Valar Guild

August 6, 2017 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Arien, Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (8)
    AIM: Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Varda (presiding)
    Discord: Arien, Irm/Irmo, Hurin, Maha/Miriel, Varda. Fangorn (After-meeting).
    LotRO: Hurin, Varda present but didn't need relay.

Meeting begins
    General gaming report by Eonwe
    Topic 1:  Ways into Mordor.
    Topic 2:  What were the main jobs of the Aratar Valar?
    Topic 3:  Is there any clue in the books how the famous songs were handed down other than hearing/memory?
    More Tolkien chat: poetry and music.
    Flashgaming Review by Ar-Pharazon

(Times Central)
Varda Valar (15:39:32):    Phar!
Varda Valar (15:58:31):    Aiiya
Varda Valar (15:58:34):    Aiya
EonweValar (16:00:01):    Hwy all.
ArPharazon-V (16:01:02):    Aiya!
EonweValar (16:01:15):    Glad to see that helped :}
Varda Valar (16:01:26):    Fantastic :)
Varda Valar (16:01:34):    We also have a meeting group in Discord

Varda Valar (16:01:44):    Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
ArPharazon-V (16:01:49):    It did :) Wasn't sure about exact spelling of my accountname or which one of a few possible passwords I was using, but narrowing one down made it a lot simpler ;)
Varda Valar (16:02:46):    I did email what I knew, which did not include a password. :)
Varda Valar (16:02:51):    Grats for working it out!
Varda Valar (16:03:01):    Thanks to your dad for letting you join us today. :)
ArPharazon-V (16:03:35):    He's not here, my parents are still on vacation, I only joined em for the first few days. Got home on saturday... half an hour late to pick up the pc, I didn't know the shop closed that early on saturdays.
ArPharazon-V (16:04:06):    So now I'm using my dad's. Hopefully tomorrow I can make an appointment to let my own pc delivered on the same day.
ArPharazon-V (16:05:14):    Been making lists of what I need to do and catch up on the moment it's here. It's gonna be quite an effort.
Varda Valar (16:05:46):    I'd call this part of Membership :)
ArPharazon-V (16:06:00):    Sure :)
Varda Valar (16:06:13):    Irmo and Miriel are with us on Discord.
ArPharazon-V (16:06:37):    Hm. Looks like part of my effort will be doing a bunch of timewalks in WoW in the next 2 days, gonna be tight....
Varda Valar (16:09:36):    Hurin is coming into Discord
Varda Valar (16:09:44):    Fangorn is trying to make it into Discord
Varda Valar (16:10:56):    Hurin joined us
ArPharazon-V (16:11:20):    Aiya!
Varda Valar (16:16:11):    Aiya Hurin :)
Varda Valar (16:16:23):    Hurin is also in LotRO and Discord, multi-talented. :)
Arien V (16:16:39):    aiya all :)

[Note: left out intended report by Varda, adding in here: Since May 14, AIM has had 7 different people show up for meetings, Discord has had 7 also, but less regular. Five have used both, sometimes at the same time. Two used only AIM but are very regular, four used only Discord. Today we added one more to Discord, another says he will download Discord for next week. Others in Discord present but not speaking are counted as gaming only and not joining in the meeting, although at least one said he saw the typing but at that time did not see how to message himself. Discord is used across a number of games.]

Varda Valar (16:17:24):    Gaming:
ArPharazon-V (16:17:37):    Aiya!
Varda Valar (16:17:41):    Maha-Today at 4:14 PM
Hurin, Irm, Annael, Celeborn & Miriel are all still communicating and passing each other in games.
Varda Valar (16:18:44):    Irm-Today at 4:16 PM
Annael is with Mitriel and Irmo and Hurin in Discord, celeborn is in GW2 but with us in Discord
Annael Miriel and Irmo are ion BlacjdesertInlone toegether
Hurin Miriel and Irmo are bacj active in LOTRO
Varda Valar (16:20:43):    Is Eonwe present?
ArPharazon-V (16:20:54):    sorry, seems AIM froze... I thought my own pc was bad (without gpu drivers) but this one appears to be even worse
EonweValar (16:20:55):    Yes.
EonweValar (16:21:24):    To the question of my presence, that is.
EonweValar (16:21:42):    I have no comment on Phar's computer, hehehe.
ArPharazon-V (16:22:02):    So even if I do manage to transfer the log from this pc to my other one, you might miss a few lines there :)
Varda Valar (16:22:26):    Can you do the Games report, if you have time?
EonweValar (16:22:34):    Aye.
Varda Valar (16:22:41):    Thank you :)

