Valar Guild

March 27, 2016 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Arien and Varda.

Attending: (2)
Arien-(Valar)/AriehnV (presiding)
    Ar-Pharazon (side window)

Meeting begins
    Topic : Planned for next time: "Death and afterlife - Return from the dead". How is it handled in Tolkien's work in Middle-earth from the Silmarillion, over the Hobbit up to Lord of the Rings?
    Ar-Pharazon: more gaming news including flashgaming reviews.

AriehnV (22:31:13)    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo! A star shines upon the hour of our meeting!
AriehnV (22:31:52):    I know that at least in spiirit you are all here, Eonwe, Varda and Ar Pharazon and the rest :-)
AriehnV (22:32:37):    I will go over the formal business part as usual and start with the membership news:

AriehnV (22:36:39):    Varda cant be here today since she has traveled to Fangorns brother to help him finishing his new home which he has a set date to finish, and seemingly the set time is close. They are giving him a hand so they mioght be able to move in as soon as possible.
AriehnV (22:37:54):    Eonwe as usual is on his work schedule or hopefully celebrating Easter with his family while Ar Pharazon has trouble wih Aim again , that doesnt let him enter the chatroom. He is currently in a sidewindow at my side :-)

AriehnV (22:42:00):    There are no webnews up yet, since Varda left on Friday to Fangorn's brother.

AriehnV (22:42:42):    Gaming news:
AriehnV (22:43:03):    Eonwe put them up for us as usual , many thanks for that :)#

AriehnV (22:44:04):    World of Warcraft:
AriehnV (22:44:18):    patch 6.2.4 came out this week
AriehnV (22:44:28):    you can find the details here:
AriehnV (22:44:49):
AriehnV (22:45:56):    It was a few bug fixes and the BattleNet infrastructure, details to be found in the link overline.

AriehnV (22:46:37):    Diablo 3: i
AriehnV (22:47:01):    it was their anniversary this weekend
AriehnV (22:47:54):    they have put all the things up in a nice collection page what they achieved in the last two years:
AriehnV (22:48:00):
AriehnV (22:51:41):    There are also changes for the console version of Diablo 3 coming up . You can find those here :
AriehnV (22:51:58):
AriehnV (22:53:07):    There is also an ongoing event in March with Elder Kanai: YOu can find details here:
AriehnV (22:53:41):
AriehnV (22:54:28):    And there are things going on the PTR for Diablo 3 too.
AriehnV (22:54:49):    You can find the details here:
AriehnV (22:54:55):

AriehnV (22:55:51):    For Starcraft II there is a bunch of news:
AriehnV (22:56:17):    There is a bundle of lore details and blocks out. You can find them:
AriehnV (22:56:23):
AriehnV (22:56:55):
AriehnV (22:57:16):
AriehnV (22:57:47):
AriehnV (22:58:13):    This is the last one and i wish you all , have fun studying those :-)

AriehnV (22:58:50):    A new blog was posted for Hearthstone:
AriehnV (22:59:07):

AriehnV (22:59:47):    Heroes of the Storm has some changes coming up as well. You can find the details here:
AriehnV (23:00:21):
AriehnV (23:00:39):    and things are happening on the :Public Test Realm here too
AriehnV (23:00:59):

AriehnV (23:02:07):    Thats all the gaming news. In non Blizzard games i played this week Star Trek online, Rift and EvE online , but unfortunately i sighted no Valar online, also i played Lord of the Rings online :-)
AriehnV (23:08:01):    and World of Warcraft of course

AriehnV (23:28:54):    And Ar Pharazon has an addition relating to Starcraft  :-)
AriehnV (23:29:04):   
ArPharazonV 11:24 pm
    You can add that most of the Starcraft II stuff is related to the upcoming DLC centered around Nova, which will come out on the 30th of this month.
    Not sure who else is in the room, and if you're doing Tolkien; just let me know when it's time for personal gaming ;-)

AriehnV (23:37:15):    Tolkien:
AriehnV (23:37:43):    I do have suggestion, but i think it is a good one for discussion when more of us are physically present :-)
AriehnV (23:37:48):    its roughly easter related but it does get definitely a place with Tolkien and its quite logica
AriehnV (23:39:05):    The Topic is "Death and afterlife - Return from the dead" how is it handled in Tolkien's work in Middlearth from the Silmarillion, over the Hobbit up to Lord of the Rings?
AriehnV (23:39:50):    I' d love to hear your contributions to that and so i ll be looking forward to the next chance to discuss it :-)

AriehnV (23:40:23):    And now as always, Ar Pharazon's personal gaming news
AriehnV (23:45:49):   
  ArPharazonV 11:40 pm
    Right, was looking for a few flashgames to give.

