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Meeting Transcript

January 25, 2004
5pm EST, 22:00 GMT
AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Parts sent in by Arathorn-(V), Maglor-(V), Varda-(Valar)

Valar Guild
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    Tolkien Encyclopedia
    Annals of Arda
More Membership news
    New Tolkien movies?
    What should the next story be about after LotR?
    Role-playing for forum LotR story.
        Will be under MEO section as a Tolkien story, but not actually MEO epic which hasn't come out yet..

VardaValar1(4:21:32 PM): Please switch to private messages now
Orodreth V(4:21:32 PM): fine for me. I have grey background, though, so..
V Beregond(4:21:37 PM): now change your name color to something not yellow
VardaValar1(4:21:41 PM): Let's start the meeting
ArPharazonV(4:21:50 PM): I'm in Red!
ArPharazonV(4:21:53 PM): sorry
VardaValar1(4:22:24 PM): The Tolkien Encyclopedia has been busy this week
VardaValar1(4:22:55 PM): Irmo's role-playing Quenya words is now up
VardaValar1(4:23:14 PM): Under Objects, Finrod added two articles
VardaValar1(4:23:25 PM): Under Swords, "Glend"
VardaValar1(4:23:34 PM): under Bows "Belthronding"
VardaValar1(4:23:49 PM): Tolkien Humor page added a new section
VardaValar1(4:24:03 PM): Hope you will all feel like adding to the new category for fun : )
VardaValar1(4:24:21 PM): Rog is back from the Airborne Rangers
VardaValar1(4:24:32 PM): He has no comp, but wants to stick with us
VardaValar1(4:24:40 PM): He will need help restarting in Diablo
ElatanValar(4:24:41 PM): wow, hes been there a long time didnt he
VardaValar1(4:24:46 PM): Aye
ElatanValar(4:25:05 PM): think it must be 2 years since i saw him in D2
VardaValar1(4:25:21 PM): The front pages for Middle-earth Online and for Worlds of WarCraft are on the index now
VardaValar1(4:25:31 PM): They are not finished, but we have made a start
VardaValar1(4:25:58 PM): Any new additions to the web pages we haven't mentioned?
ElatanValar(4:26:14 PM): aye some news from here if its time
VardaValar1(4:26:19 PM): go ahead!
Annals of Arda:
ElatanValar(4:27:02 PM): Since Izabella stopped correcting my bad english some year ago i just have found another to help me out there..
ElatanValar(4:27:35 PM): an old retired IT fella named Jack.. hes been guite productive so far..
VardaValar1(4:28:05 PM): Does he work with you live or online?
ElatanValar(4:28:17 PM): and has alot of good idears to improve the Annals of Arda. so I guess i will have a great deal of joy from him
ElatanValar(4:28:36 PM): He is from US so its online by mail
ElatanValar(4:29:35 PM): in just 2 weeks hes been able to do all the Other section and alot of other stuff
GwaihirValar(4:29:47 PM): wow
VardaValar1(4:29:56 PM): Hard worker!
ElatanValar(4:30:01 PM): indeed.
ElatanValar(4:30:09 PM): 2 thing
ElatanValar(4:30:45 PM): I will not be home the next two weeks more or less. Vacation in Norway
ArPharazonV(4:31:21 PM): nice... Fjord seeing
ElatanValar(4:31:41 PM): No cross country skeing
ElatanValar(4:32:24 PM): Over and out
VardaValar1(4:32:45 PM): Thank you : )
VardaValar1(4:33:02 PM): Will you be able to reach the forum?
VardaValar1(4:33:24 PM): I was considering starting the MEO rp, but not without you
ElatanValar(4:33:26 PM): no, no comps, just some whiskey and a fire
VardaValar1(4:33:56 PM): Sounds like a real vacation : )
ElatanValar(4:34:06 PM): is planned to be
VardaValar1(4:34:13 PM): Any other web news?
TurgonjustTurgon(4:34:17 PM): a vacation without a comp....
TurgonjustTurgon(4:34:23 PM): sounds more like hell to me
TurgonjustTurgon(4:34:38 PM): but then again, my comp and I have formed a symbiosis
VardaValar1(4:34:42 PM): Gaming news:
VardaValar1(4:34:46 PM): Orodreth, go ahead
Orodreth V(4:35:30 PM): If anyone here plays Diplomacy, I have found a nice variant besides the complicated Downfall ones.
Orodreth V(4:35:56 PM): It's the Five Armies variant, and a game of it can be found here:
VardaValar1(4:36:59 PM): Feel free to email news like this for the News page. Gaming news will also be forwarded to Eonwe
Orodreth V(4:36:59 PM): I'm afraid I don't have the time to teach anyone how to play Diplomacy,
Orodreth V(4:37:13 PM): but if you are interested, you can look at
Orodreth V(4:37:22 PM): That's all.
VardaValar1(4:37:28 PM): Thank you : )
VardaValar1(4:37:41 PM): I left out an important piece of Member news
VardaValar1(4:37:48 PM): We have a new member, Finrod-V
VardaValar1(4:38:04 PM): and Thranduil-V last night
TurgonjustTurgon(4:38:23 PM): we never had member news as I recall
VardaValar1(4:38:24 PM): Turgon has gaming news
ElatanValar(4:38:28 PM): think i miss the Thranduil Varda
VardaValar1(4:38:30 PM): It went fast
VardaValar1(4:38:35 PM): I haven't sent it
TurgonjustTurgon(4:38:35 PM): hehe
ElatanValar(4:38:39 PM): kk
VardaValar1(4:38:40 PM): Barely got the comp for the meeting
Lady Fallun(4:38:42 PM): I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to go now... thank you for inviting me, Varda
VardaValar1(4:38:44 PM): I'll help
TurgonjustTurgon(4:38:49 PM): well, before I start on my gaming news, 2 things for membership
VardaValar1(4:38:51 PM): Namarie, Lady Fallun
HearNoEvil80(4:39:03 PM): Come again Lady Fallun
Lady Fallun(4:39:03 PM): Namarie
ElatanValar(4:39:04 PM): safe journey Lady
(4:39:08 PM)Lady Fallun has left the room.
Orodreth V(4:39:09 PM): Namarie, Lady
TurgonjustTurgon(4:39:11 PM): Beleg messaged ingame on Bnet, saying his AIM was down
VardaValar1(4:39:24 PM): It's been down
VardaValar1(4:39:34 PM): How can AIM be down? He may need a re-install
VardaValar1(4:39:52 PM): Thanks
TurgonjustTurgon(4:39:59 PM): just repeating what he said, nothing more, could just be an excuse for being too busy gaming
(4:40:03 PM)ArathornValar has left the room.
VardaValar1(4:40:10 PM): No, it's been a problem before
ArPharazonV(4:40:17 PM): arathorn gone? hope he's saved
(4:40:34 PM)ArathornValar has entered the room.
MaglorV(4:40:37 PM): i entered right after him, i can save
VardaValar1(4:40:46 PM): Aiyata
ArPharazonV(4:40:49 PM): Aiyata
VardaValar1(4:40:54 PM): Please do.
TurgonjustTurgon(4:40:55 PM): as for the other, I've had contact with Gorbag, or ex-Gorbag, and told him about him being sweeped and he told me he was too busy in college and RL friends to be very active in the Guild
VardaValar1(4:41:12 PM): Active at all is good, once a month contact isn't much
TurgonjustTurgon(4:41:39 PM): I think he has moved on completely to West, where some mutual friends of ours game
ElatanValar(4:41:45 PM): Sorry but have work in morning so got to go. May the flame Imperishable burn bright in you all.
TurgonjustTurgon(4:41:49 PM): although even there he is a rare sight
GwaihirValar(4:41:51 PM): farewell!
VardaValar1(4:41:53 PM): okie dokie
VardaValar1(4:41:57 PM): Namarie
ArPharazonV(4:41:59 PM): Namarie
TurgonjustTurgon(4:42:00 PM): Namarie
HearNoEvil80(4:42:01 PM): Namarie, enjoy your vacation!
