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February 5, 2017 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (6)
    Arien-(Valar)/AriehnV, Ar-Pharazon-(V)/ArPharazonV, Eonwe-(Valar)/Eonwe Valar, Eru-(Valar)/eru68, Lenwe-(V)/perseid28 (After-meeting), Varda-(Valar)/VardaValar1 (presiding)

Meeting begins
    Tolkien Site / Stories
       New story chapter11 this last week by Little Jewel-(T).
    Games report by Eonwe
    Topic: Similarities one might find between Willow and LotR, be it books or movies
    Flashgaming Reviews by Ar-Pharazon
    Personal gaming by Ar-Pharazon

Varda Valar (VardaValar1) has entered the room.
Ar-Pharazon-V (ArPharazonV) has entered the room.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya
Varda Valar: Aiya Phar :-)
Varda Valar: That ol' clock is just spinning around to time
Ar-Pharazon-V: Arien pokage'd
Varda Valar: Thanky
Eru (eru68) has entered the room.
Eru: Aiya!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
Varda Valar: Aiya Eru :-)
Eonwe Valar (Eonwe Valar) has entered the room.
Varda Valar: Aiya Eonwe :-)
Eonwe Valar: Heya all :}
Eru: Aiya, Eonwe.
Varda Valar: Elladan is not on a group chattable device
Varda Valar: Is Arien on the way?
Ar-Pharazon-V: She has not responded.
Varda Valar: okie dokie
Varda Valar: Thanks :-)   She'll come when she can. :-)

Varda Valar: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
Varda Valar: Membership:
Varda Valar: Happy to report that Dis and her husband have both been discharged from the hospital.
Varda Valar: Dis is already online in LotRO, although she can't stay long. Says hi. :-)
Eonwe Valar: Heya to Dis :}
Varda Valar: Passed your heya along. :-)
Arien V (AriehnV) has entered the room.
Arien V: Aiya all
Varda Valar: [Kinship] Freyah: Ayia
Varda Valar: Aiya Arien :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
Eru: Aiya, Arien.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And aiya to Freyah who is Dis?
Varda Valar: Right. Dis has lots of alts. :-)
Varda Valar: She and her husband used to run Keepers of Ayrshire. :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: I wonder how that's pronounced.
Varda Valar: another LotRO kin
Eru: It's Scottish, pronounced a lot like air-shire.
Varda Valar: Right
Varda Valar: They're old friends in LotRO from the early days, immediately after alpha.
Varda Valar: The beta worlds would restart and we'd renew acquaintance each time. :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Heh.
Varda Valar: It's the end of the world as we know it was a song we could often sing. :-)
Varda Valar: Any other membership news?

Varda Valar: Web:
Varda Valar: Under Stories, we have the latest chapter:
Varda Valar: "Learning to Smile", chapter 11 by Little Jewel-(T)
Varda Valar: Timeline update not up far enough to show online yet, sorry. Must keep plugging at it.
Varda Valar: Hoping to hook articles to it.
Varda Valar: Any other web news? Interesting Tolkien links?

Varda Valar: Gaming:
Varda Valar: Eonwe, feel free to give the overall Gaming report when ready!
Eonwe Valar: Thanks.

Eonwe Valar: Lord of the Rings Online:
Eonwe Valar: Update 19.3 is coming Monday. Check out the patch notes to see what to expect.
Varda Valar: Hobnangians is still going for LotRO. Until the 6th, tomorrow.

Eonwe Valar: World of Warcraft:
Eonwe Valar: Love is in the Air, among other things. Check out what goes on This Month in WoW.
Eonwe Valar: (That particular event will actually be starting this week,)
Eonwe Valar: Blizzard gives some tips on how to find some of the tougher-to-get-to locations for the Broken Isles Explorer achievement (and ultimately the Pathfinder: Part One achievement) in the blog Unlocking Flying: Explorer.
Eonwe Valar: Another blog gives us a look at what's coming in 7.2 with Preview: Legion Assaults on the Broken Isles.
Eonwe Valar: Check out the latest hotfixes.

