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January 23, 2011 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by
Ar-Pharazon and Varda.

Attending: (8)
    AriehnV, ArPharazonV, Eomer-(V)/dudeman51983, Eonwe Valar, fladrifv, Indis-(V)/karakedi25, Menelvagor Valar, VardaValar1 (presiding)
Meeting begins
    2011 Membership page
    Festival in the Shire art exhibition
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VardaValar1 has entered the room.
VardaValar1: Aiya o transcriber of meetings. :-)
ArPharazonV: Aiya!
VardaValar1: Still have 5 minutes by my clock.
ArPharazonV: Aye, think I came in about 10 minutes ago, at the end of our raid
VardaValar1: Hope it went well!
ArPharazonV: yeah, got 2 bosses down, after a bit, Magmaw and the -tron defense system
Eonwe Valar has entered the room.
Eonwe Valar: Heya.
VardaValar1: Congrats :-)
VardaValar1: Aiya Eonwe!
VardaValar1: short afk, teensy bit early yet.
VardaValar1: back
ArPharazonV: Aiya :-)
VardaValar1: and time!
VardaValar1: hi :-)
AriehnV has entered the room.
VardaValar1: Aiya Sunshine :-)
AriehnV: Aiya Lady of the stars :-)
AriehnV: aiya oh Golden King
AriehnV: aiya oh Messenger to Manwe, "bows"
Eonwe Valar: Heya Arien.
ArPharazonV: Aiya

VardaValar1: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
VardaValar1: Membership:
VardaValar1: I need to be putting up the 2011 Membership page.
VardaValar1: All of you are regulars at the meetings and automatically get put on there unless you say not to. :-)
VardaValar1: If you've seen anyone on the European side that we normally don't see elsewhere, please mention it so they can be added to the Membership for 2011.
VardaValar1: Folks like Helm, Aragorn, Theoden, Galadriel, or any others.
ArPharazonV: who was Mackie again? Arathorn?
VardaValar1: Mackie is Theoden.
ArPharazonV: Theoden, then.
VardaValar1: Thank you. :-)
VardaValar1: I see Arathorn regularly in N. American WoW, but he never says anything. Just appears in the channel.
VardaValar1: Aragorn would be over in your neck of WoW.
ArPharazonV: Then I must have been confusing that.
VardaValar1: Mackie=Theoden. Now you're all set. It can be added to your note on the friend list.
VardaValar1: Thanks!
VardaValar1: Arien, have you seen Helm?
AriehnV: i think we can trust not to but Eilinel as active member unless she got in contact with you following my email
AriehnV: sure , i do see Helm regularly both online and in real life
VardaValar1: Sorry but I'm having trouble unraveling that first sentence, Arien.
AriehnV: not to list Eilinel as active member
VardaValar1: Thanks on the Helm report. He's welcome to show up in the AIM meetings, but they're probably very late for him too.
VardaValar1: Did she say she wanted out?
VardaValar1: She may have thought contacting you as European Valar leader was enough.
AriehnV: nope but she never said she wanted to stay either
AriehnV: after the last mail she actually got back into contact with me
AriehnV: apart from a short note that it was a good idea to promote her book on the valar site and thanked for your email addy
VardaValar1: ah ok. That's her. I was confused. :-)
VardaValar1: Aye, she was interested in promoting her book at least.
AriehnV: did she get back to you?
VardaValar1: It's a psychology non-fiction book.
VardaValar1: Just with that much, yes.
AriehnV: ah nice , glad she did that at least
VardaValar1: Ok, so no Galadriel or Aragorn lately.
VardaValar1: Thanks for your help!
AriehnV: never been able to track down Galadriel since we have no character name or server
VardaValar1: He said he planned on Argent Dawn, but I haven't heard since. Eonwe, do you know?
Eonwe Valar: I don't recall him responding to the GSMU this year, so no.
VardaValar1: Did he say he was on Argent Dawn or a name last year?
Eonwe Valar: I'd have to dig into my stuff from last year to know that.
VardaValar1: Ok, maybe we can find out that way this month sometime.
VardaValar1: Orome said to tell you all hi from LotRO. :-)
VardaValar1: Any further Membership news?
Eonwe Valar: *"this year" being 2010, and and "last year" being 2009, in reference to the most recent GSMUs.
VardaValar1: Aye. Just need to know if there's a way to put him on our friend lists in WoW Argent Dawn.

VardaValar1: Web:
VardaValar1: Branwyn has another story for us, I think it's complete so it should go up this coming week.
VardaValar1: Anything you would like to add? Gaming Site, others of you with a cool Tolkien link?

