashion
4:38 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: Nimbleness
4:39 PMArPharazon-V: being able to move across snow :)
4:39 PMVarda Valar: An odd ability to walk on top of snow. Maybe that extended to mud, quicksand?
4:39 PMVarda Valar: Aye
4:40 PMArPharazon-V: Just some... "unnatural" lightness, as if they do not leave a lasting impression on the surface they move on.
4:40 PMVarda Valar: Elves tend to be tall
4:41 PMVarda Valar: They were made to be the most beautiful in appearance
4:41 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Hiurred: elves are un-burly :)
4:42 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: elves never seem to suffer from obesitas :P
4:42 PMArPharazon-V: No aging (much), resistance to disease and other unhealthy conditions... indeed, never saw one overweight :)
4:42 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Mahariel: yep no fat elves, lol
4:43 PMVarda Valar: True, Phar
4:46 PMVarda Valar: Light of the stars in their eyes
4:47 PMVarda Valar: Some of the chat is shifting to attitude now:
4:47 PMVarda Valar: Maha-Today at 4:46 PM: Elves may suffer from melancholy from the sadness of a long life
4:47 PMVarda Valar: Maha-Today at 4:46 PM: and a longing for the sea
4:48 PMArPharazon-V: Plenty of men with a longing for the sea :)
4:48 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Irmohir: while men have the innocence of hope
4:48 PMArPharazon-V: Elves fear the known, men fear the unknown?
4:48 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Hiurred: also, my dwarf would add -- elves suffer from the syndrome of grass-is-alway-greener, dreaming of being elsewhere
4:49 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Mahariel: those human with liking for the sea sunk... I know
4:51 PMVarda Valar: Elves seemed to divide into groups with favorite pastimes/crafts.
4:52 PMVarda Valar: Teleri: the sea, crafting and sailing marvelous ships.
4:53 PMArien V: Noldor : blacksmithing and forging, jewelcrafting and mining
4:53 PMVarda Valar: Noldor: crafting jewelry, armor, weapons, things
4:53 PMVarda Valar: Aye
4:53 PMArPharazon-V: Might just be a cultural thing. Doesn't mean every Teleri liked to sail around.
4:54 PMArPharazon-V: Just what they were known for :)
4:54 PMVarda Valar: They were called the sea-elves because they far preferred being by the water. Lived on the beach of Valinor instead of inland.
4:55 PMArPharazon-V: Maybe they liked the breeze, or they were just used to living there because so much of their kin lived there. We could say all the old Phoenicians liked boats as well, but there had to have been people behind the scenes :)
4:56 PMArPharazon-V: My point being, they might not be so different from humans in that regard.
4:56 PMVarda Valar: We are left to wonder about the Vanyar. We know they were blond,  a smaller group, tight-knit, lived at the foot of Taniquetil, called on for war when the Valar fought.
4:56 PMArPharazon-V: Maybe they liked mountain views ;)
4:57 PMVarda Valar: Aye, Phar. Just that all the Teleri did live on the beach, pretty much, rather than inland, and were more susceptible to the sea-longing as soon as they saw the sea.
4:57 PMArien V: maybe had a favor for art and architecture i think , elegance and grandeur in general
4:57 PMArPharazon-V: Maybe they got seasick ;)
4:58 PMArien V: the Vanyar i mean :)
4:58 PMArPharazon-V: Hmm, me too.
4:58 PMVarda Valar: The sea-longing was always present in the Noldor at a low level, perhaps how they could fight it when they were near the water
4:58 PMVarda Valar: The silvans/Teleri had no sea-longing until they saw it, then it hit like a tsunami.
4:59 PMVarda Valar: Any more comments on the Tolkien topic? Coming up on the hour.
5:00 PMArPharazon-V: The ability to live in both worlds, normal and shadow?
5:00 PMVarda Valar: Very good point
5:00 PMArPharazon-V: Humans tended to be restricted to one or the other, barring any Rings currently in possession.
5:02 PMVarda Valar: The fea/soul of an elf became far stronger over their long lives.