EonweValar (16:22:59):    Lord of the Rings Online:
EonweValar (16:23:42):    A new Dev Interview was posted: Epic Book & Beyond.
EonweValar (16:24:04):    More exciting, though, is that the Mordor expansion is out. Check out the patch notes to see what to expect. To those venturing into Mordor, have fun!

EonweValar (16:24:20):    World of Warcraft:
ArPharazon-V (16:24:48):    So I need to ask. Do you just walk in, or are there other forms of transportation needed? :)
EonweValar (16:24:55):    See what's going on this month in WoW.
This week's bonus event is Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking.
EonweValar (16:25:29):    The Darkmoon Faire is going.
Check out the Live Developer Q&A held this past week.
There's also hotfixes. And more hotfixes.

EonweValar (16:25:53):  Starcraft 2:
EonweValar (16:26:11):    A balance update is out.

EonweValar (16:26:25):    Heroes of the Storm:
EonweValar (16:26:41):    The PTR is up with a new patch.

EonweValar (16:26:54):    Hearthstone:
EonweValar (16:27:11):    Now live: Wild Sets and Card Pack Changes.
EonweValar (16:27:30):    Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of The Lich King at Blizzard.

EonweValar (16:27:44):    Overwatch:
EonweValar (16:28:03):    A new preview is out for the Katowice Group Stage.
ArPharazon-V (16:28:21):    ooh, the legendary change is out in Hearthstone already? I can open packs again...

EonweValar (16:29:17):    WoW Lothar: Seen that was on this past week -- Eonwë, Arien, Bofur. No one is in WoW right now to relay messages for the meeting to or from.

Arien V (16:29:21):    got a title Phari to your question ages ago :) "Walked into Mordor" :)
EonweValar (16:29:35):    Thus ends my report.
ArPharazon-V (16:29:40):    Yes, I heard about that last time, Arien, I was just wondering if literally walking there was an option ;)  [Note: yes.]
Varda Valar (16:29:52):    Thank you very much, Eonwe. :)

Added into the transcript, LotRO Landroval gamers in kin this week:

Varda Valar (16:29:57):    Web:
Varda Valar (16:30:27):    Nothing new from me, trying to figure how to show a piece of art but thinking I'll wait until it's rigged more for actual showing.
Varda Valar (16:31:02):    Any other business, suggestions?

Varda Valar (16:31:49):    Tolkien:
Varda Valar (16:31:58):    We are now taking Tolkien topic suggestions.
Varda Valar (16:34:42):    Suggestion coming in from Discord, about the songs.

Arien V (16:35:14):    ways into mordor .. one does not simply walk there aparentl ?
Varda Valar (16:35:24):    You can :)
Varda Valar (16:35:31):    Frodo did. :)
ArPharazon-V (16:36:10):    Technically he climbed, ran, and then was carried.
Varda Valar (16:36:25):    He did a lot of walking too. We can include marching with orcs.
Arien V (16:37:22):    he journeyed a bit by cart .. the way from Bamfurlong to the Bockenburg ferry
Arien V (16:37:58):    rode on Bill after he was injured
Varda Valar (16:37:58):    Ponies could be included.
ArPharazon-V (16:38:06):    Ponies do still walk.
Varda Valar (16:39:45):    When they actually reach Mordor, how do they travel there?
ArPharazon-V (16:40:48):    More walking and climbing. But Frodo was also being carried inside.
Varda Valar (16:41:05):    So walking by Sam. :)
ArPharazon-V (16:41:15):    True.
ArPharazon-V (16:41:28):    All stealthy-like. After snoozing in front of a gate.
ArPharazon-V (16:42:02):    Passed out in TT, woke up in RotK. Quite a nap.
Varda Valar (16:42:48):    We have another topic if this one seems walked out?

Varda Valar (16:43:12):    To Eonwe about the Games Site:
Varda Valar (16:43:14):    Irm-Today at 4:26 PM
Thanks eonwe, we will mail youi, abd hi from me

ArPharazon-V (16:43:16):    Sure.

