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July 31, 2016 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (5)
    Arien-(Valar)/Arien V, Ar-Pharazon-(V)/arpharazonv, Elladan-V/scott92027, fladrifv , VardaValar1 (presiding)

Meeting begins
    Forum rp story posting this past week.
    Tolkien Moment: Sam carries Frodo
    Another forum rp posting made during the After-meeting..
    Ar-Pharazon: more gaming news including flashgaming reviews.

Varda Valar (VardaValar1) has entered the room.
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Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Almost forgot the time :-)
Varda Valar: Aiya - still ten minutes left. Making sure you could get in ok without weirdness
Varda Valar: Aiya Phar and Flad, feel free to keep playing. :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Just going through my daily low-level instance to unlock appearances.
fladrifv: Aiya Varda
Varda Valar: Hey there, Ent :-)
fladrifv: *waves a twig*
Varda Valar: ^^
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya Flad :-)
fladrifv: aiyaphar
fladrifv: that is numenorian slang
fladrifv: for hello
fladrifv: :)
Ar-Pharazon-V: I should know, really ;-)
Varda Valar: Clock says time to invite
Varda Valar: Sunshine around?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Sunshine poked. Carefully.
Ar-Pharazon-V: With a large, now partly scorched/melted stick.
Varda Valar: Smart. :-)

Elladan-(V) (scott92027) has entered the room.
Elladan-(V): Aiya :)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
Varda Valar: Aiya Elladan :-)

Arien V (AriehnV) has entered the room.
Varda Valar: Aiya Arien :-)
Arien V: Aiya all :-)
Arien V: how are you all?
Varda Valar: Better than I deserve. :-)

Varda Valar: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
Varda Valar: Membership:
Varda Valar: Greetings from the folks in LotRO
Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya!
Elladan-(V): I'm doing alright
Varda Valar: Dis, Elwing, Lenwe, Marigold, and myself in LotRO. And there goes Lenwe.
Varda Valar: Hello on this side of the screen from Fangorn  :-)
Varda Valar: Any other howdies or membership news?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Going on vacation from tuesday to friday?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Nothing important for the guild meetings, but still!
Varda Valar: That's good to know.
Varda Valar: Fangorn and I are just back from visiting family. Got in last night around midnight. Three guys house-sitting didn't even make a big mess!
Arien V: can imagine wow
Arien V: they shouldnt do that
Arien V: at least clean up
Varda Valar: Bilbo, Sauron, and a friend, very tidy. Thanks guys!
Varda Valar: Any other news?

Varda Valar: Web:
Varda Valar: Nothing new for the Tolkien Site, as our artists have other projects than Tolkien for some reason. ;-)
Varda Valar: DeepGroover is heading out for the Nationals, with a batch of his models. Good luck to him!
Varda Valar: Eonwe has the gaming news up for us.

Varda Valar: Gaming:

Varda Valar: LotRO:
Varda Valar: The Summer Festival is still going. Some of us are in it right now. :-)
Varda Valar: Update 18.2.3 was released this week. Check out the patch notes.

Varda Valar: WoW:
Varda Valar: Invasions arrive August 9th, as well as access to Demon Hunters to those who pre-purchased the expansion digitally through Blizzard.
Varda Valar: A new developer Q&A was released this week on the demon hunter.
Ar-Pharazon-V: *waits for physical CE*
Varda Valar: A preview for profession changes in Legion was also posted.
Varda Valar: A new cinematic has been released: Harbingers: The Story of Khadgar.
Varda Valar: Check out the recent hotfixes.

Varda Valar: Diablo 3:
Varda Valar: Blizzard says patch 2.4.2 is coming soon, so they've given an overview of the first looks.

Varda Valar: StarCraft 2:
Varda Valar: For those keeping up with the Nova Covert Ops missions, the next mission pack is coming August 2nd.

Varda Valar: Heroes of the Storm:
Varda Valar: A balance update was released this week.

Varda Valar: Hearthstone:
Varda Valar: Coming August 11th: Hearthstone's next adventure: One Night in Karazhan.
Varda Valar: Also out this week: an update.
Varda Valar: That's it from the Games Site.

WoW continued.:
Varda Valar: We have a few extras. Eonwe emailed and said:
    "I've seen that Elwing, Eowyn, Glorfindel, Nob, and Bofur have been on during the week. Hopefully they had a chance to cross paths and are enjoying the pre-patch."
Varda Valar: /endmail

LotRO continued:
Varda Valar: For LotRO, here's the last week of folks online in alphabetical order for a change:
Varda Valar:


Varda Valar: If I missed one of you here, give a holler. :-)
Varda Valar: Any other general gaming news you'd like to add? Valarites you've seen during the week?