Eonwe Valar: Diablo 3:
Eonwe Valar: Patch 2.5.0 is now up on the PTR. New features are coming: an armory and crafting material storage. (Sadly, no Necromancer yet.)

Eonwe Valar: Starcraft 2:
Eonwe Valar: Patch 3.10.1 is out.

Eonwe Valar: Heroes of the Storm:
Eonwe Valar: Just as a friendly reminder, the Lunar Festival runs until February 14th, so if you're going for the rooster mount, get those 25 races in by then.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Think I'm at 18 now, I should make it :-)

Eonwe Valar: Thus concludes the games report.
Varda Valar: Thank you, Eonwe. :-)

Varda Valar: For people seen in-game this week:
Varda Valar: For LotRO:
Varda Valar: In StarCraft 2: Fangorn and Eowyn
Varda Valar: In StarCraft/BroodWar: Fangorn and Varda
Varda Valar: Diablo 3: Bilbo
Varda Valar: Any additions you'd like to add?
Eonwe Valar: Saw that Bofur and Nob had been in WoW this week.
Varda Valar: Nice
Varda Valar: Elwing is still having problems showing up in WoW or LotRO due to the lack of a video card that she thought had been backordered,but had only been credited for the future.
Varda Valar: Assuming Phar and Arien were on WoW this past week. :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: I still am, and I've seen Arien.. when I poked her earlier ;-)
Varda Valar: Nice
Varda Valar: Fladrif still play Hearthstone?
Ar-Pharazon-V: That too, though I haven't talked to him this week.
Varda Valar: Thanks
Varda Valar: Any other business, suggestions, requests, Tolkien topics?

