Valar Guild

March 7, 2004 Meeting

AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
5pm EST, 22:00 GMT

Meeting begins (Eonwe presiding)
Adjourn official meeting (Valar went to test and train on
After-meeting, free chat
    Shelob in the movie, how did she get her stinger past Frodo's mithril coat?
    More Oscars
    Movie music
    Bakshi movie
    If hobbits could fly...
    Evergreen demo mod

[Eonwe's transcript]:
You have just entered room "Valar Guild Meetingplace."
Eonwe Valar: hey, it let me in :}
BookMaster JMV: Howdy. :D
ArPharazonV: Aiya
ArathornValar: I invited ya
musics4me2: dinner, bbl
ErestorV: aiya Eonwe
Eonwe Valar: actually, as far as I know Varda should be here :}
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GaldorV: Aiya
ArPharazonV: I invited you too, btw, but a lot earlier
ErestorV: hehe
Eonwe Valar: Hehe, I was just getting ready to ask if you'd like to sit in on our meeting BookMaster :}
ErestorV: hehe
GwaihirValar has entered the room.
GwaihirValar: hullo :-)
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: Erp.
BookMaster JMV: I've been sitting here for a few hours. :)
ArPharazonV: Aiya Gwaihir!
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: Friend wants me to play W3.
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: I'll be back later folks.
ErestorV: Aiya Gwaihir
ArPharazonV: good luck oro
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: Namarie.
Eonwe Valar: I tried inviting myself as well, but neither your invitation nor mine would get me past the bouncer apparantly :}
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: :-)
ArPharazonV: rap?
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: Nope.
bnetValar: Orodreth-V@Azeroth: Heh.
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ArPharazonV: :-)
ArPharazonV: Aiya
GaldorV: Aiya
ErestorV: hail Galdor
ArathornValar: Aim is buggy since their upgrade
ErestorV: well quickbeam had to go eat so i guess he will not be joining us
Eonwe Valar: QUickbeam was here?
Eonwe Valar: been a while since I've seen him around
ErestorV: no i ran into him in a valar game...and asked him to join the meeting
Eonwe Valar: ah
ErestorV: but he had to go eat
ErestorV: he was in channel valar for a bit
ArPharazonV: and he had disturbing news for Gwaihir :-D
ErestorV: :-)
Eonwe Valar: pardon, gotta gather news for meeting since it appears I'll be chairing :}
ArPharazonV: I can see it now, Arathorn and Gwaihir racing for the lead... very near each other... first one ahead, then the other.... trying to get to level 99
ArPharazonV: and then BLAM ladder chars reset....
ErestorV: hehe
ErestorV: there is an upside for the reset
ArathornValar: pah.. I gave up on ladder months ago...
ErestorV: you will be able to transfer all your booty to your other reg chars.
ArathornValar: anything after 90 is too boring
ErestorV: would that i should be so bored
ArathornValar: NOw if you got a new car or a house at 100... well...
ErestorV: cannot spend enough time to raise char. past the 60
ErestorV: mark
GaldorV: Aye
GaldorV: 85 here
ArPharazonV: Varda is somewhere... out there...

[Varda's transcript]:
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VardaValar1(4:10:33 PM): Aiya
ErestorV(4:10:34 PM): i saw her
ArPharazonV(4:10:35 PM): Aiya
Eonwe Valar(4:10:35 PM): Varda walked in as I got back from news gathering :}
BookMaster JMV(4:10:36 PM): Howdy.
ErestorV(4:10:38 PM): :Aiya Varda
GaldorV(4:10:40 PM): Hail!
Eonwe Valar(4:10:40 PM): heya :}
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VardaValar1(4:10:44 PM): Major Virus infection
GwaihirValar(4:10:44 PM): hey Varda
(4:10:46 PM)bnetValar has entered the room.
GaldorV(4:10:49 PM): ?>
VardaValar1(4:10:49 PM): of comp
ErestorV(4:10:51 PM): no
VardaValar1(4:10:56 PM): on another comp
ErestorV(4:10:57 PM):
GaldorV(4:10:59 PM):
ErestorV(4:11:01 PM): on virus
VardaValar1(4:11:05 PM): my email is pretty much gone
Eonwe Valar(4:11:09 PM): ouch
ArathornValar(4:11:12 PM): bleah... so much for firewalls ,sigh>
GaldorV(4:11:18 PM): suxes
VardaValar1(4:11:26 PM): For those who sent ladder updates, please re-send
VardaValar1(4:11:33 PM): Has the meeting started?
GaldorV(4:11:37 PM): 85 still my barb
ArathornValar(4:11:41 PM): nope.. Eonwe was gettign notes
GaldorV(4:11:48 PM): 12 pally
VardaValar1(4:11:51 PM): Way to go, Eonwe
VardaValar1(4:12:27 PM): Take it away, and I'll try to be your backup, Eonwe
Eonwe Valar(4:12:33 PM): Ok, well, let's begin then :}

Eonwe Valar(4:12:57 PM): Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo! :}