VardaValar1: Gaming:
VardaValar1: Would anyone like to mention games non-WoW, non-LotRO they enjoyed this past week?
Eonwe Valar: I do have some Starcraft 2 news.
VardaValar1: Fire away :-)
dudeman51983 has entered the room.
Eonwe Valar: Patch 1.2 came out last week, and so there are chat channels in Bnet 2.0 now.
VardaValar1: Aiya Eomer. Now in Gaming News, StarCraft2
dudeman51983: Aiya
dudeman51983: Im actually just on my way out
Eonwe Valar: If those of us playing Starcraft 2 would like to find members to game with, channel Valar has been our traditional bnet channel, just like it's our friend channel in WoW and LotRO.
AriehnV: aiya there eomer
ArPharazonV: I'll try that, but I assume europe and US are still seperated?
VardaValar1: See you later, Eomer, and thanks for popping by!
ArPharazonV: Aiya Eomer, and Namarie :-)
Eonwe Valar: More than likely, aye Phar.
Eonwe Valar: That's it for my SC2 news.
ArPharazonV: I've got another game I've been playing this week
VardaValar1: What's that, Phar?
ArPharazonV: the sequel to Tasty Planet, called Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds
ArPharazonV: A sort of katamari/early Spore style kind of game where you're an engineered grey goo and have to eat things to get bigger, this time travelling through time :-)
ArPharazonV: fun little pc game
VardaValar1: Cute name. :-)
ArPharazonV: ..And that's it, really!
VardaValar1: hehe ok
VardaValar1: Fangorn and I've been doing a little StarCraft/BroodWar. Wish they wouldn't abandon it, but maybe that means it won't be messed up. :-)
VardaValar1: Anyone else?
AriehnV: Eve me of course a little bit
VardaValar1: Ah cool. :-) Did you see Pallando or Menelvagor?
AriehnV: nah , i hope they are ok
VardaValar1: Thanks.

VardaValar1: WoW:
VardaValar1: Eonwe, did you want to give a report on WoW?
Eonwe Valar: Sure.
Eonwe Valar: First, I've been informed by Varda that we're now lvl 6 over on Lothar :}
ArPharazonV: grats!
AriehnV: nice one grats
dudeman51983: I must be off
dudeman51983: take care all have a good meeting
dudeman51983 has left the room.
VardaValar1: Namarie Eomer!
AriehnV: Namarie Eomr, take care
Eonwe Valar: Take care Eomer.
VardaValar1: We got it last night late. :-)
VardaValar1: Four of us were on just blasting away. : )
Eonwe Valar: Second, Lunar Festival is starting today, so if you haven't got the achievements done for it yet, now's your chance.
VardaValar1: Thanks, good tip.
ArPharazonV: Almost wish I didn't have them, so I'd have something to do concerning that holiday. All I did so far today was kill Omen and get the blessing, for that quest.
ArPharazonV: And had to delete my old Elune's Lantern to turn it in ;-)
VardaValar1: Would they add something new now and then to the festivals, as in LotRO?
VardaValar1: Especially with Cataclysm kicking in?
Eonwe Valar: I'm pretty sure that's all from me. The usual suspects were on during the week :}
VardaValar1: Any other WoW news?
ArPharazonV: Well, I made it over 10000 achievement points ;-)
Eonwe Valar: They might updat esome of the stuff to be for the current Max level, but new stuff is iffy, and I doubt anything's changed for Lunar Festival.
VardaValar1: That's a lot, Phar. : )
ArPharazonV: 10045 points now, and still going up!
VardaValar1: Then we can bring in alts for it, Eonwe!

VardaValar1: LotRO:
VardaValar1: The Monday run was in the Moria instance of Skumfil, done to help class quests, which we did successfully, then tossed in the boss on one side, Grimreaver, for fun.
VardaValar1: The Wednesday run was in the Grand Stairs, another Moria instance, for quests and deeds. As in Skumfil, we also took out the boss, Igash, for fun and more medallions.
VardaValar1: Much crafting, questing, making new alts, advice, and chatting continues as always. :-)
VardaValar1: Anyone else have anything to add?
VardaValar1: Do we have any old or new business of any sort to discuss before changing to Tolkien?

