Valar Guild

November 17, 2013 Sunday Meeting

(and into the chat marathon)
5pm EST (UTC - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (8)
    AriehnV, ArPharazonV, EonweValar (presiding over last section), farmermaggotv, Fladrifv, Gwaihir-Valar, Indis-(V)/karakedi25, VardaValar1 (presiding over first section)

Meeting begins
    Hobbit movies
    Radagast and the other Istari.


(Times are in Central Standard Time. Add one hour for Eastern.)
VardaValar1 (3:53:29 PM):    Aiya Arien and Phar :-)
ArPharazon-V (3:57:33 PM):    Aiya. Garrosh fight. Can't talk. Back later.
EonweValar (3:58:01 PM):    Heya.
Fladrifv (3:58:07 PM):    Aiya
Arien V (3:58:16 PM):    Aiya Varda , Eonwe and Fladrif , Gwaihir and Pharzi .. give him good from me
VardaValar1 (3:58:26 PM):    Aiya Eonwe, Fladrif, and Gwaihir :-)

VardaValar1 (4:01:09 PM):    Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
VardaValar1 (4:01:23 PM):    A star shines on the hour of our meeting. :-)
VardaValar1 (4:01:30 PM):    Aiya Farmer!
farmermaggotv (4:01:35 PM):    Aiya all.
VardaValar1 (4:01:42 PM):    Welcome :-)
VardaValar1 (4:01:45 PM):    Membership:
VardaValar1 (4:02:14 PM):    We have a person who has completed the test in LotRO, but is still choosing a name. The hard part, right?
EonweValar (4:02:39 PM):    Hehe, aye :}
VardaValar1 (4:03:01 PM):    You all remember what that was like? Maybe it's been too long. But it can be hairy.

VardaValar1 (4:03:14 PM):    Web:
VardaValar1 (4:03:47 PM):    Nothing new at this time. DeepGroover is working on a new model that should go on the art site when it's done.
VardaValar1 (4:04:02 PM):    I've seen the parts, elaborate.

VardaValar1 (4:04:07 PM):    Gaming:
VardaValar1 (4:04:26 PM):    Which games have we played this past week other than WoW and LotRO?
VardaValar1 (4:04:40 PM):    Some are playing Guild Wars 2
VardaValar1 (4:04:56 PM):    Bilbo, Sauron, Gimli, and myself have been on SWTOR
Gwaihir-Valar (4:05:06 PM):    I've been playing my PS4 :-)
VardaValar1 (4:05:26 PM):    Is that a console?
Arien V (4:05:28 PM):    i have met Bilbo on SWToR a couple of times but never any of the others
Gwaihir-Valar (4:05:34 PM):    ya Playstation 4, launched on Friday
VardaValar1 (4:05:46 PM):    Sauron is mostly on Empire. Bilbo switches back and forth.
VardaValar1 (4:05:58 PM):    O wow, that was quick, Gwaihir.
Gwaihir-Valar (4:06:30 PM):    or well, in NA it launched on Friday, Eu launch is the 29th
Arien V (4:06:44 PM):    I find it hard with my sage at the moment to continue questing on her since i always get flattened by the stupid jail inmates ^^
Arien V (4:07:11 PM):    so i am playing my inquisitor which is quite fun :-D
VardaValar1 (4:09:20 PM):    Any other gaming for this section?

VardaValar1 (4:09:29 PM):    WoW:
VardaValar1 (4:09:47 PM):    Eonwe, do you have news?
EonweValar (4:10:41 PM):    Nothing big, no, except the Thanksgiving event shuld be coming up soon.
EonweValar (4:10:49 PM):    Also, WoW's 9th Anniversary.
EonweValar (4:11:04 PM):    Tomorrow for the 9th Anniversary event.
EonweValar (4:11:13 PM):    Next Monday for Pilgrim's Bounty.
VardaValar1 (4:11:20 PM):    That should be a blast. : )  The anniversary event.
EonweValar (4:12:24 PM):    That's it from me.
VardaValar1 (4:12:32 PM):    Thank you, Eonwe.
ArPharazon-V (4:12:36 PM):    Back.
VardaValar1 (4:12:46 PM):    Phar, did you have any WoW news to add?
ArPharazon-V (4:13:31 PM):    As for other games, I'm really making progress on my flashgame "to do" list... as for WoW, almost had my first Garrosh kill tonight, but not happening. Maybe next sunday. And I wonder if there'll be any new anniversary pets this year.
VardaValar1 (4:13:59 PM):    We will expect new pets. : )
ArPharazon-V (4:14:15 PM):    I did get 3 new pets on the Timeless Isle, and am pretty much done with coins, so it'll be hunting rare mobs and getting rep from here on, I suppose.
VardaValar1 (4:14:37 PM):    and running instances. : )
ArPharazon-V (4:14:43 PM):    A few raids, sure.
ArPharazon-V (4:14:47 PM):    But I meant on the Isle.
ArPharazon-V (4:15:31 PM):    And that's it from me.
VardaValar1 (4:16:29 PM):    Thanks, Pharazon the Golden : )