ElatanValar(4:42:03 PM): goodnight all
ArPharazonV(4:42:10 PM): bring back some photo's!
(4:42:19 PM)ElatanValar has left the room.
TurgonjustTurgon(4:42:23 PM): ok, now that's out of the way, gaming news
TurgonjustTurgon(4:42:32 PM): from DaoC, finally a sign of life
TurgonjustTurgon(4:43:06 PM): It seems they are thriving, now membership stands at 25
TurgonjustTurgon(4:43:15 PM): a nice number to have in DaoC
VardaValar1(4:43:41 PM): Irmo is now working with more guild-friends, making it much more active
TurgonjustTurgon(4:44:05 PM): also, Gerontius seemed to have troubles with his account, the possibility it being deleted is not excluded
TurgonjustTurgon(4:44:10 PM): aye Varda
VardaValar1(4:44:33 PM): He was out a while, illness and rl problems, might have expired
TurgonjustTurgon(4:44:36 PM): Irmo has made many changes during my absence, yet I have not been there long enough to fully see the effects of them
TurgonjustTurgon(4:44:44 PM): I doubt it
TurgonjustTurgon(4:45:03 PM): he hasn't been out for as long as I, or not much longer at the worst
VardaValar1(4:45:18 PM): Ok, thanks
VardaValar1(4:45:24 PM): Anything else?
TurgonjustTurgon(4:45:39 PM): a small matter
TurgonjustTurgon(4:46:04 PM): Irmo was wondering if the alliance the guild on DaoC is in now is for the best.
Chugin Chub(4:46:10 PM): i guess i shal email attandace to u then right varda?
VardaValar1(4:46:20 PM): Yes, but not yet
VardaValar1(4:46:28 PM): People keep coming in late : )
TurgonjustTurgon(4:46:34 PM): he has asked the other members to look around and report back to him in a few weeks with their findings
TurgonjustTurgon(4:46:49 PM): majority will rule in his decision to stay or move on
VardaValar1(4:47:02 PM): Hope majority will speak up : )
Chugin Chub(4:47:38 PM): i heard
TurgonjustTurgon(4:47:48 PM): I both doubt and expect that
VardaValar1(4:47:49 PM): Please pm me with Tolkien topics
Chugin Chub(4:48:03 PM): thast newline sinima has right to make an after lor of the rings movie
TurgonjustTurgon(4:48:24 PM): activity has gone up as I heard, but it wasn't much at the meeting still
ArPharazonV(4:48:37 PM): an epilogue to Lotr?
ArPharazonV(4:48:51 PM): that's blasphemy!
VardaValar1(4:49:01 PM): could be Sil or Hobbit
Chugin Chub(4:49:07 PM): like a hole nother book after the fall or suron
MaglorV(4:49:12 PM): i heard a hobbit move was being planned
VardaValar1(4:49:20 PM): Heard the Hobbit also
TurgonjustTurgon(4:49:25 PM): same
GwaihirValar(4:49:34 PM): Hobbit is confirmed... he jsut needs permission
TurgonjustTurgon(4:49:35 PM): a new aftermath one would not be wise
Chugin Chub(4:49:37 PM): yes also heard hobbit movie
TurgonjustTurgon(4:49:59 PM): unless they would rile up like the entire world against them
Chugin Chub(4:50:11 PM): i can see a movie being made after it was all over
GwaihirValar(4:50:36 PM): it could be in teresting...
Chugin Chub(4:50:40 PM): cant*
ArPharazonV(4:50:41 PM): about Sam as the mayor and stuff...
Chugin Chub(4:50:44 PM): ya
GwaihirValar(4:50:49 PM): I'd say more likely about Gondor
TurgonjustTurgon(4:50:51 PM): well, if they made a movie on what they left out in the 3 films in UT style, I wouldn't mind that
GwaihirValar(4:50:55 PM): and their war to actually UNITE
GwaihirValar(4:51:05 PM): all the lands afterwards
Chugin Chub(4:51:09 PM): i think the only way they would do it is if peter jackson directed it
TurgonjustTurgon(4:51:21 PM): hope he refuses
VardaValar1(4:51:25 PM): At the end of the Histories, JRRT seems to have started on a new book about a new shadow rising
VardaValar1(4:51:30 PM): Never wrote
ArPharazonV(4:51:34 PM): of a dozen pages...
ArPharazonV(4:51:38 PM): or less
TurgonjustTurgon(4:52:00 PM): of course, evil never stands or falls alone
TurgonjustTurgon(4:52:11 PM): there are other who will take it's place
ArPharazonV(4:52:12 PM): I've read it, kinda nice as a conclusion, but not really a finished story...
(4:52:17 PM)V Beregond has left the room.
Chugin Chub(4:52:25 PM): so he stat a bok to take place after lord of the rings?
GwaihirValar(4:52:26 PM): or perhaps a movie about Alatar and Pallando causing trouble
VardaValar1(4:52:30 PM): Beregond has early classes, late for him
GwaihirValar(4:52:47 PM): that could be interesting
ArPharazonV(4:53:19 PM): part of the story's power is it's unfinished ending I think
mordacil(4:53:26 PM): how bout downfall of numenor with sauron
mordacil(4:53:49 PM): good atlantis story
ArPharazonV(4:54:01 PM): I would have a big role :P
GwaihirValar(4:54:03 PM): heh
VardaValar1(4:54:05 PM): This is a new topic you are discussing, what should the next story be about after LotR?
GwaihirValar(4:54:17 PM): I'd say either Alatar and Pallando
GwaihirValar(4:54:33 PM): or Aragorn's fight to unite all the lands of Men, since some would still be rebelious
VardaValar1(4:54:39 PM): Include both
GwaihirValar(4:54:50 PM): either or both...
VardaValar1(4:54:59 PM): Aragorn's fight will include Alatar's and Pallando's cults of men against him
GwaihirValar(4:55:03 PM): probably
ArPharazonV(4:55:06 PM): perhaps something about the ending of the world?
ArPharazonV(4:55:15 PM): Mandos' prophecy
MaglorV(4:55:21 PM): lol, or gollum, having adapted to the molten environment of Mount Doom, become the new dark lord.
mordacil(4:55:24 PM): the cults wouldnt be subdued
GwaihirValar(4:55:26 PM): that's goin' quite a bit far forward... and I wouldn't really like to see that
VardaValar1(4:55:35 PM): lol
mordacil(4:55:40 PM): tolkien said thats where moderb cults originated
ArPharazonV(4:55:49 PM): lava gollum...
ArPharazonV(4:55:57 PM): I can already see it
GwaihirValar(4:56:01 PM): heh
GwaihirValar(4:56:08 PM): THE Gollum
GwaihirValar(4:56:12 PM): LORD Gollum
GwaihirValar(4:56:14 PM): Gollum the Great
MaglorV(4:56:15 PM): hehe
GwaihirValar(4:56:15 PM): lol
ArPharazonV(4:56:22 PM): one Gollum to rule them all
VardaValar1(4:56:22 PM): Gimli's people in the Glittering Caves would aid Aragorn
mordacil(4:56:36 PM): he gets a ring of power 4 every birthday
VardaValar1(4:56:37 PM): Legolas's Mirkwood elves who moved to Ithilien would help
GwaihirValar(4:56:37 PM): so would what Elves remained within the worlds, probably, like the Wood Elves
VardaValar1(4:56:53 PM): The Mirkwood elves under Thranduil would still be there
ArPharazonV(4:57:06 PM): none left in ME, the rings of power
VardaValar1(4:57:17 PM): Celeborn didn't leave immediately, moved into Imladris with Elladan and Elrohir for a time
ArPharazonV(4:57:18 PM): unless you mean the smaller ones...
mordacil(4:57:35 PM): and no lavagollum either
VardaValar1(4:57:40 PM): aww
VardaValar1(4:58:04 PM): Eomer is said to have gone to war at Aragorn's side
VardaValar1(4:58:15 PM): It was not a peaceful time
ArPharazonV(4:58:24 PM): and Faramir of course
VardaValar1(4:58:33 PM): Eldarion would be learning warfare, diplomacy, etc
mordacil(4:58:47 PM): i dont think they should start a new saga
VardaValar1(4:58:58 PM): Faramir would help, aye, prince of Ithilien and steward of Gondor when Aragorn is gone
mordacil(4:59:06 PM): Do some Sil stories
ArPharazonV(4:59:08 PM): make a movie about the forum rpg!