VardaValar1: Tolkien:
VardaValar1: Arien, go ahead.
VardaValar1: She's gathering her info. This should be interesting. :-)
AriehnV: All right if you remember i was last year at the Festival in the Shire in summer and there was an art exhibition which was put on in November in Leyden
AriehnV: but failed to give the dates in time
AriehnV: now the good news is that the self same exhibition is going to be repeated in April :-D
AriehnV: i ll quote the passage from the festival organizer ..
AriehnV: Festival Preview Exhibition- As last November’s exhibition in Leiden suffered from bad weather, we’ve decided to hold it again this April 7-10th. See the attached flyer. Its an opportunity to see original Tolkien inspired art and rare books as well as visit the oldest and most comprehensive Tolkien Shop anywhere. Many fellow Tolkien fans will be there. We will have a raffle again giving away free prints from various artists. Please RSVP on our Facebook page if you can make it. We will have drinks and nibbles and need to know how many are coming.
Menelvagor Valar has entered the room.
Menelvagor Valar: Aiya!
VardaValar1: Aiya Menel, Arien's floor
AriehnV: the facebook link is!/event.php?eid=123068 627762562&index=1
ArPharazonV: An exhibition in Leiden, eh... I could go there. I should go there, really. But I don't use Facebook.
AriehnV: if you dont have a face book account yet you might have to register
AriehnV: i had to as well
AriehnV: to be able to check it out
ArPharazonV: Can't I just.. show up, and pass on said drinks and nibbles?
AriehnV: lol i can give you the email addy of the organizer if u want and get in touch with him
AriehnV: i ve got another link which might be of interest
ArPharazonV: Hmm. Seems overexcessive. Don't you have like.. an address or something?
ArPharazonV: of the location of the event, I mean
AriehnV: second
ArPharazonV: ah, allright
AriehnV: i ve got the poster
VardaValar1: On the Facebook, it says Time Thursday, April 7 at 10:00am - April 11 at 3:00pm
AriehnV: Utrechtse Jagspaad 2
AriehnV: i think if i spellt it right
VardaValar1: LocationTolkienwinkel, Utrechtse, Jaapad 2, Leiden, Holland
ArPharazonV: Okay, I'll save that in a textfile or something
VardaValar1: More InfoThursday 7th thru Sunday 10th. 10 am to 5pm, open to 9pm on the Thursday. Email for more information
Menelvagor Valar: Okies folks, just came in to say hi... gotta go afk. Varda knows why ^^
ArPharazonV: Aiya Menel
ArPharazonV: and Namarie :-)
AriehnV: aiya Menel and Namarie
VardaValar1: Have a good evening, Menel. :-)
AriehnV: cheers for the back up , Varda :-)
VardaValar1: My pleasure.
ArPharazonV: okay, might check it out when the time comes, thank you both :-)
VardaValar1: One other thing we can do is mention these sorts of Tolkien events on our News page, with the link, so members in the area can drop in.
AriehnV: that would be great Varda
AriehnV: i am sure Mark would appreciate it
AriehnV: i ll mail him about it ;-)
VardaValar1: You know it's in the transcript. :-)
ArPharazonV: Make sure.. who was it.. Luthien? knows, she lives in Leiden I think
Menelvagor Valar has left the room.
VardaValar1: luthienathariel is online right now
VardaValar1: I'll get in touch with her.
AriehnV: she went offline i think
AriehnV: she doesnt show online with me
VardaValar1: Djr
VardaValar1: Pardon, fingers need to be on the right place on the keyboard. :-)
AriehnV: hehe
VardaValar1: Is there a web address I can hand her?
VardaValar1: Does it have something to do with the Unquendor website? She mentioned that.
VardaValar1: Festival Art and Books?
VardaValar1: It says they are a sponsor of the Festival in the Shire.
VardaValar1: I click their link and it goes to Facebook.
AriehnV: its all i have i think you have to contact mark via email
VardaValar1: They had a nice big website last year. Ok, thanks.
AriehnV: its still there
VardaValar1: Luthien says she knows one of the organizers of the festival, so will definitely be there.
VardaValar1: Thank you
VardaValar1: That's a good one. Thanks. :-)
VardaValar1: Thank you, Arien. That's a good chunk of news!