Eonwe Valar(4:13:17 PM): Membership News:
GaldorV(4:14:14 PM): Aiya Elenon Elendil Ancalima!
Eonwe Valar(4:14:16 PM): Aparantly Quickbeam was spotted this past week :}
VardaValar1(4:14:32 PM): Erestor saw him
Eonwe Valar(4:14:46 PM): Indeed, by Erestor :}
Eonwe Valar(4:15:22 PM): Any other Member news?
VardaValar1(4:15:31 PM): Eowyn says hi from here
GaldorV(4:15:32 PM): Not from me
ArathornValar(4:15:33 PM): BookMaster want to join
VardaValar1(4:15:39 PM): He went to eat
ArathornValar(4:15:42 PM): ahhh
ArathornValar(4:15:49 PM): spoke to him earlier... nice guy
BookMaster JMV(4:16:01 PM):
ArathornValar(4:16:12 PM): ahh.. he's back : )
GwaihirValar(4:16:15 PM): I'll brb...
BookMaster JMV(4:16:18 PM): Indeed.. been watching.
ArPharazonV(4:16:24 PM): where is that smiley? I love it!
VardaValar1(4:16:26 PM): Aiya, Boom Master
VardaValar1(4:16:33 PM): Book Master, pardon
ArPharazonV(4:16:36 PM): Hroom master :
ArPharazonV(4:16:38 PM):
Eonwe Valar(4:16:38 PM): :}
BookMaster JMV(4:16:40 PM): Not a problem. Howdy, Varda.
GwaihirValar(4:16:52 PM): AOL now has 'formats' lol.... you pick the format, it changes your smileys and sound effects
ArathornValar(4:17:04 PM): Ahh// wher do you get them?
ArPharazonV(4:17:04 PM): nice
GwaihirValar(4:17:05 PM): a friend of mine has these adorable little wolf-like smileys
ErestorV(4:17:08 PM): yeah how do i get one
GwaihirValar(4:17:08 PM): you have to be on AOL
ArathornValar(4:17:12 PM): been looking for that..
GwaihirValar(4:17:12 PM): not AIM
GwaihirValar(4:17:13 PM): AOL
ArathornValar(4:17:17 PM): ahh..
ErestorV(4:17:18 PM): lol
ArPharazonV(4:17:21 PM): too bad
GwaihirValar(4:17:24 PM): it's not quite worth it
Eonwe Valar(4:17:28 PM): Since there appears to be no more Member News, we can go to Web news :}
(4:17:29 PM)ThorondorV has entered the room.
ArPharazonV(4:17:33 PM): Aiya
ThorondorV(4:17:34 PM): hey
VardaValar1(4:17:35 PM): Aiya
GaldorV(4:17:36 PM): Hail
BookMaster JMV(4:17:38 PM): Howdy.
GwaihirValar(4:17:39 PM): k brb now
(4:17:48 PM)GwaihirValar has left the room.
VardaValar1(4:18:00 PM): Sam was spotted
Eonwe Valar(4:18:13 PM): Sam? Excellent!
(4:18:24 PM)GwaihirValar has entered the room.
ArathornValar(4:18:26 PM): ahh.. yes saw him earlier ...was in a game, not sure what
ArPharazonV(4:18:28 PM): Aiyata
BookMaster JMV(4:18:34 PM): Welcome back, Gwaihir.
GwaihirValar(4:18:35 PM): back
GwaihirValar(4:18:38 PM): thank you
ErestorV(4:18:44 PM): multipul spottings
(4:18:50 PM)musics4me2 has entered the room.
Eonwe Valar(4:18:54 PM): What game was he playing?
ArPharazonV(4:18:55 PM): Sam-V... has a nice sound to it
BookMaster JMV(4:18:56 PM): Welcome back, Maggot.
ErestorV(4:19:12 PM): wb maggot
musics4me2(4:19:19 PM): Aiya all
ArPharazonV(4:19:19 PM): Aiyata maggot
VardaValar1(4:19:20 PM): D2X regular, Erestor saw him
GwaihirValar(4:19:26 PM): I dunno... that almost sounds like you're insulting him 'Welcome back, maggot'
BookMaster JMV(4:19:31 PM): Heh.
GwaihirValar(4:19:35 PM):
ErestorV(4:19:44 PM): hehe
GaldorV(4:19:46 PM): lol
ArPharazonV(4:19:52 PM): Aiyata, you maggot!!!
ErestorV(4:19:56 PM): dx2
GwaihirValar(4:20:13 PM): spottings of whom?
ErestorV(4:20:15 PM): mis type
ErestorV(4:20:17 PM): me
Eonwe Valar(4:20:23 PM): Sam and Quickbeam were spotted
ErestorV(4:20:26 PM): verrrrrry early
GwaihirValar(4:20:31 PM): Quicky's still around?
ErestorV(4:20:38 PM): before 6 am
Eonwe Valar(4:20:39 PM): apparently :}
GwaihirValar(4:20:40 PM): Sam as in Samwise, or Sam as in Immy?
ErestorV(4:20:41 PM): yeah
VardaValar1(4:20:43 PM): He's been around under other names
GaldorV(4:20:44 PM): Those hobbits and Ents have been running togther as of late.....
ErestorV(4:20:46 PM): but not named quick beam
VardaValar1(4:20:53 PM): Sam as in SamWise-(Valar)
ArPharazonV(4:20:57 PM): Immy?
Eonwe Valar(4:21:12 PM): Immmy is Imrahil, a different person
ArPharazonV(4:21:19 PM): ok
Eonwe Valar(4:21:31 PM): or Immy is anyway :}
(4:21:33 PM)bnetValar has left the room.
ErestorV(4:21:34 PM): samewise
GwaihirValar(4:21:36 PM): Immy's real name is Sam
ArPharazonV(4:21:42 PM): oh
(4:21:46 PM)bnetValar has entered the room.
GwaihirValar(4:21:54 PM): that's why I asked...
ArPharazonV(4:21:59 PM): the bridge is falling apart...
Eonwe Valar(4:21:59 PM): ah
VardaValar1(4:22:02 PM): Immy dropped, didn't respond to email asking if he was still in, He's welcome back if you see him
VardaValar1(4:22:09 PM): Bridge still leaking?
musics4me2(4:22:15 PM): Nope, no clue why it crashed
GwaihirValar(4:22:18 PM): oh, I saw him, he decided he probably wouldn't rejoin
Eonwe Valar(4:22:20 PM): He's gotta retest though, make sure you let him know that
(4:22:23 PM)Chugin Chub has entered the room.
ArPharazonV(4:22:29 PM): Aiya Thror!
Chugin Chub(4:22:31 PM): hello
GwaihirValar(4:22:42 PM): He was on under some random assorted one of his many sns...
BookMaster JMV(4:22:43 PM): Howdy.
Chugin Chub(4:22:49 PM): been playing d2 lost track of time
VardaValar1(4:22:55 PM): Aiyata
GwaihirValar(4:22:57 PM): not using guild tag anymore, he may have bent the rules... but he tried hard to avoid breaking them
ErestorV(4:23:06 PM): Aiya Thror
VardaValar1(4:23:11 PM): He just needs to rejoin, np
Chugin Chub(4:23:19 PM): erestor good to see you
GwaihirValar(4:23:20 PM): He told me he thought he probably wouldn't
VardaValar1(4:23:44 PM): ok
Eonwe Valar(4:23:47 PM): Please whisper private greetings
VardaValar1(4:23:55 PM): Please tell how to pm again?
ArPharazonV(4:23:59 PM): Oh, now I remember reading something about Imrahil on the site or something
Eonwe Valar(4:24:08 PM): Right-Click on the person's name
GwaihirValar(4:24:13 PM): hehe... the joke that Aule, I think, put in the rules page *laughs*
Eonwe Valar(4:24:15 PM): select "IM"
ArPharazonV(4:24:25 PM): probably, yes
GwaihirValar(4:24:41 PM): the one saying that he was the only person we were allowed to ban from the channels
Chugin Chub(4:24:51 PM): thats weird say erestor not online
ArPharazonV(4:24:56 PM): yes, that's it!
GwaihirValar(4:24:57 PM): he's prolly on invisible
VardaValar1(4:24:57 PM): You can tell old friends
GwaihirValar(4:25:14 PM): Aye, Immy was one of my first friends in the Guild, way back when
Chugin Chub(4:25:21 PM): ahh yelow hurts my eyes
GwaihirValar(4:25:28 PM): lol
Chugin Chub(4:25:34 PM): ah
ArPharazonV(4:25:37 PM): who has yellow at your pc?
GaldorV(4:25:39 PM): Hail
Chugin Chub(4:25:42 PM): i was blinded
Eonwe Valar(4:25:46 PM): I hate to step in on the reminiscing, but it seems we're on the Web news :}
Chugin Chub(4:25:51 PM): i cant tell

Eonwe Valar(4:25:54 PM): *on to the Web news :}
Chugin Chub(4:25:55 PM): its so bright
GwaihirValar(4:25:58 PM): sry... lol
VardaValar1(4:25:58 PM): Links page:
VardaValar1(4:26:09 PM): "No Mans' Pity" an Eowyn fan site, new
ErestorV(4:26:11 PM): again
ArathornValar(4:26:19 PM): Oh about that site...
VardaValar1(4:26:19 PM): All I have new
ArPharazonV(4:26:56 PM): If you are in possession of the gavel, you are not allowed to kick or ban any members for "fun" unless they are named Imrahil.... found it... sorry for interrupting
Chugin Chub(4:27:18 PM): it gwaihir got bright yellow u cant change it can u?
ArPharazonV(4:27:40 PM): Gwaihir has some sort of army green here
GwaihirValar(4:27:47 PM): I could rejoin, would change my colour............ but then someone else would have the bright yellow
GwaihirValar(4:27:55 PM): or rather, would have me as bright yellow
VardaValar1(4:27:59 PM): Any other web weavers have news?
Eonwe Valar(4:28:10 PM): Arathorn, were you getting ready to ask about the link Varda just mentioned?
ArathornValar(4:28:15 PM): I sent my news by mail to you and Eonwe..
Chugin Chub(4:28:16 PM): o well ill just get out sun glasses
Chugin Chub(4:28:17 PM):
GwaihirValar(4:28:28 PM): I'll be gone in not too long...
ArathornValar(4:28:30 PM): di you get it Eonwe (know you have mail probs, varda)?
ArPharazonV(4:28:34 PM): when does the oscar news fit in?
Eonwe Valar(4:28:45 PM): Was getting ready to let you mention it if you weren't asking about the link Varda just mentioned
VardaValar1(4:29:04 PM): In Tolkien section, Phar
ArPharazonV(4:29:08 PM): ok
Eonwe Valar(4:29:41 PM): Arathorn has mention of a new web page, but I'll let him tell more :} your floor, Arathorn :}
Chugin Chub(4:29:44 PM): thast better
ArathornValar(4:30:11 PM): I've updated the Uniques page and added a new Sets page for teh D2X ME mod...
Chugin Chub(4:30:29 PM): ok complete silence from me now sorry for inter upting yellow was just so bright blinding
ArathornValar(4:30:35 PM): Seems Eonwe's suggestion to create new pages has started the dominoes falling
GaldorV(4:31:05 PM): *Crash*
ArathornValar(4:31:32 PM): So far there are 4 sets pieces. If anyone plays the new mod version and finds Uniques or Sets you can send me a snapshot and item info and I'll update... that's it.
ArathornValar(4:31:49 PM):
Eonwe Valar(4:31:56 PM): Thanks :}
Eonwe Valar(4:33:09 PM): Also, I've asked and recieved some help on a coding idea for the Games Page, and when I get a moment I will be implementing it.
Eonwe Valar(4:33:36 PM): Hopefully you'll find it more useful
musics4me2(4:33:41 PM): coding area?
Eonwe Valar(4:33:51 PM): html
musics4me2(4:34:07 PM): Ah
GaldorV(4:34:13 PM): Going AFK for a bit....
Eonwe Valar(4:34:20 PM): I changed to makign the page in html with the last update, so now I change it by code rather than by MS Word
Eonwe Valar(4:34:44 PM): Any other Web news?