Varda Valar (16:43:22):    The other topic:
Varda Valar (16:43:52):    What were the main jobs of the Aratar Valar? First we need to name who they were. The Maiar picked their jobs by picking which Vala to aid.
Varda Valar (16:44:39):    Who were the Aratar?
Arien V (16:46:29):    just wanted to ask that :)
Varda Valar (16:46:55):    The Aratar were the main Valar, the ones we usually think of.
Varda Valar (16:47:09):    Figured you guys might know them off the top of your heads
ArPharazon-V (16:47:31):    There were like... 8 of them, yes?
ArPharazon-V (16:47:36):    Is Melkor counted?
Varda Valar (16:47:54):    Right. Melkor lost his chance to be counted, so there are eight.
ArPharazon-V (16:48:21):    Manwe, Varda, Aule, Mandos...
ArPharazon-V (16:48:27):    Tulkas, Orome
ArPharazon-V (16:48:31):    Ulmo
Arien V (16:48:37):    Manwe , Tulkas, Varda, Irmo, Aule, Yavanne,
ArPharazon-V (16:49:00):    Yavanna, that's the one I was missing. Not sure if Irmo was among them and I got one of the others wrong.
Varda Valar (16:49:33):    Irmo is one, right. Tulkas is not.
ArPharazon-V (16:49:41):    Aha.
Arien V (16:49:47):    ah right thanks :)
Arien V (16:50:44):    7 with Yavanna and 8 with Melkor
Varda Valar (16:50:47):    Manwe, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aule, Mandos, Nienna, and Orome
Varda Valar (16:52:02):    Pick one and say what he or she was a Vala/Valie of?
Varda Valar (16:52:25):   
Irm-Today at 4:51 PM
My favourite is Nienna: compassion
ArPharazon-V (16:52:39):    So is it Nienna or Irmo?
Varda Valar (16:52:38):    Varda-Today at 4:52 PM
Gandalf was very fond of her.
Arien V (16:53:00):    Nienna was the Valier of Mandos wasnt she?
Arien V (16:53:29):    or is I shoujld say
ArPharazon-V (16:54:31):    We should probably confirm who the Aratar are before we start assigning domains :)
Varda Valar (16:54:58):    Double-checking in the Valaquenta.
Varda Valar (16:55:06):    Nienna is listed, not Irmo.
Varda Valar (16:55:21):    We could go with the main ones by their gender.
Varda Valar (16:55:40):   
Irm-Today at 4:53 PM
Ulmo: lord of all watres; Aule: lord of lore and stone; Mandos: lord of souls; Orome lord of hunt adn the of course Manny lord of skies and Varda lord of light and stars
Yavannah ladsy of crops and fruits
Nono nienna belonged to herself ; Vaire is Namos lady
ArPharazon-V (16:55:53):    So. Manwe, Ulmo, Aule, Mandos, Orome, Varda, Yavanna, Nienna?
Varda Valar (16:56:19):    Guess you can't see the gray lines?
ArPharazon-V (16:56:38):    I can, but there were contradictions between gray chat and aim chat.
ArPharazon-V (16:56:56):    There still are, if I'm reading Vaire right.
Varda Valar (16:59:09):    Manwe, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aule, Mandos, Nienna, and Orome.
Varda Valar (16:59:24):    Sorry, left out a question about who was married to whom.
ArPharazon-V (17:00:07):    In any case, for those 8... sky, water, earth/craft, death? hunt, stars, plants and... what was Nienna? Compassion seems a bit of an odd one in that group.
Varda Valar (17:01:25):    Pity, compassion, necessary to keep from being Morgoth.
Arien V (17:01:27):    Manwe, Ulmo , Aule , Orome, Mandos, Lorien and Tulkas
Arien V (17:02:08):    Varda, Yavanna, Nienna , Este , Vaire, Vana and Nessa
ArPharazon-V (17:02:20):    Fair enough, Varda
Arien V (17:02:23):    according to the Silmarillion
Varda Valar (17:02:33):    Manwe: the breath of Arda. The air.
Varda Valar (17:02:47):    The Elder King
ArPharazon-V (17:03:42):    air, earth, water, heart.. just need fire and we can summon Captain Planet.
Varda Valar (17:03:51):    You bet :)
EonweValar (17:03:56):    As I recall, the root "Sul" also has a connotation of "spirit."
Varda Valar (17:04:42):    In the back of this old Sil version, sul is "wind" but I think you're right.
EonweValar (17:05:27):    Or did in HoME. Given his title means "Lord of the Breath of Arda" perhaps the connection can be seen.
