Valar Guild

February 21, 2016 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Arien and Varda.

Attending: (5)
Arien-(Valar)/AriehnV (presiding), ArPharazonV, Elladan-(V)/scott92027, Gilraen-(V)/(Iryenth), PallandoValar

Meeting begins
    New member: Goldilocks-(V)
    Elladan-(V) is very ill.
    Topic 1: Tolkien Moment
    Ar-Pharazon: more gaming news including flashgaming reviews.


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    Alan Downing     10:02 pm
Alan Downing (22:02:26):
scott92027 has been invited.
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    AriehnV     10:02 pm
AriehnV (22:02:39):
Aiya Pallando :-)
AriehnV (22:02:49):
glad to see you tonight
AriehnV (22:03:15):
Ar Pharazon is here as well but he can't enter the chatroom
    Alan Downing     10:03 pm
Alan Downing (22:03:19):
    AriehnV     10:03 pm
AriehnV (22:03:37):
so i will transmit his contributions
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10:04 pm
    AriehnV     10:04 pm
AriehnV (22:04:54):
Aiya Gilraen :-)
    Gilraen     10:07 pm
Gilraen (22:07:31):
    AriehnV     10:10 pm
AriehnV (22:10:40):
It is ten past ten now so it is time to officially start the meeting :-)
AriehnV (22:11:49):
it will be a fast formal meeting i think , since I am very tired and if i make mistakes or sound rough I ask your forgiveness in advance and appologize but I will do my best :-)
AriehnV (22:12:23):

Elen Sila lumenn omentielvo! A star shines upon the hour of our meeting
AriehnV (22:12:36):

Membership news:
    AriehnV     10:12 pm
AriehnV (22:12:45):
You are here :-D
AriehnV (22:13:46):
Varda unfortunatly is still travelling in family matters which i will leave to her to share when she is back , but she expected her return home not before late tomorrow.
    AriehnV     10:16 pm
AriehnV (22:16:36):
Ar Pharazon still has troubles entering the chatroom and the aimverlsion he is currently using , Aim 7.5 , gives him an error message  "invite or request timed out"
AriehnV (22:16:54):
he is asking whether any of you knows what to do with this?
AriehnV (22:18:13):
The older version Aim 5.9 will no longer be available from March 15th.
    Gilraen     10:18 pm
Gilraen (22:18:36):
haven't seen this error myself, sorry, and I'm on 7.5 as well
    AriehnV     10:21 pm
AriehnV (22:21:07):
Ar Pharazon hopes that one of the transcript readers will recognise the error message and hopefully can offer a fix for it :-)
AriehnV (22:21:40):
I hope so as well , and I am sure Varda as well when she is back
AriehnV (22:22:43):
We also have a new  member :-)
AriehnV (22:22:48):
       Welcome to the Valar Guild, Goldilocks Gardner-(V)! Goldilocks was introduced to Varda by a mutual friend, Lerillos. Goldilocks is 44, time zone EST, country USA. She's online most nights and weekends. She came from another server that was closed, is the founder and leader of Thorin's Vanguard, and brought those she could of her kin to Landroval. She's in the process of making a character to join our Landroval kin, as she's especially interesed in our lore aspect.  LotRO is her only game.
       She's read the H and LotR.  A favorite character for her is Samwise Gamgee. "Samwise embodied everything thats best in a hoobit, or anyone for that matter." That's why she chose one of Sam's daughters.
    AriehnV     10:24 pm
AriehnV (22:24:18):
Welcome from me to Goldilocks and from Ar Pharazon V who is in a single conversation with me on a separate window :-)
AriehnV (22:24:50):
I hope you have fun with us and you will find your way to our meetings as well :-)

AriehnV (22:25:27):
Due to Varda's travelling we have no web news.
AriehnV (22:25:56):