VardaValar1: For the RP, we might get back into that.
VardaValar1: We were going outside Mirkwood, and going to do one of our teamwork drills. We can attack a hummock, flanking, the works, and a Beorning could be watching and make a comment, or have been inside the hummock and be quite startled! How's that for an intro?
VardaValar1: He or she might have been out investigating the odd effects and darkness that have been coming out of Mirkwood.
VardaValar1: We can update the Beorning and be on our way. Just a short encounter.
fladrifv has entered the room.
VardaValar1: Aiya Fladrif. :-)
fladrifv: aiya
ArPharazonV: Inside the hummock? What possible reason would he have? Keeping warm?
VardaValar1: Taking a nap in a tiny cave, nook, cranny. He might be in bear form.
AriehnV: aiya ent :-)
ArPharazonV: Aiya Flad!
fladrifv: an ent different to a wizzard is always late
AriehnV: hehe
AriehnV: growing roots eh? getting too entish
AriehnV: err treeish
VardaValar1: hehe Flad
fladrifv: think I had to transport quite some soil to get here yes
AriehnV: i suppose an our is less than a fly in size to him or her :-)
AriehnV: hour even
fladrifv: did you just mention the mythical ent wives? did you really see one?
VardaValar1: We may have seen one walking outside the Shire.
fladrifv: I have heard that name whispering trough the forest
ArPharazonV: Mythical? Wouldn't the Ents, how long though it has been, at least *remember* them?
VardaValar1: Treebeard certainly remembered Fimbrethil.
AriehnV: they d met before certainly before the entwives got *lost"
fladrifv: I translated it for the young ones here
fladrifv: frowns at Arpharazon
karakedi25 has entered the room.
karakedi25: aiiya
ArPharazonV: Aiya
VardaValar1: Aiya Indis
fladrifv: aiya
VardaValar1: For the rp, we were considering whether to do a training exercise attacking a hummock and meeting a Beorning whilst in the process. Just a short encounter. Or we could leave it out. If he/she had more info for our quest, it would be more relevant.
VardaValar1: Any preferences, comments?
AriehnV: if during the exercise maybe something could be discovered?
AriehnV: maybe a shard? or a scroll?
ArPharazonV: the Beorning :-)
AriehnV: hmm the Beorning could find something by accident
AriehnV: not sure how the exercise itself will look .. depending on that it probably can be built in
karakedi25: do we want the thing found to lead to a side quest?
VardaValar1: I can start us on the exercise.
VardaValar1: No, just a brief encounter. We need to be going to Rivendell.
karakedi25: So just a chat with the Beorning, perhaps to see if he has news?
AriehnV: maybe something that requires further investigation .. and Elrond might be able to give it
AriehnV: so it would have to be taken to Rivendell anyway
VardaValar1: Aye, a scroll that Elrond should see.
VardaValar1: The Beorning might have trouble reading normal Westron. : )
AriehnV: mmh
AriehnV: They were descendants of ..what was his or her name? forgot the third House of the Edain
karakedi25: Haleth
AriehnV: Haleth thats it :-)
karakedi25: One of the early strong females :-)
ArPharazonV: Would be a good point for anyone interested in the RP to join, as Beorning? ;-)
VardaValar1: Funny how we have to be fighters to be considered "strong".
karakedi25: not much of a part, unless the Beorning goes with the group
VardaValar1: We can do that part as we did other npc's so far.
VardaValar1: It's supposed to be a brief encounter.
VardaValar1: What might help us with our Angmar quest?
VardaValar1: We can let the idea sizzle in our subconscious and come back to it later, or decide to write off the encounter.
VardaValar1: Does anyone care to mention anything else before we adjourn?
VardaValar1: *bangs gavel*

VardaValar1: After-meeting!
AriehnV: thanks :-)
AriehnV: thanks for chairing
VardaValar1: My pleasure.
VardaValar1: Rest well and thanks for your report. :-)
AriehnV: btw since i forgot to mention that in the gaming news for LotrO i d like to mention that Andwe helped Arienwen a great deal with some of the elite Garth Agarwaen quests
VardaValar1: How kind. :-)
VardaValar1: Andwe=Galdor-(V)
AriehnV: nice one :-D yes he is very kind indeed and we communicated via mcro as well
AriehnV: with the ingame thingy#
VardaValar1: Quite a few of the group use in-game or Ventrilo voice chat in LotRO now.
AriehnV: in game chat and it sure makes it easier to coordinate operations
AriehnV: or if u lose one another u can tell the other to wait
AriehnV: i think i ve got a couple or three six man quests down there left .. u know Radagast ;-)
VardaValar1: He does keep us busy.
VardaValar1: While he talks to squirrels, foxes, etc. : )
AriehnV: i find him cute
VardaValar1: Me too.
VardaValar1: A very different kind of character, especially for an MMO.
VardaValar1: I did find it odd that he was in a tower instead of outside, though.
VardaValar1: It helps with instancing.
AriehnV: aye i think he is very important tho .. collects messages, passes them on , communicates with those that serve as His messengers , the animals
VardaValar1: Aye
AriehnV: and plants not to forget
VardaValar1: Aye
VardaValar1: Makes him hard for the baddies to predict or expect.
AriehnV: i wonder whether he is in some way related to Tom Bombadil ? they seem to be the same kind of spirits
AriehnV: similar at least
VardaValar1: Radagast is a Maia of Yavanna.
VardaValar1: Kindred cares. : )
AriehnV: :-) aye thats what made me think of Tom

VardaValar1: I need to check on the supper in the oven. afk
AriehnV: all right enjouy
VardaValar1: It's ready. Roast chicken. Namarie for now. :-)
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AriehnV: Namarie for now :-)
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