VardaValar1(4:59:10 PM): We are writing our own version : )
VardaValar1(4:59:23 PM): Screen grabs : )
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VardaValar1(4:59:38 PM): Arwen would do some diplomatic stuff
GwaihirValar(4:59:52 PM): Pippin would've gone to help probably... Merry and him probably would've jumped at the opportunity to ride to war with Aragorn again
VardaValar1(4:59:58 PM): For sure
mordacil(5:00:10 PM): eagles are comin!
VardaValar1(5:00:17 PM): hmm
GwaihirValar(5:00:21 PM): nah... we would've stayed out of it unless they were in dire straits
ArPharazonV(5:00:22 PM): hobbits fighting on their little ponies
GwaihirValar(5:00:26 PM): and then came to the rescue at the last minute
VardaValar1(5:00:29 PM): When do eagles come? Only for Gandalf?
GwaihirValar(5:00:31 PM): so we could be heroes
mordacil(5:00:38 PM): ?
GwaihirValar(5:00:49 PM): no, I think it was at Manwe's request honestly
VardaValar1(5:00:52 PM): Every time the eagles came, Gandalf was there
VardaValar1(5:00:58 PM): I agree, Manwe's request : )
mordacil(5:01:11 PM): I always thought manwe sent them
HearNoEvil80(5:01:14 PM): Must not forget the Rohirrim!! Where else would you be without the Men and "dogs" of war?
ArPharazonV(5:01:21 PM): perhaps Gandalf asked Manwe
VardaValar1(5:01:25 PM): Eomer definitely fought at
GwaihirValar(5:01:26 PM): we didn't forget the Rohirrim
VardaValar1(5:01:31 PM): Aragorn's side, Tolkien said
GwaihirValar(5:01:33 PM): Eomer was mentioned earlier
HearNoEvil80(5:01:47 PM): must've missed it....kinda hard to keep track w/ all the names flying around
VardaValar1(5:01:50 PM): But we can re-mention them!
GwaihirValar(5:01:53 PM): hehe
GwaihirValar(5:01:55 PM): ahh
VardaValar1(5:01:55 PM): : )
ArPharazonV(5:01:58 PM): Eomer Eomer Eomer!
VardaValar1(5:02:10 PM): practice, come to lots of meetings : )
GwaihirValar(5:02:13 PM): all of the lesser 'kingdoms'
mordacil(5:02:14 PM): what would they do with moria
mordacil(5:02:15 PM): ?
VardaValar1(5:02:27 PM): Suppose dwarves would move back in?
GwaihirValar(5:02:29 PM): probably clear it out and give it back to the Dwarves, if they wanted to move back in
ArPharazonV(5:02:30 PM): Durin the last went to Moria, didn't he?
VardaValar1(5:02:32 PM): Still evil in Moria
mordacil(5:02:44 PM): did all the orcs die with sauron?
ArPharazonV(5:02:54 PM): the orcs went panicky
GwaihirValar(5:02:55 PM): no, that was a flash-effect added for the movies
VardaValar1(5:03:00 PM): I don't think the orcs all died
GwaihirValar(5:03:01 PM): the Orcs merely turned tail and fled in most cases
mordacil(5:03:02 PM): I know that
TurgonjustTurgon(5:03:03 PM): either the dwarves moved back into moria to occupy the upper levels and barricade the lower, or they did not
VardaValar1(5:03:06 PM): probably a lot set up as bandits
VardaValar1(5:03:19 PM): The Watcher in the water was still there
GwaihirValar(5:03:25 PM): would Minas Morgul have been cleansed?
TurgonjustTurgon(5:03:29 PM): who was a big nuisance at all times
VardaValar1(5:03:30 PM): Other things lived in the deep places
VardaValar1(5:03:58 PM): They would have to kick out the baddies left in Minas Morgul and make it Minas Ithil, but no Nazguls at least
mordacil(5:04:03 PM): I wonder If any other balrogs survived the downfall of morgoth
ArPharazonV(5:04:16 PM): well, I think that without the orcs, the dwarves and humans could definitely swipe clean all of Moria
VardaValar1(5:04:20 PM): That was really supposed to be the last balrog
TurgonjustTurgon(5:04:22 PM): I don't think the Dwarves would return to Moria quick, if at all, but would ever retain the memory of the grandeur that that place once held
VardaValar1(5:04:27 PM): but we could make a case for another : )
mordacil(5:04:36 PM): the dwarves were just diggin and out pops big falme thing
TurgonjustTurgon(5:04:50 PM): I think somewhere it was rumored Sauron kept one for himself in Barad Dur
ArPharazonV(5:04:51 PM): I've read something in the histories about Durin the last coming back to Moria
GwaihirValar(5:05:08 PM): I doubt it though Turgon... that wouldn't make sense...
VardaValar1(5:05:09 PM): Many evil thngs were still in the deep places of Moria. Could keep heroes busy
GwaihirValar(5:05:12 PM): if he had it, he would've used it
VardaValar1(5:05:26 PM): The orcs would have to be cleared. Probably many hid in Moria
TurgonjustTurgon(5:05:36 PM): why would he Gwaihir?
TurgonjustTurgon(5:05:42 PM): he had cannon fodder to sapre
TurgonjustTurgon(5:05:45 PM): spare
mordacil(5:05:46 PM): did tolkien ever say what happened to the dwarf species?
GwaihirValar(5:05:56 PM): remember... Sauron was AFRAID of Gondor
ArPharazonV(5:05:56 PM): read histories...
VardaValar1(5:05:59 PM): Might still be some under the mountains
TurgonjustTurgon(5:05:59 PM): his wraiths couldn't be killed by men
GwaihirValar(5:06:08 PM): he was makign a swipe to wipe them out
VardaValar1(5:06:13 PM): Wraiths were tied to the Ring
TurgonjustTurgon(5:06:19 PM): why would he RISK injuring his one most prized minion?
VardaValar1(5:06:23 PM): No Ring, no wraiths
VardaValar1(5:06:29 PM): but Barrow Wights?
mordacil(5:06:45 PM): theyre just ghost
mordacil(5:06:48 PM): s
TurgonjustTurgon(5:06:50 PM): Balrog's are incredible strong, but bear enough power against one and eventually it will fall
VardaValar1(5:07:10 PM): Wights were evil spirits that came into the mounds, not the ghosts of those buried there
ArPharazonV(5:07:10 PM): even one wizard can hold that power
mordacil(5:07:12 PM): and sometimes u with it
GwaihirValar(5:07:12 PM): I say if Sauron had had one he would've used it in the big assault on Gondor...
TurgonjustTurgon(5:07:19 PM): like Sauron did on the slopes of Mount Doom against the Last Alliance
VardaValar1(5:07:30 PM): Good thought, Gwaihir
GwaihirValar(5:07:45 PM): I mean, he was afraid of the King returning and uniting the race of Men...
mordacil(5:07:53 PM): where did it say he used a balrog in the last alliance?
GwaihirValar(5:07:53 PM): he didn't want to leave ANYTHING of Gondor around
VardaValar1(5:07:53 PM): Morgoth continued to put out his influence from the Void
GwaihirValar(5:08:07 PM): if he'd had one that he could've used at that assault
GwaihirValar(5:08:11 PM): he would've, I'm sure of it
mordacil(5:08:23 PM): where did it say he used a balrog in the last alliance?