VardaValar1 (4:17:06 PM):    LotRO:
VardaValar1 (4:17:35 PM):    Helm's Deep expansion comes out tomorrow, expected to be huge. More parts of it will be rolling out over time, but the main huge chunk comes tomorrow.
VardaValar1 (4:17:57 PM):    Expect most of the day to be them loading it onto the servers and people trying to jam onto the servers.
VardaValar1 (4:18:33 PM):    The rest of today you can still get Bounders Tokens and barter them, but Monday they turn into pumpk...marks

Arien V (4:18:48 PM):    quick addin ... got my Dragon mage to finish of the gats in lfr , got some drops, and Justi , my second pali in Pharas guild had a fast gear up on the timeless isle
Arien V (4:19:12 PM):    Gates

VardaValar1 (4:19:14 PM):    The 100% extra experience continues until tomorrow, for helping you reach 85 and jump into the Helm's Deep expansion with buddies.
karakedi25 (4:19:28 PM):    Aiya
VardaValar1 (4:19:30 PM):    Aiya
ArPharazon-V (4:19:33 PM):    Aiya
ArPharazon-V (4:19:39 PM):    And Aiya to all I've not Aiya'd yet.
VardaValar1 (4:19:48 PM):    Just doing LotRO news, good timing. : )
karakedi25 (4:20:06 PM):    ah, had to see off some workpeople doing house repairs
VardaValar1 (4:20:35 PM):    We just commented on Helm's Deep coming out tomorrow, bounders tokens converting to marks tomorrow, and 100% exp continuing until tomorrow.
VardaValar1 (4:20:48 PM):    Hope your house is coming along ok?
karakedi25 (4:20:52 PM):    and seals going to medallions
karakedi25 (4:21:08 PM):    the main thing is to get it done in time for the inspection deadline
karakedi25 (4:21:32 PM):    (my nasty neighbor, trying to sell his house, reported my house to the county)  :((
EonweValar (4:21:34 PM):    Are Bounder Tokens being converted 1:1? I've got soomoe 450ish that probably won't do me any good before tomorrow anyway.
karakedi25 (4:21:50 PM):    I don't know, just that they're being converted
VardaValar1 (4:21:55 PM):    Oh, and LotRO's license has been agreed to again by the Tolkien Estate.
karakedi25 (4:22:07 PM):    that's been formally announced?
VardaValar1 (4:23:01 PM):    Sapience on the forum
karakedi25 (4:24:11 PM):    He said they expected to maintain LotRO for years to come, but no one has yet said anything specific about signing, and there are still the lawsuits between WB and the Tolkien Estate. The license is with Tolkien Enterprises.
karakedi25 (4:24:37 PM):    However, I continue to be hopeful.
VardaValar1 (4:25:37 PM):    Any further LotRO news?
VardaValar1 (4:25:51 PM):    I don't know about the 1:1, Eonwe.
VardaValar1 (4:26:25 PM):    You might want to use them right away if you want any of the items: Universal Toolkit, house items, other.
karakedi25 (4:26:46 PM):    I went for the universal healing potions
VardaValar1 (4:26:52 PM):    They include stone trolls 1, 2, and 3
VardaValar1 (4:26:57 PM):    Those are good too!
karakedi25 (4:27:32 PM):    I expect a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth about the new class structure, until people get used to it.
VardaValar1 (4:28:48 PM):    Here's news on the class changes:
VardaValar1 (4:28:51 PM):
VardaValar1 (4:29:01 PM):    The link is also on our forum.
VardaValar1 (4:29:48 PM):    If anyone sees a helpful link for dealing with the new stuff, please feel free to add it to the forum.
karakedi25 (4:29:54 PM):    Here's a general link with a lot of sublinks for a lot of the different changes. It's got a lot of info.
karakedi25 (4:29:58 PM):
VardaValar1 (4:30:45 PM):    lol - thanks, that's what I meant to type
VardaValar1 (4:30:48 PM):
Arien V (4:30:53 PM):    page is not availavble
karakedi25 (4:30:55 PM):    The OP added all the suggestions made by later posters, so go to the first post for them
karakedi25 (4:30:59 PM):    ugh
karakedi25 (4:31:31 PM):    It's not in the beta forum, so I don't know why
VardaValar1 (4:31:46 PM):    trying the page now. Maybe they're working on the forum? Checking.
karakedi25 (4:32:17 PM):    there's a tweet about connectivity issues for the worlds, but I don't know if that affects the forum
karakedi25 (4:32:44 PM):    OK, my forum page just went down too.