Eonwe Valar(4:35:39 PM): Ok, On to Gaming :}
Eonwe Valar(4:36:15 PM): I've found a few more set and Unique items, recompleting in fact one of my sets with the New items, so I'll get that to Arathorn as soon as work lets me :}
GwaihirValar(4:36:40 PM): I'm *finally* back to level 11 on the wc3:tft ladder!
ArPharazonV(4:36:47 PM): you don't have a lot of time on your hands, do you, Eonwe?
Eonwe Valar(4:37:42 PM): What I don't spend at work I tend to spend catching up on sleep :} I try to make updates and get some fun in when I have the chance, but my comp time is also limited right now
ArathornValar(4:37:42 PM):
ArPharazonV(4:38:09 PM): ah
Eonwe Valar(4:38:09 PM): Congrats to Gwaihir! :}
ArPharazonV(4:38:35 PM): still trying to get to level 4
Eonwe Valar(4:38:41 PM): :}
ArPharazonV(4:38:59 PM): Orodreth is doing rather nicely, though, on RoC in the last few weeks
ArPharazonV(4:39:10 PM): I think he went from 0 to 7
VardaValar1(4:39:17 PM): RoC?
Eonwe Valar(4:39:23 PM): Reign of Chaos
ArPharazonV(4:39:23 PM): Reign of Chaos
Eonwe Valar(4:39:31 PM): Anythign you'df like to brag about orodreth? :}
ArPharazonV(4:39:32 PM): the first War3
VardaValar1(4:39:42 PM): Thanks
ArathornValar(4:39:55 PM): I'm lvl30 in ME nm... about to go after the boss in act1
Eonwe Valar(4:40:44 PM): at lvl 30?
ArPharazonV(4:40:59 PM): how many levels are there, 500?
ArathornValar(4:41:08 PM): er.. yeah... my Dark elf is quite good defensively...
ArathornValar(4:41:15 PM): 99
Eonwe Valar(4:41:20 PM): only 99 levels for each character
Eonwe Valar(4:41:23 PM): hmm
ArPharazonV(4:41:58 PM): is this the d2x mode we're talking about?
ArathornValar(4:42:02 PM): and I have a Shadow 'Master' now at lvl 5 because of my attire
ArPharazonV(4:42:03 PM): *mod
ArathornValar(4:42:08 PM): yes
Eonwe Valar(4:42:10 PM): This is the ME mod for LoD, yes
ArPharazonV(4:42:25 PM): ah, then I knew there were 99 lvls
Eonwe Valar(4:42:50 PM): playing at players 1, Arathorn?
ArathornValar(4:42:56 PM): NOW, act2 ...well... the boss there shan't be wuite as easy
ArathornValar(4:43:02 PM): *quite
ArathornValar(4:43:13 PM): er.. sorry Eonwe?
ArathornValar(4:43:22 PM): players 1?
Eonwe Valar(4:43:59 PM): Blizzard made it so the truly crazy can turn up the difficulty in Single Play :}
GwaihirValar(4:44:35 PM): you can make it as though you're in an 8 player game
GwaihirValar(4:44:36 PM): when you're alone
Eonwe Valar(4:44:42 PM): yeah
VardaValar1(4:44:43 PM): Type Players 8 and the game becomes tough, can do it in Open
ArathornValar(4:44:45 PM): really? no, I've been on open... on arda-t... just by myself unfort...
GwaihirValar(4:45:07 PM): It's fun being one of the truly crazy
GwaihirValar(4:45:08 PM):
Eonwe Valar(4:45:26 PM): just curious, not trying to say you should go for it :}
ArathornValar(4:45:27 PM): ahh, oh yes... Varda mentioned that to me EONS ago .
GwaihirValar(4:45:43 PM): that I was one of the truly crazy... or the players 8 thing?
GwaihirValar(4:45:44 PM):
ArathornValar(4:45:56 PM): Are there benefits? More exp?
GwaihirValar(4:46:01 PM): aye
Eonwe Valar(4:46:02 PM): But lvl 30 in NM is impressive from what I remember of my fights through
GwaihirValar(4:46:03 PM): a lot more
GwaihirValar(4:46:05 PM): and better drops
GwaihirValar(4:46:22 PM): Arathorn, it's like playing single player in standard bnet vs an 8 player game
Eonwe Valar(4:46:23 PM): monsters become as if there are 8 players in the game
ArPharazonV(4:46:41 PM): and so do droppings... nice
ArathornValar(4:46:45 PM): Yeah... I stay back and let my hire and shadow take the brunt...
ArPharazonV(4:46:48 PM): 8 times as much gold
GwaihirValar(4:46:54 PM): not quite...
GwaihirValar(4:46:59 PM): it's like some power equation
ArathornValar(4:47:00 PM): PLUS the throwing blades of teh Dark Elf are incredible!
Eonwe Valar(4:47:13 PM): They're better, yes :}
GwaihirValar(4:47:20 PM): 2^(some expression involving the player number)
Eonwe Valar(4:47:23 PM): Any other Gaming news?
ArPharazonV(4:47:37 PM): BitTorrent!
BookMaster JMV(4:47:43 PM): Not to interrupt, but d'you guys have many SC members?
VardaValar1(4:47:50 PM): Quite a few play
ArPharazonV(4:47:54 PM): falls a bit under gaming news, bittorrent...
BookMaster JMV(4:47:58 PM): Nifty.
musics4me2(4:48:00 PM): I am a SC member, but don't get too much time to play
GwaihirValar(4:48:08 PM): and feel free to ask relevent questions Book, it's not interrupting
GaldorV(4:48:08 PM): I am only on d2x
VardaValar1(4:48:11 PM): many can change suits, have tons of CD's lying around
GwaihirValar(4:48:22 PM): I intend to play sc a bit... once I get a new sc cd-key! lol
GwaihirValar(4:48:34 PM): so prolly next week I'll be going back to it
GwaihirValar(4:48:46 PM): for abit anyways
ArPharazonV(4:48:50 PM): I play sc, when I have nothing else to do and I'm invited to play
GwaihirValar(4:48:53 PM): gotta juggle 3 games _ all my offline stuff
GwaihirValar(4:48:54 PM):
GwaihirValar(4:48:58 PM): + not _
BookMaster JMV(4:49:02 PM): D'you guys play the UMS ME maps?
ArathornValar(4:49:06 PM): Sorry, Eonwe, can I go back to web news for a sec?
GwaihirValar(4:49:08 PM): I used to
VardaValar1(4:49:09 PM): D2X players tend to be hard to see, since the new Bnet system has us going straight to games minus channel
musics4me2(4:49:10 PM): I love UMS
GwaihirValar(4:49:12 PM): but the new ones... blech
GwaihirValar(4:49:21 PM): I remember Middle Earth Emerald
GwaihirValar(4:49:30 PM): I used to be literally unbeatable as any spot in that one
GwaihirValar(4:49:39 PM): (yes, that's how long it's been since I've played much sc!)
GaldorV(4:49:46 PM): i hate that lobby
BookMaster JMV(4:49:49 PM): I've had SC for quite a bit too.
ArPharazonV(4:50:03 PM): could you give me MEE once, Gwaihir, if we meet on bnet?
GwaihirValar(4:50:16 PM): I'd be glad to... if my comp lets me
GwaihirValar(4:50:33 PM): I've been too lazy to forward ports as yet *hangs head in shame*
GwaihirValar(4:50:55 PM): anyways ,I'd best be going!
BookMaster JMV(4:51:02 PM): See you, Gwaihir.
GwaihirValar(4:51:06 PM): I've got an evening of DnD ahead of me
ArPharazonV(4:51:11 PM): Namarie
Eonwe Valar(4:51:21 PM): Pharazon was going to mention BitTorrent?
(4:51:24 PM)GwaihirValar has left the room.
BookMaster JMV(4:51:25 PM): Ah.. always been interested in playing.. never had anyone to play with though.
ArPharazonV(4:51:29 PM): yes, BitTorrent
ArPharazonV(4:51:53 PM): a bit of new download software, as a testing for the Beta distribution technology for WoW
ArPharazonV(4:52:21 PM): created by Blizzard I presume, it has allowed me to download a few WoW movies, quite nice ones
musics4me2(4:52:33 PM): BitTorrent is open source
musics4me2(4:52:37 PM): It's been around a bit
ArPharazonV(4:52:44 PM): really? never heard of it before
VardaValar1(4:52:51 PM): BitTorrent lets you do things faster
ArPharazonV(4:53:05 PM): anyway, since it stood in connection with the WoW beta, I thought it would fit in with gaming news
musics4me2(4:53:06 PM): I've used it to get developer previews of new versions of the OS, not legally though
Eonwe Valar(4:53:18 PM): It downloads from other people who are downloading the same items in order to download faster by not lagging down the main server
ArPharazonV(4:53:42 PM): yes, I've read about it in the Blizzard faqs
ArPharazonV(4:53:43 PM): it works great
ArPharazonV(4:53:51 PM): 86 mb in 8 minutes
ArPharazonV(4:53:55 PM): incredible
Eonwe Valar(4:54:00 PM): It was a good place for it Pharazon :}
ArPharazonV(4:54:31 PM): or was it 68? anyway, it was a large file
Eonwe Valar(4:54:32 PM): *Gaming News; good place for the mention of BitTorrnet
ArPharazonV(4:54:38 PM): thnx
ArPharazonV(4:55:05 PM): 100 kb/sec
Eonwe Valar(4:55:07 PM): There are new items on the WoW page bewsides movies :}
ArPharazonV(4:55:15 PM): transportations and mounts!
Eonwe Valar(4:55:26 PM): they have a new mounts page as well, so if you're interested in seeing what you'll eventually be able to ride, go take a look :}
ArPharazonV(4:56:04 PM): a tauren running next to a wolf... what a sight it will be
Eonwe Valar(4:56:09 PM): I'd also like to remind everyone there is discussion about WoW going on on the Message Baord. You have a chance to add to it if you are going into this game, so i hope you'll take the chance
ArPharazonV(4:57:00 PM): so far I'm still the last poster, been that way for over a week...
ArPharazonV(4:57:17 PM): over 2 weeks actually
Eonwe Valar(4:57:28 PM): Any other gaming news?
ArPharazonV(4:57:57 PM): not from me
Eonwe Valar(4:58:55 PM): Send Topics for Tolkien discussion now
Eonwe Valar(4:59:26 PM): Before we move to Tolkien, Arathorn would like to ask if anyone else was forced to upgrade AIM in order to get here
VardaValar1(4:59:38 PM): Not here
ArPharazonV(4:59:41 PM): not here
GaldorV(4:59:46 PM): Not me but I need to soon, keep geting reminded.....
ArPharazonV(4:59:54 PM): no reminders either
ErestorV(5:00:01 PM): not i
Eonwe Valar(5:00:15 PM): I havent' upgraded at all, and it lets me in, though every now and then i have problems getting into the channel for a bit :}
(5:00:19 PM)UlfangV has entered the room.
ArPharazonV(5:00:25 PM): no channel problems either
ArPharazonV(5:00:27 PM): Aiya
(5:00:31 PM)UlfangV has left the room.
ArPharazonV(5:00:37 PM): Namarie Ulfang