TurgonjustTurgon(5:08:25 PM): lol no, Mordacil was pointing out that even Sauron had lost in the Last Alliance
mordacil(5:08:36 PM): oh
TurgonjustTurgon(5:08:47 PM): which means that also a Balrog could be brought down
mordacil(5:08:53 PM): k
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ArPharazonV(5:08:57 PM): if he had a balrog, he would've used it against the Last Alliance I think
GwaihirValar(5:08:57 PM): but Sauron wouldn't have been destroyed had it not been for that lucky strike
GwaihirValar(5:09:00 PM): that cut his ring off
GwaihirValar(5:09:06 PM): or rather 'destroyed'
VardaValar1(5:09:24 PM): Sauron was brought down before the Ring was cut off, books
GwaihirValar(5:09:25 PM): he would've slaughtered everyone... it was just that one weakness that was his downfall
GwaihirValar(5:09:28 PM): was he?
TurgonjustTurgon(5:09:36 PM): why would he have used his Balrog against the Last Alliance?
GwaihirValar(5:09:50 PM): he would've sent the Balrog before he himself went
ArPharazonV(5:09:57 PM): indeed
TurgonjustTurgon(5:10:04 PM): Did Melkor throw all his forces into the fray for a suicide mission in "The Chaining of Melkor" *Sil*
TurgonjustTurgon(5:10:25 PM): he kept his troops back
ArPharazonV(5:10:27 PM): Melkor didn't come out himself, did he?
GwaihirValar(5:10:30 PM): Melkor didn't go out to meet them in that one though, I don't believe
GwaihirValar(5:10:32 PM): Melkor HID
ArPharazonV(5:10:46 PM): Melkor always hid
GwaihirValar(5:10:58 PM): Sauron himself was his last resort
TurgonjustTurgon(5:10:59 PM): true, he was a coward
VardaValar1(5:10:59 PM): Melkor was not the brave sort. That was Sauron who would come out and fight on his own steam
MaglorV(5:11:15 PM): and Sauron should have hid, he lost every physical confrontation he entered
GwaihirValar(5:11:17 PM): If he'd had another weapon as powerful as a balrog
GwaihirValar(5:11:25 PM): Sauron, I mean
TurgonjustTurgon(5:11:29 PM): could have been that he did not yet have the power over a Balrog in the Last Alliance
GwaihirValar(5:11:29 PM): he would've used it
GwaihirValar(5:11:33 PM): before going to fight them himself
VardaValar1(5:11:38 PM): Don't think Sauron expected that : )
GwaihirValar(5:11:40 PM): he had a LOT more power then than in the war of the ring
ArPharazonV(5:11:49 PM): you mean he gathered it on to him in the third age?
GwaihirValar(5:12:02 PM): that is possible, yet still unlikely, I think
TurgonjustTurgon(5:12:03 PM): yes, why not?
VardaValar1(5:12:12 PM): The Balrogs served Morgoth. They helped Sauron because he was Morgoth's right hand
ArPharazonV(5:12:36 PM): when did the ringwraiths appear btw? third age or second?
VardaValar1(5:12:40 PM): But I don't think Sauron could force the balrogs to do anything
TurgonjustTurgon(5:12:45 PM): the third age is the age of men, with his powers running rampant in the south, it could very well have attracted a Balrog who initially fled from the War of Wrath in the 1st age
VardaValar1(5:12:57 PM): Fourth age for men
TurgonjustTurgon(5:13:06 PM): sorry, the rise of men
TurgonjustTurgon(5:13:22 PM): the 4th is their domain, but in the 3rd they were rising to power
GwaihirValar(5:13:33 PM): there would have been SOME tell of a balrog fleeing... a trail of destruction, a rumoured legend
ArPharazonV(5:13:37 PM): and the second was the age of Sauron
ArPharazonV(5:13:41 PM): in ME, that is
GwaihirValar(5:13:45 PM): the balrog would've been in the NorthWest more than likely
TurgonjustTurgon(5:13:48 PM): why would that be Gwaihir?
GwaihirValar(5:13:58 PM): so it would've had to cross EVERY settled land practically
VardaValar1(5:13:58 PM): Men had the un-fun of starting out under Morgoth
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:05 PM): then NONE would have escaped in Utumno when it was mostly destroyed
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:11 PM): or Angband for that matter
GwaihirValar(5:14:19 PM): the only one that is known to have escaped both
GwaihirValar(5:14:26 PM): was the one that was in Moria
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:33 PM): known yes
ArPharazonV(5:14:35 PM): at Utumno they escaped into Utunmo
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:40 PM): but what of Dragons?
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:47 PM): they fought on Melkor's side as well
ArPharazonV(5:14:48 PM): *Utumno
GwaihirValar(5:14:49 PM): Dragons could fly, that's dfifferent.
TurgonjustTurgon(5:14:54 PM): and yet many escaped
VardaValar1(5:14:56 PM): JRRT seems to have intended the Moria balrog to be the last of 7
GwaihirValar(5:15:03 PM): it's a lot easier to escape destruction
GwaihirValar(5:15:05 PM): when you can fly
GwaihirValar(5:15:09 PM): and there were a LOT more dragons
GwaihirValar(5:15:11 PM): than Balrogs
TurgonjustTurgon(5:15:20 PM): why do you think that?
ArPharazonV(5:15:24 PM): and yet, the Silm was never fully adapted to the concept of 7 balrogs
Chugin Chub(5:15:28 PM): well i am off namarie
VardaValar1(5:15:32 PM): true
VardaValar1(5:15:34 PM): Namarie
TurgonjustTurgon(5:15:34 PM): most of them got killed in Gondolin... well, agreed to that
ArPharazonV(5:15:41 PM): Namarie
VardaValar1(5:15:50 PM): BoLT ran into problems, became notes
(5:15:52 PM)Chugin Chub has left the room.
VardaValar1(5:16:01 PM): Dragons in BoLT were mechanical
ArPharazonV(5:16:09 PM): of metal, and fire
TurgonjustTurgon(5:16:10 PM): semi mechanical at the least
VardaValar1(5:16:15 PM): later, dragons were written as organic
ArPharazonV(5:16:29 PM): now in what game did I see a lightning dragon??
VardaValar1(5:16:34 PM): Orcs rode inside the mechanical dragons to go to Gondolin, balrogs rode on top
GwaihirValar(5:16:41 PM): Heroes 3 has lightning dragons lol
VardaValar1(5:16:42 PM): DragonLance?
GwaihirValar(5:16:47 PM): so does DnD
ArPharazonV(5:17:02 PM): nope, haven't played any of those 3
TurgonjustTurgon(5:17:08 PM): Heroes 3 has all sorts of Dragons, even those that have no chance of actually existing lol
ArathornValar(5:17:24 PM): hmm.. why couldn't balrogs gly... they're depicted with wings like bats... were they the 'dodo' of the demon types?
GwaihirValar(5:17:24 PM): do any dragons have any real chance of existing?
GwaihirValar(5:17:26 PM): lol
TurgonjustTurgon(5:17:31 PM): of course
GwaihirValar(5:17:43 PM): I always believed that Balrogs DIDN'T have wings...
TurgonjustTurgon(5:17:49 PM): they don't
GwaihirValar(5:17:51 PM): that the shadow around them merely made them seem
GwaihirValar(5:17:52 PM): like they did
TurgonjustTurgon(5:17:56 PM): they are
TurgonjustTurgon(5:18:09 PM): anyways
VardaValar1(5:18:09 PM): Pharazon, I'd say Ringwraiths came into being Second Age
MaglorV(5:18:12 PM): hehe, we're not going to get into the balrog wings debate are we?
ArPharazonV(5:18:12 PM): then the movie is wrong, and so are some pictures I've seen
ArPharazonV(5:18:19 PM): thanks Varda
ArathornValar(5:18:21 PM): er..*fly I meant
VardaValar1(5:18:28 PM): Movie wrong? How unusual ; )
MaglorV(5:18:31 PM): haha
GwaihirValar(5:18:38 PM): yes, Phara, they are wrong... it's jsut adding wings make them seem so much more terrifying
GwaihirValar(5:18:41 PM): for some reason
TurgonjustTurgon(5:18:43 PM): time for me to go, have an early rise tomorrow
VardaValar1(5:18:43 PM): Balrogs may have been able to fly in the beginning
VardaValar1(5:18:48 PM): but they lost it
VardaValar1(5:18:54 PM): as Melkor lost it
TurgonjustTurgon(5:18:56 PM): shall I mail you the script as I have it now Varda?