5:03 PMVarda Valar: *picks up a hammer from the conveyor belt running through the shelf nearby our great table*
5:04 PMVarda Valar: *Thwammmmmmmmmoinggggg*
5:04 PMVarda Valar: *hand still reverberating like a tuning folk, replacing the hammer in the shelf*
5:04 PMVarda Valar: *the hammerpad could use a hand in stopping its continued vibration. Anyone?*
5:06 PMArPharazon-V: *leans in* is it wise to stop it by hand?
5:07 PMVarda Valar: Might try something that's not your hand?
5:08 PMArien V: *offers the paddle of Silpions rowboat8#
5:08 PMArPharazon-V: *pokes hammerpad with a stick* *stick and hand start vibrating*
5:08 PMVarda Valar: Good idea! Lays the paddle across the hammerpad, a very large paddle indeed!
5:08 PMArPharazon-V: Ah, that works.
5:09 PMVarda Valar: *vibration of hands, stick, and hammerpad cease*
5:09 PMVarda Valar: Thanks Arien!

5:10 PMVarda Valar
5:10 PMVarda Valar: Free chat
5:10 PMVarda Valar: Can you grab the transcript, Phar?
5:11 PMVarda Valar: [Kinship] Mahariel: Our questing has led us into a cave, so busy atm, but reading
5:11 PMArPharazon-V: Well, it should be saved automatically from here. But depending on how much work the pc needs it could be a few days. Also, I'm missing the beginning.
5:12 PMVarda Valar: okie dokie
5:14 PMArPharazon-V: Well, without a working video card I won't be gaming anyway, so no hurry with personal gaming report... I'm off to take a shower, been way too busy today with this pc ;)
5:14 PMArPharazon-V: Back in a bit!
5:16 PMArien V: I am just copy pasting the log on a Word doc and can send it to you Varda if you want .. from the moment i came in
5:16 PMVarda Valar: That would be nice!
5:16 PMVarda Valar: I'm trying to grab it off the chat currently. That might be better
Arien V: okay got it and .. will send it via email :)
5:21 PMVarda Valar: thank you
Arien V: and sent
Varda Valar: Away for a bit now.
5:27 PMVarda Valar: Good night to Irmo, Miriel, and Hurin!
5:30 PMArien V: for those who didn't look into Discord earlier this week i d like to recommend a nice video :)
5:30 PMArien V:
5:30 PMArien V: from Miracle of sound
5:30 PMVarda Valar: Thank you
Arien V: Namarie to all :)
6:24 PMVarda Valar: Namarie Arien!
6:25 PMArPharazon-V: Namarie Arien!

6:25 PMArPharazon-V: Right, I'll start my gaming report.
6:25 PMVarda Valar: okie dokie

6:26 PMArPharazon-V: Many choices again for flashgames... let me decide.
6:27 PMArPharazon-V: Alright, I'll choose these 3.
6:29 PMArPharazon-V: is the first game! You play a dinosaur with a gun, running to the right, hunting people, trying to get certain distances along a route across the US. Dodge meteors, jump road sections, collect coins, buy upgrades, complete quests.
6:29 PMArPharazon-V: Just realized it doesn't save progress though. But you should be able to finish it in one go if you have time :)
6:32 PMArPharazon-V: is a short-ish point and click puzzle game, rather weird (describes itself as mind bending) where you have to solve puzzle in several rooms to be able to build a puzzle on the exit. Or something. Enjoy!
6:33 PMArPharazon-V: is the last one! Explore a city full of zombies in 48 hours; hours only matter as you travel from section to section. 1 hour for adjacent, 2 hours for anything further away.
6:34 PMArPharazon-V: Grab clues for where the daughter *isn't* from people's phones and notice boards, narrowing down the areas where she can be. Do some sub-plots on the way, hunting some escaped criminals and saving survivors.