Arien V: Played Eve , Guildwars 2 this week and wow and Lotro :-)
Arien V: spotted Pallando
Varda Valar: Nice. Thanks :-)
Varda Valar: Bilbo and Sauron were on Marvel SuperHeroes.
Varda Valar: Fangorn, Sauron, and I were on StarCraftBroodWar
Varda Valar: Fladrif and Phar in Hearthstone, I think?
Ar-Pharazon-V: Starcraft II as well!
Ar-Pharazon-V: We did a match against a single AI, very quick, very fun, to earn the anniversary portrait :-)
fladrifv: we made it uhm very challenging for ourselves smiles
Varda Valar: :-)
Varda Valar: Any other comments, suggestions, news?
Varda Valar: We had a joking suggestion in LotRO that we should take all the hobbits to Isengard. That was from Dis-(V).  :-)

Varda Valar: Tolkien:
Ar-Pharazon-V: Would make for some good screenshots.
Varda Valar: ahh, that's a thought!
Varda Valar: Passed that one on to the LotRO gang just now.

Varda Valar: Any rp postings this past week in the forum?
Varda Valar: Ah hah! yes!
Ar-Pharazon-V: No, sorry, not from me, time got away from me this week, with preparations for vacation and a birthday yesterday.
Ar-Pharazon-V: And once again I'm too worried about what I'm going to say to actually type it down :-)
Varda Valar: Thank you, Arien. Good post for Frali.
Varda Valar: Try typing it on notepad or a scratch piece of paper, and remember you can edit later.
Varda Valar: Maybe Calion is too stunned to say anything or anything long.
Varda Valar: Take a look at what we said, if that helps any. Think not what you would say, perhaps, but what Calion would say.
Varda Valar: We can put our personal thoughts in the side comment chain that we have with the rp.
Ar-Pharazon-V: If I'd ever established a personality for Calion significantly different from my own, that would've been good advice :-)
Varda Valar: You're an elf noble from Mirkwood with the ability to work with animals?
Varda Valar: Maybe he'll bring in some birds, have them fly around her, chirping, sit on her hand. Or butterflies? Not sure how far that goes.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Bit of a Disney scene?
Varda Valar: heh
Varda Valar: ok, feel free to tone it down. :-)
Varda Valar: Just a bow would work.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Right.

Varda Valar: Ok, on to Tolkien Moments!
Varda Valar: One that really got me was Sam's at Mount Doom, well shown in the movie. Picked up the actual quote of the situation. They condensed a batch of scenes together, a good idea for a movie.
Varda Valar: RotK "Mount Doom"

"Now for it! Now for the last gasp!" said Sam as he struggle to his feet.
He bent over Frodo, rousing him gently.
Frodo groaned; but with a great effort of will he staggered up; and then
he fell to his knees again.
He raised his eyes with difficulty to the dark slopes of Mount Doom
towering above him, and then pitifully he began to crawl forward on his hands.
Sam looked at him and wept in his heart, but no tears came to his dry and stinging eyes.
"I said I'd carry him, if it broke my back," he muttered, "and I will!"
"Come, Mr. Frodo!" he cried.  "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you
and it as well. So up you get!..."

Varda Valar: /endquote
Varda Valar: Feel free to comment, or to give another Tolkien Moment.
Ar-Pharazon-V: *accompanied by dramatic music*
Varda Valar: Yay!

fladrifv: Namarie all, an early entmoot has been called for tomorrow morning
Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!
Varda Valar: Namarie!
Varda Valar: Any other comments, Tolkien Moments that anyone would like to give? We're willing to wait a bit while people get them.
Varda Valar: Just let me know if you'd like to do one, side window if you like.

Varda Valar: *looks to the conveyor belt for a hammer*
Varda Valar: *the hammerpad jumps off the table and clonks a hammer on its own*
Ar-Pharazon-V: Automated systems, eh.
Varda Valar: *the hammer goes *meeeeeep!*
Varda Valar: *The hammerpad jumps back on the table, appearing very self-satisfied.*
Varda Valar: Hmmm.

Varda Valar: After-meeting!
Varda Valar: Free chat
fladrifv has left the room.
Arien V: i ve made a post in the rp story by the way
Ar-Pharazon-V: Tonight? Should I refresh the page? I'm writing one now myself.
Arien V: i hope it's appropriate .
Arien V: no last week
Ar-Pharazon-V: Right.
Arien V: i wanted it to do justice to Indis herself and Meren and capture a bit of the permanent nature
Arien V: was it all right?
Varda Valar: You did good
Ar-Pharazon-V: Post made.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I made it a bit less permanent, keeping in touch a bit, hopefully, I hope that's fine.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Also.. I just invented mail pigeons.
Ar-Pharazon-V: If those were not already around?
Varda Valar: Homing pigeons? They may have had them, even if JRRT never mentioned them.
Elladan-(V): Time to make a court bouillon for my shrimp! :)
Varda Valar: Very good post. More upbeat. I like it.
Elladan-(V): who's hungry?
Varda Valar: Guess it's time to pull out the roast here. Yours sounds yummy too!
Varda Valar: Lost her to a handful of books. :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: It's midnight here, not exactly time for a full meal.
Varda Valar: Midnight snack!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Better to a book than to an orc!
Varda Valar: For sure!
Elladan-(V) (scott92027) has left the room.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Alright, personal gaming report!
Ar-Pharazon-V: 3 flashgames for this week.
Ar-Pharazon-V: is a rpg platformer, with stats and equipment. Simple enough, but controls can be a bit awkward.
Ar-Pharazon-V: is a numbers puzzle, select which numbers you need in the grid to fill the totals on the side.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Each is random, so a new experience every time you play :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Also, some appear to have several solutions, but seem to take any you find, so that's nice.
Ar-Pharazon-V: is the third game, wherein you play an old man who is approached by death, but have to run backwards through your life to escape.
Ar-Pharazon-V: A one-button only platformer, but since your jumps are based on how long you press the button, it does get challenging.

Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, blizzard games!
Ar-Pharazon-V: So many of them.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Diablo 3: new season should start in a few days, hopefully I'll have time for it from the start. Nothing done yet to wrap up the last one, but I'll be reincarnating my paladin again. Just too used to the style, and finally getting the right set from the reward.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Heroes of the Storm: Not much news, just finishing quests and getting xp. Couple of games with Gazlowe, had not done that in a while.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Starcraft II: 6th anniversary last week, and if you played a game in any mode you'd get a new portrait :-) So Fladrif and I teamed up together against 1 AI at the easiest possibility, only brought out some forces of our first tier units, and still managed to completely overkill the enemy.
Ar-Pharazon-V: When they say "easy" they're not kidding!
Ar-Pharazon-V: possibility? I mean easiest possible difficulty.
Ar-Pharazon-V: For Hearthstone, let me get a reminder of what the tavern brawl was...
Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, look, season's over for this month, and got a rank 15 reward chest. Verrah nice!
Varda Valar: yay!
Ar-Pharazon-V: 2 golden cards :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah yes. Tavern brawl for this week is/was:
Ar-Pharazon-V: Pick a class, get random cards for it, and all the cards' costs are randomized each turn. So keep the expensive ones until they're cheaper, and maybe you can get an unfair advantage :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: All the classes over halfway to the next level now, but still some way away.
Ar-Pharazon-V: WoW: More progress!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Finally got my wings, for a start! The mythic druid tier from Blackrock Foundry, with unique mantis from the shoulders, which I had coveted since they were first announced, even before Warlords of Draenor was released.
Ar-Pharazon-V: *mantis wings
Ar-Pharazon-V: So once again I am running around as a giant bug, but this time with wings that flutter when they're idle, very cool :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Found a pug group for Mythic Blackhand, and got an Essence as extra loot from a bonus-seal. Essences can be used to trade for any tier piece, and I just had to take the shoulders, because they have a unique model.
Ar-Pharazon-V: More raiding, too! Continuing further into Mythic Hellfire Citadel, we beat the second and third boss tonight. Got myself a new necklace out of it, and we're slowly pushing forward. I wonder how far we'll get before Legion is released.
Ar-Pharazon-V: I have not had luck with the dagger I want to fit my mantis transmog set, but I did get a color variant of it, so it'll do in a pinch. But I'll still try for the green one every week until I get it.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Still working on old instances to unlock wardrobe appearances, I've finished The Deadmines and Wailing Caverns now and am working on Shadowfang Keep. But since I'll be gone for a few weeks, that'll have to wait until later in the week.
Ar-Pharazon-V: *a few days, not a few weeks
Ar-Pharazon-V: And because I'm gone this week, I'll be back before the demonic invasions start on the 9th, so yay!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Not had time to continue the pet battles for the Grand Adventure, but I did max level the last pet I will need, a mechanical squirrel. So all set for the near future!
Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's my news for this week!
Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, and for Hearthstone, I already had over 3700 gold saved up for packs I hadn't bought yet. So if I don't spend everything I should have more than enough for the next adventure, Karazhan.
Arien V: i ve watched Harbingers the video btw ^#
Arien V: and i loved it
Arien V: not surprising eh?#
Ar-Pharazon-V: Which one, Gul'dan or Khadgar? There are two out now :-)
Arien V: Khadgar and Guldan as well
Arien V: last Khadgar tho
Ar-Pharazon-V: Well, they kind of retconned out Med'an, who's already supposed to be the new Guardian.
Arien V: Medivh ^^
Ar-Pharazon-V: No, Med'an, his son in the comics :-)
Arien V: or merged Medivh and Guldan ^^
Arien V: i dont know those comics .. i should try and get hold of them
Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, wow, I just found a backup of all my oldest WoW screenshots, which I thought had been lost on the dead external drive.
Ar-Pharazon-V: Oldest one actually had a conversation with Menelvagor :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: And, just like I remembered, was me on one of my first boat-trips, lying on the prow of the ship in cat-form :-)
Arien V: :-D
Arien V: I am heading to bed now ^^ Namarie :-)
Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!
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Varda Valar: Namarie, Arien
Varda Valar: Sounds like a dramatic picture
Ar-Pharazon-V: I guess it was meant to be :-)
Varda Valar: :-)
Varda Valar: Namarie
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Ar-Pharazon-V: saving and sending transcript