    So let's start with flashgaming!
    Today I've got 4!
    Nah, make it 3.
    Other one's a bit too weird ;-) is the first one! A physics puzzle game where you have to keep an orange safe from clouds and lasers by building a shelter over him. This episode in the series takes place in space! is the newest episode of a fun, if grindy, series where you have to manage a restaurant or other food-selling place run by Papa Louie. This one is about a pie bakery!
    and the third is is a slightly older game, but I hadn't played it before. You need to draw a skiing path for your character to make him go through the right portals and pick up as much speed as you can.

    Now for Blizzard stuff!

    Not much news in Heroes of the Storm. Got a few levels on my new specialist hero, Zagara. Very fun! And a few levels on some other heroes, but it's a bit slow.

    Hearthstone: Bought a bunch of GvG expansion card packs, because they'll disappear from the shops soon. Got myself a legendary among them, Vol'jin, the priest legendary. Should prove quite useful. Got a few new useful rares too.
    This week's Tavern Brawl was a new one, where each player plays one of two bosses out of the Adventures, Kel'thuzad and Maraad. Interesting abilities and cards for both, too bad we don't get to use them outside the brawl :-)
    All heroes coming close to level 40 now, and the hunter got there already. The rest should follow throughout next week. Yay 40! 

    Starcraft II: Like I said, a new Nova-centered DLC coming up. You can still pre-order the entire pack for a discount before the 30th, when the first 3 missions are released.
    I'm not a fan of Nova myself, and I don't like the idea of small pieces of buyable post-content, but 15 euros wasn't too expensive and the new gameplay changes actually look quite interesting. So I pre-ordered it today. Damnit blizzard, you won...
    Maybe I'm just a sucker for new lore 

    Diablo 3: Didn't get to do too much, haven't even reached 400 yet which I planned on getting this week.
    The ancient-build I wanted to test was pretty bad, I guess I just don't have enough or the right ancient pieces. Probably both. The loss of attackspeed from my old build was just terrible, so I went back to it.
    Made some changes, though, inspired by builds found on the internet, and now I'm clearing Torment X, the highest difficulty, pretty well. Whether I'll finish the last 2 chapters of the season journey on time, I don't know... but at least I'm powerful enough for some progress.   
    Even if I don't make it now, at least I've figured out enough to have an easier time in the next season, where I'll probably rebirth the same seasonal character, especially with the buffs coming to the build I like in the next patch.

    Finally got the toy from the rare I had been killing every day! Took me over two and a half months, hunting him down every day, to get the thing with a 10% chance drop. So that was quite unlucky. But finally made it.   
    I also cleared the Nemesis quests, a few days before I was going to get a paid boost, even, so that saved me 20k gold.
    So now I started my next WoW project, replacing the Sanctum with an Inn, and doing the dungeon quests for that to get a whole bunch of toys, pets and other fun stuff. 
    As well as getting the last pre-set follower I was missing, Millhouse Manastorm, and starting to recruit the weekly random ones.
    There are 243 random ones, so it'll take like 5 years, but I do plan on getting them all ;-)     
    As for raiding, we took some time off today from Hellfire Citadel because it's a holiday, and cleared Mythic Highmaul with 12 to 16 people, while it's a 20-man difficulty, so it was a bit challenging. But we were overgeared and didn't even have to bother with the new mythic abilities, just brute-forcing our way through most of it :-)
    So that's a whole bunch of achievements got!
    Overall, this has been a very good week for WoW progress.
    Finally getting the idea I'm getting somewhere this time. After I finish the inn-quests and get started on the new missions that a level 3 inn unlocks, which should take no more than 1-2 weeks, I'll get started on the biggest project I still have left in this expansion: archeology.
    And finally I'll mention that it's Easter starting tomorrow in WoW!
    Called Noblegarden in the game, this holiday event will continue for a week, but I don't think there's anything new this year that didn't already get in last year.
    So I'll probably not bother much with it.
    And that is all my gaming news for this week!

AriehnV (00:15:50):  Wow thats a hole bunch there as usual ! Thanks for that and congratulations :-)    And this concludes our meeting for today :-) I hope you have fun reading at all. Namarie for now and see you next time