Ar-Pharazon-V: Well I did think of something but it might be rather niche...
Varda Valar: Tolkien?
Ar-Pharazon-V: And possibly very short, pun not intended
Ar-Pharazon-V: Hrrmm
Ar-Pharazon-V: Y'see, I was watching the movie Willow for the first time yesterday, you probably know it.
Varda Valar: Aye, enjoyed it.
Eru: Yes.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And at the end I saw the little person ride on his new pony with a shiny new cloak and being welcomed by the people of his town.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And my mind immediately went to the end of the LotR movie!
Ar-Pharazon-V: And I was curious what other similarities one might find between Willow and LotR, be it books or movies :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: And possibly The Hobbit.
Varda Valar: Starting off with very short people similar to hobbits that prefer to be left alone, with a village type set-up
Varda Valar: and war background.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Yep, good start!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Mostly farming community.
Varda Valar: and evil sorceror(ess)
Eru: The main character played by Val Kilmer could be something of an Aragorn rip off.
Ar-Pharazon-V: He does look a bit like it, though rather more of a scoundrel :-)
Varda Valar: He did wind up with the princess. And Aragorn is supposed to have looked like a scoundrel as Strider
Ar-Pharazon-V: There's also a good sorceror(ess) who transforms halfway through the story.
Eru: Yes.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's true :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Fine swordsman, too!
Eru: The baby was sort of the One Ring, the dark sorceress was searching for her while the small, unassuming, inexperienced person tried to get her to safety.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Difference being he wasn't intending to drop her down a volcano.
Varda Valar: heh
Varda Valar: She was precious. :-)
Eru: No, but the theme of one side seeking something while the other keeps it from them is very LotR.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Indeed, I noticed that, Eru :-)
Varda Valar: Aye, true
Ar-Pharazon-V: I must mention the main character receiving a special gift for the continuation of his quest from a fairy queen of sorts.
Eru: The princess started out as a villain but was redeemed, perhaps a slight Boromir reference.
Arien V (AriehnV) has left the room.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Though in this case he was supposed to pass it along.
Eru: A big fire-breathing three headed thing...I guess that could be a dragon or balrog reference.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I also remember the good guys defending from a siege/attack until reinforced by an army on their side. We've seen that several times.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah yes!
Varda Valar: Quite a few things!
Eru: Or was it two headed...two I think.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Trolls turning people to stone, rather then being turned to stone themselves.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Or did I misunderstand that?
Varda Valar: Partly it's the use of the Hero's Journey plot. The two movies are still quite different while being surprisingly similar.
Eru: Yes the high fantasy thing, the fate of the kingdom/world rests upon the quest.
Varda Valar: Aye. The hero returns to his people after accomplishing the quest, changed and able to help his people.
Eru: Yes.
Varda Valar: Both of those together
Ar-Pharazon-V: Sounds about right. And with good new connections to the race of big people next door who'd they had avoided until then.
Varda Valar: Both stories borrow from the old myths and folktales.
Varda Valar: Aye, which is very LotR
Eru: Actually it's worth mentioning the score for the movie was pretty good, by James Horner.
Varda Valar: The little people are friends with the new ruler
Varda Valar: Both had good music. :-)
Eru: Yes :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: hehe, true, that
Varda Valar: Both had good, fantastical settings, including ruins.
Varda Valar: Both had a good wizard/wizardress with some humor attached.
Eru: The dust of broken hearts...
Eru: I think it was called.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I don't recall that in LotR ;-)
Eru: Made them fall in love with the first person they saw.
Eru: Heh, no I was just referring to the humour.
Varda Valar: Hmm. Galadriel set up Aragorn to look like a young elf-lord and sent him right out where Arwen was.
Varda Valar: Love at first sight on both sides, pretty much.
Eru: Beren and Luthien rebooted.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Said story did include a cat, at first...
Varda Valar: Galadriel knew that worked.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Like the one fallen in love with by a dusted brownie (hmm, that sounds like a recipe)
Varda Valar: :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: The party did start out as a party of dwarves/hobbits, of which someone were split off later on. Though in this case they just returned home.
Eru: Yes.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And if I remember, the main character was in danger of losing his home to someone in the village? :-)
Eru: I think so yes.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Some connection to the Sackville-Bagginses there.
Varda Valar: Nice catch
Arien V (AriehnV) has entered the room.
Varda Valar: Aiyata Arien :-)
Varda Valar: I
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiyata!
Arien V: hantal
Ar-Pharazon-V: So do we know anything else, or should we start a bigger topic you may have had in mind? :-)
Varda Valar: I was considering calling it here, since people tend to need to leave early.
Varda Valar: But I have one that might be short?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Fine with me.
Eru: Unfortunately I'm out of time, namarie!
Eru (eru68) has left the room.
Varda Valar: Namarie Eru
Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!
Ar-Pharazon-V: We could save it for next week if you wish.
Eonwe Valar: Sleep well Eru.
Varda Valar: Sure, no problem.
Varda Valar: *catches a fast-flying hammer zooming over the top of the conveyor belt in the hammer shelf*
Varda Valar: *froooooshhhh!*
Varda Valar: *the ground, table, and us all go for a fast surfing across the air and right back in place*
Varda Valar: *carefully returns the hammer*