Eonwe Valar(5:01:04 PM): OK, now to what we've been waiting for: The Oscars :}
GaldorV(5:01:27 PM): Woot!
ArPharazonV(5:01:28 PM): brb, sorry that it is on this critical and expecting moment...
BookMaster JMV(5:01:39 PM): ::was very happy that night::
GaldorV(5:01:53 PM): *Bows*
ErestorV(5:02:07 PM): as was I
ArathornValar(5:02:14 PM): heh... I just finished watching the tape... of the Oscars
ArathornValar(5:02:34 PM): Like watching your team win the Championship, then rewinding
GaldorV(5:02:35 PM): I was as well, saw and reported as it happened
BookMaster JMV(5:02:45 PM): As the night progressed, it felt like we were gaining momentum.
VardaValar1(5:02:51 PM): True, Arathorn!
GaldorV(5:02:58 PM): We were running away with it!
BookMaster JMV(5:02:59 PM): I, personally, was a bit doubtful when it came to director.
Eonwe Valar(5:03:03 PM): lord of the Rings : Return of the King won 11 Oscars, tieing for the most with two other movies
Orodreth V(5:03:11 PM): Brag? With my overall 40:50 record? Most of that is Team games, either rt or at.
Orodreth V(5:03:16 PM): *shuts up*
VardaValar1(5:03:17 PM): Galdor told me what was happening and I put it on the page. We were one of the fastest reporting sites on the web
(5:03:18 PM)UlfangV has entered the room.
UlfangV(5:03:29 PM): Aiya
BookMaster JMV(5:03:36 PM): I thought Sophia Coppola was going to get Director, as she was a second-generation Hollywooder..
GaldorV(5:03:41 PM): Heh instant updates
ArathornValar(5:03:44 PM): 11/11, can't beat that!
ErestorV(5:04:04 PM): such a sweep is rerely seen !!!!
BookMaster JMV(5:04:08 PM): Thought Annie Lennox did splendidly.
Eonwe Valar(5:04:08 PM): Art Direction Costume Design Film Editing Makeup Original Music Score
ArPharazonV(5:04:11 PM): back
GaldorV(5:04:12 PM): The storm that hit Varda during the Oscars blasted us in Chicago the next day
Orodreth V(5:04:18 PM): first time a fantasy movie has won any sort of oscar, no?
Eonwe Valar(5:04:23 PM): Best Song: "Into the West" Sound Mixing Technical Effects/ Visual Effects Adapted Screen Play Best Director: Peter Jackson BEST PICTURE
BookMaster JMV(5:04:24 PM): Correct, Orodreth.
VardaValar1(5:04:29 PM): First time a fantasy won Best Picture
GaldorV(5:04:34 PM): Aye
BookMaster JMV(5:04:40 PM): Ah, yes.
VardaValar1(5:04:51 PM): 11 awards ties with all the previous highest
ArPharazonV(5:05:03 PM): what were the previous?
BookMaster JMV(5:05:10 PM): We must sink the ship, master..
Eonwe Valar(5:05:11 PM): Titanic was one
BookMaster JMV(5:05:11 PM): We must..
ArPharazonV(5:05:11 PM): Fotr and TT?
ArPharazonV(5:05:20 PM): oh Titanic
VardaValar1(5:05:36 PM): The other two got lots of nominations, very frustrating
BookMaster JMV(5:05:42 PM): We must sink the ship.. eat all except the captain.. massster..
ErestorV(5:05:51 PM): Titanic (yuck!!)
ArPharazonV(5:06:13 PM): I'm king of the.... Arda!
Eonwe Valar(5:06:14 PM): well, if we only got 11 nominations and 11 Oscars, that's certainy a better ratio than 22 nominations and 11 Oscars :}
ArathornValar(5:06:19 PM): Ben Hur the other
BookMaster JMV(5:06:21 PM): Hail Bernard Hill! Acted in two of the most grossing movies of all time and two of the most Oscar-grossing movies of all time.
VardaValar1(5:06:23 PM): Titanic, was that over in Umbar?
Eonwe Valar(5:06:27 PM): and by "we" I of course mean RotK :}
ErestorV(5:06:35 PM): i was hopping that bill murry would get best actor
BookMaster JMV(5:06:47 PM): I wanted either Bill Murray or Johnny Depp.
ArPharazonV(5:06:58 PM): why did 'we' only get 11 nominations then?
(5:07:06 PM)musics4me2 has left the room.
Eonwe Valar(5:07:23 PM): so we could get 100% :}
ErestorV(5:07:29 PM): hehe
Orodreth V(5:07:35 PM): How many oscars are there?
BookMaster JMV(5:07:44 PM): 24, I believe.
ArPharazonV(5:07:47 PM): that raises the question: had we more noms, would we have had more oscars?
ArPharazonV(5:07:52 PM): I counted on the site, 25
VardaValar1(5:07:53 PM): yes
BookMaster JMV(5:07:56 PM): 25? Okay.
UlfangV(5:08:02 PM): speaking of tolkien movies, try this one... blast from the past
UlfangV(5:08:04 PM):
ErestorV(5:08:11 PM): but some are for lifetime acchievement
ErestorV(5:08:12 PM): and what not
BookMaster JMV(5:08:16 PM): Hehe.
Eonwe Valar(5:08:24 PM): afk for a sec
ArPharazonV(5:08:25 PM): Tolkiens achievement
ArPharazonV(5:08:41 PM): guess it doesn't work that way...
VardaValar1(5:08:47 PM): Movie award
ArPharazonV(5:08:59 PM): I've seen that movie!
ArPharazonV(5:09:03 PM): the one of the link!
UlfangV(5:09:10 PM): it's great, eh?
ArPharazonV(5:09:11 PM): on tv just a month or 2 ago!
UlfangV(5:09:23 PM): sam's just such a stud in it
ArPharazonV(5:09:36 PM): it was fantastic!
UlfangV(5:09:39 PM): and the viking boromir is a classic
ArPharazonV(5:09:57 PM): the worst looking orcs I've ever seen...
ArPharazonV(5:10:23 PM): but still, yes Boromir was great
ArathornValar(5:10:25 PM): Ulfang: Old... whaddya mean old!? I'm watching that on my old... tape right now...!
UlfangV(5:10:29 PM): "gondor needs no pants!"
GaldorV(5:10:31 PM): lol
ArathornValar(5:11:12 PM): I saw that movie b4 I read the book... many many moons ago
ArPharazonV(5:11:13 PM): and another link included in my Lotr favo's...
VardaValar1(5:11:45 PM): It will be on our Links from Humor if we don't already have it
ArPharazonV(5:12:09 PM): reading the pictures.... ROFL
ArPharazonV(5:12:21 PM): uhm... I mean...
ArPharazonV(5:12:29 PM): you know what I mean with reading the pictures
UlfangV(5:12:33 PM): it's off topic, but CNNSI did an "All-Hobbit" college bball team a few weeks ago
UlfangV(5:12:34 PM):
UlfangV(5:12:48 PM): treebeard!
UlfangV(5:13:07 PM): the cnnsi team is at the bottom of the page
ArPharazonV(5:15:53 PM): 'Sam looks like a potato with hair.' Bwahaha
UlfangV(5:16:08 PM): haha
UlfangV(5:16:25 PM): and Obviously Not Evil Grima
ArPharazonV(5:16:31 PM):
VardaValar1(5:16:35 PM): hehe
ErestorV(5:16:40 PM): lol
ArPharazonV(5:16:43 PM): Viking Village People Boromir!
UlfangV(5:16:49 PM): this was on tv not too long ago? serious?
ArPharazonV(5:16:57 PM): "Gondor has no pants. Gondor needs no pants."
ArPharazonV(5:17:01 PM): yes, in the Netherlands
UlfangV(5:17:15 PM): yea, they're probably all into viking boromir
ArPharazonV(5:18:03 PM): Galadriel looks like a Disney heroine and Eowyn looks like a princess of power.
ArPharazonV(5:18:04 PM): nice
UlfangV(5:18:25 PM): boy, i think the academy missed this classic.
UlfangV(5:18:34 PM): that's the 12th oscar, i say.
ArPharazonV(5:18:51 PM):
Eonwe Valar(5:18:57 PM): back, and I brought sandwiches :}
GaldorV(5:19:06 PM): munch, munch....
GaldorV(5:19:11 PM):
VardaValar1(5:19:23 PM): *passes chocolate malteds*
GaldorV(5:19:58 PM): *sharfle*...
ArathornValar(5:20:11 PM): Hey Ulfang, 25 years ago you didn't have computer graphics... all that had to be drawn... so...
ArathornValar(5:20:28 PM): take it with a bushel of salt
BookMaster JMV(5:20:50 PM): I think some of the older stuff is better than the stuff of today.
ArPharazonV(5:20:50 PM): wow, it's true... Celeborn does have a tan...
Eonwe Valar(5:20:54 PM): what do you mean we didn't have computer graphics? we had Arcades :}
UlfangV(5:20:55 PM): AV: well they forgot to draw pants. unless, 25 years ago, no one had pants.
ErestorV(5:21:23 PM): pong
BookMaster JMV(5:21:33 PM): How d'you know he's not wearing muscle-hugging tan-colored pants? Eh?
ArathornValar(5:21:35 PM): Yeah, Eonwe, we had Pong! Who-hoo!! I know, I was the first kid on my block to get it
GaldorV(5:21:49 PM): see through threads !
ErestorV(5:21:53 PM): i had atarie
Eonwe Valar(5:21:57 PM): we had pixels that vague resembled specks of things that might be people :}
UlfangV(5:22:01 PM): BMJMV: you mean like the same brand he-man wore? sure. i suppose.
ArathornValar(5:22:06 PM): Actually, Ul, 25 years ago we wore 'knickers'... and not well drawn one's either!
ArathornValar(5:22:35 PM): Hey Book, it WAS the 70's ... pants were that way so... maybe
VardaValar1(5:22:44 PM): Any other Valar or Maiar want to get in on a test for BookMaster shortly?
ErestorV(5:22:50 PM): i do
Eonwe Valar(5:22:52 PM): I think it's safe to adjourn the meeting :}
UlfangV(5:22:54 PM): AV: yea, you prolly got a pair of see-through huggies yourself, eh?
Eonwe Valar(5:22:59 PM): I'll join you Vard a:}
Eonwe Valar(5:23:18 PM): *bangs gavel*
ArPharazonV(5:23:23 PM): adjourn the meeting? we haven't even had a true tolkien topic :D
VardaValar1(5:23:24 PM): Woot!
ArathornValar(5:23:28 PM): See through? You been reading my bio?...
Eonwe Valar(5:23:29 PM): Meeting Adjourned.

