Valar Guild

February 14, 2016 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (UTC/GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Arien and Varda.

Attending: (2)
Arien-(Valar)/AriehnV (presiding), ArPharazonV

Meeting begins
    Topic: We need an article on Festivals in Middle-earth.
    Ar-Pharazon: more gaming news including flashgaming reviews.

AriehnV has entered the room. 10:45 pm

AriehnV 10:45 pm

Elen sila lummenn omentielvo!

Welcome to todays Valar Guild meeting which will be very short and formal .. but i am already

heading in

Membership news:

AriehnV 10:48 pm

Varda is travelling to see her grandchild , Faramir and Eowyn-V to Arizona and is hence not present


Ar Pharazon V is having trouble with his Aim messenger and can't enter the chatroom for some

reason , Pallando is travelling in Outer Space of the Eve - Online Universe and other members don't

seem to present at the moment

AriehnV 10:51 pm

I myself am back at work from vacation , but i just stayed at home apart from a pass port trip to

Edinburgh at the begining of the vacations

Web News:

there are none today, i apologize for that.

Gaming news:

Eonwe put them up on the website and you can find them here as per usual:

AriehnV 10:54 pm

World of Warcraft: There have been hotixes and the Lunar festival comes to an end

tomorrow to be precise and Love is in the Air is starting

the hotfixescan be found here

Heroes of the Storm:

there have been balance updates , find them here

AriehnV 10:56 pm

Last but not least:

The closed beta is running again

there has been some new announcements for player progression features .. find them and the

annnouncement here

AriehnV 10:58 pm


AriehnV 11:01 pm

my idea for tonight originally was festivals in Middle - Earth because of the Lunar Festival in WoW

ending but i had to find out that an article about this interesting topic is sadly missing in our

encyclopedia so invies to write one are being sent out :-)

I might try it myself but we shall see it was just an idea , so i cant even give you an idea of what is


arpharazonv has been invited. 11:04 pm

AriehnV 11:08 pm

General gaming news:

i found a non -  Tolkien Trivia website with dozens of Topics and mixed questions or specialized

questions if you like quizzes

Bunch of ten questions and it rates how many questions you get right

Okay , the site is

AriehnV 11:10 pm

I had tons of fun there , it has interesting facts and you can test how much you really know about a


AriehnV 11:14 pm

And this concludes todays meeting .. strange as it felt .. so i am just going out with a flaring fire

exploding in a mighty fireball and fade away into nothingness

*Bangs Gavel*


AriehnV 11:30 pm

Ar Pharazon's personal gaming news:

ArPharazonV 11:26 pm

Flashgames: is the first one I'll give! A

demolisher game where you have to place wrecking balls just right to demolish buildings.

ArPharazonV  11:31 pm is an interesting

idle/upgrade build where you have to mine stuff and forge stuff and complete orders for clients for


Ehr, wrong one

And finally, Cookie Clicker, an idle game I've been playing for years, finally received its long-awaited

update and is now version 2, at

Now blizzard games!

Heroes of the Storm: Lunar Festival still going, I'm almost done with the games needed to get the

Elder Monkey portrait while the event lasts.

No new heroes or levels this week.

ArPharazonV 11:34 pm

Hearthstone: Still playing that too, getting a bit of xp on all the classes, but it'll be a while before the

next levels. Brawl this week felt quite complicated, with building up your deck out of various choices

with each turn, and your hand is randomized every time.

Diablo 3: Went quite well! I didn't get the fourth chapter done yet, but I got some help in how to

enchant my gear etc, and got a bunch of legendaries and even setpieces to really make my seasonal

crusader more powerful.

I should be about ready to start Torment 3 next week :-)

ArPharazonV 11:36 pm

WoW: Most of my daily stuff is continuing. I think I have only 3 pets left to upgrade to rare, so that's

nearly done.... don't have the toy from the rare yet, and no raid progress either.

But I did get the achievement for 500 shipyard missions, so I'm halfway to the final achievement too,

at 1000 :-)

And the last Rare shipyard mission for the 6 rare achievement will be completing tomorrow, so

that's good as well! Been waiting a long time for that sixth mission, and the heirloom ring it gives.

Speaking of heirlooms, I've gotten 3 victories in the arena in this month's Darkmoon Faire in the past

week, although some of them were the result of phasing glitches. Still, gotta take what you can get.

ArPharazonV 11:39 pm     Finished the Nemesis quest for tauren this week, and am halfway through

Deathstalker now. So only 2 and a half quests to go!

And with the help of 4 friends we managed to secure me a victory in the Coliseum, giving me a feat

of strength, a new title and a toy :-) Very grateful for that, I'll be helping them get victories to in the

coming weeks.

And that's it for me!

ArPharazonV 11:41 pm

Oh, and some of the items in Diablo 3 were the ultimate legendary gem and ultimate legendary

weapon for my guild ;-) If I just complete the armor set now I should be set for several Torment

difficulties higher than I am right now.

*for my build

AriehnV 11:41 pm

Congratulations on all that, Phari :-)

AriehnV 11:43 pm


Thanks :-)

Ah, and I realize the Darkmoon thing might not be clear... I need 13 victories total to get the

heirloom :-)

So just about a quarter of the way.