Tolkien Quiz by Race

Week Two: Dwarves

by Elros-(V)

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Tolkien Quiz by Race

#1 Who were the twelve Dwarves accompanying Thorin Oakenshield on the
journey to the lonely mountain?

#2 Who created the Dwarves?

#3 What was the eldest and most royal of all the Dwarven Halls?

#4 What did the Elves of Beleriand call the Dwarves?

#5 What metal made the Dwarves rich?

#6 What three peaks rose above Khazad-Dum?

#7 What is the name of the Secret language of the Dwarves?

#8 Who is the only mentioned Dwarf woman?

#9 How did Balin, Son of Fundin, die?

#10 In the Lord of the Rings how many dwarves did it take to move Bombur

#11How many orcs did Gimli slay at the Battle of Helm’s Deep?

#12 What are the Dwarves’ most hated enemies?

#13 Who is the father of the Dwarves?

#14 What is the place that Smaug the Golden attacked and  conquered?

#15 What is the weapon of choice for a Dwarf?

#16 Who carried Orcrist the Goblin-Cleaver?
#17 With what race have the Dwarves been most friendly with?

#18 What scared the Dwarves out of Moria?

#19 What color was Thorin Oakenshield’s hood?

#20 What did the moon-letters on Thorin’s map say?

#1 Who is the Wose chieftan?

#2 What did Gollum catch in the Forbidden Pool?
#3 How many men marched upon Morannon in the Return of the King?

#4 Who killed Smaug the Golden?

#5 Who is Elbereth?
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