VardaValar1(5:18:59 PM): Namarie, Turgon : )
HearNoEvil80(5:19:00 PM): Namarie!
VardaValar1(5:19:03 PM): Please, yes
ArPharazonV(5:19:07 PM): Namarie Turg!
TurgonjustTurgon(5:19:08 PM): ok, Namarie
GwaihirValar(5:19:12 PM): farewell\
ArPharazonV(5:19:21 PM): see ya tomorrow or something
MaglorV(5:19:28 PM): namarie
ArPharazonV(5:19:30 PM): perhaps another game of Catan
ArathornValar(5:19:33 PM): makes sense... just like angels can lose their wings... interesting concept
TurgonjustTurgon(5:19:35 PM): ok
GwaihirValar(5:19:42 PM): afk for a while... gotta go vacuum and do some other stuff...
TurgonjustTurgon(5:19:54 PM): zzzzZZZZZ time
ArPharazonV(5:19:57 PM): good night
ArPharazonV(5:20:08 PM): w8, elvish word for that
ArPharazonV(5:20:28 PM): Mara Lomë
VardaValar1(5:20:32 PM): Namarie, those leaving : )
VardaValar1(5:20:37 PM): Mara mesta
ArPharazonV(5:20:45 PM): that's goodbye
VardaValar1(5:20:48 PM): (depends on time zone)
VardaValar1(5:20:49 PM): aye
ArPharazonV(5:21:08 PM): both me and Turg in Europe, so it's night
VardaValar1(5:21:17 PM): so balrogs may have had wings, but not useable
VardaValar1(5:21:24 PM): Would be good for display!
VardaValar1(5:21:27 PM): aye
ArPharazonV(5:22:09 PM): mara = good?
MaglorV(5:22:31 PM): i believe so
VardaValar1(5:23:12 PM): Mara sinye, I guess we could say for good night
ArPharazonV(5:23:20 PM): sinye?
MaglorV(5:23:28 PM): evening
ArPharazonV(5:23:39 PM): ah, yes
VardaValar1(5:23:51 PM): actually sinye is evening
VardaValar1(5:23:56 PM): lome is night, better
MaglorV(5:24:00 PM): yeah
ArPharazonV(5:24:15 PM): very nice page
VardaValar1(5:24:17 PM): sun shining here : )
(5:24:22 PM)TurgonjustTurgon has left the room.
VardaValar1(5:24:22 PM): handy aye : )
ArPharazonV(5:24:33 PM): already in my favorites, using it all the time in msn
MaglorV(5:24:37 PM): speaking of elvish, has anyone here heard the souind clips of Tolkien himself speaking it?
VardaValar1(5:24:38 PM): Huan, we'll have to get you to talk
VardaValar1(5:25:05 PM): hmm, remember a long time ago his clips of reading LotR, great on Gollum : )
ArPharazonV(5:25:19 PM): I've heard some sound clips on the net, don't know if it's Tolkien himself...
VardaValar1(5:25:22 PM): You have an url to it, or do we have it on Links already?
MaglorV(5:25:34 PM): i have one called "The Mirror of Galadriel" of him speaking elvish
VardaValar1(5:25:46 PM): Huan is a Maia, knows plenty. Getting him to type, tough to do
MaglorV(5:25:55 PM): lol
ArPharazonV(5:25:58 PM): can only do it thrice
VardaValar1(5:26:01 PM): Can you send an URL
VardaValar1(5:26:07 PM): That's the problem!
VardaValar1(5:26:13 PM): Maybe he could telepath to us
ArPharazonV(5:26:31 PM): the silent observer..
VardaValar1(5:26:58 PM): afk probably
MaglorV(5:27:03 PM): seems like it
ArPharazonV(5:27:07 PM): also possible
VardaValar1(5:27:37 PM): We are going to start an rp in the forum
VardaValar1(5:27:43 PM): You guys are welcome to dive in
MaglorV(5:27:51 PM): hehe, sounds interesting
ArPharazonV(5:27:52 PM): when will it start?
VardaValar1(5:28:00 PM): Elatan was supposed to be part of the group, but will be gone the next two weeks
VardaValar1(5:28:17 PM): kinda blew the start we were going to do this week
VardaValar1(5:28:32 PM): Some of us have been emailing, trying to get it figured
VardaValar1(5:28:45 PM): It will be on the forum under Middle-earth Online
VardaValar1(5:28:53 PM): but it will be a story we write
VardaValar1(5:29:09 PM): sort of like the guild-wide story we had hoped for
VardaValar1(5:29:20 PM): rp is role-play, yes
ArPharazonV(5:29:28 PM): can you still play without knowledge of MeO?
(5:29:51 PM)Sausage Ninja has entered the room.
VardaValar1(5:29:53 PM): yes,
VardaValar1(5:29:55 PM): Aiya Galdor
Sausage Ninja(5:30:02 PM): hello
ArPharazonV(5:30:04 PM): Aiya
ArPharazonV(5:30:07 PM): number 34
MaglorV(5:30:08 PM): Aiya
ArPharazonV(5:30:20 PM): sorry, 37
VardaValar1(5:30:52 PM): Now if we can just get people to make a second screen name for meetings : )
HearNoEvil80(5:31:05 PM): No worries...I'll do that for the next mtg.
ArPharazonV(5:31:14 PM): then I can throw away my list, and start all over again...
HearNoEvil80(5:31:23 PM): kinda getting annoyed by my friends continuously IM'ing me
VardaValar1(5:31:29 PM): Pardon, sausage, you aren't Galdor?
VardaValar1(5:31:33 PM): his friend?
Sausage Ninja(5:32:08 PM): I am a friend of Galdor
Sausage Ninja(5:32:26 PM): he wanted me to come check out the meeting
VardaValar1(5:32:36 PM): It's nearly over
ArPharazonV(5:32:46 PM): where is he, anyway? he seems to be online
VardaValar1(5:32:47 PM): Can you change to a slightly darker font?
VardaValar1(5:32:53 PM): He can't come into chats
ArPharazonV(5:32:59 PM): and a lighter background:)
ArPharazonV(5:33:00 PM): thnx
VardaValar1(5:33:13 PM): Galdor has a telephone connection, I think
VardaValar1(5:33:25 PM): So he can't come here, but he can im
VardaValar1(5:33:50 PM): We were discussing a role-play we are starting on the forum
VardaValar1(5:34:01 PM): Have you read the Lord of the Rings, sausage?
VardaValar1(5:34:47 PM): For the setting, it's in the Eriador area
ArPharazonV(5:35:05 PM): no Gondor?
VardaValar1(5:35:26 PM): that's later
VardaValar1(5:35:31 PM): an expansion
ArPharazonV(5:35:33 PM):
VardaValar1(5:35:41 PM): You could say you come from Gondor though : )
VardaValar1(5:36:00 PM): It's set at the time when the Fellowship are just leaving Moria
ArPharazonV(5:36:07 PM): perhaps... thinking of travelling from Forochel
VardaValar1(5:36:09 PM): They stirred up a lot in their wake
HearNoEvil80(5:36:14 PM): Sorry I don't mean to interrupt, but was wondering if anyone planned on playing some D2 tonite? I have to go eat dinner but I'll be back and was just wondering about game playing?
VardaValar1(5:36:26 PM): You play expansion?
HearNoEvil80(5:36:31 PM): yes
HearNoEvil80(5:36:35 PM): ladder
MaglorV(5:36:37 PM): i might be playing some D2x in a bit
VardaValar1(5:36:44 PM): My favorite, that and hc
MaglorV(5:36:52 PM): yeah, hehe, hc
HearNoEvil80(5:36:54 PM): okies qool
VardaValar1(5:36:56 PM): My D2X was down just now
MaglorV(5:36:56 PM):
MaglorV(5:37:06 PM): hc
VardaValar1(5:37:07 PM): I'll have to see what my son did to it or switch comps
VardaValar1(5:37:19 PM): I like regular ladder and hardcore
VardaValar1(5:37:29 PM): Hope to see you later : )
VardaValar1(5:37:36 PM): Anyway
HearNoEvil80(5:37:44 PM): okies AFK now
ArPharazonV(5:37:48 PM): bye
VardaValar1(5:37:54 PM): we aren't supposed to use our regular guild characters openly
VardaValar1(5:38:03 PM): so we are using obscure name versions
MaglorV(5:38:10 PM): about the rp, true Tolkien rp is difficult, as in Tolkien's mythos, elves are undeniably better/stronger/faster than everyone else.