Varda Valar (17:05:44):    Irm-Today at 5:02 PM
Interestig is that Aule and Melkor always were in the same jobline: hence the falling of Curuinir,
ArPharazon-V (17:06:05):    and Sauron, also originally in Aule's gang
Varda Valar (17:06:08):    Irm-Today at 5:05 PM
But in a way Melkor, Aule, all the Noldor and Saruman have this same line of hobby: to know .. more; granted only Melkor and Saruman fell forthe trap, but it is a central theme in all boooks, especially the oldones
ArPharazon-V (17:07:10):    Goes back to the bible, at least, I think. Tree of knowledge or something?
Varda Valar (17:07:31):   
Irm-Today at 5:06 PM
nice hought there regarding Sulimo indeed
Varda Valar (17:08:21):    I do remember something about the name being connected to the spirit, just not sure where it is.
ArPharazon-V (17:08:36):    I wonder if it's related to a love of craftsmanship, the desire for technological advancement... we see bad stuff related to that in LotR too.
EonweValar (17:08:36):    Fun aside, if you look at the first 3 Aratar, and abstract their roles a little bit, pull back from what we normally focus them on, and you can see Aulë "Lord of the Earth" works with solids, Ulmo "Lord of Waters" works with Liquids, and Manwë "Lord of the Breath of Arda" works with gases --- three states of matter. Throw Varda the "Star-Kindler" in and we get plasma. Throw in the next one, Yavanna, and we get life.
Varda Valar (17:08:42):    Varda: Valie of light, all kinds, not just the starlight.
ArPharazon-V (17:09:11):    I always did consider light to be something like an extra element.
ArPharazon-V (17:09:30):    Compared to the classic 4 or 5.
Varda Valar (17:12:16):    Ulmo, Lord of all the waters, fresh, salt, and underground. He picked up a lot of information from those.
ArPharazon-V (17:12:28):    Water does get everywhere.
Varda Valar (17:13:42):    Yavanna, all growing things. That's a lot of territory.
ArPharazon-V (17:14:08):    We had a leak in our caravan trailer last week, had a really tough time figuring out where it was and how to fix it...
Varda Valar (17:14:14):    Irm-Today at 5:13 PM
So who of all the Valar would you say is the soucre of music? (ricky one this)
Varda Valar (17:14:24):    Hope you got it fixed?
Arien V (17:14:35):    complain to Ulmo and have Aule fix it :)
Varda Valar (17:14:37):    hehe
Varda Valar (17:14:55):    Aule: maker of the earth and crafting. Talk about a big deal.
ArPharazon-V (17:15:06):    Yeah, we found a loose pipe or something somewhere in the back among the storage areas, located rather by accident.
ArPharazon-V (17:15:19):    As for music... I'd say Illuvatar himself came up with that one.
ArPharazon-V (17:15:31):    Though sound does rather depend on air :)
Varda Valar (17:15:54):    Mandos: the ultimate destiny of all. Keeper of the dead, speaker of the future when Manwe says he can. Like the Doom of Mandos.
Arien V (17:16:02):    water makes sound as well as the rustling of leaves and singing of birds
Varda Valar (17:17:01):    Orome: Lord of forests, Lord of the hunt.
ArPharazon-V (17:17:37):    Still needs air as a medium, Arien.
Varda Valar (17:17:38):    That can also put him in the forefront of martial activities, exploring.
Varda Valar (17:17:49):    Air is a medium
ArPharazon-V (17:18:09):    Though I suppose water works.
ArPharazon-V (17:18:31):    Orome the scout?
Varda Valar (17:19:01):    Yes.
Arien V (17:19:28):    i d say all together .. all the sounds togethr make music
Arien V (17:19:42):    tthe idea thou originated from Eru
EonweValar (17:20:53):    Eru taught the Ainur to sing before air existed, hehe.
Varda Valar (17:20:57):    Irm-Today at 5:19 PM
We submit: music is the channel for each of their powers and it stems from the Song of Making
Varda Valar (17:21:26):    Irm-Today at 5:20 PM
Which would mean muasic is shared between them
Varda Valar (17:21:40):    (These copy/pastes are having trouble being in order.)
ArPharazon-V (17:21:53):    Everybody likes that music.