6:39 PMArPharazon-V: Blizzard gaming!
6:41 PMArPharazon-V: Heroes of the Storm: Level 205! Rare chest for 205 came with a new mount and epic skin, very nice. This week's brawl was the Azmodunk brawl, with 10 Azmodans throwing basketballs at each other trying to bring up the team-wide bonus and do even more damage.
6:41 PMArPharazon-V: Fun, but only got halfway through my first brawl when the graphics gave out, so no free chest for me this week.
6:42 PMArPharazon-V: Hearthstone: Ahune event, following the Ragnaros event. Ice and Fire, eh? I wonder if it's a coincidence that the combination fell around the start of the new Game of Thrones season... ;)
6:44 PMArPharazon-V: It comes with a new brawl this week to kill mini-Ragnaroses on the board to inflict 4 damage on enemy hero, no way to harm them otherwise. Also, can't selfheal or use armor. So the trick is to kill more Ragnaroses than your opponent!
6:45 PMArPharazon-V: Also a new quest from Ahune, do 3 arenas (you get a free arena key) to get a pack of the upcoming expansion, though you can't open it yet.
6:46 PMArPharazon-V: Diablo 3: Bought the Necromancer pack! (one of 3 purchases I made this week) I also started the new season by taking care of the mailbox (yay for 2 extra stash spaces from necro pack) and rebirthing my paladin. Was going to start leveling her yesterday, but... yeah. Stupid graphics card. Oh well, we've got almost 3 months.
6:46 PMArPharazon-V: Paladin? Crusader, I mean :)
6:48 PMArPharazon-V: Starcraft II: My second purchase this week was the war chest bundle. I don't usually go for skins (or much of SCII play in general, alas) but the idea of unlocking a progress path and ending up with a whole bunch of skins for all 3 races was too tempting to resist.
6:49 PMArPharazon-V: Played a couple of matches to get experience to unlock them. Total experience required will be 4.5 million, 1.5 million per phase, but the deadline is November and you can get over 100k xp just from your first win of the day. 300k if you get a win with all 3 races, but I'll settle for one win a day.
6:49 PMArPharazon-V: Should be easy enough, even with time lost because of pc and some upcoming vacation days again :)
6:50 PMArPharazon-V: Third purchase was Starcraft: Remastered, with pre-order goodies ;) So many games to buy, so many games to play, so little time! But for 15 euros I thought it was worth it.
6:51 PMArPharazon-V: WoW:
6:52 PMArPharazon-V: More progress from our monday raid night, we got a person their druid toy from Firelands. Only one of us left to get it now, and she's not online every monday, so when she's not we can skip Firelands, leaving just Trial of the Crusader, Icecrown Citadel and Onyxia. It's getting faster and faster!
6:58 PMArPharazon-V: We got our first heroic Sass'zine kill in Tomb of Sargeras, making me the first in our group to randomly receive the Abyss Worm mount. Strange, ugly little thing, but hey, it's a mount!
7:00 PMArPharazon-V: The weekly this week is Arena Skirmishes. I usually have a lot of trouble with those (my least favorite weekly) but after getting some tips from an online Icy Veins guide for ferals, switching some talents around etc, it went quite fast. But I also landed in a good group at one point.
7:00 PMArPharazon-V: So with that and a few more world quests, I got a few more marks of honor, and made it to honor level 30 for this prestige.
7:01 PMVarda Valar: Grats
7:01 PMArPharazon-V: Still my least favorite, but at least it was done with faster ;)
7:02 PMArPharazon-V: And I had more time to quest in Suramar some more! Got all the little sidequests done, including setting up some murloc romance and rampaging a devilsaur through Suramar. I also helped out some owlcats and gained an owlkitten pet, very nice considering I use owlcat form for my feral spec :)
7:03 PMArPharazon-V: Now I just have to do the Jandvik part until I'm done with Good Suramaritan, and will have another objective complete to unlock flying.
7:05 PMArPharazon-V: Finally, more appearances got from old Burning Crusade raids, though no raids finished yet. Couple of nice weapons. Also finished the normal difficulty Magister's Terrace, which means heroic difficulty will be next for the rotation.
7:05 PMArPharazon-V: And that's my report for the week!
7:05 PMVarda Valar: Thank you Phar :)
(Elladan came in during After-meeting, helped Phar trouble-shoot his computer. Still needed taken to the shop.)