by Orodreth-(V)
Oct. 22, 2003

Manwë rules the sky
Where his eagles fly

Ulmo rules the deep blue sea
He hears all that’s by his shores

Aulë is lord of the earth
To him the Dwarves owe their birth

Oromë is the master of hunting
His favorite game is hunting Orcs

Námo, speaker of Dooms
He speaks only when the need is dire

Irmo rules the realm of dreams
From him come many things

Tulkas is the master of fighting
He laughs forever in war

Varda rules the stars by night
And the sun by day

Yavanna rules the plants and animals
She created the Trees of Valinor

Nienna cries for the hurts of the world
But from her you may learn hope

Estë brings rest to all
All you must do is heed her call

Vairë the weaver records all of Time
She hangs her weavings in Mandos’ halls

Vaná the ever-young
Of her many songs are sung

Nessa is quite fleet-footed
Deer try to catch her but they never can

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