Valar Guild

May 30, 2010 Sunday Meeting

5pm EST (GMT - 5)
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace

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Transcript work by:
Indis and Varda.

Attending: (4)
    AriehnV, Fladrif-(V)/alwin0, Indis-(V)/karakedi25, VardaValar1 (presiding)

Meeting begins
    World of WarCraft (WoW)
    Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO)
    In honor of Memorial Day, name one battle from any Tolkien book, with at least one participant and what that person did.

Conversation with valarguildmeetingplace
(5:43:44 PM) VardaValar1 entered the room.
(5:43:44 PM) AriehnV entered the room.
(5:43:44 PM) karakedi25 entered the room.
(5:43:53 PM) Indis: Aiya
(5:43:55 PM) VardaValar1: Hail
(5:43:56 PM) AriehnV: aiya ladies :-)
(5:44:09 PM) VardaValar1: I'm at Elwing's house. Just downloaded AIM.
(5:44:17 PM) VardaValar1: Good to see you. :-)
(5:45:36 PM) VardaValar1: Invitations sent.

(5:45:45 PM) VardaValar1: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
(5:47:42 PM) VardaValar1: Membership:
(5:47:52 PM) VardaValar1: Fangorn's birthday was May 25. :-)
(5:48:08 PM) VardaValar1: Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans in the guild and everywhere else!
(5:48:33 PM) VardaValar1: Does anyone have any membership news?
(5:48:36 PM) alwin0 entered the room.
(5:48:40 PM) VardaValar1: Eonwe is helping a friend move.
(5:48:44 PM) VardaValar1: Aiya Fladrif :-)
(5:48:50 PM) alwin0: Aiya
(5:48:54 PM) alwin0: and namarie
(5:48:59 PM) VardaValar1: Ar-Pharazon is doing field work.
(5:49:01 PM) VardaValar1: Namarie!
(5:49:02 PM) alwin0: tmr 4 am up
(5:49:32 PM) VardaValar1: Does anyone have any membership news?
(5:50:18 PM) VardaValar1: Is anyone else present? : )
(5:51:28 PM) VardaValar1: I need someone to email the transcript to me. Can either of you ladies do that?
(5:51:38 PM) alwin0 left the room.
(5:51:54 PM) AriehnV: oops sorry just was doing the netherwing drake quests for the mount]
(5:52:03 PM) AriehnV: but nearly done aiya
(5:52:08 PM) VardaValar1: Sounds fun. :-)
(5:52:23 PM) VardaValar1: Indis is probably running something in LotRO.'
(5:52:28 PM) Indis: How do I get the transcript?
(5:52:33 PM) VardaValar1: Hi :-)
(5:52:41 PM) Indis: Hi
(5:53:10 PM) VardaValar1: If you have the same version,
(5:53:17 PM) VardaValar1: right click on the screen
(5:53:28 PM) VardaValar1: Save this conversation.
(5:53:48 PM) VardaValar1: I recommend not having the bubbles. : )
(5:54:00 PM) Indis: Which bubbles
(5:54:04 PM) Indis: ?
(5:54:15 PM) VardaValar1: Don't worry about it if you don't see it on the menu.
(5:54:27 PM) VardaValar1: Says Show IM bubbles. Uncheck it.
(5:54:46 PM) Indis: Options/Save is what I have
(5:54:57 PM) Indis: sorry,
(5:54:58 PM) VardaValar1: Cool. Feel free to use that.
(5:55:04 PM) Indis: Conversations/Save As
(5:55:12 PM) VardaValar1: Thanks

(5:55:22 PM) VardaValar1: Web:
(5:55:35 PM) VardaValar1: Nothing new visibly up from either Eonwe or me.
(5:55:50 PM) VardaValar1: DeepGroover has a model that he will be taking pictures of for us.
(5:55:59 PM) VardaValar1: We were just admiring it. :-)

(5:56:23 PM) VardaValar1: Gaming:
(5:56:26 PM) VardaValar1: WoW:
(5:56:46 PM) VardaValar1: The Lothar group has been active on and off all week.
(5:56:48 PM) Indis: I have one piece of membership news
(5:56:54 PM) VardaValar1: Go ahead.
(5:57:27 PM) Indis: I will be out of the country on a business trip between the 2nd and the 12th of June. I still don't know what my internet and time situation will be.
(5:57:38 PM) VardaValar1: Thanks for letting us know.
(5:57:51 PM) VardaValar1: So you'll be hitting LotRO harder than usual for a while? : )
(5:58:04 PM) Indis: or less hard--depends
(5:58:21 PM) VardaValar1: If you hit it harder than usual, it'll bounce. ;-)
(5:58:36 PM) VardaValar1: I hope the trip works out well for you!
(5:59:08 PM) VardaValar1: Lothar group includes activity from Bofur and Nob, that you know as Dagr and Elenrandir.
(5:59:10 PM) Indis: but I expect to be very busy with business during the day, and it's in Egypt, so the time zone situation will be a mess for LotRO
(5:59:43 PM) VardaValar1: Just enjoy playing when you can. Maybe Arien can be on during your new time zone. : )
(6:00:12 PM) VardaValar1: Feel free to skip gaming and try to get some rest! No worries. We'll be there when you get back. : )
(6:01:00 PM) VardaValar1: Bilbo, Sauron, Fangorn, Elwing, Eonwe, Varda, Bofur, Nob, and Varda were on Lothar, and some on Uldaman as well.
(6:01:05 PM) VardaValar1: LotRO:
(6:01:28 PM) VardaValar1: The Monday and Wednesday regular runs are happening regularly!
(6:01:41 PM) Indis: Some info on that...
(6:01:59 PM) VardaValar1: Currently we're running Fil Gashan trying to get smoother.
(6:01:59 PM) VardaValar1: Go ahead, Indis.
(6:02:52 PM) Indis: Ulmo's level 51 got to the Forgotten Treasury today, and he's asked that we do FT tomorrow night, possibly with either a repeat or another Fil Gashan run.
(6:03:23 PM) VardaValar1: Forgotten Treasury would be good. A number of us could also finish up deeds there.
(6:03:27 PM) Indis: Gildor, Nim, and Eomer (and I) agreed that it would be fine with us.
(6:03:40 PM) Indis: Yes, it would be good clean-up for alts.
(6:03:48 PM) VardaValar1: Sounds as if we have a full group already. : )
(6:03:54 PM) Indis: close
(6:04:10 PM) VardaValar1: Gildor, Nim, Eomer, Ulmo, Indis, and Varda
(6:04:23 PM) Indis: assuming they all show up
(6:04:37 PM) VardaValar1: or others who can fill in the slots. : )
(6:04:54 PM) VardaValar1: Thanks, very good to know.
(6:05:33 PM) VardaValar1: In LotRO, we are also having a free weekend for the Memorial day holidays, including free stables and extra experience.
(6:05:49 PM) VardaValar1: Any further business?