Eonwe of course has put his Gaming news up as usual :-)
    AriehnV     10:26 pm
AriehnV (22:26:45):
World of Warcraft:
AriehnV (22:27:10):
Current event there is Love is in the air inspired by Valentine's day.
AriehnV (22:28:15):
The corresponding webpage is
    AriehnV     10:28 pm
AriehnV (22:28:45):
There was also a hotfix on Thursday and you can find the notes about it here:
AriehnV (22:29:17):
    AriehnV     10:31 pm
AriehnV (22:31:25):
One was a bug that could cause wipes on mythical and challenge mode in Upper Blackrock Spire that could make a boss's ability unavoidable
AriehnV (22:32:13):
Heroes of the Storm:
    AriehnV     10:33 pm
AriehnV (22:33:39):
There is a new article about Matchmaking available and it is not about making a boy finds girl matchmaking , but rather about putting players wikth similar levels and skills together in one team and pair up against same skilled and experienced opponents :-)
AriehnV (22:33:49):
and that article can be found here
AriehnV (22:34:06):
AriehnV (22:34:59):
There is also an article on current balance updates .
AriehnV (22:35:05):
    AriehnV     10:35 pm
AriehnV (22:35:58):
and finally for
Hearthstone :

AriehnV (22:36:58):
There is a new blog up about Dusting of old Cards before every match and you can find it here:
AriehnV (22:37:04):
AriehnV (22:37:53):
Unfortunately i have no Lotro News about raiding or duneon runs. Gillraen, do you have any?
    AriehnV     10:39 pm
AriehnV (22:39:05):
Aparently not ;-)
AriehnV (22:40:08):
In terms of non - Tolkien games on my side i was on Rift and a bit on LotrO and StarTrek online :-)

AriehnV (22:40:47):
This gives us chance to get to our Tolkien part :-)
    AriehnV     10:41 pm
AriehnV (22:41:13):
Has anyone suggestions for a Tolkien topic or moment?
ElladanV (scott92027) has entered the room.
10:43 pm
    AriehnV     10:46 pm
AriehnV (22:46:44):
Aiya Elladan :-)
AriehnV (22:47:20):
We are just about to enter Tolkien chat. Do you have any suggestions for a topic or a Tolkien moment?
    ElladanV     10:47 pm
ElladanV (22:47:36):
ElladanV (22:47:39):
VERY ill
    AriehnV     10:48 pm
AriehnV (22:48:14):
Varda is unfortunately not back yet and Ar Pharazon has trouble entering the chatroom and very sorry to hear that :-(
    AriehnV     10:48 pm
AriehnV (22:48:48):
Let me reassure you you are very much in our thoughts and wish you a speedy recovery .
    ElladanV     10:53 pm
ElladanV (22:53:24):
Smaller attendance
    AriehnV     10:59 pm
AriehnV (22:59:17):
I found us Tolkien moment that has always belonged to my favorite sections in the book and gives sound advice for us. The advice of course come from Gandalf and it is given to Frodo in the chapter"Shadows of the past"
    AriehnV     11:01 pm
AriehnV (23:01:36):
Gandalf tells Frodo how the ring came to Smeaogl and how Gollum has now found out where the new owner of the ring is and has come out hunting for it , even to the borders of the shire , if not yet than maybe in the future. And this is Frodo's reaction:
    AriehnV     11:04 pm
AriehnV (23:04:29):
"But this is terrible!", cried Frodo."Far worse than the worst that I imagined from your hints and warnings. Oh, Gandalf, best of friends, what am I to do? For now I am really afraid. What am i to do? What a pity that Bilbo did not stab that vile creature, when he had a chance!"
    AriehnV     11:06 pm
AriehnV (23:06:58):
"Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy, not to strike without need. And he has been well rewarded, Frodo. Be sure, that he took so little hurt from the evil, and escaped in the end, because he began his ownership of the Ring so. With Pity."
AriehnV (23:08:15):
"I am sorry, " said Frodo, "But I am frightened, and i do not feel pity for Gollum." .. "You have not seen him", said Gandalf.
    AriehnV     11:10 pm
AriehnV (23:10:21):
"No and I don't want to ," said Frodo. "I can't understand you. Do you mean to say that you, and the Elves, have let him live on after all these horrible deeds? Now at any rate he is as bad as an Orc and just an enemy. He deserves death"
    ElladanV     11:11 pm
ElladanV (23:11:10):
gotta go, guys
ElladanV (23:11:13):
    AriehnV     11:11 pm
AriehnV (23:11:15):
"Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death
    ElladanV     11:11 pm
ElladanV (23:11:16):
ElladanV (scott92027) has left the room.
11:11 pm
    AriehnV     11:11 pm
AriehnV (23:11:22):
Namarie Elladan :-)
    AriehnV     11:13 pm
AriehnV (23:13:07):
"And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."
AriehnV (23:13:15):
End of quote
    AriehnV     11:17 pm
AriehnV (23:17:06):
And this concludes our meeting of today ... thank you for attending.
AriehnV (23:17:39):
"Looks around for a shiny gavel that reflects sunshine well"
AriehnV (23:18:46):
"picks the one that lies in the east corner .. flares up some rays and lets them play in the gavel .. oh it is golden now ! and ding!