Varda Valar (17:22:04):    Irm-Today at 5:21 PM
Miriels Music tangent: is there any clue in the books how the famous songs were handed down other than hearing/memory? Is there any other way of knowing how a verse should be sung other than having it heard singing? (could be Thorins song/pippins song/Luthiens song as remembered by Araagorn etc)
Varda Valar (17:22:59):    Irm-Today at 5:22 PM
Is there any clue in the books to music being written as notes?
EonweValar (17:23:13):    I have little doubt that, among all their other copious note-taking, the Noldor came up with sheet music of some sort, hehe.
Varda Valar (17:23:13):    Irm-Today at 5:22 PM
Ot was hearing the only way to remember?
Arien V (17:23:51):    i am sure a lot was passed on by tradition .. singing to each other, listening to songs
Varda Valar (17:23:56):    Varda-Today at 5:23 PM
There was music in the water, a type of note writing.
ArPharazon-V (17:24:05):    I too have no doubt that a race as inclined to make music and preserve their own history as much as the elves would have invented a way to transcribe music to the page, yes.
EonweValar (17:24:06):    I would not necessarily be in the standard scale we use of A-G with sharps/flats though.
EonweValar (17:24:12):    *I = It
Varda Valar (17:24:51):    That all makes sense.
ArPharazon-V (17:25:33):    Actually I read that our musical scale is a rather intuitive system based on mathematical relationships between frequences, though I don't remember the details... so it might very well be a similar scale.
EonweValar (17:25:38):    Given they would have better hearing, Elves could no doubt make better distinction between notes, and could fit more in their scale.
ArPharazon-V (17:25:46):    True. More nuances.
Varda Valar (17:26:33):    Irm-Today at 5:25 PM
But elves hear and remember an era; to men many songs must have gone astray until they found out about notes:)
Varda Valar (17:27:04):    Irm-Today at 5:26 PM
Anyway, I have never found any clue in any of the books
ArPharazon-V (17:27:44):    Hard to imagine Eru passing out music sheets at the start of the song.
Varda Valar (17:28:39):   
I don't remember seeing anything specifically about writing notes, as it did letters like the runes Tengwar etc.
But in the Hebrew system, the letters were also notes, so it could have been that way here?
Varda Valar (17:29:11):    Irm-Today at 5:28 PM
could be that elvish runes incluse a tone?
EonweValar (17:30:50):    Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but I must be on my way. Take care all, good night, sleep well, and have fun.
ArPharazon-V (17:30:59):    Namarie!
Arien V (17:31:08):    namarie :)
Varda Valar (17:32:00):    Namarie!
Varda Valar (17:32:06):    The hour has come and passed. :)
Varda Valar (17:32:26):   
Irm-Today at 5:31 PM
So if that is the case anybody with knowledge of quenya/sindarin (INCLUDING the right tone) could still pick up how a song is tobe sung byreading it? Interesting Phar..
Maybe that is how Gand and Pippa did it for Peter Jackson then (j/k)
ArPharazon-V (17:33:19):    Giant discord smiley is so creepy.
Arien V (17:33:31):    aye
ArPharazon-V (17:34:26):    But yes, I do like the idea of music being passed from generation to generation and from race to race by musical scale. A song can lose so much if it's not sung right.
Varda Valar (17:34:33):    Fangorn was trying to type in Discord but hasn't got the hang of it yet.
Varda Valar (17:35:01):   
Irm-Today at 5:34 PM
Great to see you all again kind folk, namarie!
ArPharazon-V (17:35:09):    Namarie!
Arien V (17:35:22):    Namarie :)
ArPharazon-V (17:37:24):    Wonder if I should go to bed early. Not like I've got games to play and I do want to get up early enough to make that pc appointment as early as possible. Sooner I get that thing, the better :)
Arien V (17:37:52):    good luck with it Phari :)
Varda Valar (17:37:51):    *the hammer jumped over the moon*
Varda Valar (17:38:05):    *and fell on the hammerpad*
Varda Valar (17:38:11):    *whump!*
Arien V (17:38:13):    *tries to catch it*