VardaValar1 (4:32:46 PM):    Not reaching the main forum
karakedi25 (4:33:26 PM):    Here's the tweet: We are currently investigating connectivity issues with the game servers and forums. #LOTRO
VardaValar1 (4:34:02 PM):    Anyway, as Eonwe commented, I agree that any change of any nature, especially big ones, will always be met with gasps of horror by gamers. They get used to playing one way and don't like having to re-learn to be good at it.
VardaValar1 (4:34:19 PM):    Once we get the hang of it, we may like it fine.
karakedi25 (4:34:26 PM):    I think so.
VardaValar1 (4:34:26 PM):    Thanks Indis
Arien V (4:34:49 PM):    oh ok power outage in Boston which might be affecting this
karakedi25 (4:35:06 PM):    ah
farmermaggotv (4:35:44 PM):    any reason for the outage in Boston? weather-related?
VardaValar1 (4:35:55 PM):    They've had problems before, when areas along the internet trunk line were having problems and had to routed around until they were fixed. Took a while.
karakedi25 (4:35:59 PM):    east coast weather has been very mild today
ArPharazon-V (4:36:05 PM):    Supervillain on the loose?
karakedi25 (4:36:14 PM):    Sauron's minions
ArPharazon-V (4:36:21 PM):    That explains it.
VardaValar1 (4:36:29 PM):    Hackers maybe, and they would indeed be well-titled as Sauron's minions.
VardaValar1 (4:37:30 PM):    Looking it up. Thunderstorms and tornadoes are hitting the Midwest.
karakedi25 (4:38:13 PM):    that could mess things up in Boston, but usually not until the bad stuff gets there
VardaValar1 (4:38:52 PM):    According to agency officials, parts of Illinois, Indiana, southern Michigan and western Ohio are at the greatest risk of seeing tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds throughout the day Sunday. Strong winds and atmospheric instability were expected to sweep across the central Plains during the day before pushing into the mid-Atlantic states and northeast by evening. Many of the storms were expected to become supercells, with the potential to produce tornadoes, large hail and destructive winds.
farmermaggotv (4:39:00 PM):    about two hours south of Montreal is under a high wind warning, so I just wondered if it was coming up the east coast (I don't pay attention to the weather much)
VardaValar1 (4:39:02 PM):    That was a copy paste
karakedi25 (4:39:22 PM):    OK, it's almost evening here on the E Coast
farmermaggotv (4:40:54 PM):    sadly it feels much later than "almost evening" when the sun goes down at about 4:30.
karakedi25 (4:41:06 PM):    *nod*
VardaValar1 (4:42:06 PM):    Tornadoes took out some places pretty badly.
VardaValar1 (4:42:38 PM):    ok, don't know if this has anything to do with the LotRO problems, but it's possible. Twitter may tell us more later.
VardaValar1 (4:43:09 PM):    Arien, you had more gaming news for WoW?
ArPharazon-V (4:44:15 PM):    Sorry, pc crashed. Can you repeat what was said in the last.... 3 minutes or so?
ArPharazon-V (4:44:29 PM):    Also, no transcript, but Varda can take care of that.
VardaValar1 (4:44:33 PM):    uh oh
farmermaggotv (4:44:43 PM):    just discussion on weather
VardaValar1 (4:44:43 PM):    ok
VardaValar1 (4:45:07 PM):    Thinking LotRO may be having problems due to storms and tornadoes in the Midwest.
ArPharazon-V (4:45:12 PM):    Right, last I remember was Varda looking into thunderstorms in the west or something?
ArPharazon-V (4:45:17 PM):    yes, that's where I left off.
Fladrifv (4:45:17 PM):    crackle hoom boom hoo *the ent slowely appears from around the corner*
ArPharazon-V (4:45:58 PM):    So.. nothing said since then?
VardaValar1 (4:46:01 PM):    *starlight shines on the leaves and the meeting (thing) in the meadow*
VardaValar1 (4:48:16 PM):    Tried to send you the message, Phar, but it was too long and I'm having problems trying to clear it.
ArPharazon-V (4:48:22 PM):    Allright, Eonwe caught me up, no worries.
VardaValar1 (4:48:47 PM):    The tables make it long. Crazy things put around each person's sentences.
VardaValar1 (4:48:55 PM):    Thanks, Eonwe
VardaValar1 (4:49:08 PM):    Any further news?

