Valar Guild Histories and Memoirs by Members


Perspective of the Founder:
    Eru: The Themes

Perspectives of the Council Valar:
     Eonwe: The Herald's Tale
    Irmo: The Chronicles of the Valar
       Irmo-(Valar) resigned from the Council due to real life obligations to become the Tolkien-only member, Dreamlord-(T).
    Manwe: Second Anniversary Reflection
    Ulmo: We Held a True Course, Despite Osse's Squalls
    Varda: Points of Light

Perspectives of Maiar:
    Huan: Blame it on Bilbo, or How I Came to Join and Stay
        Huan-(Valar) went on to became the Vala honor Salmar-(Valar) on the Coundil, then was renamed to be our second Irmo-(Valar) to avoid confusion with Maia honor.
    Tom Bombadil: Letter to the Valar Guild

Perspectives of Members - The Free People:
    Bilbo: Bilbo Makes History! 
    Glaurung's History

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