Varda Valar (17:38:15):    After-meeting!
ArPharazon-V (17:38:20):    And the dish ran away with the spoon.
Varda Valar (17:38:27):    Folks are now taking off in Discord too.
Varda Valar (17:38:54):    Maedhros just showed up in LotRO, says he'll get Discord on that machine later to join in next time.
ArPharazon-V (17:38:59):    Saw that song recently in the Tom Bombadil book. Haven't tried comparing it to the book version yet. Are they identical?
Varda Valar (17:39:04):    Fangorn intends to figure how to type in Discord.
ArPharazon-V (17:39:08):    the LotR version I mean
Varda Valar (17:39:25):    I'll let you look and compare, let us know!
ArPharazon-V (17:40:35):    Maybe next time, where I'm sitting now is even further away from my books than usual ;) I was wondering if anyone here simply knew.
Varda Valar (17:40:38):    Maedhros-V in kin: [Kinship] Galadhrandiel: I don't have Discord set up on this machine. :) Will try to set it up for next time.
Varda Valar (17:40:58):    Absolutely identical? I'd have to check.
Varda Valar (17:41:06):    line by line. Sorry.
Varda Valar (17:41:11):    Not off the top of my head.
Varda Valar (17:41:43):    So, in Bombadil's story and somewhere in LotR.
ArPharazon-V (17:42:14):    Yes. The inn song. Didn't Frodo sing it in whole in Bree?
Varda Valar (17:45:36):    Looks like Frodo did indeed. "At the Sign of the Prancing Pony"
Varda Valar (17:47:06):    "The Tolkien Reader" has Bombadil's story
Varda Valar (17:47:42):    Man in the Moon is number 6
Varda Valar (17:48:14):    Not it
Arien V (17:48:16):
Varda Valar (17:48:17):    looking
Varda Valar (17:49:01):    ahh, it's The Man in the Moon Stayed Up Too Late
Varda Valar (17:49:10):    number 5
ArPharazon-V (17:50:39):    I think that's the one, yes.
Arien V (17:50:44):    whether original or not its a nice catchy song#
Varda Valar (17:50:43):    Yes, identical.
Varda Valar (17:50:50):    Good catch :)
ArPharazon-V (17:50:55):    Ah :)
Varda Valar (17:52:51):    Playing Arien's tune. Catchy. :)
ArPharazon-V (17:53:21):    Still can't access it :)
ArPharazon-V (17:53:36):    I might check from the transcript.
Varda Valar (17:54:26):    I'll leave off a letter
Varda Valar (17:55:12):    ttps://
Varda Valar (17:55:18):    It plays in Discord
Varda Valar (17:55:40):    hum. It corrected for it.
ArPharazon-V (17:55:56):    this time I got a link at the top though!
Varda Valar (17:55:57):    does it show the url at the top?
Varda Valar (17:56:04):    o good. Now you can add an h :)
ArPharazon-V (17:57:05):    yay!nice song
Varda Valar (17:57:10):    Anyway, the big thing going on in LotRO is that we have the Mordor expansion. :)
Arien V (17:57:25):
Varda Valar (17:57:25):    Tons of new stuff going on. New area, new crafting, new race.
Varda Valar (17:58:03):    Arien can you post and drop the first h?
Arien V (17:58:30):    and i boosted my guardian to 105 .. probably a bit lazy with just 5 levels missing but he was already halfways in the area :)
Arien V (17:58:36):    yeah sure :)
Arien V (17:58:47):    ttps://
Varda Valar (17:59:15):    Maybe post in Discord again?
Varda Valar (18:00:16):    ttps://
ArPharazon-V (18:00:51):    Gotta love James Nesbitt.
Varda Valar (18:02:17):    aye!
Varda Valar (18:02:27):    Blunt the Knives comes on right after :)
Arien V (18:03:15):    aye :)
Varda Valar (18:03:28):    The dwarves showed a lot of agility in that!
Arien V (18:05:06):    they did :)
ArPharazon-V (18:06:26):    and then there's ttps://
Arien V (18:13:21):    uhm .. the cow maybe jumped over the moon but where the Sun is concerned . i guess just sinks kind of behind those mountains :)
ArPharazon-V (18:13:58):    Arien doesn't like inns as much as Tilion?
Arien V (18:13:58):    such a fun meetting and aftermeeting :) Namarie everyone and thanks again :)
ArPharazon-V (18:14:04):    Namarie!
Arien V (18:14:21):    might like the windows to sparkle on :)
Varda Valar (18:22:47):    Sounds pretty :)
Varda Valar (18:23:14):    Fangorn made it into our Discord channels. Texted and spoke just fine.:)
ArPharazon-V (18:24:06):    Yay!
Varda Valar (18:24:31):    Getting quite a crew in there. :) Probably because it's also being use for gaming.
ArPharazon-V (18:24:45):    Not bad.
Varda Valar (18:24:46):    *used