(6:06:11 PM) VardaValar1: Tolkien:
(6:06:50 PM) VardaValar1: Can we each name one battle from any Tolkien book, with at least one participant and what that person did?
(6:07:41 PM) Indis: Heh, the War of Wrath, led by none other than Eonwe :)
(6:07:44 PM) VardaValar1: Fall of Gondolin. Glorfindel slew the balrog, which also slew him, so that the refugees could escape.
(6:07:47 PM) VardaValar1: Nice one. : )
(6:08:49 PM) VardaValar1: Arien is probably afk in WoW.
(6:09:04 PM) VardaValar1: Would you like to go one more time and call it a night?
(6:09:10 PM) Indis: OK
(6:09:28 PM) Indis: The Battle of Helm's Deep, with most of the usual Fellowship suspects.
(6:09:57 PM) Indis: Except of course for Frodo and Sam, who were otherwise occupied, and Boromir, who was probably afloat on the Great Sea.
(6:10:27 PM) VardaValar1: Battle of Pelennor Fields. Eomer sliced and diced many of the enemy to come to the aid of Gondor, and became the next king of Rohan when his uncle Theoden-king died in the battle.
(6:10:46 PM) AriehnV: Hmm Battle of Thousend Tears or something
(6:10:47 PM) VardaValar1: Boromir, slacking.
(6:10:49 PM) Indis: Again, with many of the usual suspects :)
(6:10:57 PM) AriehnV: forgot the elvish name]
(6:11:02 PM) Indis: Nirnaeth Arnoedad
(6:11:22 PM) Indis: Unnumbered Tears
(6:11:22 PM) AriehnV: participant ...
(6:11:31 PM) AriehnV: unnumbered tears
(6:11:55 PM) AriehnV: ..the would be lover of Finduilas was in theere
(6:12:12 PM) AriehnV: Gildor
(6:12:15 PM) Indis: Gwindor?
(6:12:21 PM) AriehnV: Gwindor thats it
(6:12:29 PM) AriehnV: me and names
(6:13:04 PM) VardaValar1: Elwing-V mentioned the Battle of Pelennor Fields and Eowyn who fought the Witch-king.
(6:13:24 PM) VardaValar1: (Elwing-V is in the room with me)
(6:13:27 PM) Indis: a most appropriate mention
(6:14:40 PM) VardaValar1: Fangorn-Valar mentions the battle near the throne of far-seeing, Boromir died protecting Merry and Pippin.
(6:15:01 PM) VardaValar1: (He's in the room too.)
(6:15:35 PM) Indis: Naturally he would name an event that led the Fellowship to FAngorn :)
(6:15:37 PM) VardaValar1: Arien, like to do one more?
(6:15:41 PM) VardaValar1: Of course!
(6:16:38 PM) VardaValar1: If everyone's done...
(6:17:05 PM) AriehnV: hmm let me think .. the kinslaying battles in Aman
(6:17:11 PM) AriehnV: Feanor and his get
(6:17:37 PM) AriehnV: not a battle in the sense u meant but fighting and battling all right
(6:17:58 PM) VardaValar1: Anyone in it thought they were in a battle, aye!
(6:18:17 PM) VardaValar1: Thank you all, and a happy Memorial Weekend to everyone!
(6:18:27 PM) AriehnV: and to you :-)
(6:18:34 PM) VardaValar1: *bangs gavel*

(6:18:38 PM) AriehnV: btw i got my august holidays
(6:18:38 PM) VardaValar1: After-meeting!
(6:18:41 PM) Indis: and happy Memorial Day to you all
(6:18:43 PM) VardaValar1: o good!
(6:18:53 PM) AriehnV: so i hope i manage to get tickets for the shire festival
(6:18:59 PM) VardaValar1: Fantastic!
(6:19:18 PM) VardaValar1: Good luck to you! May your lenscap not block your pictures. : )
(6:19:24 PM) AriehnV: hehe