VardaValar1(5:38:42 PM): It messes up other people's rp if we are acting the characters that are already set up in the game
VardaValar1(5:38:51 PM): it will not be perfect : )
MaglorV(5:38:58 PM): : ) too bad
ArPharazonV(5:39:01 PM): and if you're a hobbit, you're definitely screwed...
ArPharazonV(5:39:09 PM): excuse my wording
MaglorV(5:39:17 PM): yeah, hehe, you are silent... but not as silent as elves
VardaValar1(5:39:17 PM): The most interesting thing is that we can be corrupted
VardaValar1(5:39:46 PM): If we use an evil item or do an evil thing, we shift towards evil
VardaValar1(5:39:53 PM): We can be redeemed by a lot of hard work
MaglorV(5:39:54 PM): ahh, interesting
ArPharazonV(5:40:19 PM): any good/evil value system in mind?
VardaValar1(5:40:20 PM): That could make it an interesting game without the Tolkien atmosphere
VardaValar1(5:40:24 PM): For instance,
VardaValar1(5:40:34 PM): an elf who is a scout archer
VardaValar1(5:40:44 PM): could be corrupted, wanting vengeance
VardaValar1(5:40:50 PM): and become a scout avenger
VardaValar1(5:40:54 PM): Already set up
VardaValar1(5:41:08 PM): Each type has its good and evil version
VardaValar1(5:41:13 PM): They can work together
VardaValar1(5:41:27 PM): Some of us already have characters set up
VardaValar1(5:41:44 PM): We are working out how we get together, have a good idea
VardaValar1(5:42:03 PM): Want me to continue with particulars, or do you have questions or want to leave? : )
MaglorV(5:42:17 PM): about the scout... the stereotypical bow and arrow elf , sometimes i think legolas should have been replaced with Glorfindel
VardaValar1(5:42:24 PM): ouch : )
MaglorV(5:42:26 PM): hehe
VardaValar1(5:42:33 PM): Glorfindel would be too powerful
VardaValar1(5:42:42 PM): You can be a sword-wielding elf
VardaValar1(5:42:47 PM): Eonwe plans on that
MaglorV(5:42:50 PM): true, but elves always have bows and arrows, i want to see a warrior
VardaValar1(5:42:52 PM): He'll be called Auros
ArPharazonV(5:43:06 PM): like short knives and stuff
ArPharazonV(5:43:15 PM): or that weapon the Warden uses in TFT
VardaValar1(5:43:21 PM): I don't have TFT
ArathornValar(5:43:28 PM): I've never done rp-ing as such.. wouldn't know what to ask
VardaValar1(5:43:30 PM): But anyone can use a sword in MEO
MaglorV(5:43:49 PM): that is the main problem i have with rp with elves, they arent as good warriors as humans... think Aragorn would have stood a chance to Fingolfin?
VardaValar1(5:44:06 PM): Some types are better with some weapons than others, and some weapons corrupt
VardaValar1(5:44:15 PM): Fingolfin won't be there
MaglorV(5:44:18 PM): still fun though, just Tolkien's mythos is unbalanced for gaming
VardaValar1(5:44:23 PM): All elves in rp will be young
VardaValar1(5:44:32 PM): that keeps them from being so powerful
MaglorV(5:44:37 PM): i guess
VardaValar1(5:44:42 PM): It will help
MaglorV(5:44:48 PM): o well, still fun
MaglorV(5:44:52 PM):
VardaValar1(5:44:53 PM): We will be able to meet some folk such as Elrond and Radagast
VardaValar1(5:44:57 PM): Bombadil
VardaValar1(5:45:16 PM): The Barrow Wights have been stirred up by the hobbits going through
VardaValar1(5:45:26 PM): Moria has been stirred up by the Fellowship
VardaValar1(5:45:36 PM): then we have spiders in Mirkwood
MaglorV(5:45:38 PM): they did a lot of stirring
VardaValar1(5:45:45 PM): Dol Guldur is rough in Mirkwood
ArPharazonV(5:45:52 PM): and the Fellowship leaves us in those stirring lands...
VardaValar1(5:45:56 PM): right
MaglorV(5:45:56 PM): hehe
ArPharazonV(5:45:59 PM): while they go to Rohan and Gondor
VardaValar1(5:46:18 PM): The players in MEO need to make sure there's a land to return to
VardaValar1(5:46:29 PM): The Valar Guild branch has a special take on that
VardaValar1(5:46:50 PM): since we're the Valar Guild, but can't play the characters openly
ArPharazonV(5:47:13 PM): but we still fail to keep the Shire safe from Saruman...
VardaValar1(5:47:31 PM): we considered being people living there who are trying to honor the Valar by quests and gatherings and craftings
ArPharazonV(5:47:39 PM): or is it there tat we'll change history?
ArPharazonV(5:47:45 PM): *that
VardaValar1(5:47:51 PM): We won't change history
VardaValar1(5:47:57 PM): We have plenty to fight
VardaValar1(5:48:07 PM): Saruman will undoubtedly stir up other places too
GwaihirValar(5:48:24 PM): back
VardaValar1(5:48:32 PM): The guild is trying to raise consciousness of the people about the Valar
VardaValar1(5:48:38 PM): Welcome back : )
ArPharazonV(5:48:49 PM): Aiyata
VardaValar1(5:48:54 PM): and to remind the Valar about the common people's need of them
VardaValar1(5:49:09 PM): We have a clue that the Valar are already helping in the great events
VardaValar1(5:49:15 PM): but we need to ask them to remember us too
VardaValar1(5:49:25 PM): So we are doing that with our honoring them
VardaValar1(5:49:42 PM): We are trying to set up safe houses for our people all along the areas
VardaValar1(5:49:51 PM): to gather, to rest
VardaValar1(5:49:57 PM): personal houses
VardaValar1(5:50:07 PM): We will also try to set up a large kinship house
VardaValar1(5:50:17 PM): Instead of guilds, they are called kinships
ArPharazonV(5:50:25 PM): lost in the Misty mountains... is that a Guild house over there?
VardaValar1(5:50:32 PM): hehe
MaglorV(5:50:33 PM): hehe
VardaValar1(5:50:37 PM): It could be a safe house
VardaValar1(5:50:47 PM): One of our jobs is to bring the races together
MaglorV(5:51:10 PM): well, i think ill go for a game of D2x, will u be joining later Varda?
ArPharazonV(5:51:10 PM): like a Rivendell
VardaValar1(5:51:14 PM): It is said in the Last Battle, that if men treat elves well enough, they will be together again
VardaValar1(5:51:22 PM): In a while
MaglorV(5:51:24 PM): ok
VardaValar1(5:51:46 PM): We will have celebrations
MaglorV(5:51:47 PM): i have transcript saved from when just Arathorn and I were here, would u like me to mail it to u?
VardaValar1(5:51:50 PM): like Eruhantale
VardaValar1(5:51:55 PM): yes, please : )
MaglorV(5:51:57 PM): ok
MaglorV(5:52:07 PM): namarie
ArPharazonV(5:52:14 PM): Namarie
VardaValar1(5:52:16 PM): We will have to find locations for the celebrations
(5:52:23 PM)MaglorV has left the room.
VardaValar1(5:52:25 PM): and make them safe to gather in
VardaValar1(5:52:45 PM): We can bring our crafts, drinks, food we make for the group
VardaValar1(5:52:50 PM): then set out on a quest
VardaValar1(5:53:11 PM): We were considering honoring a Vala or set of Valar every month, ending up with Eruhantale in December
VardaValar1(5:53:13 PM): It's a thought
ArPharazonV(5:53:17 PM): and what sort of quests will they be?