ArPharazon-V (18:39:11):    Well. Personal gaming report? Honestly I don't have much. I played like.. one flashgame this week for a daily badge, and virtually no WoW (just some mail-collecting). So.. have as flashgame. Point and click, move around, make some decisions for interaction and assignments, solve a few puzzles.

Varda Valar (18:40:01):    Don't have to make huge reports. Most of us barely mention we played the game. The flashgames are especially nice with the reviews you do.
ArPharazon-V (18:40:31):    Well, that's all you'll get from me this week :)
Varda Valar (18:40:31):    Like the type of game, was it fun or not? Why if you can say.
Varda Valar (18:40:34):    Ok. :)
Varda Valar (18:40:47):    We'll have you back gaming like crazy soon enough!
ArPharazon-V (18:40:52):    Oh, I always like puzzle games and point-and-clicks if they're intuitive enough.
ArPharazon-V (18:42:17):    But the preview for next week's badges of the week already mentions a game called "a few good taters" and obviously we can't go wrong with a LotR reference.
ArPharazon-V (18:44:15):    But let's worry about that when my pc's back. Hopefully about 12 hours from now :)
ArPharazon-V (18:44:56):    Time of withdrawal shall end, time of catching up shall commence.
Varda Valar (18:44:56):    May it be!
Varda Valar (18:45:01):    hehehe
ArPharazon-V (18:45:33):    Though I did watch a lot of recorded shows and movies in the time it was broken, so there's that. Watched The Great Gatsby this weekend, and started Chicago.
ArPharazon-V (18:46:01):    Total coincidence that both apparently take place in the 1920s.
Varda Valar (18:46:12):    or that's a time period interesting to you.
ArPharazon-V (18:46:52):    Not really, they're just famous movies that happened to air near each other in time, about half a year ago. But it is an interesting cultural period.
Varda Valar (18:47:40):    I could comment that there was a Sharknado marathon on, hehe. Watched a bit during our meal.
ArPharazon-V (18:47:57):    Ooh, I'd definitely record that ;)
Varda Valar (18:48:03):    hehe
ArPharazon-V (18:48:19):    We watched Piranha a few months ago. So silly.
Varda Valar (18:48:21):    Surprised at all the well-known actors. Think they were there just to have fun.
ArPharazon-V (18:49:17):    A bit like Mars Attack, then.
Varda Valar (18:49:39):    or Airplane and Airplane 2
ArPharazon-V (18:49:47):    Yep.
ArPharazon-V (18:53:10):    Namarie! Should be back on the old pc next week. I'll try to get all 3 transcript sent tomorrow or day after as time permits :)
ArPharazon-V (18:53:17):    *transcripts
Varda Valar (18:53:18):    Namarie :)
Varda Valar (18:53:27):    Not needed. Trying to keep up with them.
Varda Valar (18:53:37):    We'll put you back to work next time though!
ArPharazon-V (18:53:47):    Fair enough. I'll decide tomorrow. And sure :)
Varda Valar (18:54:00):    Yours are still cleaner . :)
ArPharazon-V (18:54:04):    hehe
Varda Valar (18:54:04):    Okie dokies
ArPharazon-V (18:54:07):    gnight!
Varda Valar (18:54:21):    Namarie and good luck!
ArPharazon-V (18:54:26):    thanks