VardaValar1 (4:51:06 PM):    Tolkien:
VardaValar1 (4:51:37 PM):    On PJ's Facebook page is a clip of the song for the ending credits and how it came about.
VardaValar1 (4:51:53 PM):    It's not intended to sound Elvish, but for Dwarves and Men.
VardaValar1 (4:52:22 PM):    I hope this link works for you:
VardaValar1 (4:52:25 PM):
VardaValar1 (4:52:53 PM):    If not, here's PJ's page and lots of other neat stuff:
VardaValar1 (4:52:55 PM):
VardaValar1 (4:53:42 PM):    and just for kicks, here's The Hobbit's facebook:
VardaValar1 (4:53:44 PM):

VardaValar1 (4:55:00 PM):    For a chat topic, I was considering what sorts of animals would Radagast have been interested in?
VardaValar1 (4:55:25 PM):    Anything we associate with evil he would not have liked. Perhaps he worked against them?
VardaValar1 (4:55:44 PM):    Dragons, other foul creatures like Mirkwood spiders, for instance.
VardaValar1 (4:56:06 PM):    He may have been involved in a war that few others ever saw. Not a wasted Istar.
VardaValar1 (4:56:36 PM):    It's easy to think he failed in his mission by not working with humans, but Sauron affected all of Middle-earth.
VardaValar1 (4:56:54 PM):    The spying crebain would have upset him.
VardaValar1 (4:57:19 PM):    Remember also the Crow and Thrush that worked directly with people or dwarves and could talk.
VardaValar1 (4:57:58 PM):    Elves woke trees. Perhaps Radagast aided this speech ability?
ArPharazon-V (4:58:01 PM):    Squirrels in the trees and the cute little bunnies. Birds flying free and the bees with their honey...
VardaValar1 (4:58:28 PM):    Yet it may have been something that seemed good to Radagast, while actually
VardaValar1 (4:58:37 PM):    it was a diversion from his actual mission.
VardaValar1 (4:59:03 PM):    So he worked at the part of the war that affected what he most cared about, and that Yavanna wanted him to work on, but
VardaValar1 (4:59:12 PM):    not directly against Sauron.
VardaValar1 (5:00:09 PM):    The Blue Wizards were distracted into the east when Saruman took them there, and Saruman wanted to learn Rings and become a power on Middle-earth.
VardaValar1 (5:00:18 PM):    Only Gandalf was truly left.
VardaValar1 (5:00:30 PM):    Yet Radagast was only distracted, not turned evil.
VardaValar1 (5:00:55 PM):    In a way that made him a greater weapon for Saruman, as Gandalf had no reason to disbelieve him.
VardaValar1 (5:01:36 PM):    But Radagast was a two-edged sword. He still worked with Gandalf in innocence and delivered his message to Gwaihir as well.
EonweValar (5:03:17 PM):    Aye, Gandalf was the only Istar who completed his mission.
Arien V (5:03:23 PM):    hmm i remember that Fangorn mentioned that Saruman talked with him and the trees a lot in the beginning and generally it was the old elves who whanted to speak with everything#
VardaValar1 (5:03:38 PM):    Still, it meant only Gandalf was on task, and for that reason had to be given greater power when he returned. He had to do the work of five Istari.
Arien V (5:04:34 PM):    one to do the job of five
ArPharazon-V (5:04:34 PM):    Poor guy, almost makes you want to give up if all your four colleagues are doing other stuff.
VardaValar1 (5:04:56 PM):    heh, but the job must be done. You really can't *afford* to give up.
Arien V (5:05:08 PM):    lazy bums hehe but then you dont know what happened to the Blue ones either they got killed or corrupted
Arien V (5:05:35 PM):    we dont have any information what happened to them
VardaValar1 (5:05:55 PM):    We have heard that the Blue Wizards set up cults in the east.
Arien V (5:06:12 PM):    ?
VardaValar1 (5:06:25 PM):    The word "cult" doesn't sound very promisinig of good things.