Varda Valar: After-meeting!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Bit dizzy now.
Varda Valar: Free chat
Ar-Pharazon-V: But hey, free ride!
Varda Valar: */heal*
Varda Valar: hehe
Eonwe Valar: Oh, managed to get my second legendary this week in WoW.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Grats!
Varda Valar: Congratulations!
Ar-Pharazon-V: And 940 immediately :-)
Eonwe Valar: Indeed. Then I upgraded my old legendary that same day to 940, and so yay me :}
Arien V: cpmgrats
Varda Valar: One of my favorite lines, "I serve the Nelfling."
Eonwe Valar: It's been so long since i saw Willow.
Eonwe Valar: Most similar quote from most recent movie I've watched: "I fight for the Users." :}
Ar-Pharazon-V: *googles*
Ar-Pharazon-V: Tron Legacy?
Eonwe Valar: Yep, hehe.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And I think they were called the Nelwyn, but Nelfling does sound nice ;-)
Varda Valar: ahh, thanks
Eonwe Valar: Varda just wants to come back to WoW and play her NElf Hunter :}
Ar-Pharazon-V: haha
Varda Valar: You have that right. :-)
Varda Valar: Can't have everything, at least not all at once. :-)
Eonwe Valar: :}
Ar-Pharazon-V: I wonder how much effort it must have taken to find the actors to fill a Nelwyn village.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I think I spotted Tirion Lannister in there too...
Eonwe Valar: lol
Varda Valar: Mad Martigan. Strider who they all knew was a scoundrel.
Eonwe Valar: And mini-me too?
Varda Valar: I think they have or had an actor's group for the little folk.
Eonwe Valar: I'm sure they do. Weren't most or all of the Munchkins in Wizard of Oz actual little folk, not children?
Ar-Pharazon-V: I think so, yes. Rather older movie though, so probably not ones we would recognize today.
Eonwe Valar: Well yeah, but shows that if you go looking, you can find people to fill the role when needed.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, while not actually credited on IMDB... I do think that's Peter Dinklage (Tirion)
Varda Valar: Aye, Eonwe
Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's true, yes.
Varda Valar: And some of the group went on to work in Harry Potter [Willow himself, Warwick Davis]
Eonwe Valar: Seriously? Hmm, thought you were joking but now I want to see.
Eonwe Valar: Oh wow, I see what you mean...
Ar-Pharazon-V: If it's not him, it's someone very much like him :-)
Varda Valar: I mean, the guild for little people actors. I don't know the actual name, but it's an interesting group.
Eonwe Valar: If that's him though, he'd have to be like ,.. 50 by now? Must've been 20-ish in the 80s.
Varda Valar: Sure similar
Eonwe Valar: Hmm, Quick look at wikipedia says he was born in 1969, so yeah, guess he would've been about the right age to be in that.
Eonwe Valar: Hmm, apparently I missed him in Prince Caspian.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm. I just read that Willow's title actor played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. I didn't realize that they too would probably have been from the same guild.
Eonwe Valar: He also got to be a stand in for Yoda in some shots apparently.
Varda Valar: The little people were upset I think when the Willy Wonka film filled in with CGI using just one guy. Could have been a nice lot of jobs for them.
Ar-Pharazon-V: The Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp one?
Varda Valar: If you guys are into the game [Superbowl], I think it's going now. People disappearing
Ar-Pharazon-V: I've not seen the latter, but I could imagine it for the former.
Varda Valar: Depp
Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah.
Eonwe Valar: And speaking of Mini-me, apparently Verne Troyer played the body of a Harry Potter character and Warwick Davis did the voice.
Varda Valar: More recent
Varda Valar: They might have for the Wilder one too, but to repeat that was probably even more annoying
Varda Valar (VardaValar1) has left the room.
Eonwe Valar: Yeah, that Johnny Depp one was all kinds of,... yeah....
Ar-Pharazon-V: CGI? ;-)
Varda Valar (VardaValar1) has entered the room.
Varda Valar: wrong button
Varda Valar: Way too many windows up. :-)
Eonwe Valar: :}
Ar-Pharazon-V: "Because Elora is in almost every scene of the film, a bunch of baby actors were cast to play her, along with an animatronic infant, the very thought of which is pure nightmare fuel."
Ar-Pharazon-V: I wish I would've noticed that :-P
Varda Valar: I knew there was more than one, didn't realize so many. An animatronic baby too? heh
Eonwe Valar: The Uncanny Valley: hard at work making you uncomfortable since things started looking like people.
Ar-Pharazon-V: hehe
Varda Valar: *playing game full of things that look similar to people*
Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, but many of those actually are people, so it's fine ;-)
Eonwe Valar: Yeah, but it's not CG Jeff Bridges :}
Varda Valar: Or CG Leia
Ar-Pharazon-V: Ooh, right, in SW8? I'd heard of that.
Eonwe Valar: Oh dear.
Varda Valar: That was startiling
Eonwe Valar: I hadn't heard about that, but yeah, that probably won't look right.
Varda Valar: The actress at the time was too old for that young shot.
Varda Valar: Moff Tarkin's CGI was on a lot!
Varda Valar: At least we get the real Carrie Fisher in the next Star Wars. For the last time, but we are definitely going to go see her swan song.
Ar-Pharazon-V: What are the odds they'll kill off the character?
Ar-Pharazon-V: I'm not sure whether that'd be respectful or not.
Varda Valar: I think they would have to be respectful or the theater will be pulled down around their ears.
Varda Valar: Could be a tasteful death
Varda Valar: With a title like the Last Jedi, I'm wondiering if Luke will make it out alive either.
Varda Valar: but we'll find out.
Eonwe Valar: My time to go has come, so I must be off. Take care all, good night, sleep well, and have fun.
Eonwe Valar (Eonwe Valar) has left the room.
Varda Valar: Namarie!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie Eonwe!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Good time to start gaming report?
Varda Valar: Aye