VardaValar1(5:53:31 PM): Seems to be a lot of them
VardaValar1(5:53:49 PM): How we handle them changes outcome
VardaValar1(5:53:53 PM): If we go to Moria
VardaValar1(5:54:00 PM): and get the crown
VardaValar1(5:54:03 PM): it's been corrupted
VardaValar1(5:54:10 PM): Do we use it for its power?
VardaValar1(5:54:14 PM): Do we destroy it?
ArPharazonV(5:54:17 PM): the crown?
VardaValar1(5:54:20 PM): yes
ArPharazonV(5:54:25 PM): am I missing something here?
VardaValar1(5:54:49 PM): If we go to Moria to pick up a crown of power, which we know is corrupted,
VardaValar1(5:54:58 PM): do we decide to destroy it or use it?
VardaValar1(5:55:01 PM): Changes us and game
ArPharazonV(5:55:03 PM): a crown of power... right...
VardaValar1(5:55:28 PM): And you can feel free to make up a quest for us : )
ArPharazonV(5:55:46 PM): perhaps, in time.
VardaValar1(5:55:49 PM): We need to unite races
VardaValar1(5:56:01 PM): so we need to go find other races and try to work with them
VardaValar1(5:56:13 PM): if we can make friends with them, we might get them to help us
VardaValar1(5:56:22 PM): to attract the Valar to aid us
VardaValar1(5:56:30 PM): or be worthy of the aid
VardaValar1(5:56:40 PM): How would you like to think of it?
ArPharazonV(5:56:47 PM): seems a nice idea
ArPharazonV(5:57:06 PM): is there anyone else NOT afk. btw?
VardaValar1(5:57:24 PM): I put them all to sleep : )
VardaValar1(5:57:38 PM): Do you play D2X or WC3 only?
ArPharazonV(5:57:56 PM): WC3, TFT, SC, BW...
VardaValar1(5:58:02 PM): no D2X?
ArPharazonV(5:58:02 PM): not D2X
ArPharazonV(5:58:07 PM): haven't got it
ArPharazonV(5:58:21 PM): only one Diablo game, and that's Diablo
GwaihirValar(5:58:32 PM): I'm half here lol
ArPharazonV(5:58:39 PM): he's awake!
VardaValar1(5:58:39 PM): I like D1 : )
GwaihirValar(5:58:41 PM): the talk just really has no effect on me lol
VardaValar1(5:58:42 PM): Lots of risk
VardaValar1(5:58:45 PM): wow!
GwaihirValar(5:58:54 PM): because it's about a game I have no interest in
VardaValar1(5:58:57 PM): Well, would you join us in typing a guild story on the forum?
VardaValar1(5:59:07 PM): That's just the setting for the guild story
VardaValar1(5:59:17 PM): It won't be us actually in the game
VardaValar1(5:59:25 PM): We fix it up as we want to
GwaihirValar(5:59:37 PM): perhaps I may join in...
ArPharazonV(5:59:39 PM): I haven't played Diablo in a long while, last time I died with my first character to the butcher...
VardaValar1(5:59:50 PM): Should be able to be better than a real game, since less constrained by programming
ArathornValar(5:59:55 PM): me not afk
VardaValar1(5:59:59 PM): !
ArPharazonV(6:00:00 PM): another!
VardaValar1(6:00:01 PM): Hi : )
VardaValar1(6:00:21 PM): So if we just look at it as writing a guild Tolkien story at that time
VardaValar1(6:00:32 PM): how do you want to change what we've said so far?
VardaValar1(6:00:48 PM): or add
VardaValar1(6:00:52 PM): or other suggestion
ArPharazonV(6:01:02 PM): it seems ok, haven't really got any inspiration to think of something new...
ArathornValar(6:01:02 PM): I'm multitasking
VardaValar1(6:01:10 PM): Gwaihir?
VardaValar1(6:01:22 PM): You were lukewarm How would you improve it?
ArPharazonV(6:01:26 PM): still entrenched in Dungeon Siege and World of Warcraft
ArathornValar(6:01:27 PM): going to send varda the remains of this chat (after maglor left)
VardaValar1(6:01:27 PM): I could really use help
GwaihirValar(6:01:28 PM): hmm...
VardaValar1(6:01:30 PM): thanks
GwaihirValar(6:01:50 PM): I'm not really sure... rather out of it at the moment and I've only been half-following...
GwaihirValar(6:01:51 PM): heh...
VardaValar1(6:01:57 PM): remains of this ragged chat
VardaValar1(6:02:12 PM): ok, short version
ArPharazonV(6:02:18 PM): first I would like to know what you mean with a crown of power
VardaValar1(6:02:18 PM): We're in Eriador area
VardaValar1(6:02:39 PM): We're in the time after the Fellowship is just coming out of Moria
VardaValar1(6:02:57 PM): We're the people left behind, with the baddies stirred up by the Fellowship
VardaValar1(6:03:04 PM): That's it
ArPharazonV(6:03:16 PM): what was that with the houses again?
VardaValar1(6:03:33 PM): We can be corrupted by desire for vengeance and by using evil items
ArPharazonV(6:03:49 PM): like a crown of power... ok
VardaValar1(6:03:58 PM): We can set up personal houses, and let our fellow guild guys visit
VardaValar1(6:04:15 PM): gives us gathering places anywhere
VardaValar1(6:04:25 PM): We can set up one kinship house
VardaValar1(6:04:32 PM): Only one
ArPharazonV(6:04:43 PM): I'm getting meself a house on Himring/Himling island!
VardaValar1(6:04:50 PM): Aye, you make up your own corrupted item : )
VardaValar1(6:05:05 PM): Moria is a good place for corrupted items, maybe, and Barrows
VardaValar1(6:05:15 PM): We need good items too
GwaihirValar(6:05:19 PM): Eriador area... pardon... I'm not 100% sure, as I said, rather out of it hehe... is that the area around Hollin?
ArPharazonV(6:05:37 PM): Eriador is everything from Forochel to the gap of Rohan
VardaValar1(6:05:37 PM): Shire, Grey Havens, Hollin, Moria
VardaValar1(6:05:55 PM): We will have Rivendell, Old Forest
GwaihirValar(6:05:58 PM): a-ha... thought so... just wasn't sure of the overall area
VardaValar1(6:06:12 PM): Thanks, Pharazon, shorter to say it that way : )
VardaValar1(6:06:14 PM): Bree
ArPharazonV(6:06:20 PM):
VardaValar1(6:06:21 PM): Tower Hills
ArPharazonV(6:06:28 PM): Dunland
ArPharazonV(6:06:36 PM): Barrows
ArPharazonV(6:06:38 PM): Fornost
VardaValar1(6:06:40 PM): aye
VardaValar1(6:06:48 PM): Lots of ruins to find stuff in
VardaValar1(6:06:53 PM): orcs around
VardaValar1(6:06:59 PM): mean trees : )
ArPharazonV(6:07:07 PM): Crebain from Dunland! :D
VardaValar1(6:07:08 PM): What would you expect to find
VardaValar1(6:07:10 PM): aye : )
VardaValar1(6:07:20 PM): Saruman is looking around
VardaValar1(6:07:35 PM): Nazguls have been through the Shire already
VardaValar1(6:07:49 PM): Toss in some ideas here
ArPharazonV(6:08:07 PM): well, lord Saruman, the Fellowship is coming down the river, but there is another group of anonymous adventurers on the loose in Eriador...
VardaValar1(6:08:12 PM): Anyway, we have a section in the forum
VardaValar1(6:08:43 PM): We are much lesser types, so he could send mere Uruk-hai to clear out the unruly
VardaValar1(6:08:49 PM): hehe
VardaValar1(6:09:00 PM): We are the Valar Guild!
ArPharazonV(6:09:07 PM): Praise the Guild!
VardaValar1(6:09:08 PM): We are the fighting Valar Guild!
VardaValar1(6:09:15 PM): Yay for us!