UlfangV(5:23:32 PM): haha
VardaValar1(5:23:33 PM): Well, I have to go test anyway
VardaValar1(5:23:39 PM): We'll have to do another chat!
ErestorV(5:23:40 PM): stands up and streaches legs
ArathornValar(5:23:54 PM): er.. I guess no Tolkien chat... oh well.. off to Sup then.
VardaValar1(5:23:58 PM): Erestor, BookMaster says it's ok for you to come too
VardaValar1(5:24:05 PM): Oscars were Tolkien chat tonight
Eonwe Valar(5:24:09 PM): If anyone's is still willing for a Tolkien topic, then I yeild the Floor to Arathorn, who is the only one to send in a Topic :}
ArPharazonV(5:24:09 PM): we could of course chat Tolkien without the Valar!
VardaValar1(5:24:14 PM): We had to get it out of our systems
VardaValar1(5:24:22 PM): aye, please do!
ArPharazonV(5:24:31 PM): yes Arathorn, take the floor! speech! speech! speech!
VardaValar1(5:24:32 PM): Chat Tolkien 24/7, is good
Eonwe Valar(5:24:38 PM): or free discussion, either way :}
VardaValar1(5:24:41 PM): I might leave chat up and check it out
ArathornValar(5:24:46 PM): Unfort, Supper's ready... Oscar's went on for a bit, I'll have to defer until next week, Eonwe.
VardaValar1(5:24:47 PM): Non-formal, go for it!
(5:24:59 PM)bnetValar has left the room.
Eonwe Valar(5:24:59 PM): Meeting saved
ArPharazonV(5:25:10 PM): any discussion then?
VardaValar1(5:25:14 PM): Same here, yay for us, Eonwe
UlfangV(5:25:16 PM): hey i got one
ArPharazonV(5:25:21 PM): go!
VardaValar1(5:25:23 PM): Valar going to test, Namarie
ArPharazonV(5:25:29 PM): Namarie
Eonwe Valar(5:25:29 PM): Where are we going? :}
ArathornValar(5:25:45 PM): Sorry,... I have to AFK.

