Your Precious

by Elrond-(V)
February 24, 2002

Gollum gollum was your name
You killed your cousin for your bane
Corruption, greed, long life it brung
That’s how you came to live among
The goblins in your lake so drear
For many a cold long year
But then you lost your precious present
To a wretched wandering peasant
baggins, baggins was his name
He stole your precious when he came.

Then you searched and searched for it
Captured and tortured in the dark lord’s pits
Finally you found the one you seeked
But the fellowship was strong and you were weak
So you followed until you came
Unto the one with the baggins name.

Again you were captured but you agreed
to help the baggins in his need
he made you swear a terrible oath
to destroy the ring  and help them both
so you led them to the stair
that went up to the spider’s lair
for you thought that she would kill
the wretched hobbit from under the hill
the ring however did not pass
into shelob’s garbage mass
for the other hobbit had taken it
to finish the quest to the fiery pit.

Now again your precious thing was lost
and to go to mordor meant your life could be cost
but the ring you cared for much, much more
so you followed them into foul Mordor.

At last you found them about to unmake
the thing that you had killed for just to take
you made one last effort to get it back
you bit off the ring yet fell through the crack
the ring was destroyed and you were no more
both you and your precious had fallen into the core
the ring had at last become your bane
gollum, gollum was your name.
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