    AriehnV     11:19 pm
AriehnV (23:19:22):
Personal gaming news from Ar Pharazon:
AriehnV (23:20:49):
ArPharazonV 11:20 pm
    For flashgaming, 3 games this week!
    Alan Downing     11:22 pm
Alan Downing (23:22:20):
You know, I need to talk with Varda about getting us off AIM again.. I'll mail her..
    AriehnV     11:25 pm
AriehnV (23:25:06): is a fun puzzle platformer where you have to finish levels a certain way and also time your steps, to feed stuff to the pig :-)
ArPharazonV 11:23 pm is a rather special tower defense game, because you only get one tower and have to upgrade it to keep it alive, rather than build a bunch of towers to not let enemies through.
    Upgrades seem rather limited though.
AriehnV (23:25:24):
good idea Pallando :-)
    AriehnV     11:30 pm
AriehnV (23:30:30):
ArPharazonV 11:27 pm is the third game, a shooter with upgrades to choose from, in an AI environment. Even when you fail you keep the currency, so there's no way to really get stuck :-)

ArPharazonV 11:30 pm
    Let's see now, Blizzard games.
    AriehnV     11:38 pm
AriehnV (23:38:01):
    Had a bit of trouble in Hearthstone this week, stuck with a few classes for dailies that I wasn't too good with, so now they're a bit ahead of the rest in experience, but the rest should catch up.
    The brawl this week was rather fun, with everyone's hero having taunt. A cheap priest deck with healing and buffs went well for me, got 5 victories (also for a daily quest) in a short time.
AriehnV (23:38:17):
ArPharazonV 11:33 pm
    Heroes of the Storm: Would just like to add that the new matchmaking systems only apply to quick match (and perhaps league?) and I usually only play vs AI lately, so I can still encounter strange hero combinations which is still fun. For this reason I might stick to vs AI for the time being :-)
    I also bought Li-Ming this week, because I needed a new Diablo Assassin hero type after getting Valla to level 10. Li-Ming is the wizard, the newest hero, and I'm trying out a sort of long-range bombardment spec. Needs some practice still.
AriehnV (23:38:48):
ArPharazonV 11:35 pm
    I also finished the Lunar Festival quest for the Elder Monkey portrait, so yay!
    Diablo 3: Making good progress with my seasonal crusader. I've got 5 out of 6 setpieces now, and a weapon I will need for the set dungeon. I've also finished another set increasing my damage by quite a bit, and am very comfortable on Torment 4. But that 6th setpiece, the pants, is still lacking to finish chapter 4, and perhaps move on to Torment 5 or 6.
    So I'll try a bit more for that one.
    AriehnV     11:41 pm
AriehnV (23:41:31):
ArPharazonV 11:39 pm
    Note for future seasons, and anyone who wants to try... check out what builds you want for your classes, check in advance which free sets you'll get for earlier objectives, and pick a class that gets a set you actually like. If I'd done that, it would've saved me at least 2 weeks of time.
    WoW: Very little news, really. Still working on that mob who drops the toy I'm missing, it's been nearly 2 months now...
    No new raidgear for me, very little progress on my Nemesis quests, because there weren't many groups up.
    But I did manage to get all my pets upgraded to rare, so I have no more need to fight the pet battle in my garrison every day.
AriehnV (23:42:29):
ArPharazonV 11:41 pm
    Love is in the Air event is still going, but no luck on the mount I'm missing so far :-)
    We almost got one of our friends a victory of her own in the coliseum, got her to second place three times, but never quite worked out. Better luck next week!
AriehnV (23:42:54):
    And that's my news for this week, good luck with the copying ;-)
AriehnV (23:43:22):
Thanks Phari for that :-)
    AriehnV     11:45 pm
AriehnV (23:45:52):
And this is our official end for tonight since i will seek out Yrmo's hall of dreaming very soon and climb the rainbow :-)
AriehnV (23:46:26):
Namarie to you all and see you next week, hopefully with a returned Varda ! Safe journey home to her!