UlfangV(5:25:52 PM): if frodo's wearing a mithril shirt, how is shelob supposed to stinghim in the movie? (at least in the book, she bites him on the neck)
ArPharazonV(5:26:19 PM): where does she sting him exactly? haven't looked at the details yet...
ArPharazonV(5:26:28 PM): only seen it once
BookMaster JMV(5:26:39 PM): o,o
(5:26:39 PM)mikenowo has left the room.
BookMaster JMV(5:26:41 PM): Only once?
ArPharazonV(5:26:44 PM): gonna watch the dvd 10 times as much
ArPharazonV(5:27:04 PM): at least
UlfangV(5:27:16 PM): it looks like she stings him in the back
ArPharazonV(5:27:19 PM): including all commentaries and sound commentaries
BookMaster JMV(5:27:27 PM): I'm glad your fellow Hollanders didn't follow suit. :P
ArPharazonV(5:27:33 PM):
UlfangV(5:27:44 PM): but that wouldn't make sense, since the shirt wraps around his back
ArPharazonV(5:28:00 PM): Well, yes, it's actually the first lotr movie I've seen in the cinema...
ArPharazonV(5:28:12 PM): perhaps under his shirt?
ArPharazonV(5:28:24 PM): meaning under as: nearer to the ground
ArPharazonV(5:28:47 PM): and from there 'under' his shirt
ArPharazonV(5:29:25 PM): or just in his ****
UlfangV(5:29:35 PM): oy vey
(5:29:38 PM)ArathornValar has left the room.
GaldorV(5:30:34 PM): Going to run
UlfangV(5:30:35 PM): i think peter and fran are going to have to explain that one
UlfangV(5:30:41 PM): namarie
ArPharazonV(5:30:43 PM): uhm... oy vey?
GaldorV(5:30:44 PM): I'll be in game for a while
ArPharazonV(5:30:44 PM): namarie
ErestorV(5:30:48 PM): namarie
(5:30:51 PM)GaldorV has left the room.
UlfangV(5:31:06 PM): as in.... ay caramba
BookMaster JMV(5:31:08 PM): Jewish term.
BookMaster JMV(5:31:09 PM): Heh.
ArPharazonV(5:31:15 PM): ok
BookMaster JMV(5:31:31 PM): Jewish/NYism term.
ArPharazonV(5:31:47 PM): still listening the lotr soundtrack... now the part which has stuck in my head for 2 days
ErestorV(5:31:55 PM): book are you in channel valar
VardaValar1(5:31:59 PM): carramba is Spanish, isn't it?
ErestorV(5:32:03 PM): varda is lookinf for you
UlfangV(5:32:15 PM): i think it's actually "bart simpsonish"
VardaValar1(5:32:48 PM): I live on the border, Spanish here
VardaValar1(5:32:53 PM): afk
(5:33:21 PM)Chugin Chub has left the room.

UlfangV(5:33:34 PM): what else did folks say about the oscars? i'm bummed i missed the first part of the mtg
UlfangV(5:34:24 PM): thought liv looked horrible, i wish PJ wore sandals and shorts, and three cheers for lotr in 11/11
(5:34:35 PM)Eonwe Valar has left the room.
ArPharazonV(5:34:56 PM): I haven't seen the oscars, actually, I saw the report on the site news
ArPharazonV(5:35:10 PM): didn't even know it was on
UlfangV(5:35:45 PM): and definitely big ups for howard shore. i'm listening to the soundtrack with you, APV
ArPharazonV(5:36:03 PM): just call me Phara
ArPharazonV(5:36:17 PM): or Pharry, as my Gnome will be called in WoW

ArPharazonV(5:36:42 PM): but it is great music isn't it?
UlfangV(5:36:48 PM): how's about "supreme inflated ego of numenor"?
ArPharazonV(5:36:52 PM): I've got 58 tracks now
UlfangV(5:37:02 PM): holy.... 58 tracks? dang... yea the music is awesome
BookMaster JMV(5:37:20 PM): Arphy works too, right, Arphy? :P
ArPharazonV(5:37:20 PM): I think I have all the tracks from all 3 movies
ArPharazonV(5:37:33 PM): Arphy... ok, sure, I know it's me
UlfangV(5:37:37 PM): fave has got to be the white tree... the beacons of gondor theme
UlfangV(5:37:45 PM): arphy. hm. we can work with that
ArPharazonV(5:38:09 PM): I still love the Bridge of Khazaddum the best
UlfangV(5:38:34 PM): yea.... that's a good one
UlfangV(5:39:03 PM): i got into a debate the other day about whether the bridge had handrails or not
UlfangV(5:39:22 PM): i'm pretty sure it didn't....
Orodreth V(5:39:39 PM): Ahaha
(5:39:39 PM)ArathornValar has entered the room.