ArPharazon-V (5:06:43 PM):    There were rumors that they actually helped the war effort by using their "cults" to disrupt Easterling forces and making sure they had less to send.
VardaValar1 (5:06:46 PM):    I have to leave for now, but would dearly like to see your comments and wil be back.
ArPharazon-V (5:06:50 PM):    I think that's in UT?
VardaValar1 (5:07:05 PM):    *hands the great hammer to Eonwe*
ArPharazon-V (5:07:25 PM):    Don't forget, Varda, most of the transcript's yours to save.
VardaValar1 (5:07:48 PM):    aye, will do a grab before going to the gamers downstairs. Thanks for the reminder.
EonweValar (5:08:07 PM):    I believe it is in UT, but also somewhere in HoME, maybe book 12. I don't have them easily accessible right now.
EonweValar (5:11:26 PM):    Still not a great way to be doing things, if they're setting up cults in order to combat the cult of Sauron.
ArPharazon-V (5:11:42 PM):    Fighting fire with fire?
EonweValar (5:13:14 PM):    It's more like pitting Shelob against Sauron. You're going to end up with something bad at the end either way.
EonweValar (5:14:30 PM):    But on the subject of "fighting fire with fire," at that point you've already given up hope that some portion of what you're trying to save can be saved, and determined that burning it yourself is justifiable.
Arien V (5:14:36 PM):    concerning the Blue wizards i have found an interesting note in the ut
VardaValar1 (5:15:04 PM):    Ok, grabbed through Eonwe's first mention of UT.
ArPharazon-V (5:15:36 PM):    Great.
Arien V (5:17:27 PM):    "named as Allater and Pallando, associated with Orome, though no hi9nt is given of the reason for this relationship. It might be (though this is the merest guess) that Orome and the Valar had the greatest knowledge of the further parts of Middle-earth, and that the Blue Wizards were destined to journey these regions and stay there "
Arien V (5:18:23 PM):    from the essay on the Istari
EonweValar (5:22:52 PM):    Link to the essay please?
Arien V (5:23:22 PM):    its quoted in the Unfinished tales section On the Istari#
Arien V (5:23:39 PM):    towards the end of that chapter
EonweValar (5:25:44 PM):    Ah, gotcha.
EonweValar (5:26:10 PM):    For some reason was thinking it was in our Tolkien Site :}
Arien V (5:26:40 PM):    nah hehe
EonweValar (5:31:33 PM):    Any other comments on Radagast or the wizards?
EonweValar (5:37:56 PM):    Been digging for something in Letters of Tolkien, but it's eluding me right now.
EonweValar (5:38:22 PM):    Since it doesn't seem anyone has more to comment on right now about the Istari, I'll go ahead and bang the gavel.
EonweValar (5:38:31 PM):    *Bangs gavel*

EonweValar (5:38:43 PM):    Aftermeeting. Be free :}
ArPharazon-V (5:38:56 PM):    Thanks, I've got food almost done here, so will be afk a bit.
ArPharazon-V (6:06:32 PM):    Back.
Arien V (6:06:48 PM):    aiyata
EonweValar (6:07:42 PM):    Welcome back.
ArPharazon-V (6:07:56 PM):    Thanks :)

karakedi25 (6:08:31 PM):    All services are currently offline due to a datacenter power outage.Please see our FB post for more info. #LOTRO
Arien V (6:08:57 PM):    as a later addition to the wow sector
karakedi25 (6:09:04 PM):    6:50PM Update: Due to a power issue at our datacenter, all services within the datacenter lost power. For unknown reasons, the backup power systems did not properly come online causing all services to lose power and go offline. Once the power issue is resolved, we will begin the process of verifying and restoring our games and websites. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.
Arien V (6:09:34 PM):    thanks Indis :-)
Arien V (6:09:38 PM):    annoying issue
karakedi25 (6:10:02 PM):    Hope it's fixed for the expansion

