Bilbo Makes History

by Bilbo-(V)
April 1, 2000

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    It was a boring morning.  I was sick and staying home from school that day.  Who could have guessed that this would affect my life on-line greatly.
    I sat in a public channel watching the boring scrolls of lifeless text.  I leaned back in my chair and shut my eyes.  When I opened them I was surprised to see a whisper from a "Varda-(Valar)" asking me if I was a fan of the LotR (I didn't understand what LotR meant at the time and was rather confused at first:)).  I answered yes after asking what this person was talking about and was invited to a game.  My  current name was "Rillion" (note my email address:)) and still ponder today how Varda spotted me (Rillion from Silmarillion?).
    I nervously entered the game and said hello.  I was a level  8 or 9 sorcerer while Varda was a level 48 Warrior.  We went to the dungeon.  As I had fun hacking at fallen ones with my trusty small axe:), Varda started laying down questions.  She asked me what my favorite character was etc.  We played for awhile, and I got very excited about Valar and asked how to join.  She tested me in that very game.
    I soon learned the game password and entered my first guild game as Sam-(V) (I've always been partial to hobbits).  I was instantly showered with items I thought only existed in dreams:).  I had a wonderful time until I was forced off the computer by family members.  For the next few weeks all I could think of  was Valar.
    I managed to get to my first meeting and was surprised by the amount of welcome I received.  The guild channel soon became my home away from home and the web page was at the top of my favorites list.
    Months were passing and nothing had really changed.  I would play several times a week but nothing was very  exciting, I had changed my name to my original preference, Bilbo, but that was it.   I decided to apply for Maiar.  My request was accepted, but after a few weeks of thinking further (I could never get 3 Valar together anyhow:))   My name would change and I could recruit new members, but I enjoy scouting plenty and a -(Valar) didn't really matter to me.  That's when I began my web page.  It gave me something to do, and I could feel that I was helping the guild by posting information of the web.  Still something was missing.  I decided to try to make a mod.  This was fun for about 5 minutes (sorry V&K just not my thing:)).  After that I had a web page and an extra version of Diablo on my hard-drive.  I was losing interest (So what if teenagers have short attention spans:))  Then I read the article on the news page about writing History articles.  That leads up to this point.  In many ways I feel that I've helped the guild strive and hope to continue to do so.


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