Orodreth V(5:39:43 PM): That old movie..
Orodreth V(5:39:47 PM): I'm renting that
Orodreth V(5:39:48 PM): like
ArPharazonV(5:39:51 PM): when I bought the 4dvd set, my friends and I watched all new and greatened scenes
UlfangV(5:40:00 PM): killer stuff, eh? give bakshi the 12th oscar
ArPharazonV(5:40:04 PM): + the Bridge of Khazaddum scenes, just for the music
Orodreth V(5:40:06 PM): yup
Orodreth V(5:40:28 PM): Mr. Potatoebody
UlfangV(5:40:33 PM): "best use of rotoscope when budget is running low"
Orodreth V(5:40:43 PM): lol
Orodreth V(5:41:08 PM): Pantless!
UlfangV(5:41:27 PM): i believe the entire cast of the village people shows up in that movie.
ArPharazonV(5:41:57 PM): did anyone else notice the beautifully appropriate robe for (S)aruman the White?
UlfangV(5:42:04 PM): hahahalol
Orodreth V(5:42:05 PM): I wouldn't doubt it
ArPharazonV(5:42:43 PM): too bad the site doesn't have a picture of the orcs...
ArPharazonV(5:42:47 PM): worst orcs I've ever seen
UlfangV(5:42:54 PM): yea what were those things?
ArPharazonV(5:43:32 PM): they were spookier than the Black Riders
UlfangV(5:43:50 PM): i think sam was spookier than the black riders.
ArPharazonV(5:44:01 PM): LOL
UlfangV(5:44:03 PM): what's with the screwed up teef?
Orodreth V(5:44:11 PM): Frodo..
Orodreth V(5:44:13 PM): aiiii
ArPharazonV(5:44:29 PM): at his most cerulean and elvish
Orodreth V(5:44:39 PM): Legolas..
Orodreth V(5:44:46 PM): I don't know how anyone survived that..
UlfangV(5:44:56 PM): can you imagine PJ going to orlando and elijah and saying, "can you play this?"
Orodreth V(5:45:07 PM): i would have run.
ArPharazonV(5:45:08 PM): Gimli reminds me of the cartoon of Snowwhite
Orodreth V(5:45:26 PM): After stabbing out My eyes and PJs.
Orodreth V(5:45:28 PM): brb
ArPharazonV(5:45:36 PM): with the stupid... can it be called a hat?
ArPharazonV(5:45:40 PM): or is it a sock?
UlfangV(5:45:42 PM): hahah
ArPharazonV(5:46:28 PM): Gandalf's dance.... just noticed it
ArPharazonV(5:46:37 PM): I'm actually laughing here
UlfangV(5:47:07 PM): the odd thing is.... when i read LOTR in high school, this cartoon basically was my mental image of the characters.
UlfangV(5:47:31 PM): although for some reason, bilbo looked to me like he did in the other cartoon
UlfangV(5:47:37 PM): "the hobbit"
ArPharazonV(5:47:58 PM): did you actually see Boromir as a Viking?
ArPharazonV(5:48:16 PM): but I do have to agree on the Hobbits...
UlfangV(5:48:28 PM): yea. and no pants. and the truly odd thing was that it all made sense at the time.
UlfangV(5:48:43 PM): "sure, i can see gondor people with no pants."
UlfangV(5:48:56 PM): that was my high school mind at work.
ArPharazonV(5:49:08 PM):
ArPharazonV(5:49:24 PM): definitely high school perception
ArPharazonV(5:49:30 PM): people with no pants
UlfangV(5:49:38 PM): hey now.
UlfangV(5:49:39 PM): haha
ArPharazonV(5:50:33 PM): I read Lotr in high school too, but I saw the movies before the cartoon...
UlfangV(5:50:47 PM): oh the horror, the horror!
ArPharazonV(5:51:10 PM): But still, my hobbit perception was greatly like those in the cartoon
UlfangV(5:51:32 PM): big noses and weirdo buck teeth? yea me too.
UlfangV(5:51:44 PM): i love PJ just for getting the old bilbo out of my mind.
UlfangV(5:52:16 PM): hold on... going to go.....brb in a few minutes

ArPharazonV(5:52:28 PM): Actually, when I first borrowed Lotr from my high school library, and I hadn't started yet, someone asked me if I was going to read the Hobbit as well...
ArPharazonV(5:52:45 PM): and when I heard that name I was like... a hobbit? is that a bird or something?
ArPharazonV(5:57:33 PM): so, after reading Lotr I read the Hobbit as well
ArPharazonV(5:57:54 PM): and then I had the picture in my head, perfectly displayed in the cartoon...
Orodreth V(5:57:55 PM): Backeth.
ArPharazonV(5:58:00 PM): Aiyata

