Valar Guild

May 15, 2016 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (4)
    Ar-Pharazon-(V)/arpharazonv (presiding), Elladan-(V), Eonwe Valar,  FladrifV

Meeting begins
    Tolkien Moment: two quotes from "The Houses of Healing", about Eowyn's arm. Covering diagnosis and treatment.
    Ar-Pharazon: more gaming news including flashgaming reviews.

arpharazonv: Great, I'm here.
arpharazonv: Thank you :)
Eonwe Valar: OK, so what it looks like is...
Eonwe Valar: I can't invite you while making a channel.
arpharazonv: You need to make a new channel and *then* invite me?
Eonwe Valar: If I make the channel after havingYeah.
arpharazonv: Good to know.
Eonwe Valar: *If I make the channel while inviting you, it locks me out from trying to invite you later.
Eonwe Valar: SO Make the channel with only myself, then invite you.
Eonwe Valar: That's apparently how to do it.
arpharazonv: Good to have in the transcript, that :)
Eonwe Valar: Indeed :}
Eonwe Valar: Now I must be off. Take care Phar and thanks for being here :}
arpharazonv: Thank you for getting me here! :)
arpharazonv: Good luck.
arpharazonv: Let the record show, it is now meeting start time. Inviting Gilraen and Elladan.
arpharazonv: Giving it a few more minutes.
arpharazonv: yay!
arpharazonv: We have a Fladrif.
FladrifV: Heya evening :)
arpharazonv: I invited Elladan too, but he didn't get it, and is busy with dinner and an online lecture anyway, and doesn't know how to get in himself...
arpharazonv: and Gilraen's not responding.
arpharazonv: So right now it's just us and the transcript viewers!
arpharazonv: Aiya :)
FladrifV: Aiya
arpharazonv: Let's get this most unusual meeting started, then.

arpharazonv: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
Elladan-(V): HAH!
Elladan-(V): Leave it to elven intuition...
arpharazonv: Aiya Elladan!
Elladan-(V): Aiya!
arpharazonv: Glad you could make it :)
arpharazonv: I just started the meeting.

arpharazonv: Membership:
arpharazonv: Arien's on a weekend of LARPing.
Elladan-(V): What's that?
arpharazonv: Varda had to go out of town for a family emergency, involving a table-saw accident. Not good, but I think she'll give the details next weekend.
arpharazonv: Live Action Role Play.
Elladan-(V): oh nice
arpharazonv: Dress up in fantasy clothing and have a mock battle, as far as my knowledge goes :)
Elladan-(V): sweet!
Elladan-(V): They didn't have wheelchairs back then. I'd be SOL lol
arpharazonv: Maybe they could drive you around in a cart or something? :)
Elladan-(V): HAHA! Like Bran from Game of Thrones?
Elladan-(V): bwahaha
arpharazonv: It works, doesn't it? ;)
Elladan-(V): point taken!
arpharazonv: Right! I'll also use this section to give thanks to Eonwe who got in early to invite me to the room, since I can't manage to do that through AIM or Trillian myself...
arpharazonv: even though he had to leave right after, for work no doubt.
arpharazonv: And Fladrif and Elladan are here too, yay!
arpharazonv: Any other membership news?

arpharazonv: Web:
arpharazonv: Nothing new for the site that I can see.
arpharazonv: But we do have some links on the news section from Dis-( V ) who told us about a LotR fan movie called Rise of the Fellowship.
arpharazonv: Let me just copy it straight from the news section!
arpharazonv:  Dis-(V) reported that there's a new LotR fan movie: "Rise of the Fellowship" and gave us the Facebook page. Most of the Facebook is about various fan movies, can be fun. Rise is for sale on Amazon.
arpharazonv: These reviews on Rotten Tomatoes tell us that it's about a group of nerd friends, who play LotRO together, trying to make it to a LOTR Online convention to compete. Their adventures parallel the story events.
arpharazonv:  Amazon with reviews.
arpharazonv: Here's a trailer and movie info, made for viewers who felt as if they had been left out of the "in" crowd. Googling brings up more.
Elladan-(V): ugh
Elladan-(V): 30 sec ad. Will watch later
arpharazonv: Sure :)

arpharazonv: Gaming:
arpharazonv: Taken from Eonwe's gaming page:
arpharazonv: LotRO:
Server downtime is coming May 16th for an update.

arpharazonv: WoW:
arpharazonv: This week's new Toybox Tuesday blog: In Full Bloom. Other blogs this week: Achievement Hunting: Awfully Big and Basic Botany: Peacebloom vs. Ghouls.
arpharazonv: Legion has moved from alpha to beta. See the announcement, the patch notes, and this beta information blog. Also, check out the Legion Developer Update.

arpharazonv: For Diablo 3:
Looking for help on your character? Blizzard has highlighted some player-made guides in this week's Community Spotlight blog.
arpharazonv: I do wonder how Varda copies these with the links straight in the text. Might be an AIM thing.

