Tolkien-inspired Poetry

Sending your poem or comment:


How to send in your own poem
    It must relate to Tolkien's works!
Yes, any of them. Yes, J.R.R. Tolkien's or Christopher Tolkien's.
    Any length is welcome.
    Any Tolkien fan may send in a poem or view poetry. This page is a service of the Valar Guild for all Tolkien fans, and reserves the right not to use a poem.
    Please check capitalization, spelling, grammar, and references before emailing. Mention if you would like to use the service of the editor (Varda). Revising is welcome at any time.
    If the poem is posted elsewhere also, please email the URL so that a link may be made to the page.
    Email your poem to Varda-(Valar) but erase the words NOSPAM first.

How to Comment on a Story:
    Email Varda (webmaster, editor) to have your comment posted with the story. She will also forward it to the author if possible.
    Email the author to comment just to the author privately. The author's last known email is listed on the Author's List page under the individual author.
    Page suggestions and info on bad links also welcome!

Using a poem:
If anyone wishes to use these poems, please try to gain permission first, going through Varda who will try to contact the author. When you use the poem, include the author's credit. As a courtesy, also let the author and Varda know your URL for a link back.

Alternate system:
    Poetry or comments may also be left on the Old Forum on Yahoo. The forum editor has the right to remove them from the forum or add them to the website. Please leave a name for credit and story filing. Email sending has been everyone's preference so far.