Arien V (6:10:40 PM):    i dont know whether any of you guys have mentioned it but Blizzard officially announced Warlords of Draenor as the next expansion to be released some time next spring
Arien V (6:10:49 PM):    for WoW
ArPharazon-V (6:11:17 PM):    Spring?
ArPharazon-V (6:11:19 PM):    That's soon.
Arien V (6:11:39 PM):    means between March and June
ArPharazon-V (6:11:46 PM):    *nod*
EonweValar (6:12:10 PM):    I don't remember Spring being mentioned, except as my random guess as to the absolute soonest it would be out.
EonweValar (6:12:18 PM):    *last week.
Arien V (6:12:35 PM):    well thats whats been mentioned in the Phoenix Warriors guild  chat but yeah it might have been a guess or rumour
EonweValar (6:12:53 PM):    Well, not *random* guess, more like "guess with no real proof, just going by what it seems like their timetable for patches has been".
Arien V (6:13:04 PM):    aye
ArPharazon-V (6:13:45 PM):    I'll search around a bit.

karakedi25 (6:15:36 PM):
EonweValar (6:15:48 PM):    Press release says nothing about a spring release at least.
karakedi25 (6:15:49 PM):    bad news for the Boston aea
karakedi25 (6:15:51 PM):    area
ArPharazon-V (6:16:52 PM):    I do have an article here that says flying will be disallowed from 90 to 100.
ArPharazon-V (6:17:06 PM):    But nothing about a release date.
EonweValar (6:19:03 PM):    Sounds like it's going to be rough there, Indis.
karakedi25 (6:19:22 PM):    possibly facing a long lotro withdrawal, what with the outage and the big patch
EonweValar (6:19:23 PM):    Be safe, Northeasterners!
karakedi25 (6:20:12 PM):    more fussing from deprived players on the horizon :-)
EonweValar (6:20:15 PM):    Re: release date: Gamestop likes to project a release date, so it may be on their site.
EonweValar (6:20:23 PM):    Hehe, aye Indis.
EonweValar (6:20:44 PM):    Some of them mad about the expansion, then mad about not getting to play the expansion :}
ArPharazon-V (6:20:58 PM):    Nope, can't find anything official for release date.
karakedi25 (6:21:04 PM):    people are soooo unreasonable, not like us ;-)
EonweValar (6:22:28 PM):    :}

EonweValar (6:22:31 PM):    Afk for a moment.
karakedi25 (6:27:22 PM):    also afk
EonweValar (6:39:29 PM):    Back.
ArPharazon-V (6:39:42 PM):    Aiyata
EonweValar (6:41:45 PM):    Hantal.
Arien V (7:15:29 PM):    all right that brought my sage back on track hehe okay
Arien V (7:15:39 PM):    but namarie for now :-)
ArPharazon-V (7:15:45 PM):    Namarie!
Arien V (7:15:57 PM):    good luck with the weather you guys in the states
Arien V (7:16:04 PM):    Namarie
karakedi25 (7:16:23 PM):    namarie

karakedi25 (7:18:56 PM):    Comment on FB about the outage: And Helms Deep was supposed to open tomorrow? Coincidence? I think the White Hand Suicide Commandos are committing sabotage.
EonweValar (7:19:30 PM):    Hehe.
ArPharazon-V (7:19:46 PM):    Saruman's fault?
karakedi25 (7:20:00 PM):    It was his orcs at HD.
karakedi25 (7:39:19 PM):    *sigh*  Guess it's time to do something sort of productive.  Namarie!
ArPharazon-V (7:39:26 PM):    Namarie!
EonweValar (7:45:55 PM):    I was going to pop into LotRO for a bit tonight, but that's apparently not going to happen at this stage.
ArPharazon-V (7:46:18 PM):    I bet there's complaints on the forums everywhere.
EonweValar (8:07:32 PM):    The forums are down too, hehe.
EonweValar (8:07:40 PM):    Maybe twitter/facebook.
ArPharazon-V (8:32:18 PM):    saving and sending transcript, well, the second part of it anyway
ArPharazon-V (8:32:32 PM):    saved
ArPharazon-V (8:37:47 PM):    and sent
ArPharazon-V (8:37:49 PM):    Namarie!
EonweValar (11:05:37 PM):    Looks like the turbine server is accessible again. Now says it's down for maintenance, but that's a step up from not accessible at all.
VardaValar1 (11:05:49 PM):    aye