VardaValar1(6:09:20 PM): Try not to get killed
(6:09:27 PM)HuanofValar has left the room.
ArPharazonV(6:09:29 PM): worshippers of the Godly and the Legendary!
VardaValar1(6:09:29 PM): When we die
VardaValar1(6:09:36 PM): it's going unconscious
VardaValar1(6:09:55 PM): We come out of it with lowered stats and exp, somewhat
ArPharazonV(6:09:57 PM): until the Valar revive us, just like with Gandalf
VardaValar1(6:10:06 PM): unconscious, not dead
ArPharazonV(6:10:14 PM): in a coma...
VardaValar1(6:10:16 PM): We have some guys who have limited healing
VardaValar1(6:10:19 PM): there you go : )
GwaihirValar(6:10:27 PM): reviving is a term often used in conjunction with unconsciousness
VardaValar1(6:10:28 PM): Rangers too
VardaValar1(6:10:34 PM): righto
VardaValar1(6:10:55 PM): sausage, you there?
GwaihirValar(6:11:02 PM): afk for a moment
VardaValar1(6:11:08 PM): This is not our usual conversation : )
ArPharazonV(6:11:31 PM): this falls under web news, doesn't it?
VardaValar1(6:11:37 PM): what?
ArPharazonV(6:11:43 PM): this conversation
ArPharazonV(6:11:55 PM): in some way
VardaValar1(6:11:55 PM): MeO gaming, rp gaming
VardaValar1(6:12:04 PM): it's also Tolkien
VardaValar1(6:12:14 PM): We need to try to use what we know about Tolkien
ArPharazonV(6:12:18 PM): rpg on the web, isn't it?
VardaValar1(6:12:22 PM): In our forum, we have no game to think about
ArPharazonV(6:12:25 PM): so it's web, gaming and Tolkien
VardaValar1(6:12:32 PM): rpg won't be out until late 2004
VardaValar1(6:12:39 PM): We will be writing a yarn
ArPharazonV(6:12:45 PM): a yarn?
VardaValar1(6:12:49 PM): story
ArPharazonV(6:12:52 PM): ok
VardaValar1(6:13:02 PM): thread stuff : )
VardaValar1(6:13:14 PM): It will only be as good as we write it
ArPharazonV(6:13:14 PM): is a yarn another word for thread?
ArPharazonV(6:13:22 PM): like in clothing too?
VardaValar1(6:13:28 PM): Yarn is a type of thread used in knitting
ArPharazonV(6:13:33 PM): ah
VardaValar1(6:13:36 PM): I used a slang term for story
VardaValar1(6:13:46 PM): Let's not unravel here : )
ArPharazonV(6:14:05 PM): so... a forum rpg of the more epic kind
VardaValar1(6:14:18 PM): If no one puts in effort, it dies a sad death
VardaValar1(6:14:19 PM): yes
ArPharazonV(6:14:24 PM): more story, less action
VardaValar1(6:14:33 PM): Depends on how we write : )
ArPharazonV(6:14:43 PM): of course
VardaValar1(6:14:59 PM): Eonwe is Auros, from Rivendell, elf using sword
VardaValar1(6:15:12 PM): has done some reading
VardaValar1(6:15:18 PM): He was there when the Council happened
VardaValar1(6:15:25 PM): heard the rumors : )
ArPharazonV(6:15:27 PM): I would like to sign up, but with different timezones...
VardaValar1(6:15:34 PM): it's a forum
VardaValar1(6:15:42 PM): No time zone matters
VardaValar1(6:15:44 PM): not live
VardaValar1(6:15:47 PM): Just type
VardaValar1(6:16:02 PM): Elatan is in the Netherlands
ArPharazonV(6:16:23 PM): ok, but that could still create rows of waiting guildmembers, waiting for a response before they continue...
VardaValar1(6:16:37 PM): argh
ArPharazonV(6:16:39 PM): just like in the other forum rpg I'm in
VardaValar1(6:16:39 PM): Norway
ArPharazonV(6:16:45 PM): same time
VardaValar1(6:16:47 PM): doesn't have to be
VardaValar1(6:17:18 PM): sigh
ArPharazonV(6:17:20 PM):
VardaValar1(6:17:23 PM): probably be waiting
VardaValar1(6:17:39 PM): So some of us are trying to get it figured out ahead of time
VardaValar1(6:17:45 PM): then jump in all at the same time
ArPharazonV(6:17:53 PM): read, and be scared of the consequences of people in different timezones and people with no free time in 1 rpg
VardaValar1(6:18:09 PM): I know
ArPharazonV(6:18:20 PM): it's been on a halt for months now, still waiting for 1 response
VardaValar1(6:18:22 PM): People with no free time should be tree frogs in the story
VardaValar1(6:18:37 PM): We might have to be creative in that case
ArPharazonV(6:18:40 PM): but still, my character will live on in WoW
VardaValar1(6:18:50 PM): good : )
VardaValar1(6:19:02 PM): This is the guild.
VardaValar1(6:19:10 PM): I hope we can contact each other
VardaValar1(6:19:25 PM): We might have to do a rewrite to handle people who start and quit
ArPharazonV(6:19:33 PM): oh.. that's another topic... I've already got 8 names for WoW, but only 3 guildrelated... that a problem?
VardaValar1(6:19:50 PM): yes, but not mine : )
VardaValar1(6:19:55 PM): Eonwe's problem
GwaihirValar(6:20:01 PM): as long as you only use the 3 guildrelated ones FOR guild names... I don't see the problem
ArPharazonV(6:20:24 PM): and all three are in the alliance, could that be a problem in guild gatherings in WoW?
VardaValar1(6:20:27 PM): Use guild names for guild stuff, non-guild for outsider
VardaValar1(6:20:34 PM): What do you think?
ArPharazonV(6:20:49 PM): I guess so...
VardaValar1(6:20:51 PM): You might try not to borrow trouble : )
VardaValar1(6:21:14 PM): Plan ahead when you know there will be a problem
VardaValar1(6:21:17 PM): Have a main
ArPharazonV(6:21:34 PM): perhaps I could change my troll name...
VardaValar1(6:21:45 PM): WoW isn't even out yet
ArPharazonV(6:21:49 PM): that's the only name grasped out of nothing
ArPharazonV(6:22:10 PM): but I'm already fully preparing
VardaValar1(6:22:23 PM): I won't be in WoW
ArPharazonV(6:22:31 PM): got all my 8 characters prepared, race, class en name
VardaValar1(6:22:32 PM): Already in EQ, and will be in MEO
VardaValar1(6:22:39 PM): Then think ahead
ArPharazonV(6:23:02 PM): probably won't be in MEO... will be almost Blizzard only
VardaValar1(6:23:05 PM): Not my worry : )
VardaValar1(6:23:05 PM): ok
VardaValar1(6:23:13 PM): but you might be on the forum?
VardaValar1(6:23:36 PM): I was trying to tell you what we already have in the stoyr
VardaValar1(6:23:38 PM): story
ArPharazonV(6:23:43 PM): the rp? sure, that's why I asked if you needed MeO knowledge to join the rpg
VardaValar1(6:23:56 PM): I am trying to provide it
VardaValar1(6:24:08 PM): If it's this hard for each person coming in, bleah : )
VardaValar1(6:24:15 PM): Had hoped to do several at once
VardaValar1(6:24:34 PM): You mainly need Tolkien
VardaValar1(6:24:38 PM): You get one char
ArPharazonV(6:24:40 PM): well, I've now got all knowledge you gave today, but the info on the real game I don't have
VardaValar1(6:24:41 PM): I guess
VardaValar1(6:25:00 PM): I gave much from the real game
ArPharazonV(6:25:04 PM): and of course Tolkien I know
ArPharazonV(6:25:05 PM): good
VardaValar1(6:25:22 PM): types of characters are still being added to MEO
VardaValar1(6:25:39 PM): A lot of this is on the forum pre-plan already
VardaValar1(6:25:51 PM): We have human, elf, dwarf, hobbit
ArPharazonV(6:25:57 PM): I guess I'll pick up MeO details during the forum rpg