arpharazonv: Starcraft 2:
Some announcements on what to expect in patch 3.3 were announced this week: Abathur as a Co-op Commander, Chat Emoticons, and some New Co-op Content and Features.
(Link: (Link: (Link: [Note: an example of how hard Phar was working-]

arpharazonv: For Heroes of the Storm
The PTR is up for testing. See the patch notes

arpharazonv: And for Overwatch
There's a new digital comic this week: "A Better World".
A new cinematic short is coming May 16th: "Dragons".

arpharazonv: For Hearthstone,
 I spotted Fladrif earlier tonight, if he wishes to talk about it :)

arpharazonv: Does anyone have any other gaming news for the past week?
arpharazonv: Or any other business?
arpharazonv: Is anyone here for a Tolkien topic? :)

arpharazonv: Oh, one more bit of gaming news: Apparently Diablo 3 is 4 years old today! Huzzah!
Elladan-(V): really? wow
arpharazonv: Yes, I didn't realize it was that long either.
arpharazonv: Also, by the looks of it, at this point more time has passed between the release of the expansion and the current day, than between the original release and the expansion.
arpharazonv: So it's about time for a new one!

Elladan-(V): Well, Doom is coming out :)
arpharazonv: Really? How many years has that been? :)

arpharazonv: Tolkien:
arpharazonv: Unless anyone else has an idea for a topic, I shall recall for this occasion a Tolkien-moment.
arpharazonv: The reason Varda is not here today is because Fangorn's brother has had an accident, injuring his hand, and to wish him luck I thought I'd call on two quotes from The Houses of Healing, about Eowyn's arm. Covering diagnosis and treatment.

arpharazonv: "But Aragorn came to Eowyn, and he said:
arpharazonv: 'Here there is a grievous hurt and a heavy blow. The arm that was broken has been tended with due skill, and it will mend in time, if she has the strength to live.
arpharazonv: It is the shield-arm that is maimed; but the chief evil comes through the sword-arm. In that there seems now no life, although it is unbroken.'"

arpharazonv: As for the treatment:

arpharazonv: "Once more Aragorn bruised two leaves of athelas and cast them into steaming water; and he laved her brow with it, and her right arm lying cold and nerveless on the coverlet.
arpharazonv: Then, whether Aragorn had indeed some forgotten power of Westernesse, or whether it was but his words of the Lady Eowyn that wrought on them, as the sweet influence of the herb stole about the chamber it seemed to those who stood by that a keen wind blew through the window,
arpharazonv: and it bore no scent, but was an air wholly fresh and clean and young, as if it had not before been breathed by any living thing and came new-made from snowy mountains high beneath a dome of stars, or from shores of silver far away washed by seas of foam.
arpharazonv: 'Awake, Eowyn, Lady of Rohan!' said Aragorn again, and he took her right hand in his and felt it warm with life returning.
arpharazonv: 'Awake! The shadow is gone and all darkness is washed clean!'"
arpharazonv:  /end quote

arpharazonv: So I hope Fangorn's brother has a similar speedy and miraculous recovery, and that there will be whatever equivalent of athelas needed to chase away his shadow and darkness as well.
arpharazonv: My tolkien quotes may not be as deep and fitting as Varda's, but I do hope this is appropriate for the situation. [Note: Varda considers this lovely and very thoughtful, thanks!]
arpharazonv: Does anyone else have anything to contribute before we move to after-meeting?

FladrifV: gaming update (ents are never late...) I played hs and chess, won the tournament so now i need the courage to go up one level and enrol for the grandmaster level...
FladrifV: hoom boom
arpharazonv: Congrats!
arpharazonv: grandmaster ent, sounds fitting
FladrifV: smile it is a long way away and maybe a tree to far but I will try
arpharazonv: No need in being hasty, just try and try again :)
FladrifV: Namarie Guild the tree needs his beautysleep
arpharazonv: Namarie!
arpharazonv: Well now. I guess I get to pick a gavel from the conveyor belt today.
arpharazonv: *grabs a random gavel* What is this? Black? Grey? Dark blue? Who knows...
arpharazonv: *bangs gavel on table*
arpharazonv: *it makes no sound - a deep silence spreads around the room*
arpharazonv: "Property of Mandos." Huh.

arpharazonv: Aftermeeting!
arpharazonv: Now for personal gaming.

arpharazonv: 3 flashgames this week, I have for you?!
arpharazonv: *!
arpharazonv: Final Commando is a platformer with upgrades, and basically only using one button to jump and sometimes a random one to dash. Quite simple, but button response time can be difficult.
arpharazonv: Aliens Hurry Home  2 is a physics puzzle platformer (say that 10 times fast) where you have to roll a round alien through small levels to reach his spaceship. Very cute.. and deadly sometimes!
arpharazonv: Saving the Company is the third one, a shorter platformer where you have to watch the clues to unlock the next room and get to the treasure to the end.
arpharazonv: *at the end.