Ar-Pharazon-V: Flashgaming! 3 games
Ar-Pharazon-V: is the first game. Use your mouse to throw a basketball at the hoop, which gets more difficult over time. Keep going until you miss, try to get as many points as you can!
Ar-Pharazon-V: is a piraty game! Win battles, upgrade your ship, fulfill quests, carry trade goods around.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Sequel to one I liked as well :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Third game is which I stumbled on rather randomly. A hidden object game, but with achievements for certain sequences and types of item you click, and characters to unlock. Get them all!
Varda Valar: I have to go. Will read the rest in the transcript!
Varda Valar: Namarie
Varda Valar (VardaValar1) has left the room.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Blizzard games!
Ar-Pharazon-V: D3: Not done that I'm afraid ;-) I know I should get on it again, but still quite a while until season ends, maybe next week!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Hearthstone: Classes pretty far to the next level now. One or two are lagging behind, but at least I know what I should spend non-class-specific quests on ;-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Brawl this week was the Gift Exchange, giving the winter veil card back, or a standard pack for those who already owned it, which I did. Gifts appear on the board, the one who gets one killed on his turn gets the contents.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Heroes of the Storm: Rooster race going well, and I should get there by next week.
Ar-Pharazon-V: This week's brawl was an old one, 10 Sergeant Hammers (Sergeants Hammer?) on the Towers of Doom maps. I already had the portrait, but the brawl was fun in my opinion, so I did 3 more for the 1000 gold.
Ar-Pharazon-V: WoW:
Ar-Pharazon-V: For the Nighthold, my raidgroup killed Elisande and Gul'dan on Normal on tuesday while I wasn't there, and we decided to poke Heroic this week instead, getting the first 3 bosses, but wiping a bit on Aluriel. We're getting there, though.
Ar-Pharazon-V: No new pet from old raids, alas. New ones getting rare now!
Ar-Pharazon-V: A few more appearances gained from old instances, including my last item from C'thun, that should shorten my time in AQ every week a bit. Did not get my last item from heroic Slave Pens. Only a matter of time!
Ar-Pharazon-V: What else.. world quests!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Completed the achievements for 20 Bareback Brawls and Operation: Murloc Freedom, and only need to do one more Black Rook Rumble to get the new mount. Soon! Maybe tonight, who knows?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Family Familiar is progressing,  I've finished the Dragon part, and am continuing to throw levels at the pets I still need. I realized that since magic pets can't get one-shot, you can actually level lvl 1 magic pets at the Valley of Four Winds tamer with some ease. And since magic type is what I need to level most, that's very useful.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I decided to focus on the lower levels first, because they need less xp, and each level is still equally expensive if you buy them with charms. So it's better to get the lower levels up and then buy the higher ones if necessary.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And as for reputation gotten from world quests, 5 out of 6 Revered now, with Nightfallen close behind. Still need to do some quests there though, which would get me there, but I need the time first ;-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Finally, this week's weekly quest is 4 mythic dungeons. Being high ilevel actually made things a lot smoother this time around, because I could join rush-groups with a high requirement. Very nice for someone just wanting to do mythic without keystones for the quest :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: And I think that's it for me this week! Not as much to report as last few weeks, but gotta have calm weeks too. And perhaps things slowing down is a good thing for once ;-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: End of my report!

perseid28 has entered the room.
perseid28: Aiya Arien and Ar-Pharazon!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
perseid28: after meeting? Or after-after meeting?
Ar-Pharazon-V: After-after, but feel free to share anything you'd like in transcript :-)
perseid28: I don't think I had anything to say, just wanted to say hi to anyone who was left in the meeting :)
Arien V: Aiya Lenwe :-)
Arien V: and Namarie :-)
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Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie Arien!
Ar-Pharazon-V: saving and sending transcript

How did they show appreciation in Middle-earth and beyond?