ArPharazonV(5:59:13 PM): theory: what would have happened in Lotr had the main race actually been a kind of bird?
ArPharazonV(5:59:32 PM): and with main race I mean the hobbits
Orodreth V(6:00:26 PM): Um.
Orodreth V(6:00:34 PM): Lots of things would not have?
ArPharazonV(6:00:41 PM): and lots of things would...
ArPharazonV(6:00:46 PM): like no more moria for them
Orodreth V(6:01:05 PM): For one, Sauron would have been taken out..alot sooner.
ArPharazonV(6:01:13 PM): let's see it like this.... what would have happened if hobbits had wings?
Orodreth V(6:01:25 PM): Penguins have wings.
ArPharazonV(6:01:45 PM): yes, and so do ostriches... I mean with which are usable for flying
Orodreth V(6:01:52 PM): Ok.
Orodreth V(6:02:18 PM): They proally could have just flown over the misty mountians.
Orodreth V(6:02:32 PM): for that matter, they could have flown right into mordor.
Orodreth V(6:02:44 PM): You know, they took a really roundabout path.
ArPharazonV(6:02:49 PM): without the Nazgul taking them down from the sky?
ArPharazonV(6:03:17 PM): you know, I don't really agree with you about that path.... they only went South or East in their entire journey
ArPharazonV(6:03:33 PM): ok, perhaps diagonally would have been shorter, but still
ArPharazonV(6:05:41 PM): East to Bree, East to Rivendell, South to Moria, East to Lothlorien, South to the Emyn Muil, South and East to the Black Gate, South to Cirith Ungol, and East to Orodruin
ArPharazonV(6:06:58 PM): but by flying they could just have flown to Rivendell without getting to the Old Forest, or the Barrow Downs
ArPharazonV(6:07:12 PM): perhaps not even picking up Aragorn
ArPharazonV(6:07:42 PM): but from Rivendell they had 5 walkers to accompany...
ArPharazonV(6:08:04 PM): Although with a few eagles, that could have been overcome
ArPharazonV(6:08:32 PM): just have to deal with the Nazgul, and they're off to Mordor
ArPharazonV(6:09:05 PM): but hey, the Nazgul were still patrolling between the Shire and Rivendell, so...
ArPharazonV(6:09:37 PM): wow, Lotr would have been a lot shorter if hobbits had wings!
Orodreth V(6:10:09 PM): yea
UlfangV(6:10:17 PM): hey i have to go.... but cheers everyone
ArPharazonV(6:10:24 PM): namarie
UlfangV(6:10:45 PM): namarie
Orodreth V(6:10:48 PM): namarie
ArPharazonV(6:10:53 PM): but Lotr would not even have taken place, for Bilbo would have flown over the mountains, not even picking up the ring
(6:11:03 PM)UlfangV has left the room.
ArPharazonV(6:12:06 PM): and why would Gollum, had he had wings, taken the ring under the deepest of mountains?
ArathornValar(6:13:21 PM): Hey Orod, you were right... Evergreen is boring... all the quests you have to be lvl 60 to have a decent crack at
ArPharazonV(6:13:23 PM): but hey, why would Smeagol and Deagol be fishing or something by the river bank, if they could just have swooped over the river taking the fish
(6:13:29 PM)ErestorV has left the room.
(6:13:43 PM)ErestorV has entered the room.
ArPharazonV(6:14:12 PM): I like Evergreen.... although indeed I went al the way to level 100 before even completing 3 quests...
ArathornValar(6:14:14 PM): and there ar WAY too many enemies bunched up... you try to fight one and 5 come into a scene... bleah
ArPharazonV(6:14:43 PM): for that problem, you just have to find the perfect place to hunt
ArPharazonV(6:14:57 PM): just a little looking, and logic
ArPharazonV(6:15:11 PM): like all science is done
ArathornValar(6:15:34 PM): I like some of the quest ideas, but the layout is all wrong... you walk across an area of enemies...
ArathornValar(6:15:56 PM): between 3 -10 to a place where you buy 20 - 30 armor... makes no sense
ArPharazonV(6:16:24 PM): that's working out handy for me for 2 reasons:
ArathornValar(6:16:26 PM): all the 20-30 enemies are WAY over on teh other side so you trudge through the same low level maonsters again
ArPharazonV(6:16:42 PM): - I always buy armor and weapons way in advance
ArPharazonV(6:17:14 PM): - I always try to attack monsters 5 levels below mine, so I can take them with 1 blow, without losing health, so you can gain levels without healing
ArathornValar(6:18:25 PM): I fight them 5 above usually... takes a few hits but I tend to level in two foghts... course not if 4-5 come into a fight... dang crowded place!
ArPharazonV(6:18:40 PM): could try that as well
ArPharazonV(6:18:54 PM): with 5 levels below, I have to fight 30 of them....
ArPharazonV(6:19:00 PM): to gain 1 level
ArathornValar(6:19:13 PM): The quests where you have to fight 2 80s ... silly for an initial quest
ArPharazonV(6:19:23 PM): where's that?
ArathornValar(6:19:38 PM): one of teh goblon quests
ArPharazonV(6:19:40 PM): ah yes
ArathornValar(6:19:41 PM): arg!
ArPharazonV(6:19:57 PM): well, I haven't done it in a while... Evergreen that is
ArathornValar(6:20:04 PM): mistyping all over the place... can't get my keyboard right
Orodreth V(6:20:07 PM): In evergreen, depending on the class, I fight between 4 and 15 levels higher then me up to about 80, then I fight the 115's or whatever.
ArathornValar(6:20:37 PM): but how boring until you get up there there are no quests you can do
ArPharazonV(6:20:42 PM): just too bad you lose so much pp when dying...
ArathornValar(6:20:52 PM): yeah that too...
ArPharazonV(6:21:11 PM): I tried to buy halo's, haven't got a single spell
ArathornValar(6:21:15 PM): spells seem incredibly expensive too
ArPharazonV(6:21:26 PM): but man, are those things costly....
ArathornValar(6:21:41 PM): What's a halo do and where do you get one?
ArPharazonV(6:21:52 PM): 1*freaking* halo costs 1M pp!
ArathornValar(6:22:03 PM): what does it do?
ArPharazonV(6:22:07 PM): you can purchase them in one of your own screens...
ArathornValar(6:22:16 PM): 1million???
ArPharazonV(6:22:24 PM): I don't know what they do, haven't got more than 1 tenth of a halo I think
ArPharazonV(6:22:47 PM): you can buy them in parts of a thousandth
ArathornValar(6:22:53 PM): Thought that Orod told me they were just for bragging rights... kind of like an Oscar
ArPharazonV(6:23:00 PM): could be
Orodreth V(6:23:02 PM): Yup
ArPharazonV(6:23:14 PM): I still want one, no matter how useless they are
ArathornValar(6:23:27 PM): er... I have this bridge Ar...
ArathornValar(6:23:31 PM):
Orodreth V(6:23:49 PM): Halos were made for people to waste their pp on after they had maxed everything out.
ArathornValar(6:24:16 PM): That's just pointless
ArPharazonV(6:24:18 PM): ah, perhaps I should do that instead...
ArPharazonV(6:24:33 PM): max everything out first
ArPharazonV(6:24:51 PM): but anyway, I think you can better win a nobel prize than an oscar
ArPharazonV(6:25:03 PM): at least you get some cash with that :P
ArathornValar(6:25:11 PM): Have to say, Rott is looking better and better all the time. At least the quests there seem to have a point
Orodreth V(6:25:34 PM): Yea
ArathornValar(6:25:37 PM): and you don't have to be level 60 to try one
Orodreth V(6:25:39 PM): EG was made as a demo world.
ArPharazonV(6:25:45 PM): Evergreen levels have a point...
Orodreth V(6:25:52 PM): To show eople in breif what was possible with the engine.
ArPharazonV(6:25:53 PM): gaining the soul armor and weapons
ArPharazonV(6:26:04 PM): and beating up a powerful evil with it
ArathornValar(6:26:08 PM): seems like an anti climax
ArPharazonV(6:26:36 PM): I think it was nice, cladding myself up in soul armor one piece at a time
ArPharazonV(6:26:50 PM): like making a collection
ArPharazonV(6:27:37 PM): I just wished I could see myself in that armor, walking on the map
ArPharazonV(6:28:00 PM): that's the one point I hate of WoS
ArathornValar(6:28:16 PM): see, now knowing what the goal is, seems not worth going for :/
ArPharazonV(6:28:27 PM): the stupid characters you can pick, with no connection at all to your outfit, or your class, or your level
ArPharazonV(6:29:22 PM): I'm just an elemental now, in every game, at least tolerable...
ArathornValar(6:29:27 PM): That could be changed I spose... Hey Orod could you force skins?
ArathornValar(6:29:53 PM): Change the look of the char based on quests, specific armor.. like that?
ArathornValar(6:30:12 PM):
ArathornValar(6:30:37 PM): Orod's like Bilbo... needs prodding...
ArPharazonV(6:30:47 PM): does he live still?
ArathornValar(6:30:59 PM): hard to tell...
ArathornValar(6:31:43 PM): well, off to the couch.. sitting hard on the ole back.
ArathornValar(6:31:58 PM): Namarie for now
ArPharazonV(6:32:06 PM): I think he's as dead as Denethor after the pyre...
ArPharazonV(6:32:16 PM): Namarie, I'm going to sleep
ArPharazonV(6:32:30 PM): I'll see you next week, if not sooner
ArathornValar(6:32:31 PM): Nite
ArPharazonV(6:32:59 PM): NAMARIE ORODRETH
(6:33:41 PM)ArPharazonV has left the room.
Orodreth V(6:39:40 PM): You cannot force skins.
(6:53:05 PM)ThorondorV has left the room.
(7:01:29 PM)ErestorV has left the room.
BookMaster JMV(7:06:53 PM): I'll be back.
(7:06:54 PM)BookMaster JMV has left the room.
(7:11:23 PM)MeneldilValar has entered the room.
MeneldilValar(7:11:37 PM): Salut.
Orodreth V(7:18:07 PM): Aiya
VardaValar1(7:32:44 PM): Orodreth
VardaValar1(7:32:47 PM): You there?
Orodreth V(7:32:56 PM): Yes.
Orodreth V(7:33:07 PM): Need something? Someone looking for me?
(7:35:48 PM)MJKeenan123 has left the room.
ArathornValar(7:44:48 PM): you there Orod?
Orodreth V(7:44:56 PM): Am now.

ArathornValar(7:45:04 PM): So who's this guy?
ArathornValar(7:45:16 PM): Viola?
Orodreth V(7:45:28 PM): I think he's Fingon's friend.
Orodreth V(7:45:46 PM): He's played with me a bit.
Orodreth V(7:46:00 PM): I pretty much played with him out of lack of anyone else to play with.
ArathornValar(7:46:11 PM): Seems odd...
Orodreth V(7:46:20 PM): He's not valarish.
ArathornValar(7:46:29 PM): like he's a Melkor/Suron type pretending to be nice
ArathornValar(7:46:35 PM): er ... Sauron
Orodreth V(7:46:44 PM): Arantar(sp)
Orodreth V(7:46:56 PM): bringer of gifts
Orodreth V(7:47:03 PM): Except he has no gifts.
ArathornValar(7:47:32 PM): Funny how some people can sound so younger than others...
ArathornValar(7:47:48 PM): He 'sounds' 13, as you who are do not, if you get my drift

ArathornValar(7:48:47 PM): hmm... so what do you think re Elvondel?
ArathornValar(7:48:52 PM): still here?
Orodreth V(7:49:02 PM): What about it?
ArathornValar(7:50:36 PM): just wondering if there's anything new...
ArathornValar(7:50:46 PM): regarding development
ArathornValar(7:51:35 PM): btw, I found a site regarding a game that sounded quite interesting, unfort it was put on the backburner because of financial reasons :/
Orodreth V(7:52:15 PM): Heh.
Orodreth V(7:52:19 PM): Nothing new.
Orodreth V(7:52:49 PM): I don't even have it on my comp right now.
Orodreth V(7:52:57 PM): It's on hold until we get new blood.
ArathornValar(7:54:35 PM): figured as much... kinda hard to get inventive when people have to drop out... meaning Turg of course... was just starting to build up steam
ArathornValar(7:59:19 PM): well, I'm signing off here
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