arpharazonv: Now for blizzard games:
arpharazonv: Hearthstone: Fun brawl this week, where you have to make a deck of only 2 cards, each of which will be present in your deck 30 times. Ultimate synergy, perhaps. A lot of combinations possible, some better than others.
arpharazonv: Personally I did well with a druid deck containing an argent squire and the mark of the wild buff.
arpharazonv: 5 classes to level 41 now, and the others getting close as well. No new cards at 41, but from 42 onwards each level will give one. One more gap to cross!
arpharazonv: Heroes of the Storm: just doing more dailies. Really getting better with Zagara, who's probably my best hero in active use right now.
arpharazonv: Diablo 3: Level 70 reached with the seasonal crusader, and chapter 3 of the season journey complete. Not bad for 2 weeks, and I have good hopes for continuing. A goblin vault run on the highest difficulty, where I was boosted by a friend, pretty much set me up for the rest of the season when it comes to gold, as well as a bunch of legendary items, but I have yet to sort those out. I should be ready to delve into the Torment difficulties myself now.
arpharazonv: WoW:
arpharazonv: Unfortunately, things are slow there. I'm well over 950 naval missions, and should finally reach 1000 in a week or two.
Elladan-(V): Sorry! I was gorging myself on dinner :)
arpharazonv: Two more mythic Blackrock Foundry bosses killed this week, leaving just two until I get a new monument for my garrison. My other projects, however, have been halted, because it's been a busy week. That's the disadvantage of spending some few hours this week watching the Eurovision Song Contest on tv, I guess :)

arpharazonv: Was it a good dinner? ;)
Elladan-(V): it was, but I ate too much
Elladan-(V): I made a homemade pan pizza with tomato and black olives *burp*
arpharazonv: I haven't entered the Legion beta myself, but a few people I know online have, and they've been sharing information on a forum for our raidgroup.
arpharazonv: Ahh.
Elladan-(V): I've really been mindful to eat better lately; more salads and veggies
Elladan-(V): oh you talking WoW?
Elladan-(V): haven't played in years
arpharazonv: Yeah :) But pretty much done now with my report.
Elladan-(V): Sorry to interrupt!
arpharazonv: And I can't handle salads much myself.
arpharazonv: I had a slice of cucumber on friday and it played havoc with my stomach for the rest of the evening. It's quite odd.
Elladan-(V): oh man
arpharazonv: Cold vegetables just don't suit me very well.
Elladan-(V): I love salads
arpharazonv: So does my mother, and I do try a bit now and then, but it never goes down well, I'm afraid.
Elladan-(V): nothing a juicy ribeye steak won't cure haha
Elladan-(V): Are you in Europe?
arpharazonv: Burgers, meatballs and sausages are rather my thing!
arpharazonv: and yes :)
Elladan-(V): nice!
Elladan-(V): I make killer meatballs!
Elladan-(V): where?
arpharazonv: Netherlands.
Elladan-(V): Oh nice! Do you watch MMA? There was just a big venue there last week
arpharazonv: That's.. wrestling?
Elladan-(V): mixed martial arts. Like UFC
arpharazonv: Ah.
Elladan-(V): brutal fighting
Elladan-(V): All the Dutch won!
Elladan-(V): "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!"
arpharazonv: Can be interesting, but from what I've seen it's mostly boring to me.
arpharazonv: hehe
Elladan-(V): My family's roots are in Denmark and Italy
arpharazonv: I suppose Danish is not too far from Dutch :) In a way.
Elladan-(V): somewhat
Elladan-(V): Er du have en god aften? Forstår du?
Elladan-(V): lol
Elladan-(V): I know very limited Danish
arpharazonv: You know more Danish than I do :) I could make guesses though.
Elladan-(V): It's closer to Swedish than anything I believe. It's part of Scandinavia
arpharazonv: Yep.
arpharazonv: Something about.. having a good evening?
Elladan-(V): yes! I asked if you were having a good evening, then asked if you understood :)
arpharazonv: I got pretty close then!
Elladan-(V): spot on!
arpharazonv: It's more because of my very weak and basic German vocabulary than my Dutch, though ;)
Elladan-(V): I bet
Elladan-(V): okay, back to coding before this food coma sets in and it's bedtime :)
arpharazonv: Good luck!
Elladan-(V): Thanks for hosting the meeting today!
arpharazonv: Heh,  you're welcome. It was interesting! Just hoping someone else will be here next week to host it instead :)
Elladan-(V): Goede nacht!
arpharazonv: See, that's Dutch.
Elladan-(V): annnnnnnnd that's the extent of my Dutch
arpharazonv: Or it could be Danish too, I don't know, would be coincidence ;)
Elladan-(V): Danish is godnat
arpharazonv: Ah!
arpharazonv: In that case, dank je wel :)
arpharazonv: Namarie!
Elladan-(V): Namarie!
Elladan-(V): graag gedaan :P
arpharazonv: :D
Elladan-(V): hah! Night
arpharazonv: night!
arpharazonv: Saving and sending transcript.